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I know now... I'm a cuckold

I was absolutely exhausted after the long drive home from the city as I made my way up the driveway. I had just finished a grueling 13 and a half hours at work, and was sure everyone would be home and in bed by now even though I was a couple hours earlier than usual. It was late.
As I pulled up to the garage, I noticed that my daughter’s car wasn’t there, but instead, an older model gray SUV. I didn’t think much of it other than one of the girls she plays volleyball with must have brought her home or something. I raised the garage door and pulled on in… my wife’s car was in its normal spot. Nothing seemed out of place.
After I got all my tools unloaded, I grabbed my lunchbox and thermos and headed, quietly on into the house. I didn’t turn on any lights, and tried not to make too much noise as dropped off my stuff in the kitchen on the way through.
“Hmm… no supper on the stove? She must not be feeling well.” I thought as I walked through. She usually had my dinner wrapped in tin foil sitting on the stove waiting for me. Especially since I’d starting working doubles so often. I went on down to the basement as usual, to pitch all my dirty clothes in the hamper down there and take a shower.
As I stood there in the shower… just letting the hot water run over my exhausted body, I thought about nothing but getting to bed. I was dead on my feet to say the least. “Should I wake her up and see if she feels like fooling around tonight?... Nah, maybe tomorrow night. I just want to sl**p.” I thought. I got out of the shower, dried off, and headed back up to make one more pass through the kitchen and see what I could find in the fridge.
While I stood there looking, I realized it was even more still than usual in the house. Even when I did work doubles, and came home late, there was always something going on… a tv left on, radio, washer or dryer running, etc. Nothing tonight though. Nothing going on, and nothing in the fridge. As I gave up on finding anything to eat and turned to head to the bedroom, I saw a piece of paper laying on the counter that I hadn’t noticed before. It was a note from my daughter… “Mom, I’m spending the night at Brittany’s.”
As I walked to the bedroom, I thought, “… Wait a minute… who in the hell’s car is that outside then?”
I eased open the bedroom door, not sure what I’d see, only to find that no one was in bed. Now in the bedroom though, I could see that the master bathroom door was closed and could hear the shower running. By now my interest and curiosity were peeked, and I had some very disturbing and accusatory thoughts swirling.
I cracked the master bathroom door.
“Honey?”, I said in a quiet, curious voice. No response so I cracked the door a little more to see the shower.
There, through the steamed up shower doors, I could see the silhouette of my wife. It wasn’t the same pleasing silhouette I’d come home to, and voyeuristically looked in on so many times before though…
My wife was in the shower with another man. A man whose vehicle, nor silhouette were known to me. A black man. He towered over her as he stood in MY shower, getting head from my wife.
I was frozen. I was furious. I was – completely to my astonishment – out of breath with a whole new kind of arousal. This was maybe both the hottest, and the most infuriating feeling I’d ever had… and it was all rolled into one.
As I stood there, like a curious c***d, peeking through the partially opened bathroom door, I didn’t know what to feel. I did, however, know that I wanted it, for whatever – still unknown to me – reason, wanted it to go on. I kept watching as I started to stroke my now throbbing cock.
“Holy shit…” I thought. “I can tell that guy has a massive cock, even through the steamy shower door, and she’s downright throating that thing.” It was hot.
They hadn’t heard my muffled, mumble when I first looked in, so right on with their business they went. As I stood there jacking off, I realized that this would be exponentially more awkward if they caught me watching them… or realized that they were caught. Not to mention the fact that I was standing there still butt naked from my shower. I hurried back into the master bedroom, frantically trying to decide what to do about this situation…
I heard the water shut off.
“Oh shit!” I whispered to myself. Where to go? What to do? In a panic, I scurried under the bed, and reached over to pull the bedskirt down in an attempt to hide any evidence of me being there.
It was just in time as I heard the bathroom door open, and could see their feet as they walked my way. My wife turned and walked backwards as they got closer to the bed, and then she spoke. Taking me straight from panicked flaccidity to immediate and confusing rock-hard arousal again…
“Come here baby… I want you to give me that big, black cock right here on my bed.”
As I heard the bed creak and saw he feet lift off the floor, I could see that he was still standing a few feet away.
“Girl, that’s the bed where you and your ol’ man sl**p. That don’t seem right.” He said, in a surprisingly young and timid voice.
“This isn’t optional… nor is it a morality contest,” she said in the condescending yet sexy way that she often puts things. “I told you when you responded to my craigslist posting… I wanted to suck your cock, and then I wanted you to fuck me hard, fill me with that hot, black cum, and leave me lying in bed shaking, and out of breath. I’ve lived up to my part of the bargain, now it’s your turn. So c’mon.”
I heard the bed creak again and felt it moving down against my chest as she must have been settling to the middle of the mattress. I could only imagine that she’d either flipped over and stuck her ass up (a position that I know she is fond of), or simply scooted in to make room for her young, black lover, and splayed her legs open in a mouth-watering and sultry move that she was prone to using.
All at once, it dawned on me that if I could only resituate myself, I could watch the action that was about to take place in her full-height mirror on the other side of the bedroom by her dresser. I decided that I would wait until they were a little more “pre-occupied” before I attempted this move. Even then, I knew I’d have to be stealthy about it if I wanted to remain a silent, onlooking cuckold for the evening.
“C’mon buddy…” I thought, “Come and get her.” I was still feeling strange about the situation, but I knew, for some reason, I wanted it to happen… Badly! And I wanted to watch it.
“Won’t your ol’ man be home soon?” He asked, still nervous, almost as if he were looking for an out.
“He’s working, as usual,” she said in a sarcastic tone, “and won’t be home for at least another two hours. That’s why you’re here. Just like my post said, I need fucked. I need to be somebody’s whore. You were all about it an hour ago via email… so let’s make good on all that bragging you were doing.” She snickered a little as she said the last part. “Weren’t you telling me how you could bring me to a screaming orgasm with nothing but your tongue, stud? Well let’s see it.”
He suddenly took a couple steps toward the bed. His feet were only, inches from my face. And then, I could hear and feel the bed shaking again… as he must have grabbed her and pulled her back toward the edge.
“Oh God…” she said loudly and with noticeable arousal in her voice, “… here we go.”
He dropped to his knees, and she let out another groan. He must have gone in face-first tongue-a-blazin’ judging by her reaction. My curiosity, at this point, outweighed common sense. I didn’t put much thought into what I was about to do, but given the fact that he was busy eating my wife’s pussy, I thought I would sneak a peek out from under the bedskirt and see what she had already had in her mouth, and what she was surely soon to take deep in her pussy.
“Holy fucking shit…” I couldn’t believe my eyes. This guy was packing. I suddenly felt small in all sorts of ways. This horse was going to take my wife places she’d never, EVER been before any minute now. He had 12 or 14 inches of girthy, black meat… just swinging there a foot or two above my eyes. If this was his cock not even fully erect… “Oh my God..” I thought.
With the moaning and sighing that she was doing, and squirming around, she was plenty pre-occupied now. And with her thighs squeezing his head tightly, which I was sure they would be… I thought now was the time. Inch by inch, slowly, I squirmed around and scooted over to the other side of the bed and situated myself so that I could see, clearly, everything that was going on in the mirror.
There she was. My wife. The woman that I’d lustfully chased after for all those years during high school, the woman I’d fallen in love with, the woman I’d married, the woman that had my baby… lying on her back, head thrown back, biting her bottom lip and letting out the steamiest moans I’d ever heard… That’s including any porn that I’d ever watched. She was on fire for this young stud.
All I could see was his shaved, bald head, and her hands pulling him into her pussy. Her legs high and wrapped around his neck and shoulders. She rocked gently back and forth with every sigh.
He stopped sort of suddenly and raised his head.
“Holy shit,” I thought… “This guy is my daughter’s age?!” (Which was 17 at the time. I’m sure he was older, but not much.)
“What’s wrong baby?” my wife asked her young lover.
“Nothing.” He said, and kind of grinned as he wiped his mouth, and spit a little with his tongue…
“Hahahaha…” she laughed. “I’m sorry hun,” she went on chuckling, “That’s called real woman, that hair in your mouth. You’re probably used to the girls your age being shaved bald. I wish I would have thought about it… I’d have let you shave my pussy in the shower if that’s the way you like it.” She giggled as he went back down on her.
This was both hot and infuriating… but mostly hot. I was starting to slowly realized, as I hid under my own bed naked, watching another man pleasure my wife… that I liked being cuckolded… no, I LOVED IT.
I’d been after her for the last 10 years to shave for me. She wouldn’t hear of it. “Is that what you want?” she’d say, only pretending to be angry, “Do you want me to look like some adolescent girl?” And here she was willing to LET THIS GUY SHAVE HER PUSSY. Wow, he had really cast some kind of spell. If I wouldn’t have been watching it with my own eyes, I would never have believed that these horny, explicit comments were coming from my wife… God it was hot.
The stud delivered, too… as I lay there, hidden… watching… listening… This young k** brought my wife to a screaming, squirming climax – the likes of which I’d never even come close to giving her.
“Oh my God… whew… holy… wow.” She was spent. Or so I thought. She laid there and quivered for a moment as he got back up off his knees and stood over her, at the far edge of the bed. He stroked himself lightly… still just semi-hard, he was impressive specimen. Ripped, young, fairly tall, dark black skin… and as I may have mentioned… a massive tool to work with. He stood there looking her over, as if, respectfully awaiting further instructions.
All at once, this 48 year old vixen of mine (and his now I guess), became a horny teenage nymphomaniac again… she sat up… scooted back toward him, and looked up at him longingly. She pushed him back away from the bed a little, and slid off the edge and dropped to her knees again. I was rock hard watching my wife look up at him so hungrily as she took his hands, placed them on the back of her head, and slowly took the head of that monstrous black penis into her mouth. He pulled her head gently, at first, on and off of about the first 6 or 8 inches of his dick.
“Awww… Gawd damn…” he said loudly. She has always given an amazing blow job, and now this lucky bastard was on the receiving end of what I knew to be some great head. I was glad, actually, to see him come to life a little. I was getting fired up now, and was ready to see this guy take my wife to heaven and back… and he was just getting started… or so I thought.
She raised up higher, still on her knees, and looked up at him, letting his cock fall out of her mouth and her massive (yes, my wife has huge tits) boobs glide up his thighs and his big cock nestled nicely in her cleavage.
“What are you…” he started to ask, “… aww fuck!” he groaned as she spit on his cock, pushed her breasts together, and started to stroke him off with her tits. With each thrust, she’d take the head of his cock into her open mouth, slurping it and trying to take a little more with each upstroke. He was in a rhythm now… they both were. She bobbed up and down. His ass muscles tightened and loosened as he tried to drive his cock up through her big tits and deeper into her mouth.
“FUCK…” he let out a groan of pleasure with his hardest thrust so far… “I’m gonna.. awwwwhhhh…”
I could hear my wife gagging, yet still holding him deep in her throat as he pulled her head down onto his throbbing shaft.
He let his arms hang at his side, and slowly inched back away from her. She leaned forward, following his backward motion as if she wasn’t quite done getting everything she wanted out of him.
She looked up at him. With her eyes watering she stuck her tongue out at him, showing him her open mouth. Although I couldn’t see from that angle, I can only imagine the load that she must have had in her mouth. I was envious of his view right at that moment. I was envious of him, period.
She closed her mouth and grabbed his ass as she swallowed every ounce, and got up off her knees and pulled him into her. Body against body, she whispered something to him.
“Yeah, I can probably go again.” I heard him say in a quiet voice. He continued… “I’m sorry I came so fast, I just…”
“Don’t baby.” She said. “No excuse necessary. I know I can make you cum again, and I will. And this time, it’ll be in me, but a little deeper, and not in my mouth.”
“Umm…” he started nervously, “I’ve got a rubber in my wallet over here.” He said as he started to move toward his pile of clothes.
“No, no, no hun…” as she pulled him back against her, both still standing. “You are gonna fuck mama bare, and you are gonna fuck mama hard.”
“But I don’t wanna get you pregnant.” He said, nerves evident in his voice.
“Baby. I’m fixed. I had my tubes tied after I had my daughter. Now give me…” she leaned up and kissed him, and then took his hand and pulled him onto the bed with her “… what I want.”
“Why don’t you tell me what you want?” he said. He’d perked up a little now that he knew how this was going to end… with him letting his load explode into some unsuspecting husband’s white wife. A hot, white wife at that (if I say so myself).
“I want you to fuck me hard and fast… I won’t break.” She said with a grin as she spread out on the bed, and pulled him over on top of her.
My wife is so sultry and sensuous when she wants to be, and now, more than ever before that I’d seen, she wanted to be. I’m sure he was already rock hard, though the angle didn’t permit me a good view. The sounds that came next, though, let me know that he was rock hard and throbbing, to say the least.
I could actually hear (and see from the side), the initial moment of penetration. Her back arched with intense and immediate pleasure as he reached down with one hand and guided that massive cock into her pussy… her warm, wet pussy.
“Oh my fucking…..” her sentence trailed off into a… “gaaaawwhhhhhhhh…” as he made his first couple thrusts… long, long, deep strokes they were, but slow and easy… easing into it.
“Are you ready?” I heard him ask quietly as he leaned down toward her face… her head slightly back now, back still arched, eyes closed with extreme pleasure. Here eyes burst open she lunged toward his face, stopping only inches from it. Reaching up and grabbing him around the neck.
“Holy fuck yes!” she said, “Give me that big…”
He thrust hard.
“… black, aww…”
He thrust harder again, and deeper.
“… cock… awww baby.” She finished her syncopated sentence as he settled into a fast, hard, a****listic rhythm. I had never seen anything like it. This boy… or young, man-c***d I should say… was fucking my wife if ever any woman has truly been fucked. He was by no means making love to her, make no mistake about that. He was trying, with everything he had, to give this woman everything she wanted and more… and was.
My wife screamed. She moaned. She sighed. She let out expletive strings of dirty-talk that I never would have thought her capable of, and then, almost as quickly as it started, she dug her nails into his lower back…
“Yeah?” he said just as loudly back in her face, “Tell me what I’m doin’ to you, you fucking dirty whore!”
That was just the push she needed, and him too apparently.
Still stroking myself, never letting myself get too close to cumming, I watched as my wife had the most violent and uninhibited orgasm I’d ever seen.
“Oh God I’m cumming…” she moaned.
I could hear her juiced flowing, COULD LITERALLY HEAR IT, as she gushed all over his huge cock. As wet as I’m sure she already was, this only warmed and enhanced the natural lubrication, which in turn, sent him over the edge as well.
“Tell me when…” she started to moan, looking now deeply into his eyes as he muscularly hunkered down over her.
“Right now… I’m cumming…” he started, uttering a couple words with each of these final, deep thrusts, “in you baby!... Awwww.”
“Ohh… ohhh… yes… yess…” she was having a second orgasm (or third for the evening… I’d lost track by this point) within only seconds of the gusher she’d just had. “Cum in me baby… give me that black seed… put it in me deep… Gawwwwdddd….” She moaned as he collapsed on top of her.
They laid there and whispered to each other for a few minutes while I basked in awe, still naked, hiding under my own bed. Then she glanced over at the clock on the night stand. She said, “Oh my God… You have to go! My husband will be home any minute!”
Time hadn’t only gotten away from them, but me as well. I had no sense of the time that had passed while I’d watched this amazing rendezvous take place. I wiggled around and looked down at my watch. It was about 10 minutes before I’d normally be pulling up the driveway.
He frantically jumped up and started dressing quickly. She sat up in bed and watched him work in panic mode. Calm and carefree, she said with a grin… “Thanks baby. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”
“So…” he said with a grin of his own… as if he was trying to figure her out… “that’s it?”
She sat there, big tits hanging out from under the sheet she’d gotten mostly under, as if to give him one last image of all the amazing woman she was, and she smirked as she made him wait a second for an answer…
“Until I email you again baby, yeah. That’s it. Don’t worry baby…” she said as he made his way toward the door, “… I WILL email you. It won’t be long before I need some more of that big, black dick.” She winked at him and giggled. “You know the way out.” She smiled as she covered the rest of the way up and laid down. He headed out the door.
“Oh and hey, “ she said, calling him back.
“Yeah?” he stuck his head back in and said… looking nervous and hurried now.
“What you just did for me…” she started, sitting up again and grinning… “my husband never has.”
The young man left with a smile, and an inflated ego I’m sure.
I laid under the bed for another few minutes. I listened to my wife sigh, and then watched her lay there with a devilish, sexy grin on her face for a few minutes. About 2 or 3 minutes before I’d normally be walking through the door, she got up and went into her walk in closet, pushing the door closed behind her. I took this as my opportunity. I ran to the back door, open and closed it in case she was listening for it, went down to the basement as I normally would have, and turned on the shower. I gave it a few minutes, and then planned to head upstairs and go to the bedroom… just acting out my normal routine, as if everything that’d I’d just seen had never happened.
I shut off the shower and headed upstairs. She was still in her closet when I laid down in bed and covered up… mostly because I was worried that she’d see my still erect penis and wonder what was going on…
She must have heard me come in and get in bed. Her closet door opened and there she stood… naked and glowing. God what an amazing body she still had… after a k** and all these years.
“Hey workin’ man.” She said with the same grin I’d seen in the mirror a few minutes before.
“Hey babe.” I mustered to say without too many nerves being apparent. “Wow, I figured you’d be asl**p already.”
“No sir…” she said in a sultry, quiet voice as she walked toward the bed, in as sexy a stroll as she could… (and it was!) “I waited up for you. Thought you might want to give my kitty a little night-night kiss before you went to sl**p.”
My wife climbed under the covers with me, we kissed for a moment, and then she maneuvered around and threw her leg over my head, assuming a full blown 69 position… one we’d not done in YEARS!
She sucked my cock to completion and swallowed my load, and I ate her pussy and listened to her moan while she did.
I had never blown a load so big in all my life as I did in her throat that night.
And I had never eaten pussy so sweet, so used, so warm and wet… still oozing what I guess she figured I’d think were her fluids. She was wrong. I knew. And I still dove in with a hunger I may never understand.
I am a cuckold. I know, she doesn’t know I do, and I love it… to this day!

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