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Fun and games in Brisbane with Samotron

After we finished in Sydney we moved onto Brisbane for the last leg of our holiday Down Under.

After doing the touristy bits and pieces we ended up in a bar most nights having a few beers and something to eat We were lucky as each night we meet the same waitress, a cute brunette called Sam who had a great sense of humour and certainly looked after us.

On our penultimate night we were in there talking about what we wanted to do the next day. My wife and s****r in law as usual wanted to go shopping while I didn't. Talking to Sam she said that the local football team Brisbane Roar were playing at home the nest day and if I wanted to go she would take me.

I jumped at the chance as I was missing watching a game of football so we agreed to meet up the next day. As usual for Brisbane it was a hot sunny day when I meet up with Sam. She looked stunning in a tight pair of jeans and a loose top. She had a killer smile and eyes that promised so much. We went to the game and sat in the sun. This meant that we had to slap the sunblock on and I had to rub some into the top of her back which was a delightful experience. Just touching her skin gave me a tingle all over and I got the chance to look over her shoulder and down her cleavage which looked very inviting.

To be honest the quality of the football wasn't great but it was good to just chill out. We chatted and it turned out that she was a massive Borussia Dortmund fan so we had a good discussion over our fav teams and players. Sam wasn't working that night so after the game I invited her to join the 3 of us for a meal. She was tentative at first but having met up with the 2 ladies she soon agreed.

We had a great night, plenty of good food and a few drinks were had and we went back to the hotel bar to end the night. My s****r in law looked at me and said we really should thank Sam properly for looking after us which made me remember Mel in Sydney. I readily agreed but did wonder how my wife would react.

We talked Sam into coming up to our rooms where we could continue the drinks. I went to the bathroom for a piss and when i came back out the scene that greeted me almost made me faint. Sam was standing there fully clothed still with Jane fondling one of her tits and my Wife fondling the over one. She had a big smile on her face and I smiled back at her. I walked over and grabbed hold of her butt which felt great.

Jane and Sam were soon locked in a passionate kiss with hands all over each other. Me and the wife were similarly engaged and it wasn't long before we were all naked. I lay on the bed with my cock pointing skywards as my wife started licking it. I called for Jane and Sam to come over and join us which they eagerly did. Jane joined her s****r in licking my cock while Sam straddled my face and presented her pussy to my mouth. The smell was intoxicating and her shaved pussy was looking very wet.

I ran my tongue over her lips tasting her sweetness. She shuddered as I reached her clit and licked her hard button. I reached up with my hands and spread her lips so Ii could get at her clit easier. I sucked and flicked and could feel her getting wetter and wetter. All the time I was having 2 tongues working on my cock and balls and I was getting closer to cuming every second. With my tongue fully engaged on Sam’s clit I reach up with both hands and grabbed her tits. Her nipples hardened at much touch and I pulled and rubbed them between my fingers. Sam pressed down harder on my mouth and shuddered to an orgasm, her juices flowing over my face and chin. At this point I released my seed from my balls and sprayed my hot cum over my wife’s and Jane’s faces. I could feel them lapping it up and sucking me dry.

Sam got off me and bent down and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue darting into my mouth. “Thanks for that, I do luv cuming into someone’s mouth and them tasting myself on them”

I looked down and saw massive smiles on both the ladies faces. My wife moved up the bed and said “I want your cock in me now and I want a good fucking” Ever the gentleman I wasn’t going to turn down an order like that, so pushed her down on the bed, spread her legs and rammed my cock into her pussy. She was turned on as I don’t think she had ever been so wet and I went ball deep straight away. I started slowly sliding in and out. She was mauling her own tits making her nipples nice and hard.

While we were going at it Sam and Jane were making out. I looked over and could see Sam putting a couple of fingers into Jane’s cunt, pulling them out, sucking them dry and the putting them back in. I could hear the suction from where I was and it made me even harder and I started increasing my tempo. My wife was getting near an orgasm as her breath was getting more rapid and she was squeezing harder on tits. I kept banging away and reached down and started rubbing my thumb over her clit. That did it for and her cunt clamped hard on my cock and her body shook as she came as hard, her juices coating my cock. I still wasn’t ready to cum and she was a spent f***e.

I pulled out to she Jane’s arse in the air as she was slurping on Sam’s cunt. The temptation was too much so I moved behind her slipping a finger between her lips first, before sliding my cock into her honey pot. The feeling was as good as any I have ever had and I started pumping away, forcing her forward further onto Sam’s cunt. The sounds that Sam was making meant she was certainly enjoying what Jane was doing to her. After a few minutes of pumping away in Jane’s cunt I slipped my cock out and moved round to Sam’s head. She flicked her tongue out and licked Janes’s juice from me, smacking her lips and giving me a great smile. I moved slightly and rubbed my cock over her stiff nipples. She reached up, grabbed my cock and started working her hand up and down my shaft as hard as she could. Within minutes I was ready and shot my load over her tits. She kept working my cock until it started to go limp. At this point Jane lifted her head up and started licking my cum from Sam’s tits.

By now I was knackered so went and collapsed on the bed next to my wife leaving Sam and Jane in each other arms, they hands exploring each other’s bodies, even though I’m sure they knew everything already.

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