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Ice Cream Sex

Amongst the contemptuous gender variant community in Springdale, Fernander Kago had earned the reputation of a pussy maker. The thirty-one year old immigrant from the Central African Republic was addicted to fucking boipussy. It was impossible for him to be faithful for two reasons. Firstly, because he was always horny. And secondly, because the first tranny in fucked in town told her friends how big his dick was. Now any half-way effeminate being with a penis was after him.

Tonight the dark-skinned five-foot-ten-inch, one-hundred-eighty-five-pound man was headed to the Roadside Motel to spend the night with Juju, an androgynous copper-skinned boy he met through a mutual friend three weeks prior. Juju was celebrating his twenty-second birthday and invited Fernander to join him.

Fernander knocked on the door and when Juju answered, he greeted him with a hug. He also handed the birthday boy a bouquet of pink roses he grabbed at the grocery store, a bottle of whiskey, and a card.

“Happy birthday,” he announced in his thick accent.
“Thank you, sweetie,” gleamed Juju. “Darn I don’t have any water to put these in.”
“Put them in the sink,” the IT professional suggested.
“Good idea,” the six-foot tall slender panty boy realized aloud.

Juju made arrangements for the flowers while Fernander poured two glasses of the brown liquor and mixed it with the cola Juju had picked up earlier. They sat on the bed and sipped their beverages.

Fernander started, “So what’s so different that you wanted to do on your birthday?”
“Do you like sweets,” Juju asked.
“Yeah. Why?”
“I want you to make my asshole into a sundae.”
“What do you mean,” a puzzled Fernander prodded.
“I have some whipped cream, chocolate and strawberry syrup, cherries, and vanilla ice cream.”
“I heard that,” he approved.

They refreshed their drinks then talked, laughed, and made out intermittently. Juju was dressed simply in a black cami, red hot shorts, and a pair of yellow footies. His natural hair was close cropped, but this evening he donned a flowing black wig and had gotten his make-up done by a professional. Simply put, the boy was beautiful. Fernander’s eleven inch fat cock was already aching to be released when Juju ran his hands across it. Fernander stood and stripped down to his sock.

Juju’s eyes swelled, “It’s so big. I mean long and fat. Oh my god!”
“You don’t want it,” he laughed.
“Oh but I do,” Juju countered moving down to suck it.

Juju’s jaws struggled fit the width into his mouth. He did his very best and fought through.
“That’s a good girl,” Fernander encouraged the straining pretty sissy.
“Thank you,” she said after removing her mouth for a quick break.
“Suck it a little more,” he begged although he was used to this.

After a couple of minutes, Fernander signaled for Juju to get up. “I’m ready for this sundae,” he chuckled.

Juju grabbed the ingredients from the small refrigerator and laid them out. He knelt on the bed and Fernander sprayed some of the whipped cream onto his brown hole. Fernander licked it out slowly and craftily causing Juju to squeal and squirm with delight. Next, he spooned on some ice cream and lapped it up as well. Finally, he decided to add everything.

Fernander built it up with the ice cream as the base then added more whipped cream. He drizzled chocolate syrup on the dessert and the on the sissy’s left butt cheek. Then on the right one, he poured out the strawberry syrup. He placed a cherry in the center and began to lick it starting with the gooey toppings. He worked to the andro-boy’s butt crack and went to town. Juju murmured sounds of contentment.

“Oh baby! Eat that asspussy.”

Fernander slapped her sticky buns while he munched away. He hopped to his feet and grabbed the container of Vaseline from the flimsy pressboard desk. He rubbed it onto his oversized tool and asked, “Are you ready?”

“Hold on,” Juju bounced up and retrieved his bottle of Super Rush. The slim cutie inhaled for a few moments then leapt onto the bed landing on all fours. He shook his ass urging Fernander to enter. “Owww,” the pussyboy shrieked as Fernander’s gargantuan dick pushed against his hole.

“Be still. Relax. Let that boipussy open up naturally. You can take it,” Fernander instructed his bottom. Juju sniffed the fumes of the popper once more. His body became warm all over and lightheaded. Momentarily his tight tender hole began to give way. “There you go,” breathed Fernander. “That’s some good tight boipussy.” Once his dick was three-quarters in, Juju tensed. Fernander pressed down on his back and scolded, “Be still till it’s all the way in. Hit that popper again.” Juju inhaled much longer this time.

Juju’s vision blurred as body temperature rose slightly. Fernander felt the sphincter muscle loosen so he slammed his hefty dick deep into Juju’s pretty ass. Juju whined even though he enjoyed. Fernander delivered long deliberate strokes. His large cock f***ed the rectum open. The faggot’s ass became wetter on his eleven inches.

“I could fuck you all night, sexy,” Fernander admitted.
“Please,” plead Juju.
“Get on your back so I can fuck you like a bitch!”

Juju rolled over and put his legs in the air. The smooth limbs rested on Fernander’s shoulders. Fernander bent down, grabbed Juju’s small butt cheeks, kissed his tender sweet lips, and began pounding the juicy wet hole. They kissed and made love as only a straight man and a faggot can. A tsunami of juice flowed from Juju’s ass. The slurping and farting encouraged Fernander.

“You have the wettest ass,” Fernander exclaimed. “I’m about to cum!”

His monster dick blasted an enormous load into Juju’s velvety faggot ass.

“You will make a nigga fall in love,” Fernander exhaled as rolled onto his back spent from such a large eruption. “You need to let me hit that on the regular.”

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