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The Beautiful Journey

I was in the f****y room watching TV when I heard the door open.

My mother and aunt walked in. They were both wearing thick winter coats, hats and boots as the weather had turned nasty. It had snowed several inches and half the businesses had shut down in the city. Mom and Pam still had to go to work.

"Shouldn't you be practicing Larry?" my mom said.

"I tried mom, but it is too hard.I just came out to relax a bit." I said still watching my favorite sitcom.

"Its not hard Larry." mom was annoyed "you just don't give it enough time."

"But mom! I worked on it for hours today"

My mother shook her head and went inside. Pam watched her going into the bedroom and then she came and sat next to me.

"Your mother is right you know" Pam said. "All it takes is a little practice everyday and you will master it in a few weeks. You have the gift Larry. Just apply yourself a little."

I didn't say anything. I didn't tell Pam that I really didn't care about the "gift". You want to give me a gift? Get Cindy Ginter in my room wearing her cheerleading outfit.

Pam sighed when she saw my apathetic attitude towards the f****y jewels. She put her hand on my thigh and patted it a little.

"Some day you will understand Larry" and Pam walked in after my mother.

I continued to watch TV for a few more minutes before I heard mom calling me.

She was in her underwear. Her large 42 DD breasts were visible through her sheer Vicotria's Secret silk lingerie and her little panties barely fit on her 42" wide bottom. She still had her makeup on.

Pam was naked. She was 15 years younger than mom and at 35 her body was well toned. Her 38 FF breasts were smaller than my mother's but they still looked firm and didn't droop as much as mom's. She also had firm buttocks and rock solid thighs.

"Larry." my mother said. "We are leaving for a few hours. I will be back by dinner. Pam may be late. You know what to do."

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I am off to New York." my mother said smiling. "Heather, my boss was invited to this Reggae party and I think I will join her."

"And I received an email from Jack. He is wind sufing in Australia. He sent a pic and I saw his wife lying naked on the beach. I think I will join Jack for a few hours, get some sun in my soul." Pam said cleaning her bald pussy with her panties.

The two women lay down on the bed and closed their eyes. They breathed deeply for a few minutes. I covered them with the warm sheets but I could still feel their bodies get colder. They were barely breathing now and I knew they were gone.

My mother and aunt had the power of Transference. They could latch on to other life f***es and inhabit their bodies for as long as they wanted, enjoying every sensation that the host would normally feel.

They were born with that capability and they loved having that power.

Everyday mom and Pam would find unsuspecting hosts in far reaches of the world and live a different life for a few hours. My mother always liked to be in another woman's body. My aunt preferred dominant people, men or women and chose her hosts solely on the physical build and mannerism of the person.

I looked at them, their faces now completely expression free and their bodies as restful as someone in deep slumber. I felt a pang of jealousy as I imagined all the fancy places they could visit everyday.

My mother especially loved having sex in her host's body and more than once her invasion had led to particulary embarassing events for the hostess. Once she inhabited a 55 year old woman's body who lived in conservative Greek village. Mom loved the waether and food so much, she spent almost a week in this body. She also decided to sunbathe in nude and have sex with young boys while she was there. She tried to be as discrete as possible but once she left, the poor woman didn't know how to manage her life. She was a mother and a grandmother and had at least 15 young boys chasing her ass when she went out. In the end she ended up moving to a city to avoid those lecherous teenagers and cruel villagers.

My aunt had similar experiences but usually she rode big muscular men and had little trouble keeping her escapades discreet. "A good thing about being a man is that they only think about sex. So no one suspects a things." Pam would often say after she's had a particularly interesting ride.

I returned to the living room. I knew they were both gone for a few hours so I turned on the computer and started watching my favorite websites, mostly naked young women. I tried to masturbate but for some reason I couldn't. My mind kept drifting to the 2 women in my life and how much fun they were having.

Was I really missing out on something by not practicing the skills? I had surfed porn for almost an hour when I realized that I wasn't even hard anymore. I walked into the kitchen and made myself a sandwich thinking what I hated more , the fact that Cindy thought I was a freak with big, ugly cock or that my mother didn't care whether I ate dinner or not.

I had a good 10 inches. Both mom and Pam thought it was beautiful but I knew what a freak I was. Unlike those perfectly shaped specimens I had seen on the web, my tool was exceptionally thick with big bulbous head, a long stem that curved sharply to the left when erect and large ugly balls that seemed to have mind of their own. As if that wasn't embarassing enough I was always hard and no amount of self satisfaction helped the erection go away.

I had noticed Cindy staring at my super hard cock while I talked to Mr. Randall, our math teacher. She then looked at me and made a face that oozed her contempt and disgust. She whispered something into her friends' ears and next day half the school taunted me for being gay.

I was still putting peanut butter on my sandwich when my train of thought was interrupted by a loud thud in the bedroom. That wasn't right. They were both supposed to be gone for a few hours.

I dropped the sandwich and ran inside. Pam was up. She was visibly shaken and had sweat all over her face and between her large firm tits. Mom was still sl**ping peacefully next to her.

"You ok?" I asked Pam.

She nodded. "I didn't expect that" she said looking at me.


"Jack is a closet gay!" Pam shrieked.

"I had just arrived and was finding a place to settle down but before I could take over, I found him talking to a very young man." she said wiping sweat from between her tits.

"It seems like he arranged a date in advance. They didn't talk for long and he went down on his knees and start sucking on the boy's cock and eating his ass."

I listend with interest.

"I thought I will stay and enjoy the sex but then they did something so disgusting I couldn't take it anymore."

"What?" I was curious.

"The boy farted and then pooped right on Jack's face!! I could tell he loved it. That was so disgusting I had to leave immediately."

Pam's revulsion at this unnatural act was clear.

"I feel like I need a mouthwash." she said as she walked into the bathroom.I returned to the kitchen and soon Pam joined me. She was still naked.

"Do you want me to cook something?" she asked.

"I am ok Pam. I made a sandwich. Do you want one?" I said offering her mine.

She looked at it and then said "Larry, I am sorry."

"Sorry for what Pam?"

"We are not like other grownups. Your mother never cooks and I don't pay enough attention to you either. That's not normal."

"Its ok Pam. I am glad you don't bring home weird men and have sex all over the house like Dave's mother. She doesn't care who is watching and continues to fuck in the living room even when Dave and I are right there."

Pam laughed. "I have heard about Linda. She is a whore but I still don't like how things are going here. I talked to Claire but she thinks you are old enough to live your own life."

"I am old enough and I don't mind." I said smiling.

"I know. I love how mature you are compared to other teenagers I see in the store. Come here. Give your aunt a hug."

I scooted a little and Pam pulled my face into her large breasts as she ran her fingers through my hair.

"I wish I had a son like you."

I didn't say anything.

"I'd have taken care of you in every way" Pam continued. "I wish I could feed you" and I heard her voice getting heavy. She had a lump in her throat.

"Pam..." I whispered.

" It is ok. Mommy is here." and with that my aunt pushed her long, firm nipple in my mouth. I sucked but nothing came out. I kept sucking anyway.

That night while mom was in the bedroom still on her trip, my aunt and I played mother and son. She fed me her breasts, called me son, and made a hot meal, my first in weeks. I called her mom and gave her all the love I could. We even slept together right next to mom.

It was 3 in the morning when I felt my mother's body stirring. She was back. I jumped out of the bed and raced to my room.

In a few minutes I could hear my mother, first in the bathroom and then in the kitchen as she tried to clean and nourish her body after almost 10 hours of Transference.

Next day was particularly hard for mom. She was in a foul mood as both her and Pam got ready for work. Mom was mumbling about how she had to work everyday while I stayed at home and didn't help out much.

"Let it go Claire." Pam said defending me. "The boy takes care of us and never asks for anything, not even food."

"Son of a bitch eats like a horse and does nothing but watch porn and masturbate." my mother yelled at my aunt.

"Yeah. That's right" she said turning to me. "I know all about your barely legal websites."

Pam looked at me apologetically. When mom walked into the bathroom, Pam came over and stroked my face.

"Don't worry Larry." she said in a low voice. "You know your mother.

She doesn't mean it."

"Yes she does Pam." I said smiling weakly. "She meant every word of it."

Pam knew I was right. Her eyes brimmed with tears and she kissed me lightly.

"Don't worry my love." she took my hand and placed it on her firm boob. "Mommy will take care of you tonight."

For some reason this little sentence cheered us both. Mom came out of the bathroom and they both left. Mom was still unhappy.

That evening Pam pretended to go for a ride but as soon as mom left to be an Asian starlet in Hongkong, Pam came out. We both hugged each other.

She had a thin t-shirt and slacks on but no underwear. I could feel her large almost firm tits through the sheer material.

We didn't waste much time. Pam went straight to the kitchen and put together some pasta for both of us. After we had eaten, she did the dishes and then came to the f****y room where I was watching TV and waiting for her.

Without a word she took her tshirt off and her large tits bounced on her chest. She fell back in the couch and opened her arms. I took the fat nipple in my mouth and started sucking. As I did, Pam lifted her ass and slipped out of ther slacks.I was still sucking when I realized Pam was masturbating. I looked up at her, her thick boob still in my mouth.

She smiled at me and said "This is so sexy! I couldn't help myself."Then she reached out and undid my jeans too. I helped her and soon we were both naked. I was still sucking my aunt's nipples and we were both masturbating. It didn't take long for us to cum. I groaned loudly as I reached my climax. Pam pulled back and grabbed my thick cock.

"Oh my God Larry! You have a wonderful cock. Cum here baby. Let mommy take care of you."

She pulled me closer with my cock and helped me further. When I came my cock erupted and thick, white sperms shot out and all over my aunt's chest and neck. She giggled as a few drops landed on her face.

I took a deep breath in as I felt her rubbing my thick long shaft with both hands. Then she took it into her mouth and sucked the last few drops.

"Oh God! This is so beautiful!" she whispered and then stuffed her face with my cock again.

"It is weird, bent and ugly." I mumbled.

"What? Are you k**ding? This is one of the most beautiful cock I have seen in a long time Larry! You are such a beautiful boy."

I smiled. Then I sat back and watched as my aunt scooped my cum from her chest and belly and ate it all up. She laughed and we kissed. I could feel her rolling my cum in her mouth.

"Thanks baby!" she said happily. "I am so glad I could relax you."

"Thank you Pam."

"For once, could you call me 'mom'?" Pam said holding my face in her hands.

I looked at her and then said hesitantingly "Thanks mom".

Pam was so excited that her nipples hardened even more and she hugged me tight and masturbated yet again cumming in just a few minutes and squirting all over the couch where we were sitting.

From that day Pam and I started spending more time together. Whenever mom was in foul mood, Pam made sure she took good care of me at night.

Then one day mom returned from her trip happy. She had inhabited a porn star's body and had several hours of sex both on and off camera.

She decided to go and live as Heather for a week.

"These sluts live such high life, getting invited to all the parties, having sex with beautiful people, getting high. I think I will like my new ride." she said with an evil laugh. When she went to the bathroom, Pam and I hugged and kissed happily.

"Once the bitch leaves, I will show you a very good time honey." Pam said to me in a low voice.

"Thanks mom" I whispered back and Pam kissed me on the lips.

Mom returned and for rest of the day we heard how much she was looking forward to her week of debauchery. The only problem was what to do about her job. She didn't have any more vacation days left and given the current state of economy we all realized that a week of not being at job could mean her losing it forever.

Suddenly her mood turned ugly. "God! Finally I find a place to go and I can't because this asshole doesn't work and doesn't even know how to jump." she said looking at me.

"God Larry! You are such a loser" she yelled at me.

Pam held my hand and then told mom "Look Claire. Don't worry. I can take a few days off and I will go to work as you. They won't suspect a thing."

That put mom back in the mood.

She ate lightly as she prepared for her journey. I arranged her IV that would feed her for next day till she returned briefly to nourish herself.

After dinner while Pam and I cleaned up, my mother undressed and went to her bedroom and lay down. She was gone before Pam or I could talk to her.

"I can't believe how eager she was to get into that porn slut's body.

She should have waited for us. It is dangerous to leave like that."

Pam remarked, not overly worried. "but that does give us a few more minutes." she smiled as she took my hand.

We stepped back into the living room but as I started taking off my clothes, Pam stopped me. "tonight we will play a different game" she said excitedly.

"I have picked out clothes for you. Go put that on."

I went to my room and found formal wear laid out on the bed, complete with the tie and black shoes. It took me less than 5 minutes to put on the light colored shirt and black suit. I didn't know how to put on a tie.

When I came out, I found Pam slipping on a fine, black skirt over her wide hips. She was wearing a thong that showed her white, soft hips and a white blouse. "You look very handsome, my love" she said.

"you look very pretty too Pam", I replied.

" me mom tonight" she said kissing my lips lightly.

That night we left mom in her bedroom and went out for dinner and the movie.

On our way back we made out in the car and once we were home Pam stripped and danced for me while i sat on the couch naked, my long, thick cock erect with pleasure.

Finally she stepped out of her underwear and lowered her pussy on my cock. As we fucked, Pam whispered in my ear, "If we manage your mother, we can be together, forever!"

"What?" I almost jumped off the couch throwing Pam off.

"Oh God!" Just when I was about to cum" she said.

"What did you mean Pam?"

"Look honey, your mother has gone down the wrong path, the one that is neither endorsed nor condoned by our kind. She doesn't just inhabit her hosts, she violates them, she ****s them and then leaves them to cope with the aftermath."

I listened closely because I knew this was important, important enough for my sex hungry aunt to stop fucking even when we were both naked.

"According to my count," Pam continued, "your mother has ruined the lives of at least 800 teenage girls, young women and married, middleaged housewives." This is unacceptable Larry. Do you understand what I am saying?"

I nodded.

"Your mom doesn't even bother to cover her tracks anymore. You know what that means?"

I shook my head.

"I can report her to the the council. Provided we present enough evidence, they will take action."

I stared at my aunt and noticed her beautiful nipples getting hard. My cock responded involuntarily.

Pam noticed the twitch and laughed. She leaned forward and grabbed my hard phallus. Then running her hand along its length she said gently "If council finds your mom guilty, she will be arrested. They will take her away for an year and when she returns she won't have the gift anymore.One year Larry! You and I can take over the house and everything that belongs to us. Your mother will no longer control anything. Do you understand?"

I did. My aunt had just described how we could finally break free of my mother's evil intent and live our lives as lovers. Eternal happiness, that's what stared me in face and I reached forward and grabbed it! "oww!" Pam yelped. "Not so hard dear!"

I let go of her nipples.

That day Pam and I planned the downfall of my mother. Pam made several jumps, each lasting 10 minutes or so and got enough proof to prove mom's culpability. The evidence was overwhelming. Mom had jumped into a 13 year old's body, f***ed her to strip down to her underwear, put on her mother's makeup and then dance around her step father. They ended up having sex fr almost 2 days before the mother of the girl caught her sucking his cock. Mom jumped back leving the f****y to deal with the terrible consequences. The poor girl had no idea why she had spread her legs and lured her step dad to fuck her and to her horror, her mom didn't mind it as much as she pretended initially. Now the mother and step dad wanted the girl to sl**p in their bed everynight with the mother holding her hands while the man fucked her. The girl eventually couldnt take it and ran away.

Pam collected a lot of evidence to prove our case while mom slept, high on the sex she was having in her new ride.

She returned that morning and after freshning up bragged about how much sex shes had in 24 hours.

"This bitch is insatiable" she said between mouthfuls of scrambled eggs I had cooked. "Just last night she had sex with at least 10 people, men and women and after she returned home she made out with her girlfriend! I have not completely taken over her body but it is still hard to believe how she can't be sore after all that fucking."

Mom was fondling her naked breasts, swinging freely over her slight belly fat as she continued to talk about all the fun she had.

"I can't wait to get back. She is going to shoot a scene or 2 with some large cock guys and after that there's a surprise bachelor party for one of guys!"

Pam and I ate quietly and held hands under the table.

Mom didn't hang around for long. After the brunch, she took a quick shower and went back into her room preparing for the jump.

I went in to check on her. She was bent over, her naked, white ass spread in all its glory and her well fucked rectum opened.

"Don't do it Larry" she said surprising me.

"What mom?" my heart was beating. Did she know about me and Pam? "Whatever you are planning to do while I am gone." she snarled. "I know what's going on between you and Pam and I am warining you to stop it now or I will spank you both silly after I return. Do you understand me Larry?" she was now facing me, her large tits and nipples hanging all the way down to her navel and her breathing getting a bit heavy with rage.

I didn't say anything.

"Hand me the lotion' she demanded. I turned around and grabbed the lotion.

She spread a little on her hands and rubbed her arms and breasts. As she applied more to her belly she turned around and bent over and motioned me to come over and help her.

I took a large amount of scented, white lotion in my hands and started rubbing my mother's naked ass , spreadng it all over her hips gently.

10 minutes later, my mother was gone. Her body lay on the bed, motionless.

I came out and looked at Pam who had put on a leotard as she worked out.

"What? she asked smiling.

"She knows Pam." I said "About us?"

"Yes. She said she will deal with us after she returns" I was worried.

"Oh God!" Pam cried out. "We gotta hurry. I have to summon the council now Larry! Help me."

My aunt jumped off the machine and in less than 10 minutes she left.

I went back into the bedroom to check on mom. She was lying naked, her large, mammoth ass looking a tad bigger today. Perhaps it was all the fucking she was getting that spread it further.

An hour later I heard Pam coming in. I ran out and found Pam with 3 other people. An old, probably a 100 year old man and 2 women in their late 40s, early 50's, about the same age as mom.

Without a word all the women got naked and sat together holding each other's hands.

"Get your mother Larry. Be careful. Dont wake her up." Pam said.

My heart was pounding like crazy. I ran inside and gently lifted my naked mother in my hands. I carried her outside and placed her in the center of the f****y room. The man stood next to her and women formed a circle around them.

Man pulled out a long and thick cane from his coat and as women silently chanted he inserted the other end of the cane in their cunts one by one. The women masterbated with that thick phallic object, cumming on it, leaving their sex juices on it.

At last the man raised the cane and carefully inserted it into my mothers cunt. The group fell silent and then with a start, my mother woke up.

She tried to jump up but women held her down. Before she could react again, it was all over.

My mother had been stripped off her powers. She was now an ordinary woman, still addicted to sex but she was powerless when it came to transference.

The man and his 2 companions left. Mom, Pam and I were still in the living room.

My naked mother pounced on Pam but she moved away swiftly.

"Help me Larry!" mom shrieked "Get this bitch. She ruined our life"

Pam and I laughed and then she came close to me and kissed me deeply.

Mom stared at us wide eyed realizing that both her s****r and her son had conspired against her. She could barely breathe with rage.

"You know what you have done, you asshole?" she said in a low angry voice.

"Yes mother" I said as I took off my trousers and underwear. "I know what I have done. I just kicked your big, ungly ass so that Pam and I can be together."

Mom watched wide eyed as my cock swelled and curved. I could tell she didn't like the shape of my cock even as my aunt came over and stroked me.

"Oh my handsome man!" Pam whispered in my ear "call me mom and call this fucking bitch Claire."

"YEs mom." I said before kissing Pam deeply "I want to fuck you mom.

Right now, Right here while this fucking bitch Claire watches"

pam taught me a lot about transference and after a few months I managed to jump into my mother's body. Once I was comfortable being her, I started having sex with men for money. Soon mom became a full time prostitute while Pam and I stayed home and had sex, played tennis or enjoyed each other. Funny thing is that all 3 of us are happy. Mom doesnt mind being a prostitute as much as she thought she would and Pam and I are madly in love. Pam even invites younger girls and watches me having sex with them. Sometimes, we have orgies but we both know that enjoy each other more than anything or anybody else.

In December, we are planning to get married. My mother is working hard to make us enough money for the wedding. We have given her a room in the house that she uses as service room to make men happy. When she is not working, mom helps around the house, cleaning, cooking or sometimes just giving me and Pam massages. All 3 of us a are truly happy and looking forward to new adventures.

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