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When I was 31 I spent an hour with a 52 y.o. colle

Some years ago (I was 31) my firm organized a meeting in Tuscany, in a resort, inviting all the day before.
In the afternoon by the poolside I exchanged fluff talk with a group of colleagues,including Daniela (52 y.o.).
Some looks and smiles between me and her, there and at dinner.., but nothing more.
After dinner we continued to talk during a walk, individually and in group, but I didn't think about sex with her.
Back at the hotel we took the elevator to go to the rooms, and we remained the last two of the group, and were directed to the last floor.
As she opened the door of her room I said, without thinking: "Can you show me your room?".
It was a nonsense, because her room must be the same of mine, being close in the same side of the floor.
Then she looked at me behind her shoulder and answered "Of course, came in!", with an half smile in her beautiful lips.
Suddenly I turned on!
When I got in, she put her hands in my chest looking at me, then her arms on my shoulders. We started petting.
After some minutes I thought: "Now she will stop and send me out of there, she is married ...and has a doughter just younger than I".
I was wrong.
While we were kissing and our tongues playing, she got my jeans and slip down in a while, then stopped and looked at my hard cock.
Then she put on her knees and very very slowly took my cock in her mouth,sucked it and taking it out fastly...
I couldn't keep a "mmmmmh" of pleasure. Then she kept on sucking and licking my cock, using her tongue like no other woman, paying attention not to make me cum.
We lied naked into her bed, I kept licking and biting her nipples... while I was licking her pussy she passed me a condom...
I fucked her in the missionary position and then bareback. I got crazy thinking that the one I had known only few hours before as an elegant business woman in "tailleur", glasses and heels, was now completely naked bareback in front of me panting and enjoying my penetration.
She came screaming, and I came too.
I lied beside her, thinking it was over.
I was wrong once again.
She came up to me, took off my condom and started playing with my cock and balls, licking, sucking, kissing and stroking, slowly and in a so wise way that I'm not able to describe.
In a few instants my cock was harder than ever. So she took another condom and, believe me, put it on my cock with her hands and mouth...
She started to ride on me like a fury: she keeps on screaming like a fool, I think she was having many little orgasms, while I tried not to come. When she was completely satisfied, she got down and, in a moment, took off my condom and, this time,started sucking my cock very very strongly and fast. I had the very best orgasm of my life, I came into her mouth and she ate util the last drop.
I was exhausted. She went to her bathroom and came back afer few minutes ready to sl**p: she gave to me my clothes and say, tenderly, "Good night, little boy" and smiling sweetly showed me the door.

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