This is a print version of story A Lesbian Love Story - Chapters 4 and 5 of 7 by danorth from

A Lesbian Love Story - Chapters 4 and 5 of 7

This is a continuation of the story I wrote for an XH user that challenged me to write a Lesbian Love story in the first person, meaning I need to write as if I was one of the women.

I am relying on flashbacks based on the first chapter to make this more than a love story and more than erotic sexual contact between two women. So if you jumped into this story without reading the previous chapters you may be confused.

This work, when completely posted, is over 40-pages long so breaking it up in chapters makes it a bit easier to read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

I really need to thank my research person, she identiifes herself as a Lesbian and contributed to my knowledge of sexual pleasure between women as well as some of the adventure theme, I took it upon myself to spin this tale to fit some of her fantasies.

Chapters 4 and 5


I opened my eyes, all around it was dark, the scent of the forest filled my head, the feeling of motion, it was not my orgasm, it was not Peg on top of me, holding me, making me flushed with arousal. There was no sound but I felt as if I was swaying from side to side.

My head was spinning out of control, I looked around, nothing but tropical forest, near darkness, I tried to look around and realized I was on some sort of crude stretcher, and at that moment became aware that my hands and feet were tied to the poles at each side. I heard voices, strange voices, a language I could not understand. I tried to form thoughts, reasonable thoughts, but my mind was not my own.

I tried to speak but nothing intelligible came from my lips, I was desperate, I tried to call Peg, but my lips seemed numb, my tongue thick. My eyes darted all around, unable to move my head in this horrible condition, then a human form came into sight, it was the woman with the a****l skin bag, my eyes widened in fright, yet her hand touching my cheek seemed to calm my fears.

The fluid was on my lips, bitter, yet burning as I swallowed, not being able to form a thought if it was something I should drink. I felt like I was floating, the side to side motion continued, and I felt my body go limp. I felt hands on my body, reassuring touches, “I must be naked,” ran through my mind as my thoughts swung back and forth like the motion that continued.

And then my mind went blank and I was in Peg’s arms again, riding my orgasm as she lay on top of me, her warm soft breasts against me, my moans filled the room with sound. I felt Peg slide her fingers out of me and a gush of fluid streamed out of me, sticky and warm, and then her hands in my kinky hair again.

Her lips on mine, and then pulling away, I clung to her not wanting this moment to end, my eyes fluttered open, Peg was looking at me, pulling back a bit and there was a warm smile, “I got you there Sara,” she said and kissed my nose, then lightly kissed my lips.

My breathing was slowing down but the glow I was feeling lingered as Peg rolled off me and snuggled close to me, pulling my head onto her shoulder and reaching across me to hold me close as the last rush I felt faded as if a cloud silently floating past the top of the mountain. The large clock on the wall ticked off the seconds, the pendulum swinging slowly side to side. It was almost hypnotic as I watched and felt myself come down form the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced.

Peg held me as I relaxed, melting into her arms. Her breast pressed against my arm was soft and warm, the other breast lay on top of mine, our nipples side by side and I felt wanted, appreciated, and for the first time since my divorce, I felt alive.

“We should clean up,” Peg said rubbing my forearm with her hand.

“But what about you?” I asked not wanting to move, “what can I do to bring you pleasure?”

“You brought me pleasure Sara,” Peg said as she pulled her hand onto my breast and down onto my tummy. “Have you ever been with a woman before?” she asked.

“No I haven’t,” I said, unashamed of my innocence in this area, “I never really thought about it I guess.”

I looked up at the clock, the pendulum swinging side to side and the ticking sound seemed so reassuring. I felt Peg shift a bit, her hand slid down onto my thigh, then up to cup me between my legs. I glanced down, the yellow satin panties I was wearing had a large wet spot from my arousal and Peg pressed the panty into my cleft where it clung to my sopping wet pussy.

“Ummmm,” Peg hummed quietly, “I love the way you look in those panties, but we do need to clean up and get something to eat.”

I shivered, a chill that seemed to always occur as the last waves of my orgasm subsided. My nipple tightened again and I knew Peg was right. “I think I made a mess,” I said.

“It’s okay Sara,” Peg said as she stood. As she bent towards me to pull me up off the couch I was again amazed at the size and prominence of her nipples. She pulled on my hands as I stood to face her.

I put my arms around her neck, pulling her against me, the feel of her breasts against mine was so divine as I lay my head on her shoulder feeling her hair against my face. Peg wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled us together and turned her head to kiss my cheek, I raised my head and our lips met, and I was lost again in her embrace and kiss.

Peg broke the kiss first and as she pulled away I felt a slender strand of saliva attaching our lips together and she reached up and wiped it from my lip with her thumb. The scent on her hand was my arousal, I knew that scent and I knew that Peg was correct that we needed to clean up.

As if reading my mind Peg said, “I think we must wear the same size clothing, let’s get you fixed up with some clean panties and a top and trousers, your skirt is pretty wrinkled from our play. Peg walked me towards a closed door, “I do a lot of work that requires a change of clothes from time to time and my office has this private bathroom, let’s get you in the shower and I will dig out some clothes for you.

Peg snapped the light on and the warm amber glow of light lit the bathroom, which would rival a master bath suite in any high end home. There was a long mirror over a set of double sinks, a toilet and bidet, and at the end a shower with clear glass door and walls.

Peg turned the shower on and within seconds steam filled the shower area fogging the glass doors. She turned to leave the bathroom to another door, that when opened revealed a dressing room. “I will be right back,” Peg said as she walked through the door. She turned to face me, her breasts swaying as she turned, “You do want a shower don’t you?” she asked and turned not waiting for an answer.

I stripped out of my skirt and peeled the sopping wet panties off kicking them aside. I tested the water and stepped into the shower. The warm water streamed over my body, every inch of my body seemed super sensitive to the touch of the water. I found a bottle of body wash and a mitt and started washing my body, it was as if I stepped into a luxurious spa, the scent of the body wash filled my head and I remembered it on Peg’s skin. It smelled earthy and clean and I longed to be close to Peg again and smell it on her instead of from the bottle and myself.

The sound of the water splashing on the floor and the dreamy feel of the soapy water made my mind drift back to the feeling I felt as Peg brought me to orgasm with her fingers and the feel of her body against mine. I felt a slight draft and turned to see Peg standing with the shower door open. She was fully naked, the first time I had seen more than her breasts.

Her long slender legs, so fit from her work I guessed, were parted and I noticed she was shaved and could not help but want to reach out to touch her. She stepped under the water, pulling me to her as the water streamed between us. The warm water and the soap from my body added a new sensuality to the feel of her body against mine.

I wrapped my arms around her back and placed both hands flat against her shoulder blades pulling her breasts tight against mine. I pressed my lips to Peg’s letting the water run across my hair. Peg responded to this kiss by placing her hands on my back and gently guiding me out of the stream of the water and letting it flow over her hair.

I could not resist any longer, I moved one hand down her back, onto her hip, and then reached between us. I had never shaved my pubic area and wanted to touch her there. Her skin was so soft and smooth and the water and soap made my fingers glide over her tummy and down onto her mound. The feeling was beyond description, my palm flat against her I cupped her pussy with my middle finger slightly into her slit.

Peg moaned into my mouth as our kiss continued, the water flooding over our heads. I slid my hand down further between her legs and Peg responded by parting her legs to give me better access. I pulled back, breaking our kiss, and looked at peg, her wet hair matted against her face. My left hand slid across her nipple while my right began to slide up between her legs. This time my middle finger parted her lips and I felt her warm slick pussy.

Over my life I have masturbated and know the feeling of arousal, and she was fully aroused based on how creamy she felt, I wanted to pleasure her just as she had me. I began feeling for her opening and as I did I felt Peg’s hand on mine, guiding me towards the spot I was looking for. She pressed my middle finger up and inside her.

She gasped as I penetrated her with my finger and I saw her eyes close as I began to probe her pussy. Peg leaned her head forward onto my chest as I fingered her, my thrusts were slow and deliberate, I wanted to feel every bit of her, probing deep inside and as I did her breathing quickened. I increased the pace of my thrust into her then slowed to a stop, savoring the warm gooey feeling deep inside her.

“Don’t stop” Peg pleaded, “Don’t stop until I cum all over your hand,” she said as she clutched my arms and braced her head back onto my upper chest. The warm water streamed over us both and the amber glow of the lights intensified the color of her skin, now flushed with arousal. As my fingers thrust into Peg I could feel her clit pressed against the heel of my hand, it was swollen and felt so sensuous against my hand. Each time I pulled my fingers out of her clinging pussy I felt her nub against my hand and Peg responded with a moan each time I pressed my hand against her clit as I thrust back inside her.

“Um, Um, Um,” Peg moaned with each thrust into her, “Ugh, um, yes Sara, oh yessss,” and I felt her tense as she clenched her pelvic muscles, “Oh Sara,” Peg said in a husky whisper, “ummmm, yes.”

Peg held my arm with her hand and with the other pressed the back of my hand driving my finger deeper inside her as she humped against my hand. I felt the increase in her creamy arousal on my fingers as her orgasm reached its height, and I pressed the heel of my hand hard against her swollen clit holding her tightly while her cum controlled her body and mind. When her orgasm began to subside I pulled her to me and held her tightly. I now knew the pleasure of bringing another woman to orgasm, “what a powerful feeling,” I thought as stepped close to her and hugged her against me pulling my finger out of her. I closed my eyes and held her tightly just as she had done to me.

The earthy scent of the body wash filled the shower stall and I opened my eyes, darkness was all around, the scent of the jungle filled my senses, the swaying back and forth continued and I struggled with the restraints holding me to the stretcher. Again a hand on my cheek, then another hand on my breast, and I drifted off the stretcher and floated back to the night Peg and I first shared our bodies.

When we finished the shower Peg dried my back as I did hers, and we hugged and kissed again, then she gave me clothing, a sheer white thong that let my hairy patch show through the delicate fabric. “I am sure you look prettier in these than I do,” I said as I looked in the mirror at the dark hair patch.

“Have you ever shaved down there?” Peg asked.

“No, “ I replied as I blushed from her talking so intimately about personal grooming.

“You might want to try it,” Peg said as she slipped into a jet black thong and matching bra. I watched as she adjusted her breasts in the full coverage bra. “It feels wonderful to be shaved and have your partner perform oral sex on you, so clean and smooth feeling.”

I looked back in the mirror and tried to imagine being shaved, I had grown pubic hair as a teen most of my life my pussy had been masked by the dark course hair. I saw Peg’s reflection in the mirror as she pulled on a loose fitting pair of slacks and a knit top.

“I hope you don’t mind being dressed almost alike,” Peg said as she pulled the top down covering her beautiful breasts. “I have a pretty simple wardrobe for work purposes.”

I found my bra neatly folded on the pile of clothing that Peg had brought to me, and slipped into it. The foam molded cups held my breasts and I thought of Peg cupping them just a bit ago. Everything reminded me of the intimate encounter we had just shared, and it made me feel warm all over.

“We better hurry a bit,” Peg said as she combed her hair with a blow dryer. “The cafeteria closes in an hour, or would you like to go to my place for something to eat out of my refrigerator?”

I looked at the clock on the wall, “where did the time go?” I asked, and then smiled at Peg’s reflection in the mirror.

“Silly question,” I said in reply to my own question.

Standing in this woman’s private bath at her office wearing her panties and my bra, looking at her fixing her hair, and remembering our erotic moments I could not imagine what it would be like to simply go home to my boring humdrum life of daily existence trying to find myself. What had I done up to this point?

I had married the wrong guy, let him dominate me with his needs and wishes, then when we divorced I became almost a recluse not going out and being in the dumps trying to figure out what all of this meant. Then in one magical afternoon and evening I met a perfect stranger and fell into her arms as if we’d been lovers forever. Peg caught me looking at her reflection in the mirror and came over to me wrapping her arms around me, pulling me close to her in a hug that reassured me.

“Are you sad or upset that we had sex?” Peg asked as she held me close.

“No, I loved every minute of it, I want more Peg, I want to be with you, am I crazy?” I asked looking at our reflection in the mirror. I could see her backside in the mirror and loved how it looked, her long dark hair against the light knit top, the shape of her butt and the way the slacks clung to her butt showing off the cleft that I had felt moment ago with my fingers.

“I don’t want this to end Peg,” I said and buried my face in her neck inhaling her scent.

And it didn’t end, we went to her loft apartment, talked the night away while sipping wine and snacking on leftovers from her refrigerator. It was very late when Peg suggested that we go to bed, I had looked the loft over and there was one bed and I knew immediately that we were sl**ping together.

Morning broke with sun streaming in the windows and I woke to the gentle caress of Peg’s soft hands on my tummy, and then lower, and then we were making love again, this time with the comfort of a bed and without a stitch of clothing to interfere.

We spent the entire weekend in that loft, looking at the traffic below as we chatted, got to know each other. I told my story of a failed marriage, a career cut short to make my Ex happy, and most of all my sad tale of having no sense of direction on where to take my life. I had money, my settlement left me comfortable but I was nearing the date when I had to vacate the house or buy out his half.

Peg had never married, preferred woman as partners, but had never had a serious relationship as her job involved a lot of travel. We were about the same age, she was 40, I was 38, and most of all we made love the entire weekend. Not wild passionate sex that was over in minutes, but long periods of touching and kissing. Long periods of coming down from an orgasm and then building up to another.

As Sunday afternoon arrived I knew I needed to head for home and hoped that this was not the end, that a beautiful weekend of sharing my life with another would not be another failure like the last years with my Ex had been. Peg offered to drive me to the suburb where my house was but I knew she had put off work for me, the phone messages all included some sort of deadline.

“No Peg” if I know you there is work piled up that you need to tend to before morning. I am keeping you from it, I will just grab a cab and head home.” There was sadness in my voice, I tried not to show it, but I hated leaving and risking that this would be the end.

Peg insisted on riding the elevator with me, the old warehouse style structure that had been renovated into stylish loft apartments was equipped with a rude old freight elevator that was a perfect fit to the structure and to the feeling of the apartments. As we rumbled down to the first floor Peg stepped up to me, pulling me into her arms and a light kiss.

“This does not need to end Sara,” she said as she brushed away a small tear that had formed as I felt we were going to say goodbye forever. “I feel we were meant to be together, even though it has just been a few days, I feel a connection.”

She did not wait for a reply or reaction, but pulled me tight against her and kissed me as deeply as any we had shared. I felt her tongue in my mouth and the passion between us was as strong as it was on Friday in her office. I closed my eyes and dreamed of our passion, our conversation, setting side by side, arms intertwined as we watched the sunset out her window.

Then there was a thud, I felt as if we had fallen, the old elevator was not as gentile as the moments we had shared. I opened my eyes, it was pitch black and all around me was the sounds of the jungle. a****ls I could not identify roaring in the night and I looked as two women that had been carrying me on the stretcher had dropped me to the ground. The walked away, ignoring me struggling at the binding that held me to the stretcher. The walked towards a fire where strange women danced silhouetted by the fire, singing, or actually more like a chant.

I closed my eyes, I wanted the dream to stop, but what was the dream? The jungle or the romance, or both? I felt a hand on my arm, I turned away from the fire and could not make out a face, but the body was nearly naked, a woman’s breasts swayed as she crawled on her hands and knees close to me, a face hidden in the shadows came close to mine, and a kiss, yes a kiss and in an instant I knew it was Peg’s lips touching mine.

I shuddered with fear as she pulled away, I feared this too was a dream, I tried to speak but words would not come, Peg touched my lips as if to quiet me. She leaned over me, her breasts sliding across mine, I was comforted again, just as I was when I first felt her breasts pressed against me a few months ago. Her horse whisper in my ear said, “Lie quietly, they are not going to harm us, we have been d**gged, it takes hours for it to wear off, I am here Sara, I need to return to my mat, be brave my Love, be brave.”

I felt her hand on my arm, my mind drifted, I was floating above all this, I heard the door of the elevator creak as it opened and Peg’s hand on my arm as I looked over to her smiling. She reached up, wiped the kiss off my lips with her thumb, “I will call you tomorrow my Love,” and then I took the first step towards a new life.

Stepping off the elevator I turned to watch as the door creaked closed, and Peg made a cute wave with her fingers and blew me a kiss. I knew that I was not going to let this end, I turned towards the door and took a cab home. My heart was filled with emotion for Peg and I began thinking what to do next.

On Monday morning Peg called, we chatted on her cell phone as she drove a few blocks to work, “I have a meeting this morning, a lunch date with a member of our team, and then I get off this afternoon, can I come see your home?

I was so excited; I had not had a guest in this house since before the divorce. “Of course,” I said in sheer excitement, “I’d love to show it to you.”

“Well until later my Love,” and the phone went dead. I was on top of the world!

Our Decision

I rushed around the house picking up here and there, not wanting it perfect but certainly I did not want to look like a slob either. Peg’s place was so perfect, mine wasn’t. I had half a house full of furniture, my Ex had taken the best and left me with the crap, “but it is my crap,” I thought as I straightened up.

I started laundry, throwing my soiled yellow satin panties from Friday in the wash. I watch as the stained satin started to sink into the wash water, soaking up the water as it had my fluids. I felt a twinge between my legs and cupped myself, not stimulating, just holding myself as I thought of the feel of Peg’s hands in my panties.

The washer kicked in and I closed the lid and got back to getting the house in order. I pushed furniture around in the living room, trying to make it look like I had more, but it is hard to do anything with the leftovers and I had no desire to spend money on furniture for a home I wasn’t sure would be mine.

I ran to the store, picked up some food because I wanted to cook for Peg, and a bottle of wine. As I selected the wine I struggled over the choice, I wanted this to be perfect. I picked one, then put it back, then selected another. An older woman, a store employee, stepped my way, “Having trouble making a selection?” She asked as she put her hand on my forearm.

Her touch was kind, almost motherly, and I calmed down. I realized I had been stressing over a perfect wine, it wasn’t the wine, it was the insecurity of Peg coming over and wondering if this would be our last time together. “Why would Peg want me,” ran through my head. “I am so boring, so plain, she has an exciting life and I haven’t a clue what to do with my life.”

“I think I found it,” I said as I pulled a bottle off the shelf, “But I appreciate you asking,” and I turned to smile at her. Her dark hair, long like Peg’s framed her face, her dark eyes looked into mine, “Well you picked an excellent wine, I hope you have someone special to share it with.” She said and turned to attend to another customer.

The clock in my kitchen seemed to spin like some comedy movie, there was so much I wanted to do but the time went so fast. I was finishing the laundry when my cell phone rang, it was Peg. My heart skipped a beat as I picked up the call.

“I am on my way Sara,” Peg said and without waiting for my response said, “Now don’t fuss, I just want to be with you.”

Her words were perfect, “she wanted to be with ME!”

I was so nervous to have Peg visit my plain old house; it never looked or felt so empty or plain. Her loft was a picture of elegance and so neat, as I picked up the house today I realized I had gotten sloppy. I always kept a much neater house when I was married, I laughed out loud thinking how demanding my Ex had been about neatness and all I did was run around and pick up after him. He was the slob and I was his live-in maid.

It was late afternoon when Peg was pulling into my driveway, the cold January afternoon was cloudy and dark, I had candles lit here and there to warm up the stark living room, and had soft music playing on my IPod and speakers, my Ex had taken all the stereo, TV, etc., “I earned the money, I selected the equipment, and I am taking it,” was the demand as we met with lawyers. “This will just have to do,” I mumbled to myself, I knew there was nothing more I could do and all I really wanted was to be in Peg’s arms again, to feel the warmth, security, and yes the arousal that had never left me in the last three days.

I watched out the front window, it was like I was going on my first day I thought. Then I saw her in the drive, the car had barely stopped when I saw her leg out the door, she was wearing her khaki slacks, like those that hung neatly in my laundry room after I laundered for her. I nearly tripped on a rug as I ran to the front door an opened it wide.

The cold air poured into the room, my nipples responded as they always do to cold air and I know they showed through my thin bra and top, I didn’t care, I wanted to show Peg everything, I wanted to be in bed with her, naked and making love, all night!

Peg ran to the door, and stepped in as I pushed the door shut. Her cheeks were cherry red from the cold and as soon as the door was closed she dropped her long coat on the floor and kicked off her shoes, “I hope you don’t mind, I need to get warmed up and comfortable.” She did not wait for a reply but reached out holding both of my hands and pulled me to her.

Our lips met as our breasts pressed between us. I loved that feeling of her larger breasts meeting mine, find room between hers with mine and feeling our bodies melt into one. “I have missed you so much,” Peg said into my lips as she kissed me. I felt her lips part and without hesitation probed her mouth with my tongue, and at that moment everything in the world made sense. I was with Peg again, holding her as she held me.

I felt her cold cheeks against mine warm from rushing around with last minute details, the contrast was as heavenly as feeling her breasts against mine. Feeling her arch her back and thrust her pussy against mine, telling me she wanted me as badly as I wanted her. I did not want the kiss to end, I wanted this moment to last forever.

I felt Peg’s arms around me, and then her hands sliding down my back, holding my butt through the thin pants and panties. It felt wonderful to have her hands on me again. I had fretted all day on what to wear, I wanted to meet her at the door naked, but knew the neighbors didn’t need the show. Then I thought of a slinky nightie, but decided that wearing the thinnest clothing I had so she’d feel my body was the best thing.

Her cotton blouse, the rugged military cut, epaulettes on the shoulders, patch pockets with flaps, seemed so perfect for Peg. It was what I had learned was her daily dress and I loved it, the cotton was so soft and I could feel her ribs and spine as I had hugged her when our kiss began. And as her hands moved down, mine moved up and confirmed what I thought when she dropped her coat, she was not wearing a bra and that excited me beyond description.

Peg pulled against my butt and ground her pussy into mine and pulled off my lips. I opened my eyes as she did and when I could focus I noticed her smile and the sparkle in her eye. “I don’t think I need to ask if you missed me,” she said and kissed me lightly again, her lips made a smacking noise and left my lips wet with her saliva, I loved that feeling.

“And I think you missed me too,” I said in return and nuzzled my face into the side of her neck feeling her silky hair against my face. I could smell her scent again, it was so intoxicating and sensual all in one. I kissed her neck near her collar bone, then little kisses up to her jaw and then nibbled on her ear.

“I have wine, would you like a tour of my home?” I whispered in her ear. I wanted to ask her if we could get naked and make love but decided that might seem impulsive so held off in completing my thought.

Peg moved one hand off my butt up to the back of my neck and moved her lips to mine again, “I want you Sara, I want to make love to you right now.” I melted into her arms unable to think clearly, she wanted exactly what I wanted.

I pulled away, took her hand and said, “come with me.”

I had lit scented candles in my bedroom. The room itself, like the rest of the house looked barren with the obvious lack of furniture, but there was a bed and dresser, the candles waved in the breeze we made by walking into the room and the light danced on the walls and ceiling as I turned to Peg and reached for the top button of her blouse. She looked into my eyes and smiled as I slowly, but deliberately started to unbutton her blouse.

With each button more of her breasts started to show, I peeled the edges of the blouse back with each button and before I exposed her breasts completely I leaned down and kissed the top of each breast while cupping them through her blouse. I loved the weight of them, and passed my thumbs over her prominent nipples. I felt her shudder a bit from the touch of my thumbs, then stood and started on the buttons again.

Peg smiled and pushed my hands aside, and reached for the hem of my top and pulled it free of my slacks. Her fingers touched my bare skin just above the pants and I felt that electric shock of passion that I had felt the first time she had touched me. Peg pulled my top off over my head, and as it came free of me she dropped it and move in to kiss me.

Her lips were wet, warm and so soft, and I loved how it felt when she began probing with her tongue. My desire to slowly undress her ended with this kiss and I fumbled with the final buttons as we kissed. Her hands were on my back, then my bra was hanging loose, my breasts barely clinging to the under wire as she pulled the straps off my shoulders.

She smiled again, “I have been dreaming of this since you left yesterday, I love the way you look and feel.” She cupped my breasts and then backed up so I could finish her buttons. I pulled the blouse free of her and felt her breasts sway against me, sending shivers up my spine. I immediately reached around her and pulled her to me, feeling her breasts finding a place between mine. She was warm and soft and this moment was worth all my worry all day about the house. At this moment my start and barren house did not matter at all.

I felt her lips on mine as I closed my eyes and hugged her tightly. I felt my knees weaken from the pleasure of this embrace and kiss and I held on tightly as we broke the kiss, my breath nearly taken away from the pleasure I was feeling.

Peg pulled away and unbuttoned my slacks and pushed them off my hips, and as she stepped back did the same to hers. Peg guided me onto the bed and knelt at my feet and picked up my right foot. She pulled at the low heel shoe I was wearing and pulled the heel loose and then stopped. Looking up at me she seductively slid the shoe off, placing it behind her without taking her eyes off mine. I felt her hands on my foot, just like the first night we were together, her touch had such a gentle yet deliberate movement. She lightly rubbed my foot, and then played with each toe as if she was counting them, her fingers felt so sensuous on my toes. Peg reached for my left foot, raising it as she did the first.

I felt the shoe slide off my foot and treated my left foot as erotically as my right. As she looked down at my foot I watched her hands, strong, yet so feminine and then Peg bent and kissed to top of my foot, and I felt her lips move towards my toes and stop for second. Then she extended her tongue and slid it between my large toe and I felt as if electricity had run from my foot right up between my legs. Then Peg sucked my large toe into her mouth, I felt her tongue wrapped around and as she stopped I could feel her warm breath and watched a crystal clear strand of saliva attached to her tongue and my toe.

I had never experienced anyone that seemed to know every point of pleasure in my body, pleasure points I had no idea existed in some cases. Peg stood sliding her slacks down her thighs and they clung to her knees refusing to fall further, Peg’s eyes were locked on mine and she gave her hips a little twist as if trying to drop the slacks completely. I stood up and hugged Peg, then guided her as she sat on the bed, just as she had me. I placed my hands on her thighs, then ran them down to her feet without trying to f***e her slacks off. As I looked up at her I could see her slit through her panties as a seductive reminder of how aroused I was by her body. Unlike Peg I had to look down to remove her left shoe because Peg was wearing a low oxford work shoe with laces.

I decided it was my turn to be sensuous so slowly untied the shoe as if I was removing an article of lingerie, teasing Peg as I moved so slowly. I pulled the sides of the shoe open and then pulled it free of her heel, just as she had done for me. I held her foot in both hands and pulled the shoe off and then pulled her sock off, feeling the moisture held in it and not even considering that she had worn it all day at work, her scent, regardless of origin was so erotic. I ran my hand over her foot, and then lifted her right foot to repeat the process.

And as Peg had taught me just seconds before I kissed her foot and mimicked the tongue between her toes and finished by sucking her toe, I had never thought about how sensual this could be. Peg had her hands on the bed supporting herself as I reached up and tugged at her slacks, pulling them past her knees and then off her feet. I tossed them behind me and rose up rubbing my breasts against her legs as I parted them moving between her legs. Our eyes were fixed on each other’s as I put my hands on hers and raised up pushing her back onto the bed and lay on top of her.

I reached between her legs and felt her wet panties pressing them between her lips, then pulled the panty aside and slid my fingers between her slippery lips, she moaned in response and I took great pleasure in giving her enough pleasure to have her respond this way. I pulled my hand off her pussy and moved to her nipple, feeling her rubbery nipple with my slick fingers.

Peg moved and rolled me onto my back, pressing her body against mine. She rose up a bit and pressed the nipple I had been playing with to my lips. I could taste her, on my tongue slightly salty yet sweet and I started smooching big wet kisses all over her breasts as I moved my head from one to the other. I felt Peg move up to her knees and then rise up, giving me a wonderful view of her breasts swaying above me.

She smiled down at me as she moved down a bit and ground her mound into mine, I knew she wanted to make contact with my clit that was so swollen and I knew it was protruding out aching for attention. I reached out and ran my hands up her thighs, making small circles as I got nearer to her hips. Peg rocked back and forth on my hips and I felt her thighs move out as far as she could as she tried to make better contact.

She rolled off of me and as she did reached between my legs, cupping me through my panties. I smiled at her whispering, “I have a surprise for you Peg,” and spread my legs wide open so she had full access to my panty covered pussy. I felt her fingers explore my pussy and then her eyes widened as she realized I had shaved.

“You didn’t?” Peg exclaimed as she moved her hand up to the waistband of my panties and slowly slid it under the thin fabric. Her finger tips explored my freshly shaven pubic area that was soft as silk. I had shaved just a few hours ago and was so amazed at how soft my skin was under that hair. I moaned softly as her fingers glided over my skin as reached under her and pulled her on top of me.

“Hmmmm,” Peg whispered, “I enjoyed eating your pussy before, but this is going to be so much better, you can’t believe how extra sensitive it is to be smooth.”

Peg did not wait for a reply, but slid off the bed, reached up over the edge and pulled my panties off in one swift motion. “I have never felt so naked,” I thought to myself as she stood up and spread my legs apart. She put her hands on my knees and knelt between my legs kissing each thigh as she moved closer. I could feel her warm moist breath on my bare legs as she got closer and closer to my pussy.

I felt her lie down, arms over my legs as she reached my pussy with her hands and then kissed me on each side of my shaved area. I felt her silky hair brush over the shaved area, never had I experienced this feeling as she extended her tongue and traced a line from one side of my slit to the other. She stopped momentarily and then rubbed her lips across my hairless pussy and stopped right over the top of my clit, I felt her purse her lips and blow gently over my swollen and wet clit, a feeling that I simply can’t describe.

Then as if peeling a piece of fruit I felt her fingers part the lips of my pussy and her tongue was between them, my creamy fluid oozed out of me as she slid her tongue down between my parted legs and then back up. I shivered again from the sensation, and then there were kisses all over my pussy, and in a moment she opened her mouth and gently covered my clit, sucking gently and pulling it into her mouth.

I reached down and held onto her hair, pulling her into my pussy as I arched my back and felt that warm feeling that is the beginning of my orgasm. I had never had such a quick and intense orgasm, my body tensed and I moaned from deep inside, arching my back and forcing Pegs chin into my cleft as she held her mouth over my clit with an occasional flick of her tongue.

When the sensation stopped I relaxed and Peg crawled back up beside me and I could smell the scent of my arousal on her face as she leaned in for a kiss. Her chin, lips, and tongue tasted of me, not the first time I had tasted my arousal as I used to taste myself on my Ex when I finished him off after he had been in me.

I wanted to move between Peg’s legs but she caught me before I moved far, “Let’s have some wine first, if that is okay.”

“I am not cheating you tonight,” I said, “I am hungry for your arousal.”

“We have plenty of time Sara; I know you enjoy giving as much as I know you enjoy receiving.”

We rolled off the bed, Peg still had her panties on and I could not help but look at the sweet panties she wore, they were a little string style thong with barely enough panel to cover her. She smiled as I looked her way, “You like them?” Peg asked and without waiting for my answer said, “Now that you are smooth you’d look so cute in panties like these.”

I blushed at the suggestion as I pulled on a robe and offered her one. I didn’t want either of us getting too dressed, and blushed again thinking how much I wanted her and she didn’t know. But did she, Peg took the robe I offered and slipped into it, but did not close it. She took a step closer, her breasts swaying inside the robe and I could not take my eyes of her. She smiled and said, “You won’t mind if I stay comfortable?”

We walked hand in hand to the kitchen, poured wine, chatted, and then moved to the living room. I apologized for the stark surroundings, explaining that all I had was two chairs and reminded her again about my Ex cleaning me out. The one piece of nice furnishings I had was an old grandfather clock that had belonged to my parents and its ticking and pendulum reminded me of the Regulator clock in Peg’s office.

As I was explaining the clock it chimed the hour, I looked up and it had turned to 7:00 PM, “where had the time gone,” I thought at the same moment that Peg looked at me sitting in my chair opposite her. I could not help but notice a look on her face that sent a chill up my spine, I was not as good at reading looks and feelings as Peg seemed to be, but something had changed with the clock chiming.

“Sara,” Peg said in a voice that seemed cold and impersonal, “I don’t know how to say this, but I don’t want to lead you on, this just isn’t going to work.” She waved her hand to the side, which I did not understand. Perhaps because my heart sunk, I felt flushed, embarrassed, and angry all at once, “she was dumping me,” I thought to myself.

I am not an overly emotional person, but I could not help but feel a tear form in the corner of my eye yet I felt defensive and angry all at once. I had a lump in my throat, I felt like words would not form without losing it all. My eyes closed as I blinked back a tear, when I opened them I saw Peg hovering over me, naked and sweating from the jungle heat. My mind was not clear, it took a second to get my bearings as I looked into Peg’s dark eyes.

“Sara, you are going to be okay, let the d**g work out of you, please be brave my Love, we are going to get out of this jungle alive and back home, I promise……”

Peg’s words were interrupted when two native women grabbed her by the arms and dragged her off towards the fire. It was at that moment that I felt the anger build in me again, “why is everything good in my life ripped away from me,” I thought as I drifted away from the jungle and was transported back to my house with Peg setting across from me.

I wanted to shout at her, but I couldn’t, the words would not come out of my mouth. Peg stood, “Oh no,” I thought, “she is going to get dressed and leave.” Peg walked over to me, knelt in front of me and brushed the tear from my eye. “Shhh,” she said as she pressed her finger to my lips. “I think you misunderstand me my Love.”

“My LOVE,” I screamed in my head, I looked into her eyes and saw tenderness, friendship, and yes I think I saw what must be love.

“Please Sara, let me explain,” Peg said as she brushed the hair away from my face. “What I was trying to say is that you living in this cold lifeless house away from me is not going to work. I know this is sudden and a big decision for you, but you said yourself you had to either buy your Ex out or sell the house. Why not sell it and move in with me until we decide how far we can go with our relationship?”

I dropped my head to her shoulder, wrapped my arms around Peg and pulled her close, “I never want to lose you Peg,” I said, “This is crazy, we have only known each other for a few days but I feel this connection and I can’t lose you.”

“I know exactly what you are feeling Sara,” Peg whispered into my ear, “I want to go to bed with you every night and wake up every morning, but I know you must do what you are comfortable with.”

Our discussion of my situation went on into the night until we were both so tired we crawled into my bed and fell asl**p in each other’s arms. By morning it became clear to me, living in this house that I had shared with my Ex, barren of furniture, isolated away from Peg would, in her words, “never work.”

Over the next few weeks I spent more and more time at Peg’s loft, moving bits and pieces of my life into her place and listed the house. This meant one more contact with my Ex, but the meeting was short and sweet, “I am listing the house, when it’s sold the lawyers will take over!” I had met him at his work and threw the extra set of keys on his desk, “I am out of the place in case you want to help show it.” I walked out of his office feeling free at last, no more ties to him or thoughts of him.

Peg arranged for a couple guys from her work to come pick up the clock saying, “It will look great in our loft and these guys are used to handling heirlooms and antiquities, you can trust them to move it correctly.” Our life together soon settled into a routine of daily chores just like any other couple, sort of rule setting without calling them rules, the “who takes out the trash” routine. But most of all it was a time of exploration as I became accustomed to Peg’s desires and she became aware of mine. I loved sl**ping with her most of all, curled up beside each other in the dark, talking about anything and everything, and making love, slow tender encounters, hot passionate sessions, and everything in between.

I would visit the museum daily, learning more about Peg’s work and the cultures she was so interested in. I began looking for work, although it was tough getting back into the swing of it having taken a break from working and if I am honest, taking a break from reality.

While visiting the museum a couple months after moving in with Peg I sensed a change in the atmosphere of the office staff on the third floor, there was a buzz in the place that felt like excitement, and as I walked into Peg’s open door I heard her finish up on the phone, “That is so fantastic, I’ll be on a plane day after tomorrow, bye.” She looked up at me as I walked over to her; I put a hand on her shoulder feeling the excitement in her body.

Yet I was concerned, we had talked about her trips, and now it seemed one must be happening, but I had expected some advance notice, to find out this way was a little shocking and upsetting. I bent and kissed her cheek, everyone in the place knew we were lovers, but I was still a little uncomfortable showing it publically.

“Sara, this is so exciting, you have got to hear about our discovery.” Peg stood and we moved to the small couch we had made love on the first time. The large Regulator clock counted the seconds, its large slow pendulum swinging side to side.

I learned that the tribe of women in the Amazon rain forest appeared to be more than just folklore. One of their researchers, along with some archeologists had found definitive evidence of the tribe and there seemed to be a small native group in existence in the deepest part of the forest still practicing the lifestyle. Peg was flying down to join the team and work with the researchers and local guides to try to find the group.

I could not help but be happy for her, but yet I did not want to be alone in the city without her. She was my rock, the reason I was coming back to life, she was my freedom from my past life of loneliness. We had two days left before Peg flew off on her adventure. I dropped my head as she told me of the news, her excitement was evident, “how can I be sad?” I thought to myself, Peg was following her dream of discovery and challenge.

“You look sad Sara,” Peg said as she pulled my hands into her lap. I could feel the warmth of her legs as she held my hands and I knew she had to go, “I understand Peg,” I said, “I just hate to be alone, I, well, umm, I love you Peg, I just can’t stand the thought of being alone.”

Peg pulled me close and pushed my chin up with her hand, “You will never be alone Sara, I want you to come with me. We will be gone for at least a month and I would never leave you for that long.”

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