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Fucking A Friend 2

Check out "Fucking A Friend 1" in case you can't keep up with the storyline. Haha.

She was sitting on the floor, wearing only her soaking wet white satin panties, which she'd already cum in who knows how many times before I got there. Her make up was streaked down her face and she was panting, still trying to catch her breath after I fed her throat my cum. Her small, perky tits heaved with each breath and her legs were spread open and I could perfectly see the outline of her pussy through her wet panties. She looked up at me through her watering eyes and she slowly licked her beautiful, puffy lips...her soft tongue leaving a trail of spit on her already moist mouth. Without saying a word I picked her up off the floor and she squealed with surprise as I threw her down on the couch. She landed spread eagle giving me an even better view of her pussy through her satin panties and I couldn't take it anymore. I dropped to my knees in front of her and tore a hole in her panties finally exposing her smooth, dripping pussy to me. Her clit was a magnet for my tongue. I laid my tongue flat against her pussy and lapped up and down...then specifically worked her little clit while I slid two fingers inside of her. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face into her...panting and moaning with each flick of my tongue. I couldn't believe how wet she was...or how hard I was getting. I reached up with my other hand and pinched her nipples which sent her grinding into my face harder and made her whimper louder. I lapped at her clit and fingered her pussy faster and faster...she wrapped her milky thighs around my head and pushed my face into her wet pussy and locked her ankles. “Keep...going...” she panted, “I'm...gonna....” Her voice trailed off as her legs locked my face between her thighs and her hips began tiny thrusts...”cumming...” All of this had made me so hard that I thought I was going to explode but she had me in a vice-like grip between her legs. I continued to lick her clit as I tasted her orgasm get unleashed over my face. She tried to suppress a scream but it escaped her lips and she moaned her way through another powerful orgasm. Slowly her legs began to loosen and I took the opportunity to take advantage of her cum-induced trance.

I slid out from between her legs and pulled her soaking wet, ripped panties off as well. My cock was hard as a rock again and I needed to see that ass shake. I flipped her over and bent her over the couch in front of the window...she was still in an orgasm c*** and just moved as I pleased. I looked down at her ass...a perfect peach of an ass...big but not fat... round and supple. I walked up behind her being led by my hard on...her pussy was still dripping so I rubbed the head of my cock over her lips, soaking my cock. She looked over her shoulder at me and down at my throbbing dick...she arched her back and slowly pushed her ass towards me...the head of my cock was just resting on the edge of her ass...with one quick push backwards she wrapped her asshole around my cock and swallowed it. I fucked her slow at first...sliding my cock in and out of her, covering it with her cum...only going up to about halfway up my dick...but each time going deeper and deeper into her ass. She began to buck back against me forcing more and more of my cock into her until she was taking it all. I was fucking her with long, deliberate strokes...starting at my head and sinking all of my cock into her and pushing right up to my balls...then back again. Every time my cock would slide all the way in, her ass would bounce...which made me fuck her harder...watching her ass wiggle and bounce to the rhythm of my hard dick fucking her. I grabbed her arms and held them behind her back while I started to fuck her harder and harder. She began to moan in time with my fucking as I pulled her into dick sinking into her ass...I slid my cock into her ass all the way up to my balls and just held her there while I allowed my cock to swell up inside her...forcing the bl**d into my head, stretching her asshole. She screamed with delight as I felt her ass tighten up around my cock. I knew it was time. “I'm going to cum on your face,” I told her as she held my throbbing cock in her ass. I slowly pulled my cock out of her ass, allowing every nerve ending on my cock to feel every inch of her. My cock was barely out of her ass before she had spun around and was jerking me off onto her beautiful, make up and tear stained face. She looked up at me, out of breath again, stoking my cock and looking into my eyes. “Please cum for me,” she begged, “please, I need your cum now.” She licked right underneath my head and I felt an orgasm grip me. I could feel it in my finger tips and toes...but I could see it in the ropes of thick white cum I shot all over her: the first few shot on her face and into her hair, making her make up run again, then into her mouth and on her lips and finally down onto her puffy, nipples. I squeezed out the last drops onto her waiting tongue as she rubbed the rest of it on her face and stomach. I gathered my things and left her on floor, cum in her hair and all over her face and tits, make up smeared down her cheeks, sitting beside torn, soaking panties. I wish I took a picture.

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