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Summer Holidays with my cousin

Here is another story I found while I was tidying up my hard drive. Not sure where I found it, but credits to the original (unknown) author.

Summer Holidays with my cousin

My cousin Cheryl and I had always been close. In fact we were born only three days apart. I was the older one and the wiser I always used to joke to her. We lived in the city but went out to my Uncle and Aunts farm almost every weekend after my Father had passed away. It was like our second home.

Cheryl and I spent so much time together we became like b*****r and s****r. Right around puberty, my Mom remarried and we didn't go out there any where near as often. Probably was just as a good, seeing how Cheryl's and my favourite game had become playing doctor together.

Any way, one summer Uncle Bill had called to see if I could do them a huge favor. Would I be able to come out and watch over the farm with Cheryl for three weeks while they went on a holiday?

I had just finished up a summer construction job and was just going to hang around before returning to school in the fall. I didn't have any thing els on the go so I thought what the heck, it could be fun spending time with Cheryl again, and I sure would be glad to help out my Uncle and Aunt. I called my uncle back that day and agreed.

I caught a ride out there with a neighbour who was in the city because I knew my car would never make the journey. It was like coming home. I hadn't been there for about 6 months and I really missed the place and the people. When I got out of the car and walked down the drive way, every one came running out to meet me. Even the Collie Jessie tackled me and started licking me to death.

I got up after rolling out from underneath the playing dog when I saw Cheryl running towards me. Oh my gosh, the way her perky puffy nippled breast jiggled under her thin T- shirt made my cock instantly hard. When she reached me, she gave me a sweet kiss and a great big hug that caused her gigantic puffy nipples to poke into the skin of my chest.

After our embrace, I hugged Aunt Helen and Uncle Bill both but wanting to go give Cheryl another hug just like the last one.

It really was good being back. We went into the house and I got settled. I stripped down to a pair of jean shorts and a tight muscle shirt to try and keep cool in July heat, then spent the rest of the afternoon with Uncle Bill going through a list of all that needed to be done.

Come chore time, Cheryl was with us as we milked the cows then fed and watered the rest of the live stock. All the time, I couldn't keep my eyes off Cheryl's puffy nipples that proudly showed off through her t-shirt. I let out a quiet groan looking at her tight ass as she bent over in front of me. Each time she did, I could distinctly see a few wisps of her reddish pubic hair poking out around the extremely high cut leg band of her Daisy Dukes. She had me walking around with a stiff cock all afternoon.

After every thing was finished and dinner done, Cheryl and I sat alone on the veranda relaxing in the cool, damp evening air as my Uncle and Aunt finished packing for their trip. I was right next to Cheryl on the porch swing as we caught up on our lives since we were together last.

She told me of her short fling with Tommy, a big brute football player that I had met before. The guy was a knob and didn't deserve her. I guess she began to see how crude and arrogant he was as well.

"He was all over me the second we were alone." she said complaining. "Gawd, it was terrible how he would constantly pull his cock out and tell me to suck him."

"I almost choked when Cheryl opened up and was describing her sex life to me with no reservation what so ever.

"I mean gosh, it was like he thought his cock was the one of the seven wonders of the world or some thing," she said reaching down and taking my hand in hers. "and I ought to know because I have seen a cock before." now smiling. " Remember?"

"Um, err yes, how could I forget?" I stammered thinking back to all of our Doctor games we used to play.

"Maybe you should show it to me again for old times sake." Cheryl laughed squeezing my hand tightly as if to emphasize her words.

My cock sprung to attention again thinking about how much I would love to show it to her, as long as she was willing to play her part in our little game.

"Only if you show me yours." I replied without hesitation.

Cheryl laughed again, stood up and said.

"Well, it's getting late and Mom and Dad want to get on the road early, besides, we are now going to be the new farm wife and husband aren't we?" she said making me wonder why she used that term for us.

That night my dreams were filled with that of my cousin Cheryl and I doing all the things you do with your wife or lover but not with your cousin. I woke several times and tried to convince myself that the thoughts I was having were totally wrong and immoral. It just isn't right to want to fuck your own flesh and bl**d cousin like I did, but each time I fell back asl**p I was wakened again by the same visions.

Finally, I was glad when I heard my Uncle's alarm go off, I couldn't stand laying there any longer. It was five o'clock in the morning. I got up, showered, dressed and headed out the door. The air was fresh and clean washed pure by the early morning due. The early morning chill after last nights heat was invigorating.

There was a low hanging mist shrouding the sunrise that gave the sky an almost pinkish hue. Just as it would be described in a classic novel. Suddenly through the mist appears Cheryl. She looked almost angelic with her long red hair almost flowing as she walked.

I let out an audible "Wow" when she approached. I was so moved by her sexy, sultry look, that I had this uncontrollable urge to pull my hard throbbing cock out of my pants and begin jerking off right there.

"Well big fella, let's go see them off and get our work done." said Cheryl in a business like voice as she put her arm around my waist. I melted. Gawd, I am falling for this relative of mine.

"I better smarten up and fast," I said to myself. "Or I am going to loose what little control I have left."

We hugged Uncle Bill and Aunt Helen, wished them a safe trip then watched them drive off just as the last of the fog burned off letting the sun finally blaze through.

"Looks like it's going to be a cooker today," I said, "so we better get at it before it gets too hot.

Cheryl looked at me with a strange quizzical expression on her face. Like she was sizing me up. It was almost uncomfortable the way she took a long slow stare up and down my entire body. She gazed from my feet, to my head then down again pausing right at cock level. She smiled , kind of shook her long red main sucked in a quick deep breath then turned and walked toward the barn.

I stumbled behind her like a lost puppy drooling over the grinding of her ass cheeks as she walked.

We hurried and got all our work done in record time and were back eating breakfast by nine o'clock. After we were done I started out to complete some of the list of small jobs Uncle Bill had given me a list of.

One was painting a shed out behind the house. I got every thing ready, ladders, brushes paint and rags. The shed was directly behind the house where Cheryl's bedroom window faced. I thought nothing of it till I was all set up and painting when I noticed her walk past the window. She had the curtains open so I had an unobstructed view of her waist up and a good portion of the room.

As I pretended to sc**** the old paint off the shed, I began spying on my sexy cousin hoping that she was planning on changing. Well, as luck would have it, Cheryl moved a step or two back from the window then stood there staring towards her right.

She absently minded started running her hands all across her taught belly. She then pulled up on the bottom of her top till her firm tits tumbled out. I gasped at the sight of Cheryl's huge puffy nipples. They were a delectable pinkish beige color and the puffiness of her nipples was almost like two small breasts jutting out from her youthful boobs.

I couldn't hold back any longer. The sight of those sweet tits drove me to the brink. I needed release. I fished my achingly hard cock out of my shorts and started stroking the full length. Just when I was really getting into it, Cheryl disappeared from the window.

"Damn," I cursed out loud. "She must have sat down on the bed."

I crawled up the ladder a few rungs. Not quite high enough. A few more, there, almost.
see part of her now laying on the bed.

"Damn, still can't see, maybe if I were over a bit more." I thought.

Because the ladder was already at the edge of the shed, I had to lean way out in order to see the part of the bed where Cheryl was now laying.

Over powered by adolescent urges I was experiencing then making decisions with my small head, not my big one, I leaned a little too far when suddenly, there I go, ladder, brushes, sc****rs and paint all came tumbling down with a racket loud enough to scared the farm a****ls.

I lay there for a second or two trying to figure out just what happened when I realized that my cock was sticking straight up outside my pants. I quickly rolled over away from Cheryl's window.

As I struggled to get up I managed to catch a glimpse of Cheryl closing her bed room curtains.

"Well, I obviously ruined what ever it was she was doing on the bed." I chuckled. "Good thing I didn't tear off my cock when I landed." I thought as I got up and shoved my still hard dick back into my shorts.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully. Cheryl and I spent it together joking and laughing while we went about the tasks Uncle Bill had set for us. We did the afternoon chores, cleaned up after dinner and retired to our favorite place out on the veranda to watch the sunset.

Our conversation tonight turned to one of a more sexual nature. Cheryl started asking me about my girl friends and social life. I told her that I wasn't terribly active. I had a few friends but never any real girl friends as per say. It was her reply almost floored me.

"So then only pussy you ever saw was mine when we played doctor? Cheryl said in a teasing voice.

"I've seen my share." I replied in a defensive manner, now uncomfortable with her forwardness.

"No, I mean real ones." Cheryl said now not wanting to let the subject drop.

"Well, it was so long ago when I saw yours last, I can hardly remember what it even looks like." I said trying to regain control.

"Well, you saw me today while you were pretending to paint didn't you? said Cheryl in more of an excited tone then offended.

"I kinda fell off the ladder before I saw all of you." I admitted, now I looking down embarrassed.

"I noticed." Cheryl said laughing. "I was so glad that you weren't hurt, but I could tell you were alright by the way you jumped up so quickly." her eyes sparkling at me.

"Thank gawd my back was towards her." I thought thankfully.

""But I know you did get an eye full so really, you owe me if you think about it." she said as if she were negotiating a deal. " You know, just like we used to. It's your turn to show me some thing now to make us even." Cheryl said plotting.

"Hey," I replied in a defensive tone. "All I got to see was you waist up."

"I guess, that was what the leap off the ladder was all about." Cheryl said now laughing harder. "You were trying to see the whole package."

I had no choice but to laugh as well. We sat there giggling and snorting for a good five minutes then as suddenly as she started, Cheryl stopped. She looked at me and in a very serious voice said.

"Well, OK, then, I will show you mine if you show me yours."

"What?" I said not believing what I was hearing. "You want me to show you my um, what?" I said trying to get Cheryl to say exactly what she wanted. I certainly did not want to assume any thing incorrectly that could end up with her accusing me of being a pervert.

"Your cock." she said calmly. "Show me your cock and I will show you my pussy like we did in the old days."

"OK, if that's what you want." I said eagerly.

I stood and faced her. My confidence gaining strength. I unclasped my shorts and let them drop. Next I began to slide my briefs down.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" I asked teasingly.

"Yes" is all she could reply.

I lowered my briefs now just so the very tip of my cock head showed, then I pulled them back up. Now I lowered them a bit further so that my whole knob was visible. Again I pulled them back up.

"OK already, take them off." Cheryl demanded in an impatient tone.

I did as I was requested and pulled my briefs all the way off. As I slide them off, my hard cock hooked on the waist band and when it finally let loose, it snapped up and smacked my belly with an audible slap. Cheryl smiled then bit her lower lip.

"OK, now what about you?" I asked not wanting to be the only one exposed. Cheryl hooked her thumbs in the waist band of her shorts then stopped.

"Alright she said, but first you have to promise me no touching OK? she said pleading but yet demanding voice.

"Yes, I promise.". Heck, I would have promised her any thing at that point just to have a peek at her sweet pussy again.

"Here goes." With one swift motion Cheryl's pussy was bare for me to finally see. I gasped at how perfect she was down there. Her reddish trimmed pubic patch pointed out the way to her well defined wet and ready center. Her excitement made obvious by the two rose like petals that protruded from her womanhood.

She kicked the shorts off her ankles and spread her stance to give me an wide open view of what I wanted to see.

"Let's sit down." Cheryl said in a low husky voice.

I sat but was surprised that Cheryl didn't sit in her usual place beside me but chose to sit opposite me in a wicker armed patio chair. As she sat, she kept her legs wide apart so I could easily see how much more aroused she had become. Her cunt was absolutely glistening in the porch light shining directly down on her.

"Wait second, what's that?" Cheryl asked jumping up and coming over to me.

"Is that paint? Yes," she said now pulling my ridged cock to the side for a better look.

"Look at it, she said laughing. "You've got paint all over your cock.".

Suddenly a quizzical look came over Cheryl's face.

"Were you jerking off while looking at me this morning" she asked demanding the truth.

I looked down at the floor and remained silent.

"You were. You were rubbing your cock as you stared at me. You were supposed to be painting the shed, not spying." she chuckled as her eyes widened.

"Come on now, tell the truth. Were you masturbating while looking at me?"

"Yes, yes I was." now feeling like a complete idiot.

"Wow." Cheryl said letting go of my completely stiff cock so that it sprung loose and slapped against my belly. She plopped back down in the chair and was silent for several minutes then spoke.

"Did you come?: she asked while again looking at my cock.

"No," I said still feeling completely busted. "The fucking ladder slipped and I fell just as I was about to.

Cheryl burst out in a hysterical laughing fit. Her uncontrollable laughing was true proof of how firm her tits actually were. Her breasts remain almost perfectly solid with all jerking and shaking going on.

"Oh." she said. "I wondered why when you got up your back was towards me and you were bent over like that and here I thought you might be hurt." she chuckled again. "So you didn't get to come then?"

A look of deep contemplation came over Cheryl smooth tanned face.

"Do you want to come now?" she asked with a hopeful tone in her voice?

"Do you want to masturbate while looking at me now?" Cheryl said almost begging. "I know, how about if I show your these." she offered looking down at her breasts then taking them in her hands and squeezing them.

"That seemed to work for you this morning." now all excited.

"Yes I do." I said not caring that I was about to perform the most private act a person can do, for my cousin.

"Well then." Cheryl said in anticipation.

I took my cock in my hand and start rubbing it with long slow strokes. I sat back down on the swing and slid my other hand between my legs to caress my hairy balls as I continued stroking. Cheryl had removed her top and was now tweaking her puffy nipples, making them bulge even more. Her left hand traveled down to her super moist pussy.

Cheryl lifted her legs and hooked them over the chairs arms totaly exposing herself. She let out a long loud groan as her finger slid across her erect clit.

Now she started moaning and groaning at the approach of her orgasm. I was about ready to squirt just as her first spasm hit her. Her eyes flew open and she let out a shrill little cry. Cheryl looked me straight in the eyes and let her orgasm over take her.

I let loose with my own orgasm. Cum squirted out of my cock and splashed on the floor that separated us. Cheryl looked down at it and spasmed once again. After I finally milked the last drops of come out of my cock, I let go of it and sat back breathing heavily.

"Oh wow," I said. "That was cool.

"Mmmm, yesss." Cheryl hissed. "That was very very good. Whew," Cheryl said reaching down and gathering her clothes. " I am going to take a shower." She got up and casually walked away.

I sat there for a good long time naked, still playing with my balls and now flaccid member looking at the huge wet spot left behind on the wicker chair. I was in total awe of what just happened.

"I wonder what she is thinking now?" I said to myself. "I hope I didn't ruin any thing."

I got up, went to the down stairs bathroom, cleaned up, dressed and returned to the porch swing. A few minutes later Cheryl appeared with a plate of Nachos and cheese she prepared for us. We sat there, snacking and gabbing as if nothing happened.

The next day went on as usual. Nothing out of the ordinary. After our evening chores were done and dinner was finished I took a long hot shower then went out on the veranda. I was shocked to see Cheryl there naked and playing with her pussy.

"That was so nice yesterday, let's do it again." Cheryl pleaded.

"I was so hoping you would say that." I replied as I tore off my clothes

This time it was slightly different, Cheryl sat beside me on the swing with our thighs touching. the feeling of her silky smooth skin against my taught hairy leg was electrifying. I started stroking faster matching the speed of her own hand movements that blazed across her sopping wet cunt.

"Oh fuck yeah." I exclaimed as the first gobs of come squirted out of my cock and landed on my belly. The sight of it cause Cheryl to really pour it on. She was moving and thrashing about so wildly that it caused the swing to whip all over the place.

When her orgasm finally hit her, Cheryl went absolutely ridged. Her head flew back and she let out a scream so loud that it made me glad that the next neighbor was four miles away. When her orgasm finally subsided we both relaxed and sat naked on the swing talking till bed time.

The next few days were followed by pretty much the same routine. Work during the day, mutual masturbation at night. Till one night a nasty storm started brewing just as we were finishing with the a****ls.

With out warning, the rain came down so hard and so violently that we were both completely drenched before we could even get close to the house.. The first bolt of lightening must have hit fifty feet from where we were standing. It was so bright and loud that Cheryl screamed. I quickly grabbed her by the arm and d**g her into the my Uncle's near by shop. Just then a second bolt hit with the same intensity as the last. I slammed the door closed against the raging torrent and Cheryl dove into my arms.

"Oh gawd I hate thunder." she said shaking.

"It's OK, I got ya." I said in a protective voice. "We are safe here."

I could feel her shivering through her soaking wet shirt and jeans.

"We better get you out of these before you catch a cold." I said "But here, let me light a fire in the stove here first."

The thunder was relentless and Cheryl fearfully was right beside me.

In a matter of minuets I had a roaring fire going. There were several horse blankets piled up on the floor in the corner and I found a couple of sl**ping bags to lay over them. Cheryl was already naked as I stripped off my own soaking clothes. I lowered her to the make shift bed then climbed in beside her.

I covered us both then took her back in my arms. She was still shaking uncontrollably. More so from the loud thunder claps and blinding lightening flashes then the cold. Cheryl had her arms around my shoulders then she turned to her back pulling me over top of her. I was laying directly on my cousins naked supple body. I knew I wouldn't be able to control myself.

I felt my cock begin to harden. My belly was perched on hers and my cock was wedged between her closed thighs just inches below her warm secret place. I felt her start to move. Instead of her pushing me off her as I expected, she slid one hand up my back to my head and pulled my face toward her waiting lips. We kissed. We kissed a long passionate loving kiss that seemed to go on for ever and ever. Our tongues entwined doing the dance of love.

I was over whelmed. My head was spinning and when I felt her legs spread I twitched. The movement inadvertently caused my hips to gyrate forward sending my cock plunging right smack dab into her wet open cunt. My cock slid in a good three inches. Enough to make Cheryl jump. I started to pull out of her horrified that I had done the worst possible thing when her second hand grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper.

Cheryl started moving her hips in a fucking motion that caused my cock to slam into her pussy as deep as I could. I lowered my hands now and held her by her ass cheeks, lifted myself to my knees slightly and started fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. I was almost ready to squirt when Cheryl whispered into my ear that we better be careful and to not come inside her.

I knew that what I was doing was a huge risk with out a condom, but it was lost, no longer in control of my actions.Then as my orgasm was about to come over me another loud clap of thunder startled me enough to jerk forward and ram Cheryl so violently that she started coming. I gritted my teeth and tried every trick I could to hold back my orgasm till she was finished.

The painful pleasure was excruciation. I was almost crying out to maintain control. I felt Cheryl go ridged again followed by her now signature loud scream and intense spasming. She had come. It was then and only then I pulled out of her and jacked of onto her belly and tits.

I layed back down and took Cheryl once again into my arms as the wind and rain continued to rage. As the thunder subsided, we fell asl**p.

We woke several hours later to the sound of crickets chirping. The storm had past. We got up and looked at each other in the glow from the cooling stove. I smiled at her and caressed her face. She leaned forward and kissed me. I took her in my arms feeling her naked breasts press against my chest and gave her a deep soul kiss that molded our hearts into one.

"I think it's safe to go to the house now." I said helping Cheryl up. I gathered up our clothes and naked, we walked hand in hand to the house.

We spent the rest of evening talking about what had happened and how we must be more responsible about it. I asked her if she wanted me to stay away from her and she answer.

"Hell no, I want you to fuck me and be able to come inside of me." she said with no reservations.

"What is it you're saying them?" I replied all confused.

"I want you to take the farm truck, go into town tomorrow and get us some condoms. Lots of condoms because we still have over two weeks before they get back." Cheryl said with great enthusiasm.

But in the mean time, I have a little trick that I can do to keep you satisfied." With that said, Cheryl dropped to her knees and took my still naked cock into her mouth and sucked me till I had my first orgasm inside my sweet sexy cousin.

"Man I like being a farmer." I mused to myself.

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