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I sat there in the back seat of my friend a moving car, my hands were tied and I was blindfolded sandwiched between two others while classical music played through the earphones they put in my ears, there was no fear in me at but I was mildly nervous being a*****ed and all. My friend Darrel said he had a surprise for me earlier that day and that I should be ready for some fun tonight though this was a bit dramatic, the car came to a stop and I could feel the cold night air hit me as whoever was on my left opened the door then helped me out the car, the music stopped and my hands were freed and I removed my blindfold and was truly and completely underwhelmed by what I saw. I looked around and besides Darrel I saw three other I didn’t recognize at all but that wasn’t nearly alarming as where we were, “this is the fun night out I was promised” I said sarcastically looking around at some deserted beach we were standing at lit only by moonlight, the unknown strangers turned and stared right at me and let out a chuckle, I tried not to show it but right then I started to panic, yeah I have a friend here with me but I mean; bunch of guys alone on an empty beach, judging by what I’ve learned from movies I’m only seconds from being completely humiliated, assaulted or worse, “ok… I know that this is a little weird at first” Darrell whispered as he walked up to me, the others turned and started walking up the beach, “but when we get where we’re going do me a favor and try not to act so… new” Darrell cautioned not wanting me to embarrass him as we all started walking up the beach.

As we walked I was expecting to see a bonfire with people gathered around it but the only light came from the moon and the only sounds I could hear were the sounds of the waves and our footsteps in the sand. It didn’t take long for us to reach the north end of the beach, where the beach ended and all there was were a few huge rocks and the Cliffside they fell from, “D, what the hell?” I whispered to Darrel trying to figure out just what we were doing here, the three other guys started to move around the base of the cliff with their backs facing the water like we were on a very narrow walkway, “Seriously! D?!” I questioned, “how long have we known each other… have I ever been wrong when I’ve told you ‘it was worth it’ huh” Darrel said in his defense, and I paused thinking about the 13 or so years I’ve known him, “trust me… This Is Worth It… now this part gets a little tricky” Darrel added.
I did as he and the others did and hugged the cliff base and moved around the edge until we came upon a cave. It wasn’t crystal clear but I started to get where this was going, a secret party in a sea cave, not the most original but I had to give whoever set this up a solid 10 if this was the only way to get there.

We all walked into the cave; at first all I could hear was the sound of the ocean behind us but as we went deeper into the cave I started to hear voices coming from within. There weren’t any twist or turns to get lost in just one path, the voices started to get louder and I started to see light coming from around a bend in the path and was taken aback when we got to the source of the light. It was warm in here, there were a few hundred candles peppered around the large cave interior we were now standing in the walls were smooth like someone took the time to make them that way and I saw where the voices were coming from, there were dozens of men most were naked but they were all touching, rubbing, hugging, kissing, licking, sucking, and fucking each other, it was the most breathtaking thing I had ever witnessed, “see I told you it would be worth it” Darrel said leaning over, ”all Thirty-Nine flavors and its all you can eat” Darrel explained with a huge smile in his face.

Few things had this kind of effect on me but I stood there literally speechless as I looked around the surprisingly warm cave at what had to be over a hundred young, middle aged, and older men, “what is this place” I finally asked without looking at Darrel, “welcome to Purgatory” Darrel said with a soft pat on my back. Darrel started walking with the others further in and I cautiously followed. I tilted my head up and saw the roof of the cave and it like the rest of the cave walls were smooth like were in a giant stone bubble
But I couldn’t tell if someone carved this place right into the side of the cliff or this cave formed naturally.
The manly sounds of pleasure and passion filled the cave as we made our way around the edge of the cave; my eyes were glued to the mass of sweaty men fulfilling their desires hardly paying attention to where my friend was leading me. We stopped at the far side of the cave where there were dozens of holes cut into the wall and a few long metal shelves on the wall as well, “anything that you take off goes in one of these little cubby-hole thingies, or on the shelves” Darrel explained to me as he started to undress himself with an extremely comfortable look on his face like he wasn’t taking off his clothes in front of a bunch of people.
“Man… I’m not sure about this” I admitted to Darrel as quietly as I could so that he could still hear me over the moans that echoed through the cave, “look… just stay by me, and try to relax” Darrel said trying to ease my nerves. Wearing only my boxers and a shirt I followed a now fully naked Darrel as he made his way through the crowd of men, Darrel’s naked body brushed against one man after another and even though he and I were just friends I couldn’t help but admire Darrel’s body. I could feel dozens of hungry eyes on me, checking me out as we walked, in every direction we were surrounded by men pleasuring and servicing one another like they couldn’t help themselves.

My attention finally shifted from the men around us when I bumped into Darrel who had suddenly stopped in front of me, Darrel was just standing there looking over at one guy that seemed to catch his eye. I watched as Darrel made his way over to the man he had in his sights and without any invitation he simply started to grope and caress the man’s body almost as if they had known each other for ages, I stood there frozen watching as Darrel went right to it sucking and licking on the guy’s neck, I had known Darrel for a long time and had heard more than one tale of his sexual exploits but I had never seen him in action. I tried my hardest to push the rest of the world out of my mind, and within a few moments I did just that. The rest world fell away in my mind; it was like I was hiding quiet in the closet watching my friend have sex, Darrel then quickly thrust the man down to his knees and put his dick in the man’s face.
I couldn’t stop my dick from getting hard as I watched Darrel’s naked body twitch with pleasure while he got sucked, but that brief illusion of being alone was shattered when I felt someone bump into me.

I looked around and noticed that we were right in the middle of it all; the only thing I could hear was the flat smacking sounds of flesh slapping together and the near deafening moans of pleasure, I was hesitant to look down on the ground not wanting to know for sure if the moisture on the cave floor was the natural wetness from just being in a sea cave, or if the floor was drenched in gallons of sweat and cum as a result of the ongoing orgy.

I was taken by surprise and in one quick instant someone came from behind and yanked down my boxers, I quickly turned to find out who had done it and make a fuss about it but before open my mouth and get loud I felt something warm wrap around my dick. I looked down to find a rather attractive Asian man down on his knees in front me, the initial anger I was just feeling faded away as his head bobbed back and forth and his mouth brought my dick to life. Another man came up behind me and wrapped his massive black arms tight around my torso squeezing my back against his warm chest; I could feel the dick man behind me start to stiffen as he started rubbing his hands all over my chest, the guy was holding me tight but I didn’t feel like he was trying to keep me there against my will just that he was enjoying the feeling of another man’s body, “ung” I moaned as the guy in front of me continued sucking on my now hard eight and a half inch dick.

It wasn’t long before another man closed in on me; this time a young white guy came up and immediately started licking and sucking on one of my nipples while the man behind me pinched and flicked my other one. The man behind me was rock hard now and had his dick in the crack of my ass like a hotdog in a bun; my breathing was heavier and heart was beating faster, I was experiencing a tingling pleasure throughout my body with one guy sucking on my dick, one licking on my nipples, and another guy using my ass cheeks for his own pleasure as he dry humped me.
The fact that I was so nervous at first seemed like a distant memory, I stood there lost in my own pleasure when suddenly the man behind me shifted letting go of me and squatted down and started licking my ass, I flinched but I made no attempt to try and stop him from enjoying my ass. This new sensation only served to made the tingling so much worse… or better, I felt it building, rising up from somewhere deep inside channeled right to my dick, “ungh, fuck” I let out releasing what felt like four big blasts of fresh cum right into the mouth of the cute Asian guy.

My head was still swimming in that post orgasm fuzz I thought the three guys on me would move on to someone else but I was surprised noticing that neither of the guys had stopped, they were all still licking and sucking on me. My nipples tingled and my dick was starting to get hard again, the guy behind me slowly stood up keeping his chest pressed against my back, he wrapped his arms around me again and I could feel the tip of his hard dick poking at my now dripping wet hole then started to slowly push his way inside, “ahh” I softly let out into the sea of moans that echoed inside the cave, I couldn’t stop my dick from jumping over and over as his dick slid deeper into my ass; the guy down on his knees looked up at with a grin letting me know he was pleased by what my dick was doing. My nipples tingled and felt numb at the same time, the guy flicking, licking, and sucking on them was driving me wild. The man behind me stopped pushing, his hips were now pressed closely against my ass, time seemed to stand still in that instant and each time his dick throbbed inside of me it felt like it sent waves of pleasure through my entire body but it really only lasted a few moment then the man behind me started pumping in and out of me.
Moving the way I was while I was standing there getting fucked didn’t slow the guy sucking my dick down a bit, his mouth felt amazing wrapped around my dick sucking on me just the way I liked it.

My breath was heavy and my head was sinking; I felt like I was drowning in a ocean of my own pleasure and I was losing my mind, all I could feel was pleasure; tingles radiated from my chest all the way down to the tips of my toes, through my arms to each fingertip I felt like I was on some kind of d**g.

I could feel it but I couldn’t tell which sounds were coming from me and which sounds were coming from the dozens of other men around me. It wasn’t like I was holding back… I mean I had come this far, but in an instant something changed in me almost like I allowed myself to just enjoy the experience, I put my hands on the back of the head of the guy still on his knees sucking my dick and pushed his head along my shaft right down to the base, there was nothing but more pleasure when the head of my dick started to go down his throat.

I was a man possessed, now only focused on getting my next orgasm I started backing my ass into the dick behind me and ramming my own down the throat in front of me while a mouth on my nipples worked its magic, “umnh shit” I said enjoying every second, the man inside me said something but I didn’t… I couldn’t pay attention to whatever it was he said as he pumped away at my ass.
I could feel another orgasm building and I embraced it working my hips faster, then the man behind me stopped moving all together all I could feel was his dick pulsing deep inside of me and I knew he was filling my ass with his cum, the feeling of fresh cum in me pushed me over the edge and I shot my load right down the throat of the guy on his knees.

I lost track of time; I couldn’t say how long I was there but eventually Darrel finally came and found me, “look we need to get out of here” Darrel said with a hint of urgency in his voice, “the tide’s coming in and unless you want to be stuck in here for the next eight hours…” Darrel explained, I looked around at the other guys and gave serious thought to being stuck in that cave for a few hours, but I didn’t know exactly where I was plus Darrel and the other guys were my ride so I decided I should go.

“So was it worth it?” Darrel asked me as we walked up the beach headed back to the car, I didn’t respond with words I simply looked at Darrel smiling harder than I ever have.

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