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A Fantasy

For leannaxtsx

During the flight he had a hard time falling asl**p. He kept all her posted pics in his phone and went a few times to jerk off in the bathroom while looking at her body. When he found out he was about to go to a convention for 3 days and as it happens to be the convention was at New Orleans he arranged to stay for a few more days "to see the sites". Now he was on his way and he knew he had to wait for 3 days until he could meet her. He contacted her a week before, at first she wasn't very cooperative but he managed to convince her they should meet. He promised to agree to everything and go along with any thing she wanted. Now he has been jerking off every hour thinking about their meeting. During the convention he sat at lectures and his mind drifted, during the nights he had chats with her jerking off while she told him what kind of things she was planning with him.

Driving in his rental car to her place, his heart was pounding hard. Finally this is about to happen, she was delicate and gorgeous and he was so happy. He parked outside her building and went up to her apartment, 3rd floor. Knocking on her door he thought his cock never had so much bl**d in him like right now and his pants were hurting it. She answered the door and let him in. She had brown hair reaching her shoulders, a gorgeous face and she smiled at him her beautiful shy smile. He noticed she was wearing one of the outfits from the pictures she posted, a matching red/black set of a bra and a short skirt not covering anything. He smelled her scent sweet and barely noticeable. "You like?" she asked him and smiled, awakening him. he cleared his throat and answered, very much, you look so hot in your pictures and on the cam but you are so much hotter in reality. She smiled again took his hand and led him to her bedroom, walking and shaking her sexy tight ass from side to side. Reaching the room she stopped and reached back with her hand, catching his neck and lowering his head towards her neck. He stared kissing her neck and she took both his hands and directed them to her tights, arching her back she started rubbing her ass over his pants feeling his hard dick.

after a few minutes of kissing her neck and feeling her soft delicate thighs she turned to him and removed his shirt. Then, getting to her knees she unbuttoned his pants and peeled them down. She stuck her nose against his crotch and inhaled, then she removed his shoes and his underwear. His cock stood hard against her face and she welcomed it with her warm mouth. Her mouth left his dick and he could feel the cold wind over it, she licked a finger and mounted her mouth on his dick again. This time one hand playing with his balls and one hand shoot back, a finger penetrating his ass. He let a moan out and she laughed. Reaching inside her bra she took out a cock ring and fitted it on his hard cock, "we wouldn't want the fun to end too soon would we?". After she was happy with how she places the ring she licked his balls a few more times and then she rose. She was shorter than him but she put her hands on his shoulders and she pushed him down to his knees. Her cock was pointing out of her tiny skirt and he saw she also had a cock ring on "I wouldn't want my fun to be over quickly as well" she told him. She put both her hands on the back of his head and told him to get ready to suck the first cock in his life. She pulled his head closer to her cock and continued to pull until her cock was fully buried on his mouth. She din't have a huge cock but it was big enough, and doing it the first time he almost felt like choking. She kept his head locked on her cocked and just told him to relax and get used to it.

After a minute or so she starts making little thrust movements moving her cock in and our of his mouth. she took one of his hands and guided it to her balls, she moved her hand back to the back of his head and kept of gently fucking his mouth using her hands to push his head on her cock when she thrusts forward. Slowly he noticed the motions were becoming faster and had more f***e to them, forcing her cock deep into his mouth. After a few minutes she was moaning loud and she was fucking his mouth in the speed and f***e he often fucked girls. "You suck cock like you've done this for years" she told him and she reached with one of her hands down and opened her cock ring. "fuck this, I want to come deep in your throat" she said and continued to push her cock in his mouth even more f***efully, locking his head onto her cock with both her hands. Her motions became faster and she could feel the pressure building in her cock. When he told her during their chats that this was a first for him, she decided she will not cum in a week, building up enough quantity to fill his mouth. He heard her shouting and felt her cock pushed into his throat over and over until she pulled him with a f***e he could not believe those delicate hands had and he almost choked on her cum shooting into his throat. she kept the hold until she shot all her load and he started coughing cum, it felt warm in his mouth. She withdrew her cock and gathered his her fingered the drops of cum he dropped, or that were oozing out of his mouth. she smeared it on her tight sexy as and in between the check and directed his head towards it. He kissed her ass and cleaned it, licking between her cheeks, trying to stick the tip of his tongue in her anus. "Honey, don't worry" she said moving his head away "we'll get there too". "I must admit I did not plan to come this early, but your mouth felt really good honey" she smiled at him, gently wrapped her hand around his cock and led him to the shower.

She stripped and the both got into the shower, petting each other and kissing. she had her tongue deep in his mouth and when she found a bit of cum she took it on the tip of her tongue and presented it to him and he took it and swallowed it. She got out of the shower for a moment and came back with cream and a shaving razor. "Don't worry baby, I've done it so many times on myself. Just bend over". She took the cream and put it on his ass, balls and around his cock. She shaved him until she was pleased with the outcome and then she turned of the water. After shaving his add and balls, she disappears again for a moment and returns with an enema. She bends him over and cleans his ass while whispering what she is planning to do with him in his ear. His cock is hard, his balls swollen from cum and he is so horny. She knows this and she keeps on teasing his cock, stroking it and massaging his balls. Once she is satisfied he is clean, she presses him against the wall, kissing him moving her hands over his body, their cocks pressed together and she moves her hips to run them one against the other. Leading him out of the shower she started kissing him again f***efully pushing her tongue in his mouth. She got down on her knees and started sucking his cock, stopping after some time leaving his cock hard and in need to cum. She took a towel and dried them both off.

She leads him to the bed and pushes him back, he falls and she is over him in a second. She takes his left legs and brings it over his head, tying it to the beds head board, then she proceeds to do the same to the right legs. He is on his back, legs spread apart and over his legs, his cock aching in a ring. She positions her hard cock over his mouth and starts to fuck his mouth once again. After a while she crawls back and sucks on her fingers, he looks into her eyes and he knows what going to come. with once hand she strokes his hard aching cock and with the other she insert two fingers in his ass. She inserts them in and pulls them out, inserts them in and wiggle them inside his ass. Then a third finger joins the two and he moans from a little pain but also from please. She positions her wet cock against his spread ass and says to him "you are about to get fucked in the ass by a cock. I'm gonna fuck you just like fucking a girl" and with that she thrusts her cock in his ass. He jumps from the sudden pain but her hands are already on his balls massaging them and giving him pleasure through his pain. After a few moments she grabs his thighs and start fucking his ass. She fucks him fast and hard and he can feel his ass stretches around her big cock and over the time he also feels pleasure. Getting fucked in the ass, unable to move his legs while she keeps on telling him how good a fuck he is and how tight is asshole is. Her tempo gets faster "ye baby, I'm so happy you came", she keeps on pumping faster and faster, she holds for a minute not wanting to cum just yet and then she continues to thrust her cock in and out of his ass. Her head is thrown back and she uses her hands over his body to push him over her cock to gain more penetration and more f***e.

She pulls her cock out of his ass and he can feel cold in his open hole, positioning herself in a over his cock and directs it to her ass. She sends a wet hand and wets his cock, opening her ass cheeks and lowering herself onto his cock. She begins to ride him, her hard cock bouncing up and down. She spreads her legs to the side, burying his cock deep in her ass and moving her hips around. her hand reaches back and she gently tugs and presses his balls. He wants to come so bad, he feels like his cock is going to explode.

She keeps on riding him. She moans and that sounds makes him loose it even more, arching her back her body is wet with sweat. Both her hands are on his chest, her head is bowed down and she lifts her ass and drops it down, lifts and drops. she brings her mouth to his ear and whispers to him "I'm gonna cum deep in your ass now". Getting off his dick, freeing his legs and turns him over to be on all four. Getting behind him she pushes her cock into his ass, it slides in easily and she grabs his ass cheeks burying her hands in them and starts pounding him. "Do you want my cum in you ? I know you do, just like you loves my cum in your mouth now you're getting my cum in your ass" she slaps his ass while saying. She brings her hand to his sore cock, rubbing, stroking, petting. She gives a hard fast thrust and stays deep in ass his while he feels the warm cum filling him inside, with one hand she quickly frees his cock ring, a second later he cums all over. They both collapse, she on top of him, her cock still half in his ass. She gathers some of the huge load he just shot, puts it over her lips and in her mouth and he kisses her clean.

For leannaxtsx.

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