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Road Trip Day 5

When Holly and Marshall got back to the hotel from the pool hall they were surprised to see a cop car in the valet parking area in front of the front door. Surely this was a coincidence, but to be safe they went into the hotel using a side door and worked their way swiftly to the room without being spotted. Holly's face was still covered in slowly drying cum and her dress had huge white crusty cum stains all over the front.

Holly didn't wait more then a minute before she stripped down in front of Marshall and made her way to the shower. It had been a long week and her body had taken a beating. Working long hours out of town was enough to tire anyone out, but Holly spent every night this week involved in some sort of wild and new sexual experience which we captured, for the most part, on video and had posted on her website. Her pussy ached a bit, as did her asshole and her mouth. She was tired and worn out and that hot shower felt perfect right now.

Marshall was out in the room helping himself to the minibar and watching some tv. That's when a knock came at the door. It was just before 11pm and Marshall was completely caught off guard by this unforeseen visitor. He peered out the peep hole and his nerves only got worse. He could make out clearly a police mans uniform, the badge, the gun - all of it. The cop stood too close to the door for his face to show through the hole and Marshall asked innocently as he could "yes, may I help you?".

"Virginia State Police Sir, please open the door." said the officer. Marshall unlocked the door and slowly opened it. "May I come in" asked the officer, and Marshall's face, which had been drained of bl**d upon the sight of the uniform, returned to its color and bore a smile when he discovered the identity of the state trooper. It was Todd, the husband of Holly and Marshall's co worker in Virginia Denise. Marshall and Holly never asked what he did for a living, and now here he was in uniform.

"Have you seen the news yet?" Todd asked. "No, we just got in". answered Marshall.
"Didn't use the front door eh?" said Todd. "No .... Holly was a bit messy and we saw the police car."
"Turn on the news" Todd told him and he did. Todd sat down in the same chair that just the other night he and Marshall fucked Denise on. There was still a nasty cum stain on the front from the leakage of their dual ejaculations. Marshall sat on the bed where Todd had fucked Holly's pussy and ass in front of his wife, wielding that 17 or 18 inch monster cock like a true professional before he blew his first cumshot of the night all over my wifes face.

Within minutes the reporters on the local 11 o'clock news were reporting on what they called a "lewd public display of sexuality in a local pool hall". The reporter on location said authorities arrived at the scene after being tipped off by a patron and found upon their arrival a partially nude pregnant woman, blonde hair wearing a black evening dress involved in lewd sexual acts in view of the public. The woman and several others involved escaped custody."

Todd smiled wryly at Marshall. "I knew it was you guys. Your not in any trouble. Denise mentioned you both were leaving tomorrow afternoon right? Just don't get pulled over on the way out of Virginia and you will be fine."

"Holy shit man. Thanks for the heads up Todd ... Officer Todd" and he laughed a bit, they both did. Holly couldn't hear anything that was going on in the main room while she was in that shower. She was half passed out in there with the hotels seemingly endless supply of hot water pouring over her pregnant naked body. She didn't lock the door, the thought never crossed her mind.

Holly never heard the bathroom door open, her first sight opening her tired eyes was the blurry image of what appeared to be a police officer standing looking at her in the center of the bathroom. She was fully awake now, shock and terror rippled through her body so fast she shuttered and and gasped before pulling open the shower curtain.

There stood Officer Todd smiling at her, his massive cock out, hard as diamonds and straight as an arrow. Holly was so relieved she came out of the tub soaking wet and threw her arms around Todd. His cock was the biggest she'd ever had and she loved how he fucked her and he could blow a load like a horse and she loved the taste.

"Your in a lot of trouble for that stunt you pulled at the pool hall Holly." said Todd sternly. "Am I?" Holly responded innocently, easing herself to her knees in front of his massive cock. "What can I do Officer?"

Todd had asked Marshall not to film the encounter so I didn't find out until she got home what happened next. Todd turned her around and handcuffed her hands behind her back, then walked back around and grabbed her by the jaw. "Open your mouth cumslut" he demanded, and Holly obeyed.

He proceeded to jam his monster throbbing prick deep into her throat and fucked her face hard, occasionally stopping to pull it out fully and slap its girth on her cheeks, chin and forehead. Marshall had made his way to the bathroom doorway and had his cock out and stroked it slowly hard. He looked considerably smaller next to Todd, but was nearly 9 inches and thick himself. Todd looked over at Marshall. "Grab the prisoner and bring her out to the bed" demand Todd.

Marshall and Todd each took one of Holly's tired arms and carried her pregnant body out into the bedroom where they threw her onto the bed, her plump ass up in the air. Todd mounted on top of her ass and spit on her asshole before pressing his big head into it. Marshall knelt in front of Holly as Todd grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled her head back. She opened her mouth and Marshall stuffed his big dick in as far as it would go until she gagged.

Officer Todd fucked Marshall's cock with Holly's face as rough as he could and Holly was taking his massive cock an inch at a time into her already sore asshole. Todd spit on his cock and her asshole once more and pressed on further. Eleven inches, twelve, he kept going and Holly screamed. Her hands would try to stop his pressing but they were bound behind her and gripped the air in vain. Clinching made it worse and her screams were muffled by Marshalls cock.

Todd began fucking her ass faster and harder and more she screamed, Marshall couldn't hold on and blew the load he had saved up in bulk all day and night in her mouth and down her throat. Todd was still jamming her head up and down on Marshalls erupting cock, and cum shot out her nose as she swallowed and gagged on more and more of it. Todd was all the way in now and the tears rolled down her face and he gave her ass long deep thrusts.

Todd pulled out and rolled Holly over on her back, her arms pinned under her, her face covered in coughed up cum and tears. Her eyes were swollen and red as he pressed his massive prick into her cunt and immediately plunged all the way in. "Lick his asshole you fucking slut" Officer Todd demanded, and Marshall lowered himself asshole and balls first above her face. He was rock hard again and Holly's tongue flicked and darted over his balls and asshole while he stroked. He tits bounced wildly and lactated as they spun in opposing circles at one another. Todd was fucking her insanely hard now and she came so hard he burst her own cum all over Todds police uniform. His chest was soaked now, badge wet with my wifes ejaculation.

Todd rolled her on her side and continued to fuck her pussy deeply, Marshall re positioned himself to feed his ball sack to Holly. She gave it a through cleaning with her tongue and lips. Officer Todd clinched a bit and then moaned loudly as he burst one of his monster cumshots into Holly's cunt and never stopped thrusting. He stayed rock hard and got red faced as he seemed to fuck her harder and harder, his cum splashing out of her pussy and flying all over Todd's crotch, her ass and the bed.

Marshall was about to explode again too, and within a minute Todd was bursting forth another gushing load into Hollys pussy. As he did Marshall sprayed her face with his second cumshot and she lapped up all she could of it as it soared in towards her. Todd was spent and soaked in Holly's cum as well as a fair amount of his own. Holly's pussy oozed out thick cum for a long time after the men sat her up and uncuffed her. She went into the bathroom without a word and got back in the shower. She was torn on how she felt about what just happened, and all in all she was glad it was over. Everything hurt again and she turned to the hot water once more to soothe her aching parts.

Officer Todd left using the same side door Holly and Marshall came in and walked briskly to his cop car smelling of pussy. Marshall changed the sheets on the bed and left out to his own hotel room which he barely had slept in this whole week. Holly came back out clean into an empty room and a freshened bed. For this she was thankful and found herself asl**p not moments after the lights went out.

The next morning she went to her last half day at work in Virginia and grudgingly did her job, albeit sore all over and still very tired. After lunch Marshall and Holly got in their rental car and headed back towards home. Holly had been preoccupied that morning thinking about the note the dark haired wife left in Marshall's hand the night before. It said for Holly to call her, and so not long before they left the parking lot she did just that.

The woman answered the phone and was quite pleased Holly called. She went on to tell Holly about how her night went when she got back, and how her husband confessed to being in that bathroom stall. He was upset for a long time, but also admitted to how many times he came while watching his wife fuck that black man. Six times he blew his load on the inside of that bathroom stall and he still felt his wife owed him some kind of payback. The old geeky husband wanted to fuck Holly, and watch his wife fuck her. The woman wanted to meet up before Holly was out of town and bring her husband.

Holly liked the older woman and was very attracted to her. Her husband was a dweeb, but Holly could see her point and thought it would be a fair trade. Fucking her husband was worth it to play around with his wife. But what of Marshall? Holly asked the woman, who said her name was Dee, and the woman just told Holly to bring him along. "We'll find something for him to do" Dee said and she laughed.

They planned to meet at a roadhouse bar off the highway outside of town. It was a biker bar, rough and tough. Holly had on her work outfit, business black slacks with a stretchy waist for her pregnant belly, and a white blouse buttoned conservatively down to the second button. They arrived at the bar just after Dee and her husband did, and they all got a booth and sat down to drinks. Holly had a soda and watched as Dee's husband Bill downed shot after shot. They were surrounded by bikers and big burly older men that swore a lot.

"I used to work here when I was 20" said Dee. "There's a room just off the main one with a door that locks that we can actually rent from the bartender. It has a pool table and some sofa's in it".

Holly could see into the room, it was full of bikers now though and she said as much to Dee. "Let me see what I can do" said Dee as she went up to the bar. She wore just about the sluttiest thing available in a rural Virginia lingerie and porn shop. Her top was deep V cut that exposed most of her big D cup titties. It was semi sheer red and matched her fire engine red stiletto boots that laced up above her knees to her inner thighs. She wore a skin tight mini skirt that stopped about 2 inches below her cunt and had on red lace panties that flashed everyone often as she moved.

Marshall made all the conversation at the table while she was gone. Holly was tired and uninterested in Bill, and Bill was nervous. He didn't fit in here at all, he had married out of his kind and class and he was in Dee's territory now. Dee returned to tell how she got the room for 2 hours and that the rabble inside would clear out shortly. The room had its own bathroom and access to a side bar, you could even order food. In about 15 minutes the room seemed clear and the group headed in, closing the door behind them and locking it. Marshall had his laptop with him this time and set up in the perfect spot to take in the action to come.

Bill was d***k and didn't plan on Marshall. "Alright honey" said Dee. "You two just watch for a bit, come in when the feeling is right."

Dee took charge completely and leaned over to caress Holly. They locked lips and tongues in passion, both had wanted each other badly the other night but were distracted by big monster black cocks and never got the chance. They were pawing at each other before long, removing Hollys top and spreading open Dee's top to allow her massive titties to be completely free. Dee reached up into Holly's crotch and worked at her cunt from the outside of her slacks, Holly weaved in her had to rub against Dee's shaven pussy through her red panties.

Marshall was comfortable and rock hard, and pulled out his big cock to rub himself as he watched the women. Bill looked scared and nervous and drank more from the side bar then his frame could support. Dee helped Holly pull down her slacks and her black silk panties, and Dee removed her red panties before dropping down and parting Holly's legs. Holly sat in a nice barrel chair as Dee buried her face in Holly's hairy pussy and began working her tongue over her special spots.

Thats when something unforeseen by all happened. The private bathroom door opened up and out walked a big old biker with a leather coat on and a white beard. He had to be 6'4", maybe 250lbs. The recording had been live streaming on Holly's site and I watched like it was a horror movie, seeing the biker before anyone else was aware.

"Fuck yeah!" the d***ken biker yelled to everyones shock. "Get that pussy girl!" he exclaimed. Marshall was sitting cock in hand and at ease, taking it all in stride. Bill was petrified and sat in terror in deepest corner of the sofa. Dee knew this old biker and said wearily "Hello Johnny. Meet my friends. This is Holly and her husband Marshall". She pointed to her shrinking husband and said disappointingly "And, this is my husband Bill".

Now no one but Dee knew this, but Johnny was a bit of a biker legend. He had groupies, mostly due to his prowess at fighting, but also because his cock was as thick as a soda can and twice as long. That what all the girls said about him, and Dee was one of his girls 20 years ago. "Of all the cocks to walk into our private party, it had to be yours" Dee said. Johnny laughed and said back to her "You remember old Johnny's cock do ya Dee?" as he glanced mockingly over at Bill.

Looking over at Bill, Dee said "Come fuck this slut Billy. This is what you wanted. Get your little cock out and try to fill her. I bet she won't even feel you in there" and she giggled.

Bill's face turned red, but he got up and staggered forward. "Eat her hairy cunt Billy" Dee commanded, and Bill dove his face into Holly's bushy pussy. Everyone watched as Dee undid her husbands pants and pulled him them off along with his tighty whitey underware. His little prick looked cold and stuck soft and shrunken in the air to his embarrassment. Johnny and Marshall both laughed at him out loud and Holly giggled too. Dee had her ass up in the air on all fours next to Bill, and Johnny took this opportunity to get reacquainted with Dee's twat. "God it still looks perfect Dee" he said as he unzipped the fly of his jeans. Out came the legendary cock of Johnny Slowride.

And there it was, as thick as a soda can and twice as long. He rubbed Dee's cunt from behind and made sure she was nice and juicy for him. In went one finger, then two and then three. His thumb worked her asshole and he eased it in up to the knuckle. Bill kept licking on Holly, to ashamed to show his face, so Dee informed him of what was happening. "Johnny is an old friend Billy. He's rubbing on my pussy right now and getting me all wet down there. Look at his cock."

Billy wet and red face came out slowly from between Holly's legs and turned around to do as he was told. There he beheld the cock of legend, and he knew that he'd been beat. "Now look at your little pecker." Dee said, and she took Bills little soft pecker into her left hand and played with it. She got it hard, and he wasn't that small, just average really. He was about 5 inches, maybe 6.

In her other hand Dee too Johnny's big cock. "My my Johnny, where have you been." she said. Holly stared at the monster cock. Officer Todd was big and a little longer, but not nearly as thick as Johnny. This thing was enormous. Dee looked over at Marshall. "You want to come stick you big cock in my mouth Mr. Marshall" Dee said. "Of course!" was his reply and he came over and did just that. After the first few seconds of sucking Marshalls cock Dee commanded Bill to fuck Holly, and he did. Holly laid there as Bill stuck his average cock into her hungry hole. Just as he did Johnny Slowride began his advance on Dee's tight and shaven pussy. He pressed his cock head on her hole, it was the thickness of 4 cock heads together and immediately began to gap out Dee's hot hole before the camera's eye.

A man born with such a monster has to acquire early on some sort of method to control it. Surely rock hard , Johnny would have a hard time finding a pussy that he could get into. And he's had 50 years to work on that method, and he was a master of it. Big as it was, his cock head was still mostly soft with and though it stretched Dee's tight pussy as it went it did not hurt her. Johnny entered semi soft and stiffened up and swelled once he got in and worked the cunt a bit. That was his technique, it was born of necessity, because a cock like that would be utterly useless until a girl is good and worked up.

And so the master pressed in deeper and deeper into Dee's pussy, and in return her cunt walls squeezed tighly on his ever stiffening super cock. Dee moaned in ecstasy but Holly was a bit bored, and Bill knew it. Holly decided to take charge while Dee's mouth was full of Marshalls cock. "Come over here slave, watch your wife take this man cock." Holly demanded. And they repositioned so that Bills face was not 2 feet from Johnny Slowrides steadily swelling legend.

Holly gave Bill a handjob from behind and made him kneel on all fours and watch Johnny work over Dee's cunt. Holly looked at Bill from behind and got an idea. She got up and went to the bar. Dee moaned louder and louder as Johnny fucked her. Marshall slapped his cock on Dee's face and laughed at Bill. Johnny laughed too and slid a finger into Dee's asshole. Holly returned with a Corona beer bottle, empty.

"You have any idea what that big cock feels like slave?" questioned Holly. Bill shook his head no. Holly knelt back down and spit on his asshole before jamming the mouth of the beer bottle into Bills ass. He clenched and looked up at Marshall, who laughed again and slapped his dick harder on Bill wifes face. Bill looked at Johnnys cock and then up at him. "What are you lookin at boy?" asked Johnny. "Nothing." ... "Nothing what?" responded Johnny. "Nothing Sir." replied Bill, and Johnny laughed and Holly laughed out loud as she pressed the bottle in deeper. "That really your wife mister?" Johnny asked Marshall of Holly. Marshall shook his head "no". "But he's watching on that live web cast right there".

"Really? Well, I should give him something to watch too then. Johnny's eyes locked with Holly's, she was excited .... she wanted that legendary cock inside her. It would be the biggest yet, and she was in heat over it. She came right there just thinking about it, and Johnny knew it. "You just wait right there darlin', I gotta finish up with Miss Dee here first. But I'll be over shortly honey."

Holly smiled wryly at him and he began to pump away harder at Dee's pussy and stick 2 more fingers into her asshole. Marshall began fucking Dee's face a little deeper and a lot faster. Holly took notice and fucked Billy's ass harder, his average size cock was rock hard with the bottle in his asshole and Holly kept spitting on it to keep things lubed.

Johnny looked Bill square in the eye, its caught on film, and said "I'm gonna blow my cum all over the inside of your pretty little wife mister. What do you think of that shit?" and he pumped harder and faster, Dee moaned so loudly and so often there was a knock at the door. "we're fine in here" barked Holly at the knocker and Johnny began to unload his balls deep in Bill's wife Dee.

He over filled her cunt, but none seeped out until he slowly softened and began to pull out. Dee laid herself on her back and rolled her ass and legs up into the air to keep Johnny Slowrides cum in her cunt a little longer. She looked at her husband and said "If it's a biy I want to name him Johnny". Tears of pain and embarrasment rolled down his cheek. "Clean her pussy bitch" Holly barked at Billy, and he crawled wearily over to his trophy wifes body, her back arched and cunt pressed up at the ceiling like a chalice holding Johnny's cumload.

Billy buried his face in her twat and began to lap up Johnny hot load. Dee looked at Marshall and mouthed silently the words "Shoot on his face", she smiled widely at that, and Marshall obliged. He stroked his big cock rapidly over her upturned pussy and blew his load all over it and Billy's face as he ate Johnny's cum. Meanwhile Johnny Slowride was laying Holly on her back and beginning his monster cock assault on my wife. He had just released his load and had gone half soft again. Holly had taken alot of cocks this week, and most of them were very big, so her cunt was as ready as any could be for the legendary Johnny Slowride soda can cock.

He pressed it into her hairy bush slowly at first, but finding less resistance then Dee's he smiled and shoved in further and further until he was in to his base. He leaned down and kissed Holly deeply and remained motionless as his cock swelled. Holly flexed her cunt walls to squeeze his shaft and coax its stiffening along, and it worked. Before long he was ballooning up my wifes pussy and began slowly and deeply fucking her as they french kissed.

Bill sat half naked stroking his penis, his mouth glistening in cum he had cum on his cheek and in his hair. Marshall slid his stiffening cock into Dee as she lay on the sofa where Bill sat and stroked. She moaned, as did Holly, and I watched Johnny pick up speed as he pounded away at Holly. Marshall adjusted so he was leaning on the arm opposite Billy and Dee sat reverse cowgirl facing Bill as she rode him. Marshall came before long inside Dee but he stayed hard and Dee kept riding.

Johnny turned Holly toward the camera and put her on all fours. Fucking her from behind he told her to stare right into the camera, and he nailed her harder and harder as she stared right at me. Me cock exploded in my hands watching the look on her face and seeing her big preggo titties swing around. Dee made Billy lick the cum that was running out of her cunt and down Marshalls balls, and that was the first time a man had placed anything on his cock of balls. He just went with it, and Bill did too, lapping away on Marshall's balls, shaft and his own wifes soaking wet cunt.

Johnny laid flat on the ground, his towering cock rising proudly into the sky, and Holly lowered her pregnant frame down over it. In that monster slid, and she took it all, grinding on it and staring from Johnny to the camera. Dee got off Marshall and went back over to Holly. She got behind her and smiled at the camera before she buried her face in Holly's ass cheeks. Holly continued to grind and smile, giggling and moaning.

Johnny told Bill to come lie down on the floor next to him, and Billy did. "Here I come baby, when I'm done squat down over this little bitch and feed him another helping of my cum." and he laughed. In a few minutes more of Holly grinding and hoping up and down on his massive cock he began to erupt again, and feeling his cock within her bursting and flexing Holly's body shuttered and she came hard with him. He came in her for a solid 14 seconds, I counted. And Holly was still cumming when she stood up shakily and flopped her soppy, soaked and leaking cunt down hard on Billy's face, f***e feeding Bill the fresh hot load.

I had gotten hard again, and at the sight of that I blew my load again. It took a few minutes before Hollys was cleaned out, and Billy looked sick from the booze and three massive cumloads mingled with shame and embarrassment. He went into the bathroom and threw up repeatedly. I sat back at continued to stroke as I had been every night this week watching Holly's live feeds. My cock was actually a little sore from all the rubbing, and longed to get back inside of some pussy.

The live feed cut off around 4:30pm, and after some goodbyes Holly and Marshall were back on the road home, it wouldn't be long now before my little slut wife was back in my arms again.

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