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Mrs. McElroy

It was the last day of school, we just finished taking the final exam and I was the last one to hand in my paper, I had already finished but wanted to hand it out last. All the students were gone and I was the only one left with at least 45 minutes to go before it was officially over. The teacher, Mrs. McElroy, was sitting at her desk reading a novel; I was sitting in the second row in the middle of the room. I watched her for a few more seconds and got up, walked up to her and handed her my paper. “How do you think you did James?” she asked pulling down her glasses right over her nose, stared at me with her emerald green eyes, she was a natural blonde woman who was probably in her mid to late 30s. She had on a light yellow sweater wrapped around her neck, but she left the top buttons of her white shirt open and I could see the pale skin of her breasts. “I think I aced it Mrs. McElroy, I really think I did” “Well if you are that sure of yourself how about I grade it now this way you don’t have to wait until next week to find out if you got a B or an A+ in my class” She took out a red marker and grabbed my paper “I can wait until next week…” I reached over pulling the hand with the marker back, gives me…. (I gulped) another reason to see you again” “Mr. James” she said staring at me harshly “I am…” before she could finish I reached over the desk and planted a kiss right on her lips, I could feel her eyes bulging out, I slid my tongue in her open mouth and flicked her tongue very quickly, I knew I was going to probably get kicked out of the college but I took that chance.

She pushed me back “Are you out of your mind?” she asked angrily wiping her mouth “I could have you expelled from the school” she hit the desk and started to fix her hair… I walked behind the desk where she was standing now and grabbed her by the back of the neck pulled her to me and kissed her again, she tried to push me off a little but than I felt her let go, her tongue was twisting matching the rhythm of mine, I let her go to look at her blushed face “you know where the Old Cave Restaurant is?” she asked pulling herself from me “Yea I know “meet me there in an hour”. “Ok” I answered “see you there”.

The hour seemed an eternity as I waited in the parking lot of the almost empty restaurant, a yellow cab pulled up front and I watched her get out and paid the driver. She had taken off the blouse and beneath her white shirt she wore a long black skirt and long black boots, she only had her purse in her hand and I watched the 5”6” teacher looking for her student… her date... and I was hopeful the man who was going to be fucking the green eyes out of her soon.

“Mrs McElroy” I walked to her waving from the parking lot. I tried to hug and she pushed me back “well lets go ahead and take a sit… we need to talk James” “Lame” I thought…. “You mean I went to the locker room showered and got myself cleaned up for no reason” I asked myself. We got a sit in the back end of the restaurant, she sat facing the door, but with the tall booths it was hard for anyone to know who we were back there. Listen James” she says placing her soft hands over mine “I’m a married woman and I love my husband dearly… “She says staring in my eyes, “I…” I gently removed her glasses and she allowed me to do so. “May I get you something to drink while you look over the menu” the waiter asked “yes I’ll have a triple shot of Rum on the rocks” she said and I could see she was a bit afraid “and I’ll have the same” The waiter walked away and she continued “as much as I would love to… um... have that college experience again “ by that I could tell she probably did the same to one or many of her teachers back then “I truly can’t risk my marriage just for a few minutes of pleasure”. “Oh it would be for hours” I responded, I watched her clear her as she cleared her throat “ok even if its for hours… you know I used to watch you on that football field and listened to some of the women teachers talk about how… how.. Muscular you are” “Is that all they said? Just muscular?” “well… and… that you umm.. (She coughs) have the biggest penis on the team” she whispered and I could see her blushing.

The waiter came back with our drinks and we ordered our food. After he left, I was still feeling aroused at what she said. “Its not that big!” I said “well only you and others who have seen it would know that James” “but Mrs Mc….” “Call me Annie, James… Just Annie” “Ok Annie, tell you what” I reached over the table puling her face close to mine, I could smell her perfume, she didn’t have it on earlier I thought “we don’t have to have sex, I would be satisfied with you just watching me jerk it and cum for you, so this way you can’t say you cheated… but I only ask that I cum over your beautiful ass” Her eyes grew out wider and she coughed again “want my jacket?” I asked her “no… no… it’s not that” it’s just, on my ass? Hmmm... Well that really is not cheating since there is no penetration, nor am I touching it” she whispered “that’s right” I answered with a smile and kissed her gently again, this time she held on to my face and opened her mouth wider allowing our tongues to wrestle around.

She sat back in her chair, her nipples were poking through the shirt and I realized she had no bra on; my dick was bulging on the side of my pants trying to be free. I saw a look of shock on her face; she was starring at someone at the bar. I looked back and it was an older gentleman who was there accompanied by a tall dark hair woman in a suit. “Are you ok?” I asked her “Oh my gosh… I knew this was a bad idea… she leaned forward “that’s my husband and his secretary” she whispered, I had never seen her look scared before and I was shocked to see that, she took a look back and her eyes grew wider again, she sat there paused “I looked back and he was embracing the secretary, reaching below her skirt losing his hand behind her.

I pulled her around the table to sit next to me placed my hand around her neck and grabbed a napkin to wipe her tears, but she made no sound. The waiter brought our food back and I dug in since I was hungry, but she refused to eat. “Look I said… I don’t think its your fault” I said softly in her ears kissing it, then her neck, she tilted her head to the other side and allowed me to kiss her some more, even through her tears I could tell she wanted it now more than ever. I looked back at the bar again and they were now eating it seems they had ordered before coming over I said to myself. Went back to kissing her neck again, gently I took her hand and placed it on my leg under the table, I could feel her little hand shake as she massaged my knee. I helped her to move it up higher, and she understood at that point what I wanted her to do, when she reached the tip of my dick I heard her take a big gulp, she moved up higher and gently ran her fingers up and down my shaft “Oh My” she whispered “you are fucking huge” she said now giggling and blushing. I can tell she was not that afraid anymore, I turned her head to face me and embraced her again, her little hand grabbed my dick through the jeans, she kept on pressing it on moving up and down as if to try and measure my size “10 inches” I whispered to her, she coughs and quickly grabs a glass of water on the table.

We finished eating and made sure her husband was not there anymore we paid the bill and headed out. “Where to?” I asked her “I left my car at the college… “ She answered getting in, she pulled the seat down and laid there. I looked at her laying there and wondered what was on her mind, her nipples were still somewhat erected, I took the opportunity to lean back too and moved closer to her, I kissed her neck, licked it and I felt her swallow her spit. I reached over and undid another button, then one more, I gently pulled the shirt open and looked at her bare breasts, they were not huge but enough to fit my dick in between them, I thought, but her nipples were really pink and were the longest I had seen on a woman, I licked down her throat to her chest and kissed one of them than took it in my mouth, she moaned, I felt her hand over my head caressing my hair as I sucked on her breast “bite it” she whispered” I bit it gently “harder... I like it hard” so I bit down harder “AAAAAAhh yes… just like that” I squeezed the other one and took it in my mouth biting both her breasts now “Yes... just like that James…. Oh shit” she said through her teeth.

I quickly reached down her long skirt pulling it up, she lifted her ass up enough to allow me to do so and she lifted her right leg to the side of the door, her muff was well trimmed, her big clit extended out, I reached down and felt her big wet pussy lips open, I quickly slid one finger in it, then two… the sound of my fingers in her hot box drove me insane. She was moaning loudly in the car, thank goodness I have tinted windows. She reached down and grabbed my dick again “I want it in me” she said pulling my face to hers and kissed me deeply, this kiss was much better than the others, she was hungry for sex now and I was aiming to please her.

I quickly unbuckled my pants and pulled it down to my knees, I let her go and she leaned over and took my hard dick in her mouth, she wasn’t a pro at sucking dick but she did her best to suck my long dick. I pushed my seat all the way down and she moved over and sat on me, moving up and down letting my dick brush on her stomach, than she reached down grabbing it and slid it inside her hot dripping wet pussy, I felt my dick getting harder, I could even tell my veins were at full function pumping more bl**d into it, this is the hardest I have ever felt… I thought “AAAAAhh shit.. so fucking big” she says dropping her head on my shoulder, I grabbed her little ass and moved it gently up and down my dick. She could barely moan each time I got deeper inside her. She held on so tightly to my shirt I felt her nails dig into my skin, that’s when I rammed my dick hard inside of her pussy.

“AAAAAAAhhhh... fuck” she screamed “not… so... hard” she says to me, I slowed down and started fucking her gently. I felt her pussy juice running down my hot balls, she came and was at that point breathing hard. I hugged her smaller body and continued to gently thrust my long dick in her tight pussy.

“Lets go back to the college” she whispered “ still bouncing her little ass gently on my dick. “Ok” I said… She slowly got off my hard dick and went back to her seat. I took a deep breath and pulled my jeans up leaving my dick hanging out in case she changed her mind. She fixed her clothes, than her hair. I started the car and drove out of the parking lot. She looked out of her window never said a word to me on the 25 minutes drive. By then my dick had softened up and I could tell she was ashamed at what she did.

“Here we are” I said touching her shoulder. “Annie” “I’m thankful to have known you, I hope…” “Meet me in the Music Room, there shouldn’t be anyone there today since they are going to be renovating the place” she said kissing me and got out of the car. “All this time she was thinking of where to fuck me again” I smiled at the thought.

I rushed up the stairs to the music room “Psst” I heard coming from a dark corner of one of the empty room. I rushed in and she grabbed me and I could feel her tongue reaching deep in my throat, she yanked my pants down to my knees and pushed me on a chair. Her mouth found my cock again and she sucked it harder this time “Slurp, Slurp… slurp” I leaned my head back and enjoyed her sucking. She wrapped her legs around me on the chair and I realized she had taken her shirt and skirt off, her little hand grabbed my now erect again dick and I felt her sitting on it “aaaaah” she let out a soft moan “fuck me slow ok… your dick is just too big” she whispered.

I fucked Annie in one position for at least 45 minutes very slowly, then I pulled her off and asked her to get on her hands and knees “couldn’t we stay how we were?” she asked “I’ll be gentle” I answered and turned her around. I pulled her ass cheeks apart and buried my face between her pussy lips, flicked my tongue on her huge clit “shit… yes... oh man” she moaned... then I pulled my head back and replaced it with dick, holding on to her ass I gently pushed it all the way in her until I felt her bare ass touching my skin. I took long deep gentle strokes and listened to her moan, I picked up the pace but not too fast as I allowed her pussy to feel comfortable with my big tool in it. “Flap Flap Flap” the sound of our bodies hitting each other … “Flap Flap Flap” she moaned again I reached under her body and found her clit, I started running my fingers really fast on it as I started going in and out faster, her little body shook and she fell to the floor, she came and she moaned louder, I laid down on her back pushing my dick all the way in her, l let her catch her breath for a few seconds than I started to fuck her again, I laid on her in a push up position “FlapFlapFlap” this time I was going faster and harder, her pussy was not as tight anymore.
I sat on her ass now and opened her cheeks watching my dick go in and out of her wet pussy, I picked up the pace “yes... yessss…. Oh shit... I’m gonna… cum... Again” she cried out “shit me too” I smacked her ass and pumped faster until I stopped, I was shaking up and so was she, I emptied my nut sack all inside her wet cunt.

I got up from her little body on the carpet and helped her stand up, we were both still shaking, I picked her up in the air and she crossed her legs around me, her hands wrapped around my neck. We kissed passionately for a while “That was great,” I said to her “no it was fucking great” she replied planting a peck on my lips and let go. We put our clothes back and walked out of the room. “See you at graduation” she said “ok… hopefully sooner than that” I answered smacking her on the ass. “Maybe”.

“Now 21 years later” I kissed Annie on the lips “here we are, and here you are Joey”.. “Oh man Dad that was fucking awesome… “ “So what are you going to do son?” I asked him “Well Dad two things you need to know, one: I’mma get in that ass” he smiled “and Two?” I asked “Big dick runs in the f****y pops” he answers closing the door behind him “big dick runs in the f****y. “

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