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Coke-cock dilemma chapter 2

Chapter 2

“C’mon boys let’s make this cunt cum” Natalie says as she continues to plow three fingers in and out of my wife’s puss.

I can see from my angle directly above, Mike on his knees beside my wife devouring her right tit using both hands to grope and squeeze her massive tit her nipple standing straight out huge and red swollen from his insistent tongue. Paul leaning over and sucking on her left tit, gently sucking and kneading her Double F cup. My gaze travels to Natalie teasing her clit, her clit like her nipples look huge and unnatural I am guessing her to be super horny.

“FUCK-fuck-fuck-o-god-o-o-o-o” Sarah grabs Natalie’s head and pushes her hips forward I see her chest flush and her breathing stop as she cums HARD on Natalie’s tongue.

“Holy Fuck that was amazing” Sarah says “but before this gets to crazy I better check on Rick”

“You stay and I will go, you are in no shape for him to see you like this, wait here and I will make sure he is out so that you can play” Natalie jumps up and I quickly scramble back to the room.

I climb into bed, my quick panic helping somewhat to subside the hard cock between my legs, I wait, a minute passes then two… then a full ten minutes later I hear someone on the stairs, the door opens and I am startled by the bright hallway light shining in. with my eyes closed pretending to be asl**p I hear the door close.
“I know you are awake Rick” Natalie’s voice –shit- she did see me! “kind of a fucking perv spying on us like that don’t ya think Rick? She says as she sits on the bed beside me.
“Fuck that” I exclaim as I roll over onto my back
“shut-up you are gonna pretend to be sound asl**p, in fact I told your wife that I was going to give you a sl**ping pill to knock you out for the rest of the night”
“Natalie I think this has gone far enough, she is doing coke down there of a guy’s cock for fuck sake” as I say this I slide up the bed to a sitting position, painfully aware that Natalie with her robe back on was just eating my wife’s pussy, I could see the outline and shape of her nipples and my cock twitched.
“oh my looks like your dick likes the show” she reaches over to grab my cock and I squirm away,
“your mouth says one thing and your dick another, sweetie your wife is not only doing coke right now with Paul but it is laced with Viagra, Paul’s special mixture for men and women gets their bl**d flowing to their clits and nipples really is amazing when snorted”
With her hand gripping my cock there was no denying the fact I was hard, really hard thanks to the pill earlier. “ok now what?” I say defeated.

“Now I go and watch your wife have some fun, and if you promise to be good and not disturb us, I will try to make sure you get a good view” Natalie leans over and kisses me on my nose stands and walks out the door leaving it open behind her.
“Now we let them play, I go and tell them I woke you up to give you a Tylenol so you won’t be hung over in the morning but instead it was a couple of sl**ping pills I showed your wife downstairs” she leans over to the nightstand and sure enough beside the water are 2 oval shaped blue pills.
“so you can take these and stay here or I could say you took them and let us play” she smiles and winks and pulls the sheet off me revealing my hard cock poking up to my chest.
“well if that’s as big as you get then she will love Paul and Mike”

I walk out of the room and slip down the hallway with my back against the wall I listen for sounds below,
“well?” my wife asks “that took ya a while”
“took me abit to wake him up, but he took the sl**ping pills without a blink, I told him you were in the spare bedroom sl**ping because of the snoring.” Natalie laughs a little and says “give him a few minutes and he will definitely be dead to the world those pills are enough to knock a horse out”
I peek around and down to the scene below, I see the trio on the couch below me with Sarah in the middle and Natalie seated on the coffee table facing me and the group on the couch. I notice they are all nude except Natalie with the light robe still on. I lean over the rail to get a clear view and see Paul with his right hand stroking the outside of Sarah’s naked shaved pussy, I can see her clit hard and swollen as his longs fingers pinch and pull her clit.
“so who wants some more treats?’ Paul asks as he reaches to the coffee table beside Natalie and grabs the baggie of white powder. “Sarah you want some more? I bet you Natalie would try a hooter shooter”
Paul gently pushes Sarah back on the couch and shakes out a line of power on her right tit, Natalie gets up and leans over Sarah with the rolled up bill and takes a deep snort sucking in the power and chasing the line up her breast., she exhales and moves the bill to the other nostril and snorts the remaining power from the breast being held up in two hands by Paul. Natalie smiles down from her bent over position at Sarah then without warning kisses her hard on the lips, from my vantage I can see their tongues slipping across each other.
“wow ok I am not gay but that was hot” Sarah says as she pulls open Natalie’s robe and drags it off her shoulders leaving Natalie in just her white thong again.

“Nat are you sure Rick is out? I do not need him catching me.” Sarah says as she sits up and looks around at the trio.
“I will go check on the poor guy then” mike says standing up, “you guys party with the coke and I will be right back”
Say what? Now I scramble back to the room close the door silently behind me and slip into the bed throwing the sheet and blanket over me and turning on my side with my back to the room. I hear the door open and close without the light being turned on.

“Rick…Rick wake up buddy” I can feel the bed shift as Mike sits on the edge, he reaches over and shakes me once then a second time even harder, I play my part and add snore to my breathing., I feel a hand on my shoulder and pull me over onto my back. I HEAR HIS BREATHING PICK UP, AND I AM WONDERING WHAT THE FUCK?
The light turns on I can see through my closed eyes, now I can definitely hear him breathing hard as he lifts the blankets off me exposing me fully, I am glad in the panic that my dick has shrunk some but I hear mike “looks like someone is getting a pee-bone” I feel a rough hand as he grabs my cock and squeezes it, I feel my cock respond instantly, then he leans over and takes the head of my cock in his mouth and starts sucking I groan involuntarily and I can sense him listening to confirm if he woke me up, I mumble, and give a snore in reply. I feel him take me again and can feel him bury my cock in his throat my arm on its own rolls back behind my head as my hips push up slightly. He continued for another ½ minute then abruptly quit, got up and walked out the door leaving it open and the bedside light on. I hear him head down the stairs and I risk opening my eyes to look around. I see my cock sticking up in the air and throbbing with the beat of my pulse.

I count backwards from a hundred trying to calm down my beating heart, when I get to one I open my eyes and sit up my cock hard and leaking pre-cum from the tip.

“C’mon grab the treats and check this out I hear a voice in the hallway as I flop back pretending to be dead to the world as I hear the shuffle of feet on the carpet.

And then in a stampede of feet and laughter I hear them stomp up the stairs and down the hallway, “are you sure he is not waking up?’’ I hear Sarah’s voice, “not fucking likely” Natalie’s voice now,

“what the fuck why is he hard? I have never seen his dick so hard” Sarah voice again.

“ya I would say the coke has worn off, but if that’s as big as he gets hard you should really like my cock” Paul’s voice I am sure;

“hey Sarah how bout doing a line of your hubby’s cock” Paul’s voice again “or would ya prefer to have it of a real cock”

“No let’s leave him alone we should go back to the living room I really don’t want him to wake up” Sarah again.

“all right everyone out let’s leave little dick to himself” I hear them all shuffle out and the door close but the light remained on.

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