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My first black encounter

I'm 35 and life is good! I'm an engineer in southern california and my income is good enough. I've been married 7 years now and we live in Santa Barbara.
My wife, Jennifer has kept herslef in great shpae, she's 5'7", about 125 lbs and has perky tits that barely sag. Sex is great and I don't suffer from lack of enthusiasm from her. Recentl.y, Jennifer has joined the craze in southern Californai and now trims her pussy. I love looking at her neatpussy area when we're done with sex.
We live about three blocks from the beach and I lvoe the way guys look at her when we go swimmming or surfing.
Last month, Jennifer went to Kansas to visit her f****y and I stayed home. I work four days a week so I had Friday off. I've never been to the nude beach here so I decided to see what it's all about.
When I first arrived I wasn't impressed. There a bunch of old guys showing of their wrinkeled bodies. I kept walking and the beach became more and more secluded area and the scene became younger.
I wasn't sure if I would get an erection so I found a real secluded area, liad out a big towel and disrobed. The wind on my dick got me partially aroused.
I settled down and settled in with a magazine.
Much to my surprise a young black girl walked to my area and layed out her towel. As she was spreading it out she struck up some conversation.
"Do you mind if I lay next to you?"
"No, go ahead"
She kept looking at me she slid off her shorts and top.
She has a perfect body, long lean legs, long hair in braids and a pretty face. Her sking is light.
I lamost gasped as she took off her bikini.
Her ass is perfect, tiny and athletic. Her tits are small with big nittples.
She doesn't have a spare pound on her anyware.
She caught me staring
"Do you like what you see?""
"No, I'm serious. I haven't been around white men much. Do you find me attractive?"
"Yes, incredible"
"Oh Yeah"
"Can I ask you a question then?"
"Black men aren't into oral sex. Do you like it?"
"I sure do". I started becoming aroused.
"Would you be willing to have oral sex with me?"

"this is some kind of trap right?"

"No, I;m serious"

I love my wife but I never in m life thought something like this would happen

"I live about four blocks away"
"Uh ... now?"

"Is that okay?"
We both got dressed and I followed her to her apartment.
She has a nice place, an upscale apartment.
"Would you liek some wine?"
"Yeas, I think a drink would help"
"Would you prefer whiskey?"
She poured me a tall whiskey and added some water and ice. She poured herself a glass of red wine and we both started sipping.
"What's your name?"
I'm Randy, what about you?"
Sharisse got up and put on some soft music. Then to my surprise she opened the curtains. The view is awesome, the beach is visible from her place.
"Nice view"
"Let me see if I can make it better"
Sharisse stood up and slid off her shorts and top again.
"Oh yeah, that's better"
"Your turn"
I gulped some more whiskey and stood up. I took off my shirt shorts and briefs.
Sharisse slid off her bikini and sat on the couch. She spread her legs.
She has a great body. Her tits were erect and her long legs went on forever. I gazed at hr pussy. She had beautiful lips and she trimmed her hair.
I got donw on my knees and went in for her first good licking.
I held hr legs apart with my hand and blew gently on her pussy
I ran my toungue around her lips. She moarned again. I was a bit surprised at how coarse her pussy hair is.
I went if further with my toungue, she squirmed
"This is your first"
"yes, keep going"
I spread her lips and made slow circles with my toungue inside her pussy. I then flicked my toungue on her clitoris. She arched her back and I heard her gasp
"Oh Yeah"
I kep tthis going and she started arching more and more until she came with a lot of energy, clamping my head in her legs.
She just laid on her couch, panting after she released my head
"How was that?"
"That was great. Thank you. I've been looking forward to this?"
"Are you ready for yours?
"yes I am" I grinned
"What's the best position?"
"I'll sit in this chair and you can get on your knees like I did"
"Before you start, as you suck, move your head up and down. As you are sucking, take your hand around my dick and move it up and down.
She moved in and I sat back waiting for one of my fantasies to come true.
She took me in her hand and looked at my shaft.
"That rumor about white men isn't very accurate. My ego grew.
She took me in her mouth
I almost exploded rght there. I gazed at her beautiful body as she sucked on my shaft. I could also look out the window at the nearby beach. Life doesn't get any better than this.
She was moving her hand up and down. I gave her a few ponters but I was getting close
"h yeah, Sharisse. That's awesome, I'm getting close."
I bucked up and down and exploded in her mouth
She quit suckking and I quickly shouted
"No, keep me in your mouth"
She took me back in as I came buckets. I don't know if I've ever came so mcu for so long.
I collpased and coudln't move
"Okay, stop now"
I laid there panting
What that good?"
"Yes, very"
She smiled
Sharisse got up and went to the bathroom. She came bakc with two warm, wet wash cloths. We cleaned each other. What a view to have this young black beauty washing my genitals.
"Can I ask you about somethign else?"
"I read a lot of men's magazines"
She looked at me quizically
"Have you ever licked an ass hole?"

"What do you think?"

I looked at her sheer beauty. We had just cleaned each other

"Let's try it"

She turned over on all fours. What a beautiful body. Her ass is small and hard

I move in behind her and spread her cheeks.
To my surprise she has a pink ass hole.
I moved in and blew on her ass


I thn licked around her cute hole


I thn thrust my toungue in and gave her another licking. She was qsquirming again. I reached up and rubbed her clitoris. Quickly she was bucking again and she cam like she had before as I kept rubbinh her cute little clit.

She collapsed on the floor, panting

"Thanks , no black guy would ever do that"
"I'm not sure many white guys would"
Your wife doesn't do that?"
"Well, get ready"
I got on all fours like she had. I couldn't believe she was moving in to lick my ass.
When she licked me for the first time almost came immediately. Her tougue felt fantastic
"Oh yeah"
Then she picked up on what I had done and reached around to grab my shaft.
I came within three minutes. I couldn't believe a beautiful young girl was lickkngoi me and stroking me.
I collapsed again, like she had

"What about straight sex?"
"I'm going to need a couple of minutes"
"Really?" as she reached over and played with me
I gew right away


WE did it in almost every position, on the chair, on the floo, her on topp, me sitting, you name it. After she came again I could feel her pussy grasping my shaft and I exploeded at almost the same time

We both leaned back on floor and panted

I dozed off. When I awoke she was starting to stir

he handed me my whiskey and I sipped it some more
I thougtt my day, hell, my month was complete

"Want to try anal?"

She looked at me. She was sitting crossed legged right across from me. I could see her beautiful tits, her pussy and her long legs. Her face is amazing


"I may not get this chance again" she spoke softly

"Do you have some lotion?"

"What do you think?"

She came back from her bdroom with some KY and rolled onto her stomach

I first I just stared at her ass- incredible
Then I spread her cheeks and spread some lube on my finger.
I spread her and ran my finger in slowly


I move slowly. I didn't want her to tense up

I gradually moved in two fingers.

When I felt she was ready I grabbed her hips and moved her onto her knees
I moved in behind her and sprea her again

I just placed my tip against her hole and held it there
As I felt her tense and then relax again I pushed in. The tip was almost in
As I eased the tip in I stopped t let her adjust

It was almost a minute before I pushed in further. Her ass is so tight I could have come without moing at all

I slowly slid in more and more until I was in all the way

I just stopped and took in the view; her body and the nearyb beach

I didn't think I would ever have an experience like this.
After a couple of minutes I started moving in and out slowly

We both moaned

Almost immediatley I exploded

She is so tight I copuld feel my dick throbbing in her ass

I alomost collpsed on the floor

I held myself up and slowly eased my dick out
I couldn't help it, I collapsed again

After a couple of minutes she suggested we take a shower

I got to look at her body again and rub her all over as we scrubbed each other.

"Thanks. Sorry to run you off but I need a nap now"

"Sure thing"

"Will I see you at the beach again"
"Perhaps, I've filled most of my wishes but you never know"

I'm still kickkng myself for not taking some pictures

Life and sex is still great with my wife. When I need a thrill I just think back to that glorious Friday

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