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A Great Blow Job at a new place

I had just moved to a new community and had no idea where I might find like minded men. Since I am married, discretion is paramount and I can’t really go to bars to find men. So, I went to my old standby…the Internet. I discovered that a local YMCA was known for the older men who hung out there and wanted to hook up.

The locker room was old, with wooden lockers. It reminded me of the YMCA I attended when I was a k**. The lockers were arranged in long irregular rows and were separated by long benches that were bolted to the floor. There were three 5X5 changing rooms at the north end of the locker room. Adjacent to the changing rooms was a row of six sinks.

I watched the traffic patterns and body language each time I visited the gym and locker room. After only a few visits, I quickly discovered that the sweet spot on the clock was around 2:00 PM. I also discovered that the row of sinks was the primary “meeting place”.

The older men would stand at the sinks and pretend to be shaving or whatever. It was easy to spot the guys who were looking for a hook up. They never wrapped their towels around them. Instead, they would wear their towel like a collar around their necks, leaving their bodies fully exposed to everyone. I witnessed a couple of hook ups during the first week that I went to the gym.

One afternoon, I spotted an older man standing at the row of sinks. I had not seen him there before. He was probably in his late 50’s or early 60’s. He was not in particularly good shape but it was obvious that he had been at one time in his life. He had a big thick chest that was covered with a thick mat of grey and black hair, which trailed down his stomach to his crotch. His cock was thick and looked like an upside down mushroom peeking out from under the pubic hair that encircled it. There was a lovely trail of black hair that covered his lower back and ass and disappeared into his butt crack. His entire body glistened a bit from the sweat of his workout.

I approached and stood at the sink next to him. My towel was still wrapped around my waist. I looked at him in the mirror and made eye contact. We smiled politely at each other. I turned on the water in my sink and attempted to look like I had some reason for being there. There was a long minute of silence as he rubbed his face with the towel hanging around his neck. That action covered his eyes for a moment so I took the opportunity to take a good look at his thick flaccid cock in the mirror. As he pulled the towel from his eyes, he saw where I was looking.

He looked at me in the mirror. He did not smile. He looked around the locker room insuring we were not being observed and then he said very quietly, “I haven’t seen you here before.”

“I’m new.” I managed.

Then, his eyes still on my face, he reached down and pretended to be drying his cock and balls. I looked down and watched as he jostled his cock from side to side.

“I haven’t showered.” He said. “Is that a problem?”

I didn’t know how to respond. He smiled, turned and walked toward the changing rooms, disappearing into the one farthest from the sinks. I waited for a moment. I looked around to make sure no one was watching. The area was virtually deserted. I took the few steps to the changing room and stepped through the door.

The changing room was small, probably five feet by five feet. There was a small bench along the wall and several hooks and a shelf.

I closed the door behind me. There was an old fashioned hook and eye lock, which I fumbled with for a moment until the hook slipped into the eye.

We stood facing each other for a moment. I peeled the towel from around my waist and dropped it on the small bench. He reached out, took my cock in his hand, and used it like a handle to pull me against him. He was easily six inches taller than me. While I stay in good shape, he outweighed me by 50 pounds or more.

His furry body felt amazing against my smooth skin. He held my cock for a moment and then both of his hands trailed around my back and cupped my ass. He pulled me hard against him and I could feel his thick cock reacting to what we were doing. He leaned down and kissed me. I was not expecting that and I flinched a bit. His big strong hands held my ass tightly as he f***ed his tongue between my lips. The kiss was intense and I was soon panting with pleasure.

I f***ed my hands between us and found his stiffening cock. It was becoming thicker and thicker and I loved the warm sweaty feeling of it in my hands.

His hands pressed unto my butt cheeks in deep circles. With each circle he pulled my cheeks apart and then pressed them back together, his fingers teasing inside the crack of my ass.

I sucked his tongue in and out of my mouth as I felt my own cock flexing and growing between us. He pulled his face back after a few minutes. I knew what he wanted. I kissed down his neck to his hairy chest. Still holding his cock with one hand, I used my free hand to squeeze and stimulate his nipples as I sucked one and then the other.

As I sucked his nipples I positioned his fingers in the crack of my ass and he began to press them toward my sensitive rosebud. I lightly bit his nipples to indicate my pleasure. He picked up on the signal and pressed the tip of his finger into my asshole. I moaned in spite of myself.

After several minutes I continued my trek downward on his warm, sweaty body. I kissed his stomach and finally I was on my knees with his musky, stiff cock inches from my mouth. He put his hand on the back of my head and pulled me forward. I opened my mouth and felt his thick long shaft slip across my tongue. It was amazing!

I sucked his cock for several minutes. He was already leaking pre-cum and I swallowed that lovely juice. I could sense that he would be able to cum very quickly and I didn’t want it to end too soon, so I let his cock slip from my mouth. I lowered my head and took his furry balls in my mouth. I used my tongue to saturate each sweaty sphere. I loved the musky sweat from his workout. I put my hands on his ass and squeezed his cheeks as I licked one sweaty testicle and then the other.

I felt one hand on the top of my head as he pushed me lower. He used his other hand to pull his balls upward giving me easier access to the underside of his balls. He leaned back against the wall and arched a bit. I used my tongue to tease under his balls and it was soon apparent that he wanted me to rim his hair covered asshole.

I could not get a good angle from my position on the floor so I whispered, “Sit on the bench.”

He sat on the bench and opened his legs. I knelt between his legs and began running my tongue all around his sweaty, pungent asshole. I ran my tongue up and down the crack of his ass and then plunged it deeply into his asshole. He sat above me stroking his cock as I worked his asshole with my fingers and tongue. Soon my face was wet and I loved it.

I could tell from his rhythm that he was getting ready to cum. I f***ed two fingers into his asshole and raised my head so that I could take the length of his thick long shaft in my mouth. He directed his cock to my mouth and then laid back to let me finish what I had started. He humped upward several times and I felt the flood of his spunk filling my mouth. It was thick and silky. I loved the sensation and tried to hold it in my mouth for as long as I could before swallowing every thick rope.

Once he had caught his breath I stood and stroked my cock in front of him. He watched as I jerked faster and faster until my cream shot out and made two long lines of cream across his stomach and chest.

I took my towel from the bench and started to wipe my cream off of his stomach. He grabbed my hand, stopping me. He smiled and whispered, “Use your tongue.”

I did as he suggested.

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