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I Learnt A Lot From Stopping With My Granny

I had to go and live with my gran for a few weeks before school broke up for the summer holidays. Mom’s job as a business adviser for failing businesses had taking her to the other end of the country for at least the next two months.
Gran was 66 years old and widowed for the last three years, standing at 5 feet three, I towered over her slightly plumper body, it was hard to tell what size she really was as she always wore big loose dresses, but she did have a nice set of breasts to look at. She looked and acted like a typical gran, pale skin, short greyish coloured hair and was busy doing something every day with her friends or some club.
There was a gentleman called Frank who had a car and he would take two other widows and gran out for drives in the country, stopping off at a café or pub sometimes two or three times a week.
He was always leaving when I got back from school after dropping gran off last, two empty glasses and a bottle of gin was hurriedly taking away from the living room.
One day I was back early, the car was still outside and the living room blinds were closed, maybes for the sun on the TV I thought. I let myself in the back door and there was no TV sound, just
“Yeeeees, Yeeeees” coming from Frank
Curiously, I made my way to the living room door and peeped through the gap, I saw gran sitting on the edge of the sofa with Frank’s crotch in her face. His trousers and pants were around his ankles and he was holding his shirt front up out of the way of gran’s face.
Gran was sucking Frank off and she had both hands on his bare bum pulling him back and forth in to her face. I started to get erect, watching my gran and could not pull myself away from watching.
Gran let Frank’s manhood drop from her mouth and took a slurp of gin, his cock hung down and then she raised the glass up, swirling his cock in the gin. She had trouble holding his cock in her hand; she could only use her finger and thumb to lift it up in to her mouth again because he was that small;
Gran worked his cock again with her finger and thumb, trying to make him hard, it certainly had me hard and I could feel a damp patch in my boxers.
“Yeeeees Peggy Yeeeees” Frank said
She stroked his cock faster and faster in to her mouth
“Peggy its coming”
Gran continued wanking his cock then she stopped, he must have come, I could hear her sucking on his manhood and moaning as she swallowed.
I hurried back in to the kitchen while they were still breathing heavy and waited a couple of minutes before banging the back door.
“I’m back gran,” I shouted
I was empting my school bag in the kitchen as gran and Frank came from the living room
“I see you tomorrow Peggy, see you lad” he said to me on the way out
Gran give me our customary hug and kiss on the lips to greet me, it should have felt strange and disgusting after knowing what she had just done, but it felt erotic knowing gran did these sexual things.
The next day I raced back from school, the car was there and the blinds were closed, sneaking in the back door, I creped to the living room door, I had missed it. Frank was straightening his tie up while gran slurped her gin. It was harder to get back to the kitchen quietly but I managed before shouting I was home.
Over the next week I kept missing the action, I needed some sort of plan to make them think that they had more time. I would get back home and spy on them, then sit in the kitchen for half an hour before shouting, I was back,
The plan worked after three weeks, I stood in the doorway while gran sucked Frank but tonight she pulled off and stood up
“Pleasure me Frank”
“What about the lad, Peggy”
“It’s another half hour before he’s back”
Fuck I thought, they are going to have sex. Gran had her hands under her dress and slipped a pair of big black cotton knickers off her feet. It was then I saw the splendid sight of my gran as she lifted her dress up. She had the most shapely sexy legs for someone old and she had on black hold-up stockings too. As the dress rose higher a little glimpse of her pussy hair was visible and her pale round tummy.
I played with my cock through my trousers, making a visible damp patch as gran lay long ways on the sofa. She lay with one leg on the floor and the other on the sofa raised and wide apart facing me. Where her pale legs joined, there was a beautiful little mound of mousy colour, wispy hair.
Frank was now on his knees licking at gran’s pussy
“Yeeees Frank lick me”
I had to slip my hand inside my trousers and my cock was sticky with pre cum
“Stick it in me Frank”
All five foot five of Frank lay in between gran’s legs as he tried to thrust his cock in to her pussy
“Let me Frank”
Gran’s hand came between them and played with his cock making him hard,
“Stick it in now”
I watched as his bare white ass slipped back and forth
“Ohhhh Yeeeees”
Frank wasn’t built for anything athletic now, with his fat round tummy and baldhead wobbling about as her fucked
“Fuck me, go on fuck me Frank”
Gran was very vocal, I think it was more to encourage Frank to make him come than the pleasure she was getting from his 3-inch cock
“Ohhhh Yeeeees Frank, come in me”
That was to much for me as I came in to my hand, it throbbed like the best orgasm I have ever had, spurting out of my cock end like a volcano. Frank was huffing and puffing
“I’m coming Peggy”
“Yeeeees Frank, let’s feel it squirt inside me”
Frank grunted as he came, thrusting himself in to gran and stopping, I thought he was going to need an ambulance with all his huffing and blowing. I was rooted to the spot with a handful of my cum dripping in my trousers but I had to see gran again as she stood up. I didn’t see much as she put her knickers on while sitting on the sofa and her dress hide everything.
“We better get sorted before he’s back Frank”
I waited five minutes before shouting I was back and they were all sorted when I saw them, Frank did his disappearing trick straight away.
The next morning gran was making breakfast while I went to put my previous days dirty washing in the laundry basket that was in gran’s bedroom. Gran’s black knickers were sitting in the basket and I could not resist taking them out and looking in them. There was a dried cum stain in the shape of her pussy lips as it had leaked out from her. I felt a stirring in my trousers again and before I knew it, I had my cock out, rubbing it up and down the gusset of her knickers. It wasn’t long before I was pumping hot creamy cum in to her knickers, squirt after squirt covered the small patch of material wrapped around my cock end.
“Breakfasts ready” Gran shouted
Quickly drying myself on the rest of her knickers, I put them back in the basket, hoping they would be dry before gran does the washing.
It was another two days before seeing gran on the sofa having sex again, I had my cock out and a tissue ready listening to her encouraging Frank to fuck her. She let out a big gasp just as I came, perfect timing I thought.
I did the same the next morning, went to put my washing in the basket, but there was no black knickers this morning, just some black stockings and bra. I felt down the inside of the basket but still nothing. My cock was hard with excitement rummaging around looking for her cum coated knickers
“Is these what you’re looking for”
Shit gran, I’ve been caught, I slowly turned to the door to see gran with her dress pulled up and showing her knickers to me
“Is these what you’re looking for” she asked again
“I was just putting my clothes away gran”
“You were looking for my used knickers like the other day, weren’t you”
“No, I don‘t know what you mean gran”
“You used my knickers to come in”
“Sorry gran”
“Don’t be, I love seeing your cock, it’s a lot bigger than Franks”
“When have you seen my cock”
“I’ve saw you wanking in to my knickers when you were standing in the door of the living room and you shot your load in to a tissue”
“Sorry Gran I shouldn’t have done any of that, you won’t tell mom will you”
“Not if I can watch you come in my knickers again”
Gran walked over to where I was kneeling
“I thought you might like to do it in a warm pair”
She lifted her dress slightly and I could see her black stockings up past her knees, she held out her other hand, instinctively I give her mine and she guided it under her dress and placed it on her knickers
“Feel how warm I am”
Gran moved my hand to between her legs and sucked in a long and slow breath, she certainly felt warm and moist between her legs. My hardness returned in my pyjamas making a tented front with my cock sticking straight out.
“Well? Are you going to let me see you come again or should I phone your mother”
I was speechless, all I could think about was my hand pressing in to granny pussy as she release the pressure and freed my hand from between her legs.
“I’ll do it gran”
“Good boy”
Swiftly her knickers were around her knees and her dress had dropped down again, covering every thing up. Gran stood on each leg as she took the knickers off her feet and passed them to me.
I stood up and felt nervous exposing myself to my gran, she helped and pulled the front of my pyjamas out and over my cock
“Who‘s a big boy” she said
I cradled the warm cum stained gusset in my hand and lowered my cock on to it, closing the material around my cock, I began to wank my cock back and forth. Gran cupped her hand around mine and joined in with the thrusting.
“Will this help”
The temptation was to great to miss and I let her take my other hand and she placed it on to her breast, it felt big, round and soft.
“Go on, fill my knickers”
I needed the opposite from encouragement to prolong the excitement of feeling gran’s tit and started to work through my times tables in my head.7x7 is 47 shit 49 I could hardly concentrate
“Ohhhh Yeeeees” gran kept saying
She squashed my hand harder in to her breast as I started to thrust my hips back and forth, I felt big and hard as she squeezed my hand with hers around my cock. Shit I could feel it coming from deep in my balls
“Graaaaaan, I’m going to come”
“Come in my knickers, lets see you cum”
It squirted with f***e, covering the cotton gusset in seconds, I big white pool of cum formed at the end of my cock.
“Go on sweetie, fill my knickers”
Gran used her other hand to stretch out the cum soaked cotton gusset and watched my cock jerk and spurt the last on my orgasm in to her knickers. My cum sat in the middle of her gusset as I pulled my cock away and gran took her knickers back.
As I was pulling my pyjamas back up I saw gran out of the corner of my eye putting her knickers back on, it was only when I was staring at her she spoke
“I love the feel of warm cum in my knickers”
She was pulling her knickers up her legs, causing her dress to lift as well at the same time, her stocking tops came in to sight on her sexy shapely legs as her knickers were pulled past them. Gran seemed to hold her dress up longer than necessary as I looked at her.
“Is this your first time seeing a woman”
“Yes, so close, it is”
“Come straight home from school tonight, I think we might be able to help each other out”
“Will Frank be here”
“No not tonight, he’s away to his daughters for a few weeks holiday”
I came back home after school and shouted I was back, school seemed to drag on all day
“I’m up here, come up”
Gran was upstairs in her bedroom, as I past the bathroom I could tell gran had just had a bath with the smell of her bubble bath and steam still present.
“I’m here” she shouted
I pushed her bedroom door open and she was facing me, both standing speechless she began to lift her dress up slowly.
“Would you like to see some more of me”
“Please gran”
She had on a black see through lacy slip, which I could see her stockings through as she continued to lift her dress until it was around her neck.
She was all in black and my cock began to throb in my trousers as she pulled the dress off her head.
“Here, give me your hand”
She took my hand on to her smooth slip and bra covered tit and pushed my hand around the full cup
The thin straps of her slip were next to be removed, giving her access to unfasten her bra, slowly each cup was lowered from her pale breasts to reveal her big beautiful melon size tits. She held my hand and squashed it in to her tit, her naked flesh felt so soft and wobbly.
“Would you like to kiss them”
I bent down as gran lifted one of her tits up for me to kiss, it looked like a big wobbly jelly spilling over the sides of her hand. It felt so soft and warm on my lips and I moved on to her nipple and sucked that too.
“Would you like to show me what you have” gran asked
My cock strained against my trousers as I loosen them and it sprung out the slit in my boxers
“We don’t need them” gran said
She pulled my boxers down over my cock and sat on the bed to take them off my feet, it was the size of her hand around my cock that surprised me, I could hardly see Frank’s cock when gran held his. Gran looked longingly at my cock and gently slid her hand back and forth exposing my cock end, pre cum started to glisten and lubricate my foreskin. I felt like I was about to explode.
Gran put her arm under her big tits and lifted them up, squashing them together while sliding my cock up her cleavage with the other. Then somehow, she managed to cup each tits with her hand without dropping my cock from between them. She exposed my cock end from the soft warm flesh and I could see drops of pre cum lubricating my cock in between her tits. Gran gently started to slid her tits up and down the length of my cock, making my big red wet cock end look even bigger.
“Would you like me to suck it” she asked
“Would you gran”
Dropping one tit she pulled me by the cock, closer to her mouth, then I watched gran stretch her jaw and lick her lips. The warm wet lips of hers, slid over my cock end and I felt like I was in heaven. How I wanted to thrust my whole body in to her face like I’d seen Frank do, but I couldn’t cause the pleasure she was giving my with her tongue made my motionless. She licked around the back of my bulbous head and plugged my piss slit with her tongue.
“Gran” I shouted “I going to cum”
Gran stiffened her grip on my cock with her hand and began sliding back and forth with her mouth. I couldn’t hold back any more
It felt like the best ever squirt to come from my cock, the relief I felt after trying to hold it back for as long as I could was immense. Gran suck and chewed on my cock, giving a moan with ever twitch and squirt.
After ten or twelve mighty squirts, it began to settle down and gran started to wank it dry with her hand in to her mouth. I was still semi hard when she pulled off and kissed the tip before letting go of it.
“That shouldn’t need seeing to for I bit, now would you like to see me naked” gran asked
I nodded as gran stood up and started to slide her slip down over her tummy, she stood just in her black hold up stockings and knickers. With her thumbs in the waistband of her knickers she slid them slowly down off her hips, I stood mesmerised looking at her little mound of hair beginning to show over her knickers.
“Are you ok” gran asked
“Oh yes gran”
“Give me your hand”
I felt under her spell, I would do anything for her as she guided me on to her pussy and I touched her wispy hair.
“I used to have a lot more hair when I was younger”
“It nice now gran”
She let go of my hand and put hers on to my shoulder, we looked at each other and somehow we knew we had to kiss. Just a small kiss first then she showed me what to do with my tongue, she could not get enough of me as her tongues explored inside my mouth.
We moved on to the bed without breaking the seal of our kiss and kissed for some time, side by side while feeling each others body’s.
“Would you like to see how I pleasure myself” gran asked
I nodded and gran sat up and reached in to the bedside drawer and pulled out this rubber looking cock with balls
“Frank’s not that good so I have to use this when he‘s gone” she giggled
I sat up as gran raised and parted her legs while stretching her lips apart with her fingers, she rubbed the cock up and down her pussy a few time them slowly pushed it in. I watched intently as her pussy lips sucked around the rubber cock and gran breathed in suddenly.
I thought something had happened, then she started to moan as her toy went in and out, her lips seemed to suck tight to the toy, getting stretched as it came out from between them. Gran must of fucked herself for couple of minutes nice and slowly to let me watch
“Give me your hand”
She held my hand on to her toy and started to fuck herself again, my hand was only inches away from a real pussy getting fucked.
“Ooooh yes that’s it, fuck me faster”
She f***ed the toy faster and deeper inside herself and I could feel myself getting carried away with the excitement
“Yeeees, go on gran”
“That’s it I’m coming” she cried
Everything stopped dead, the rubber cock was bedded deep in her pussy and her legs jammed tight shut against our hands.
“Gran, are you alright”
“Oh yes, come here and kiss me”
She pulled out the toy and stretching her arms out, somehow I knew I had to crawl on top of her. She held me tight and it felt so natural to kiss gran again, forgetting her winkles on her face, she kissed just like the girls at school, if not better.
We spent ages kissing with not a care in the world, then gran gasped suddenly
“Arrr yes”
“Gran” I said
“Yeee, arrr that nice”
I could feel her lifting her body up in to me while moaning. My cock was inside my gran and she was fucking me slowly from under me. She held on to my shoulders as she lifted herself and I had an urge to start to push in to her. It was my first time but somehow knew what was happening.
I raised on to my arms over gran wanting to watch my cock going in and out, inexperience and excitement took over as I thrust my cock faster in to gran, the only way I thought you had sex, fast and furious
“Ohhh yeee” I cried out after only a few strokes “Gran I think I’m going to come”
“Squirt it in me love”
I was so overjoyed with fucking a real fanny that I momentarily got carried away and pulled to far out from her pussy. I tried to push it straight back in, again and again I tried but my cock kept shooting up over her hairy bush until it was too late
The cum erupted up my cock and a tremendous pressure was released from my balls as I came over her bush. Squirt after squirt shot out from my cock and in to a pool on gran’s hairy bush, I felt so disappointed
“Sorry gran”
“Don’t worry, there always next time, now come here and kiss me”
She didn’t seem to mad at me for squirting over her fanny as we kissed and I could feel the wet puddle getting smeared over the both of us. Eventually I rolled off gran when she lowered her legs and lay next to her.
Gran got out of bed wearing only her stocking and made her way to the bathroom, she had no apprehensions of letting me see her naked, her body was there for her grandson to see.
When she came back she was towelling her pussy dry after washing it of my cum. I watched her get dressed, fascinated how she fastened her bra under her tits then twisting it around before dropping each breast in to its pulled out cup. She covered her pussy up with her knickers and I started to think how sexy looking my gran is.
When she left the room with her dress back on, I played with my cock, making it hard again as I was all excited that it has been in a woman’s fanny for the first time. Gran shouted tea was ready and I had to stop reliving the thoughts of what had just happened in my mind.
She flirted through out our tea and even stuck her stocking covered foot on my crotch under the table.
While doing the washing up I sneaked a peak at her black bra as the top buttons were undone on her dress, gran saw and smiled
“Lets forget about the washing up for tonight” gran said
She pulled me by the hand, up the stairs and in to her bedroom again, this time we just stood looking at each other before she started to undo some more of the buttons on the dress until it fell open. It naturally slipped of her shoulders and fell in to a heap on the floor around her.
“Explore me, take as long as you want and enjoy yourself”
I ran the back of my finger over her black bra from the wide strap to all the way around the full cup noticing the flowery pattern and how you could see the darker round circles around her nipples.
“Take it off if you want” gran said
I reached around gran with both hands and fiddled with her bra fastening before I loosened it. As I did this I could feel her warm breathe on my neck as I held her close in to me. She held both her arms out as I slid the bra down them to reveal her lovely tits.
Gran grabbed the bottom of my shirt and started to lift it up my body, as she reached up I could feel her warm naked tits squashing in to my tummy. I sank down on to my knees to make it easier for her to pull it off my arm and when she did her tits wobbled in to my face. She squashed her soft tits in to my face as she made them swing from side to side. I held both of them in my hands swapping from one nipple to the other trying to suck each nipple bigger and harder than the last.
Gran held my head on to her tits and I could hear small whimpers coming from her as I sucked, I felt so very lucky she was letting me do this to her. I had other things I wanted to see especially when she was so willing to let me see what I wanted.
I slowly traced the outline of her knickers around her leg, ending up at her pussy, she moved slightly allowing me to push my finger in between her legs. Gran felt warm and I wanted to see what I had been touching.
With a finger in the waist band on each hips I slowly slid her knickers down and now her pussy was at face level. Her pussy hair was darker than I had expected, I thought it would be grey like her head, it was dense up both lips and thinned the further away it got, like grass around an oasis in the desert.
I left her knickers around her knees, desperate to touched her pussy. She had very soft hair and her pussy seemed chubby and to stick out from between her legs as it joined on to her plumper round tummy. I slid her knickers the rest of the way down her legs noticing how soft and sexy her stockings felt before kissing my way back up her body.
I kissed gran on the lips trying to explore her mouth with my tongue just like she did to me while running my hand over her body. My hand was going between her legs again and she began to part them for me, giving me better access. I felt her big fat wobbly lips hanging down from her as she started to push herself on to my hand.
Her pussy seemed to open up to my finger as I touched it and a finger slipped inside her, she felt all wrinkly on my finger and gran started to whimper through our kissing. She pushed herself back and forth on my finger with her pussy opening up more each time and her lips felt moist.
“Lets get on the bed” gran said
Gran moved me towards the bed and sat down on it.
“Lets get rid of these shall we” she said
She loosened my trousers and started to pull them down with my boxers over my cock, it stood proudly waiting for some attention as gran stripped me naked. Gran didn’t bother with my cock, instead she lay on the bed parting and raised one of her leg. Her pussy was on show to me, her lips long and fat, very obvious through her wispy hair. My first glimpse of seeing what I had been touching
“Go and have a good look” she said
I knelt between her legs watching my finger started to go in and out
“That’s it, nice and gentle” she told me
My first real pussy and it was my gran’s I was playing with, I felt lucky that she was willing and had the patients to let me explore her, she lay smiling when I looked up from her pussy.
“Would you like to kiss me there” she asked
I nodded and lowered myself, smelling a warm fragrant rising from her pussy. I kissed her lips quickly not knowing what to really do
“Remember how I showed you how I pleasure myself” gran said
I started to slip my finger in and out of her pussy lips, my face only inches away
“Try two fingers”
Gran give a little moan as I pushed them inside her and I watched as her lips sucked around my fingers. Remembering how she speeded up with her rubber cock I started to slip my fingers in and out of her faster. The more she took my fingers the more my thumb rode up over her pussy lips and I started to feel this lump getting enlarged.
Gran shuffled around on the bed lifting and pushing herself on to my finger and thumb more, this was fun watching gran tossing and turning, moaning and whimpering at the same time and seeing her wet pussy open up to my fingers.
“Arrrr yes” gran shouted
She clamped her hand on to mine and clamped her legs tight shut on to our hands as she let out a squeal and just about lifting herself upright.
“Are you alright gran” I asked
“Never felt better”
Gran smiled like a cat which has got its cream, parting her legs she held open her arms inviting me to climb on top of her. She was eager to guide my cock straight in to her wet pussy and this time give a sharp intake of breathe as my cock slipped in and filled her pussy full with easy.
“Nice and slow to start with” gran instructed
I started to get the hang of fucking as gran lifted her legs over my legs and held my bum cheeks with her hands trying to keep me inside her at all times.
I started to thrust my cock faster in to gran and we started to rock on the bed, making it hit the wall just like in some of the films I have learnt how to have sex from.
I could feel the full length of my cock sliding in and out of her love tunnel, a totally different feeling and experience from wanking, My balls felt like they were on fire and about to burst.
“Ohhh yeee” gran moaned, encouraging me, still holding my bum cheeks tight
I started to get a funny feeling rising from my toes and up my legs,
“Gran I think I’m going to come”
“Squirt it in me this time”
“Ohh gran, I‘m coming”
The fire erupted up the length of my cock and a tremendous pressure was released from my balls, I felt like I was in heaven again, squirting my first ever orgasm in to a woman and that just happened to be my gran.
“That’s it love, pump it in to me”
I could feel each squirt shoot out with each thrust in to my gran and now she moaned through her heavy fast breathing. She started to shake uncontrollably, bucking and twisting on the bed before pushing herself up tight on to me.
“Yeeeees” she cried out
A tightening feeling started to squeeze my cock inside her and all I could do was keep it pushed as far in as possible. I didn’t want this feeling to stop, we were welded together and her pussy muscles pulsed and rippled along the length of my cock.
My cock stopped twitching as much and I was starting to run out of squirt, my first fuck was coming to an end. She let go of my bum and held on to my shoulders pulling me down on top of her for a kiss. Gran seemed very excitable as she kissed, rubbing my head frantically while her tongue probed inside my mouth.
I felt myself drop out from gran’s pussy some time later, which made her kiss me even harder. Eventually I rolled off gran when she lowered her legs and lay next to her.
“No telling your mother what we‘ve just done” gran said
“Don’t worry gran I won’t, she kill me if she knew”
It was still light outside but we stopped in bed and gran let me have sex with her again later that night. She said how great it was to have someone youthful fucking her, not like Frank but someone able to keep hard and still have plenty of cum to squirt each time. Her pussy had that much spunk in it that when she went to the bathroom for a wee it leaked down her stocking leg. We fell asl**p in each others arms that night with gran still wearing her stockings.
Gran let me have sex with her another two nights my way, fast and furious and lots of it saying it would get it out of my system them she showed me how love making should be done and how to pleasure a woman properly.

The End

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