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The train

It was a hot day and even the fine sundress and gossamer thin lacy undies weren’t keeping me cool as I rushed to catch my train. I was so pleased to be going to see Lucy, her house was great and in beautiful countryside, seeing my goddaughter and spoiling her would be fun and long chats in to the night with Luce would be just what I needed.

Thankfully the train was empty. A young couple sat snuggled up, they looked like teenagers maybe going on their first weekend together, I mused. An older woman sat knitting, her hands flashing as she sat watching out of the window, not paying any attention to her stitches.

I felt the train lurch in to life and slowly drag itself out of the station and I became aware of someone sliding into the seat across from me and start unpacking his tech.

I felt a bit grumpy that this man had chosen to invade my space, given there were many other seats. I smiled without creasing my eyes, a dead giveaway that it was insincere and returned to Kindle, reading a little something saucy.

I was reading a short story anthology, stories about hot, passionate and illicit sexual encounters, swinging and dogging. Ok it wasn’t Bronte’s Wuthering Heights, all mood and moors but nonetheless it bought on responses in me as I read.

I drifted off into a daydream about being fucked senseless by an unknown man in a dark room, all velvet and heat in a swingers club (I was filling in the blanks as I had never been to one.) I imagined hands rubbing over my body, feeling my flesh tingle with every grope and rub, not tender but wanting and invasive.

I imagine one man, big and strong from his presence over me as he parted my legs and slide the tip of his cock over my pussy slit, lubing himself before sliding in to my dripping hole. I imagined him fucking me from behind, riding me as hands touched me and a scene from a Roman orgy played out around us. I felt myself squirm in my seat, my pussy wet looking at the scene playing out in my head.

I put my hands under the table and tucked one between my legs, over my dress but I could still press against my mound and put pressure on my clit, enjoying the sensation as I felt this unknown man (with an enormous cock – well if you’re daydreaming, why not!) Without warning I heard myself gasp with pleasure.

I quickly came back to reality and half opened one eye looking around to see if anyone had head me. Certainly the woman wouldn’t have, the teenagers were wrapped up in themselves and so a brass band could have walked through and they not known!

I cagily look at the man opposite, He was looking down but then looked up and caught me looking, smiling a knowing smile, letting me know he had heard me and knew what was going on.

We looked away from each other but I looked back, noticing him for the first time. He was younger than me, casually dressed and big and stocky. He had beautiful creamy mulatto skin and big dark eyes. He looked up and caught me gawping at me, was my mouth open, was I drooling at his gorgeousness?

We both smiled and held each other’s gaze; he licked his lips and looked me up and down with the swagger of a confident man. Neither of us made an attempt to speak. His eyes dropped to look at my breasts. I had a dress on which showed plenty of my cleavage. I didn’t have a bra on, well the girls were still perky and I could feel my nipples hard and poking through the thin material. I knew he could see them and he looked like he was imagining something, was it sucking my tits, was it sliding his cock between them or was I just imagining what I wanted him to do?

We sat looking at each other; we were defo eyeing each other, flirting without saying a word to each other. The strap of my dress slid off my shoulder and exposed most of my breast and he nodded his approval as I brushed my hand over myself, touching my nipple as I eventually rearranged my strap.

He moved around in his seat, as if releasing the tension in his trousers. I don’t know what made me do it but I slipped of my flip-flop and lifted my foot and found his groin. His bulge was obvious and I pushed my toes against it, feeling it grow and watching him enjoy my attentions.

I once again pushed my hand between my legs, this time lifting my dress and feeling my wetness seeping through my knicks, bugger I wanted him to fuck me but how to bring that about?

I could see he was enjoying my attention and felt his hand join my foot in rubbing his cock over his trousers.

I had to take the chance, removed my foot, picked up my bag and leant in and just said ‘follow me!’

I didn’t look back and so didn’t know if he had followed me until I reached the toilet. I hesitated and looked back, opening the door and looking around, finding him ready to follow me in.

It was cramped but we managed to manoeuvre ourselves in, he was tall (well over 6’) and stocky, with muscles on his muscles, as my mum would say! He opened his mouth but I put a finger over his lips to stop him and then replaced my finger with my lips, kissing him hard and dirty. He responded, sliding the straps of my dress off my shoulders, exposing the tits he had been admiring and grasping them as we fucked each other’s mouths with our tongues.

There was not enough space for me to kneel down and suck his cock but I slide his cock out and began wanking him, could he get any harder and I must admit he was all in proportion with a big cock with a bulbous head.

He gasped as I grasped his meat and I felt him turn me around, slide my knicks down and as I stepped out of the he lifted my leg onto the toilet and began fingering my wet pussy.

His fingers were thick and he had me pushed against the wall, squashing my tits and bracing me as his hand squelched in and out of me. I cried out as he stretched me with finger after finger until I was stuffed and being fucked hard. I cried out as I started to cum hard over his hand and he covered my mouth stifling my loud gasps of pleasure.

I felt his hand slide from my gaping and still spasming hole and felt tip big tip of his cock replace his fingers, followed by his length deep in to my wet hole and he began fucking me hard.

The tiny toilet meant his thrusts were quick and deep and that’s just the y way I like to be fucked when I want a quickie and this was certainly a frantic fuck. We still didn’t speak; we just fucked each other, with me meeting his thrusts with my welcoming pussy hole.

We seemed to be fucking for ages, others had come and tried the door but we never missed a beat, me wanting him deeper in me and him exploring every bit of my insides.

He reached around and began rubbing my clit, his strokes matching his thrusts until I exploded once again over his cock.

I heard him groan and slow his thrusts, feeling his spunk filling me like a warm injection and dribbling from me around his still semi hard cock.

He continued to tease his cock inside my pussy until he softened and he slid out of me. I heard him zip himself back in to his trousers and leave the toilet. My legs wobbled with the dying effects of my orgasm, so locked the door as I sat on the loo. I wanted to cum again and so rubbed myself to a third orgasm, using his juice as lube and once I felt satisfied I sorted myself and walked back to my seat.

I sat back down and he smiled and we sat in silence, even after what had happened. Eventually the train jolted to a halt at the end of the journey. We packed ourselves away and stood up. I leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, ‘thanks you’re a great fuck’ was all I said as I turned to get off the train.

Lucy was waiting for me at the end of the platform, she would never believe this I thought but it would make a great story with a glass of Pinot.

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