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THE Sissy a*****ion

You are walking along, you feel a presence, a person quickly comes up behind you and chlorophyll you. You pass out but you catch a glimpse of his green army officer hat.

You wake up several hours later chained to a rack naked. Two identical women come out with a cart filled with cosmetics. First they take this special soap that when it touches your skin it makes your skin very sensitive and a sensation of pleasure takes over at the slightest touch, then the two women grab nail polish and paint your toes and the your fingers. Then, they grab a special foundation that they apply to your whole body to give your body a feminine sheen. Then as they apply near your nipples, you moan in lust and your nipples start to become more like women's nipples, pink and perky. Then both women grab a needle gun with pink ooze and pierce into your breast area and inject to form a-cup breast. Then time for your face, the apply rouge and then pink lip gloss, they shave your eye brows and clip your lashes, they melt/fuse on bigger, sluttier eye lashes and fuller eye brow. Then they apply green eye lid shade your eyes lids with a black eye liner. They pierce the left nostril and put in a diamond stud. While this is happening, your breast size is getting bigger from a-cup to b-cup to c-cup but stops at boarder line d-cup. As you yelp and moan in a higher pitch voice and noticed you sound like a women. The two women shampoo your hair and then wash it off, this rack you are tied to is facing is I front of a huge mirror. Your hair starts to grow and turn a deep auburn red. The one of the women put on red lipstick. They also put on big golden loop earrings. Then a red chiffon dress appears from about you and is fitted on you and the women sow the sides for you are stuck to the rack. Then they un-cuff your feet, you struggle for a bit before you realize there is no use, they lick the balm of your feet for in there saliva contains nerve sensory enhancers to make your feet nerve beg your mind to want the best sticking and the naughtiest heel. A pair of white stocking appear and you moan as they put them on, then out came a pair of red stilettos which you beg the women to put on. The Coup de grĂ¢ce is a black velvet collar with the name Sophia. Unbeknownst to you, the huge mirror is also a one way see through glass where prospective clients are watching you being transformed into the perfect sissy slut. Once all said and done, the man in the green army hat comes over and says,

"Lets start the auction."

After 30 mins, a rich playboy wins the auction. Now a hose comes down and is inserted into your mouth and a tasty blue oozes comes out, the ooze passes through the pores of your tongue and into your brain, you get scared and start to try to remember who you are, but then everything fades even any thought of being a man or being a*****ed. All you know is your are a sissy slut named Sophia, your cock is a vagina and all you want to do and get horny off of is following orders and fucking your master. You are released from your rack and like a mindless bimbo sissy slut fembot, you leave with your owner. But before Sophia leaves, the two identical women take off their panties and there hanging, a 8 inch thick pinkish cock. The two said at the same time,

"Sophia, before you leave, may we pleasure you and fuck you for the joy you brought to us, yourself and everyone here, may we express our gratitude of your freedom of your everyday life. We two lead a life similar to yours but The General liberated us of our sexual and physical limitations. May we please fuck you?"

And when she looked over at the playboy, the playboy nodded, and Sophia with a gleeish excitement ran over. The three of this had revolutionary orgy and expressed their liberation. The rest, as they say, is history.

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