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He Shares s****r

Glancing up to my second-floor bedroom window, I thought I saw the curtains move.

I'd being laying out by the pool for about an hour, reading a boring book assigned as part of my school's summer reading program, and working on my tan, when I first detected movement at my bedroom window. It was too bright outside to see into my bedroom, but the pulled-back pink and white curtains had undeniably moved as I watched from behind my blue-tinted sunglasses.

No one was supposed to be home. It was a scorching hot afternoon, one of those mid-June days in Florida where the heat covered you like a wet blanket. Mom, an RN at a local hospital, was working a dayshift, and Dad was at another construction site down in Miami for the entire week. My twin b*****r, Andrew, was at his friend Mark's house helping Mark's father build a deck, so I was supposed to have the house and the pool all to myself. I'd swiped several of Dad's beers from the refrigerator and was getting a good buzz as I enjoyed my time alone.

Figuring that perhaps the air conditioning--the vent was on the floor directly under my window--was swirling the gauzy curtains around, I reached over and grabbed the bottle of sunscreen on the small table next to the chasse lounge and began to slather the oily crème all over my arms and upper body. I was wearing a new blue and white thong bikini that I had bought with money from by 18th birthday, two months earlier. Mom had forbidden me to wear it to the beach, so here I was, lying by our pool in the sexiest bikini no one would ever see.

Rolling on to my stomach, I oiled my back and shoulders as best I could and then untied the back of the tiny bikini top before once again immersing myself into "An American Tragedy." Reaching into the ice bucket at my side, I popped open another beer and sipped thirstily from the can.

Ten or so minutes later, I rolled back onto my back and again glanced up at my bedroom window. I wasn't positive, but I thought I again detected movement. Slipping my tiny bikini top off my sweat covered tits; I rubbed the already bronzed flesh with another oily dose of sunscreen.

Slowly glancing around the fenced-in yard, I rubbed and caressed my oily tits causing my nipples to spike and ache with need. Thinking about the date I had coming up with Chris Patrick, one of the rich k**s from our school, I felt my little pussy give a quick shiver.

Chris and I had gone out once before four days earlier. We'd spent the day at the beach with a bunch of his friends--we hung out in separate crowds--and then he'd taken me to the movies. Like every boy I dated, Chris was anxious to see how far he could get. We'd flirted and teased a lot at the beach and during the movie, we held hands and he'd put his arm around me. After the movie, Chris, his voice tinged with uncertainty, asked if I wanted to go home. Leaning over to kiss him, I suggested we go to a well-known lover's lane in a wooded area between the river and the ocean to "talk." I noticed Tim's hands trembling a bit as he inserted the car-key into the ignition and I quickly leaned over to kiss him again in reassurance.

Arriving at the municipal park, we found an appropriately secluded parking spot in the woods and Chris killed the car lights. A few moments later we were locked in a tight embrace, kissing passionately. I wasn't sure if Chris knew of my naughty reputation and if that was the main reason he'd asked me out, but he didn't seem too surprised when my hand started to fumble with the zipper of his jeans. Emboldened, Chris began to unbutton my tight top, and after a few brief seconds, his hands were caressing my plump, braless tits.

With Chris' help, I succeeded in pulling his steel-hard cock-shaft from the confines of his jeans and under shorts, and soon had my date moaning in delight as he pushed my head up and down on his hard, throbbing fuck-meat.

It wasn't long before Chris flooded my greedy mouth with his tangy, hot cum and I swallowed and sucked eagerly as he held my little blonde head firmly in place. Looking up at him, I licked the final traces of his hot spunk away from my lips and hastily unfastened my own jeans.

Chris' cock stayed hard and, following my lead, he crawled between and partially over the front seats to join me in the back of his mom's Cherokee. Chris wasted no time in peeling my tight jeans and sticky yellow panties from over my squirming ass and hips as I moaned with lust. Pushing me down against the rear seat, he hurriedly got on top of me and plugged his stiff cock into my oozing cunt-hole.

"Fuck, you're easy," Chris groaned ungentlemanly, but not unkindly, as he started to pump into me. "You're so fucking hot, Kathy!"

Humping up against my new boyfriend, I moaned and whimpered as my pussy stretched to accommodate his hard boner. His mom's Cherokee bounced slowly, steadily as we rutted in the back seat and, five minutes later, Chris stiffened and yelped as he shot a hot load of cum deep in my tight, gyrating pussy.

We drove almost wordlessly back to my house. I was a bit disappointed that Chris had not made me cum, but then again, not many boys did the first time. I'd learned that it took experience and patience to make me cum, something boys didn't often have the first time with me.

I was afraid that Chris was not going to ask me out again, since I'd put out so quickly, but when we pulled up to the side of my house he bashfully spoke up. "I have tickets to the Offspring concert next Friday. Do you want to go?"

Delighted that one of the rich boys wanted to date me again, I responded by enthusiastically kissing him. Within moments, my head was back in his lap, and, as Chris scanned the neighborhood, alert for intruders, I sucked and licked his hard cock fervently. Up and down, I bobbed my blonde head, moaning and whimpering softly as Chris' cock filled my mouth and wedged against the back of my throat. Once again pushing down on the back of my head, Chris let out a loud grunt, as his cock-head nudged past my tonsils and exploded in my gullet. Gagging and spluttering just a bit, I dutifully let Chris push his cock all the way down my throat and discharge his load of hot, creamy cum straight into my belly.

After getting into bed that night, I'd rubbed my sticky little slit to two huge orgasms, panting and swearing under by breath as I came. Now, lying on the lounge chair by the pool, I closed my eyes and plucked at my hard nipples while recalling the events of Chris' and my first date.

Once again, though, I felt the sensation of being watched. At first, I passed it off to the probability that, after four of Dad's beers, I was at least slightly d***k. Still, I quickly glanced at my bedroom window once more. This time I was positive I detected movement around the edges of the large window. Leaving my book on the lounge chair, I made a show of examining the empty ice bucket. Retying my bikini top around my neck and back, I left my flip-flops next to the chair and made my way inside. Hurriedly, but stealthily, I glided up the stairs towards my bedroom.

Reaching the top of the stairs I paused briefly to listen for any sounds. Sure enough I heard voices emanating from inside my bedroom. At a snail's pace, I crept towards the door, alert for any motion from my bedroom.

As I neared the door, I heard my younger (by eight minutes) b*****r's voice. "She's in the kitchen stealing more beer. She'll be going back out; she left all her stuff out on the chair and table.

"I sure hope so," I heard his best friend Mark respond. I gotta see if she plays with her tits some more. My cock is so fucking hard!"

"I told you she's got great tits," my little b*****r proudly informed his friend. I'd do anything to get my cock between them."

"How big are they? Do you know how big they are?" Mark asked Andrew.

൪C." My b*****r promptly responded. "It says it right there, see?"

Holding my breath, I crept closer to the open door and cautiously peered around the corner. Immediately I had to stifle a gasp. Both Mark and Andrew were sporting erections as they stood near my bedroom window. Mark had a yellow pair of my thong panties in his hand that he was rubbing slowly across his rather thick cock. Andrew, always an overachiever, had both a black bra and a black pair of my panties in hand as he also stroked his rigid boner.

"And God when she rolled over!" My b*****r panted. "That ass! Wow!"

"Fuck yeah!" Huffed Mark in agreement. "I'd give anything to fuck her ass. I mean, I want to fuck her pussy too, but I really want to do her ass! I'd fucking drill her ass!"

"She makes these hot-ass little squealing sounds when she gets her ass fucked," My b*****r informed him. "I saw Todd Daniel fuck her ass about a month ago. I was watching from the hallway. She had no idea I got home from school before them. I had to beat off all night after watching that."

I was shocked! Not only were my b*****r and his friend jerking off into my lingerie while talking trash about me, but Andrew had also obviously been spying on me while I'd been fucking boys from school. Silently, I crept forward a tad bit more to make sure I heard everything.

"How do you stand it?" Mark inquired. "She's the hottest girl in school and you live with her. It's gotta hurt, man."

"Yeah," my b*****r agreed, "Sometimes she walks around here in practically nothing; just panties and a bra or crop top. She's such a fucking cock-tease. I have to leave the room and go jerk off so I don't start popping boners all the time. I swear that one of these days I'm not gonna be able to fucking help myself and I'm gonna just grab her and fuck her ass off."

"Ohhh!" I thought to myself. "My b*****r jerks off thinking about fucking me! That's too fucking wicked!"

"Maybe you should check on her?" Mark suggested. "It's been a few minutes.

"Nah" Drew responded nonchalantly, "She'll be back. All her stuff is still out there; she won't leave it."

"I hope not." Mark sighed. "Watching her play with her tits is so fucking hot."

Despite my initial feelings of shock and embarrassment, I found myself becoming turned on at the boys' filthy talk, and I used one hand to lightly rub my now moist cunt-mound as I eavesdropped on the proactive exchange.

"You think that was hot," Drew responded, his voice catching a little as he stroked his hard cock. "You should see her sucking cock."

"Oh fuck!" Mark huffed. "That's fucking hot. Have you seen her do that too?"

"Yeah. Lots." Drew responded, getting more excited as he reported on my wicked behavior. "Last time was about a week ago. You know Heath Larkin, right? He was lying face up on her bed and she was on her knees to one side of him sucking his thing like crazy. She was moaning and groaning on his cock, her ass wagging back and forth. She swallowed his cum, and then he fucked her for about 20 minutes. I came two times watching that."

"Jesus!" Mark groaned, stroking his own cock a little harder as he stared out the window. "I'd love to see that! I wish she'd get back out there."

"Don't worry," Drew reassured him. "She'll be back."

"You never did tell me if all that stuff I asked you about was true." Mark went on.

"What stuff?" Drew queried. "You mean what Josh and Allen told you?"

"Yeah. That." Mark stated. "You know about the guys she supposedly fucked in the back of the bus after basketball games last year. They said that some guys saw her getting nailed in a car in the parking lot after school too a few times, too. And I told you that Josh said he saw her get out of Mr. Skinner's car late one night just around the corner from your house. You think he fucked her?"

"Well," began my little b*****r hesitatingly. "I'm not 100% sure about the first two, but I did hear her talking to her friend Shasta on the phone about Mr. Skinner. She was telling Shasta how Skinner had given her a ride home the day before and taken her to his house while his wife was outta town and then fucked her. I've heard her and Shasta talk about it since then too; he's fucked both of them a few times.

"Damn!" Mark exclaimed, "She's so hot even the teachers wanna fuck her! I don't need to ask about the other thing I heard; you know, about her taking it in the ass; since you said you saw that."

"Oh yeah," My b*****r affirmed. "I saw that with my own eyes right in this room. Todd had her squealing and wriggling big time. She didn't have her panties all the way off; Todd had just pulled them aside and stuck it in her butt. She was begging and pleading for that cock up her ass."

"I wanna fuck her so bad!" Mark whined loudly after hearing Drew's report, "I wanna cum in her pussy then in her ass! I wanna do her ass so bad!"

"You don't have to live with her." Drew grumbled in complaint. "How hard do you think it is knowing your s****r's the hottest bitch in school and you can't touch her? She knows it too. I think she purposely struts around half naked just to drive me and Dad crazy. Mom never seems to notice, but I know Dad does."

It was true that at times I intentionally teased my dad and my b*****r, but I never really thought that they would get sexually aroused. I always thought that they would be more annoyed than anything. Now, with the knowledge that I affected them just like I did other guys, and knowing that Drew desperately wanted to fuck me, I grew wetter and wetter.

"If I were you," Mark declared, panting harshly. "I'd be trying to fuck her every time your Mom and Dad were gone. You know she likes to drink, so get her d***k and fuck her brains out, dude. That's what I'd do if she were my s****r! I'd get her so fucking d***k; then I'd make her beg for my cock. I'd fuck her so fucking hard!"

Mark's voice rose in pitch as he talked excitedly about what he'd do to me. In response, Drew plotted.

"Yeah. I should. I should wait until she sneaks home late from a party one night, all d***k or high, and threatened to tell Mom and Dad unless she blows me. Then I'd lay her on her bed and fuck her pussy all night. I'd fucking use her pussy. Just fuck it and fuck it and fuck it."

"And her ass." Mark added, "You'd have to fuck her ass too. She needs to know you're in charge! Girls like when guys take charge and just fuck 'em however they want. You can't be a pussy about it."

"Yeah, I know" Drew hissed in response. "I know what they like."

Unable to resist, I removed my bikini top, dropped it on the floor outside my bedroom and walked calmly into the room. Still anticipating my imminent return pool-side, neither Mark nor Drew noticed me until I spoke.

"You two wouldn't know what to do with a girl if you had the chance!"

Stunned, Mark and Drew whipped around guiltily. Frantically, they tried to simultaneously cover up and toss aside my pilfered underwear. Both of their faces turned brilliant shades of scarlet as they realized they'd been caught in the act.

"So you guys often stare at me and jerk off together?" I smirked "Is that how you get off? Talk big and bad and jerk off like a couple of fags?"

"We're not fags!" Drew cut in as he and Mark f***ed their erections back into their shorts. 'We just...just..."

"I know you're not," I giggled to my younger b*****r, my arms folded under my naked tits. "I heard what you said you'd do. It sure sounds like you like girls. Well, here I am. Whatcha gonna do about it?"

Receiving no response, I teasingly went on, "You two better get outta here; and close the door behind you. Too bad you don't really know what a girl needs, otherwise I wouldn't have to take a cold shower now."

Despite my inviting line, I was almost positive that the two boys would skulk, embarrassed, out of my bedroom; however, as Drew glanced briefly at Mark, a look of "what the hell" crossed his still-flushed face and the two boys walked towards me. Seconds later I was flat on my back in the middle of my pillow-strewn bed, the two boys each sucking one of my tits into their mouth, as I moaned with mounting excitement.

I knew that my b*****r had fucked at least one girl from school--her older s****r was a friend of mine who told me everything--but I had no idea about Mark's previous sexual experience. Evidently both boys had done far more than I ever expected, because they sure know how to suck my tits!

"Suck 'em!" I whined in bliss, squirming on my bed. "Oh yeah! Suck my tits! It feels so good!"

Slurping, sucking sounds filled my head as the two friends sucked and slobbered excitedly on my firm boobs. I heard their moans and groans become louder and more frequent, and I felt them grinding their cloth-covered cocks into my hips. I knew they were getting hotter and hotter by the second and, that if I didn't stop them, they'd both dry hump themselves to orgasm. With great effort, I pushed their heads away from my spit-soaked tits.

"Stop! Stop!" I commanded and sat up on the side of the bed. "That's enough!"

Mark and Drew looked devastated! They were sure I was being the biggest cock-tease on the planet, but I quickly disabused them of that erroneous belief. "Stand in front of me," I commanded, "And pull your pants back down!"

I almost laughed out loud as the two boys hastened to follow my directions. A few moments later, they stood before me, shorts around their ankles, hard cocks pointing straight up in the air.

"Who first?" I cooed seductively as I reached out and gently grasped a twitching cock in each little hand, "Which one of you wants to go first?"

Drew and Mark looked at each other in exquisite agony and Mark made the call. "You first. I mean she's your..."

"You want me to do Drew first," I teasingly asked Mark. You want to watch me suck off my own baby b*****r?"

Both boys groaned deeply as I stressed the eight-minute age difference between Drew and me.

I knew that both boys were already overexcited and on the verge of cumming, but I wasn't too concerned; as worked up as they were, I knew their cocks would not go soft for hours. Licking my lips suggestively, I reached out my hand and pulled Drew's rigid cock as far down as I could. Sticking my little pink tongue out, I swiped it back and forth across the leaking head of my little b*****r's cock. Almost immediately Drew whimpered in release and sprayed my face with a thin, stinging jet of cock-cream. Expecting the result, but not the f***e at which his hot jizz jetted out, my head recoiled automatically from the powerful blast, but I recovered quickly and tipped my head forward to smoothly capture my b*****r's exploding fuck-tube in my hot mouth.

"Kathy!" My b*****r wailed helplessly as his cock jerked and erupted in my mouth. "Oh God! Oh Shit!"

My mouth quickly filled with Drew's sweet, hot cum and I was f***ed to swallow noisily to make room for the rest that was sure to follow. Spunk slithered from my forehead down the bridge of my nose and onto my lips as Drew's cock twitched erratically in my mouth. Rolling my eyes up, I turned my cum-splattered, cock-stuffed face up to look at the extremely aroused boys.

Unexpectedly, with a loud yelp, Mark shot his load in sympathetic response. Because of the angle at which I was holding his dick in my left hand, the first stream of cum shot over my head like a missile contrail. As Mark howled in release, I faced a cum lover's quandary; I had one spurting cock in my mouth and another in my hand!

Splat! The next cum-ribbon from Mark's cock spattered against the side of my face right below my temple. Quickly expelling Drew's cock from my mouth, I turned to suck Mark's cock just as it fired another steaming jet of sperm at my face, striking me just below my left eye. Quickly, I captured the squirting cock-head between my lips and started to suck.

Drew was not done yet either. After I spit his cock from my sucking mouth, he wrapped his hand around his shuddering cock and pointed the sperm-shooter at the side of my face. Splat! A wad of cum sprayed the right side of my face covering my cheek. Splat! Another jet smacked me on the side of my nose.

It was soon over. Standing there in front of me, Drew and Mark moaned softly as they gazed down on my cum-covered face. Going back and forth, I sucked each of their sticky cocks deep into my mouth for a few seconds before switching to the other.

"That was quick!" I giggled to the delighted boys. "Look what you did to me. You both shot so much. Now, I'm gonna do this right!"

Getting down off my bed, I got on my knees in front of my b*****r and his best friend. Taking my time, I licked and sucked each of their cocks for long minutes making them groan and huff in rapturous delight.

Looking up at Mark, my face still a cum-splattered mess, I teased. "Do you like seeing my suck off my own b*****r?" Pretty wicked isn't it?"

"Not at all!" Mark responded earnestly as I shoved his hard cock back into my soft, wet mouth "It's just fucking hot!"

Throwing my head back and forth, I gobbled down the boy's cocks. My hair swung wildly as I stuffed my greedy mouth with hard dick. I'd discovered months before that I could take a cock all the way down my throat without gagging, and I thrilled Mark and Drew as I repeatedly pushed my face forward until their cocks were totally wedged into my clenching throat.

"Oh fuck! Kathy!" Mark grunted in warning as I pushed his cock-head past my tonsils once more. "I'm getting close!"

Looking up, I saw a look of anxiety etched on his face. Looking over at Drew, I saw that he too was concerned about once again blasting in my face. Somehow, I'd gotten caught up in a cocksucker's stupor and had missed the signs that the two boys were getting close to coming again.

Pushing away from them, I got up on my bed and laid back, legs spread wide. Pouting up at Mark I directed, "Take my bottoms off."

As he slid his hands along my hips, I pushed them away gently. "No! Use your teeth! Let's see how bold you really are!"

Eagerly Mark pushed forward and grabbed the top edge of my bikini bottom with his teeth. Tugging firmly, he pulled the tiny, damp piece of cloth down until I was f***ed to raise my tight little ass from the pink bedspread in order to let him finish. As he pulled it off my ankle, I heard him groan in tormented delight.

"She doesn't have any hair on it!"

"Off course not!" I told him with a leering smirk. "How else could I wear bikinis like this if I didn't shave it?

"Oh, I know," my b*****r hastened to add. "Both Michelle and Jenny shave theirs, too. I know that's what girls do."

I wanted to know more about Jenny and Michelle, but at the moment my pussy was too hot for me to do anything but think about what I needed. I was just about to suggest that perhaps one of the excited boys should lick my pussy when Mark surprised me. Without any urging from me whatsoever, my b*****r's best friend spread my swollen little pussy lips and started licking!

"Ungggg!" I gasped in surprised delight as his tongue laved away at my sensitive cunt-lips. "Ohhhhhh! That's so good!"

I had no idea who had taught Mark to eat pussy, but someone surely had. Expertly, he ran his tongue all around my sticky slit, making me moan and whine with wanton pleasure. Pointing his tongue, he stabbed it in and out of my drooling fuck-hole as I writhed frenziedly on the bed.

With hard cock in hand, Drew urged him on "Yeah man! Eat her! Lick it, dude! Oh fuck, that's so hot!"

Mark was very, very good. After thoroughly licking and sucking every inch of my pussy lips, he moved his attention to my hard little clit and lapped at it lightly, causing hot sparks to race through my petite body. Instinctively, I started to grind my cunt up to his face, my tight ass making tiny little circles above the pink, crocheted coverlet. As he concentrated on my clit, Mark began to work one of his fingers into my taut, tiny cunt-chute. Bit by bit, he shoved his finger into my hot tightness as I gurgled in delight.

"Put it in there! Put your finger in there. Fuck it with your finger! Finger-fuck my pussy!" I moaned in bliss.

I heard my b*****r's sharp intake of breath as he listened to my filthy exhortations. I'd learned during my first ever blowjob that boys (and men) seemed to enjoy it more when I talked nasty; it was obvious my b*****r was no exception. Knowing how hot my "trash talk" made guys gave me a feeling of intense power, and I got even hotter when guys used the same language in return; it made fucking so much more enjoyable.

As expected, Drew followed my lead, "Fuck her! Fuck her pussy! Oh! Oh! Shit!" My little b*****r seemed nearly hysterical as he watched his friend skillfully suck and finger-bang my slippery little cunt-slit.

Five minutes went by as Mark jammed his finger in and out of my wet fuck-slot while licking and sucking on my throbbing clit. I squirmed madly on my bed as his talented mouth began to push me towards a huge orgasm. My breathing became rough and ragged, my groans and whimpers louder and more frequent, signaling that I was close to climaxing. Mark knew exactly what to do. Correctly interpreting my signals, he sucked my clit into his hot mouth and batted it around fiercely with his tongue.

I gave one loud, helpless yelp and suddenly my bald pussy exploded! Grabbing the back of Mark's head, I ground my hips up high off the bed and mashed his face into my cumming fuck-hole.

"Unnggh! Unhggg! Unhggg!" I bleated and grunted loudly as I came intensely all over Mark's wet face. "Ohhhhhh fucking God! Yes! Oh Yes!"

As I collapsed back on the bed, shuddering and shaking in ecstasy, Mark pushed away and looked down at me smugly; he'd just made his best friend's older s****r cum all over his face and he was plenty proud of that fact. "Wow!" I praised after I calmed down. "Where'd you learn to do that?"

He was about to answer, when Drew impatiently pulled him aside.

"My turn!" My little b*****r anxiously announced. "It's my turn, now!"

"Hold it a sec," I interjected. "It's already 3:30. Mom will be home around 4. I'm not sure we have enough time for you to do it too."

My poor b*****r looked crestfallen, so I quickly added with a naughty grin, "We still have time for something else wanna fuck me?"

For a brief second, I thought Drew was going to spray his load all over me as I lay there on the bed, my pussy all creamy from Mark's spit and my girl-cum. Both boys looked as if they'd just been hit in their stomachs with poles, and they both uttered groans of tormented disbelief as I spread my slender legs and slid back towards the center of my bed.

Looking up Mark, I issued a quick apology. "I think it's only fair that I gave Drew first shot. I mean he is my b*****r..."

Mark nodded his head miserably, his hard cock jerking in the air as he eyed my gooey cunt-hole. "Okay, but hurry! Before your Mom gets home!"

Crooking my finger, I signaled for Drew to step forward and he did so eagerly, his hard cock pointing straight in the air. Lying down on top of me, he moaned softly as I fisted his twitching cock-shaft and centered it on my itchy cunt-hole.

"Fuck me, Baby!' I teased my over-excited little b*****r. "Fuck my cunt!"

Drew didn't waste anytime slamming his hard cock into me.

"Unnggh!" He grunted as he felt the hot folds of my pussy-tunnel encompass the hardness of his thick fuck-stick.

"Uffff!" I shrilled as his cock f***ed my pussy-chute to split wide.

"Ohhh! So good! So good, Drew! Fuck it! Fuck it!" I cried looking up at him.

Biting his lower lip, Drew concentrated on sliding his cock all the way into me. I was sure he was going to spurt my pussy full of cum at any second, but I was in for my third big surprise of the day as he quickly settled into a slow, deliberate pace without white-washing my pussy-hole.

As if in disbelief, Drew announced. "I'm fucking you, Kath! I'm really fucking you!"

Gurgling in sluttish delight, I teased. "Yessss, Drew. You've got your big cock in your big s****r! You nasty fuck. You're so fucking bad. You know you shouldn't be fucking me like this."

Of course, Drew knew no such thing. He'd seen me practically naked on a daily basis and obviously got turned on spying on me with other boys. As far as he was concerned, I was just another hot slut in need of a good hard fucking.

In and out, Drew rammed his cock making me whimper with delight. I'd noticed with pride that his cock was a bit longer and thicker than Mark's, and it was obvious he knew how to use it.

As he watched, Mark was going out of his mind, "Oh Shit! Fuck her, Drew! Man! You're fucking your own fucking s****r! Oh God, this is too fucking hot! Hurry up! I gotta fuck her too! Hurry up!"

"Put your legs around my back, Kath" Drew asked after three or four minutes of steady fucking. "I want you to put them up."

"Okay," I moaned softly raising my legs up and hooking them over my humping b*****r's back. "Fuck me harder, Drew. I want you to really fuck my pussy hard, okay? I want you to do it hard and fast!"

"Ohhhhhh fuck, Kathy!" He responded, "I will! I will! I'll fuck it so fucking hard."

I moaned and whimpered continuously as my b*****r pounded my cunt harder and harder. I was impressed and pleased with his staying power, but I knew that my mom would get home soon. Lifting my legs from around Drew's back, I grabbed my ankles in my hands and spread my slender legs as wide as possible. At that moment, Drew's cock slid another half-inch into my fiery-hot cunt tunnel and bucked violently. Without warning his cock began to erupt.

"Agggh! That's it! That's it! Agggh! Ahhhhhh!" My b*****r wailed noisily.

Pushing himself up onto his arms, Drew pounded his spurting cock-meat deep inside my snug fuck-hole as he watched my face.

"Cum!" I wailed to my sperm-spewing b*****r "Cum in my pussy! Oh baby! Cum for me! So good! It's so good!"

Teasingly, I looked up at my panting b*****r as he finished and stared down at me. "Well? Was it worth it? You're gonna burn in hell for fucking me, you know? You're going to hell for banging my pussy. I sure hope you liked it."

"Fuck, yes." My satiated little b*****r predictably responded as he rolled off of me. "It was definitely worth it!"

Glancing at the clock on my dresser I saw that it was 3:45. Mark followed my gaze and appeared distressed. Just as I as about to speak he broke in, "Please, Kathy. Please. I promise I'll be quick. Just let me put it in you and cum. Please!"

Mark looked as if he were about to cry as he pleaded with me to let him fuck my pussy.

"Mark," I said in mock sincerity. "I'm sorry, you can't fuck my pussy, right now...but you can fuck my ass." With that I rolled over onto my belly and pouted at him from over my shoulder.

The silence was palpable. You'd have thought my Mom had walked in or something. After ten or so seconds had passed, Drew started to complain, but I silenced him quickly. "I heard you both talking. Mark's the one who wanted to fuck my ass so bad. You'll get your turn; don't worry. Go into the bathroom and get the Vaseline - hurry!"

As Drew sped from the room, I told Mark what to do. "Put it in my pussy a little first. Get it all wet so it slides in easy."

I wasn't sure how Mark would feel about sloppy seconds, but I was reasonable convinced that given the opportunity to fuck my ass, he'd do anything I wanted. Sure enough, he quickly mounted me from behind and slid his throbbing dick up my slimy pussy-hole. Immediately I clamped down hard on the invading fuck-tool and squeezed it firmly.

"Oh! Oh! Oh Kathy!" He moaned. "Oh God!" "Don't cum!" I begged him. "Don't cum yet. Just hold it there. Don't cum!"

Drew walked back into the room and grudgingly handed his friend the jar of Vaseline. Mark pulled his cock out of my steamy pussy slowly and steadily, whimpering as he did so, trying hard not to spray my ass-cheeks with molten ball-batter.

"Take some and put it on my butt-hole," I told Mark. "Just put some on there and then push a little with your finger.

I felt the cold, gooey Vaseline plop against my tight asshole as Mark complied with my instructions. Quickly, he slathered a glob of the greasy lubricant around my butt-hole, then pushed his finger part way into my barely-yielding ass-ring.

"Stick it in," I hissed. "Stick your finger in there a little farther! Get it slippery in there!"

Panting softly, Mark did as directed and slid his finger in and out of my tight ass-tube as I groaned with pleasure. Drew watched intently as his best friend enthusiastically loosened up my tiny little ass-chute with his well-lubed finger.

"Ohhhhhh fuck it, now!" I cooed softly, squirming my ass in little circles as Mark withdrew his finger. "Stick your cock in it and fuck it now! Hurry! Ass-fuck me! We don't have much time!"

Using one arm to prop himself up, Mark fisted his slimy cock with his free hand and moved in on me. Placing his fuck-rod at the tight pucker of my asshole, he pushed...and missed, his cock deflecting upwards between the rounded cheeks of my firm ass.

"Fuck!" He groaned in frustration and a hint of embarrassment.

"So'k," I murmured hotly to him as I reached behind and spread my ass-cheeks wide. "It's not easy to get in there. You gotta push hard!"

It took Mark three more attempts, but on the fourth try, I felt the head of his cock bull past my constricting ass-ring and triumphantly f***e its way up my tight butt-hole.

"Ngggggggghhhhhh!" I bleated loudly kicking my little feet against the bed. "Ahhhhhhhh! Nggghhhhhhh!"

Thinking he'd hurt me, Mark suddenly stopped pushing.

"Fuck me! I whimpered to get him going again. "Fuck my ass! Keep going! Stick it all the way in!"

With a loud snort, Mark lay down on top of me and drove his meaty shaft all the way up my ass with one determined shove.

"Unghhhhh! Ah! Ah! Ah!" He panted, breathlessly as his cock glided deep into the scalding confines of my tiny, little ass.

My hands clawed desperately at the pink coverlet, and I grabbed one of the white fully pillows at the top of my bed and buried my face into its soft confines.

"Do it!" I wailed loudly into the pillow. "Push it in and out! Fuck it! C'mon Mark! Fuck my ass hard! Fuck it like you said you would!"

Tentatively at first, Mark started to stroke his throbbing cock in and out of the welcoming hot tightness of my clenching ass. As his cock-strokes became longer and more assured, I tightened my ass muscles around his thrusting cock and started to squeal piercingly.

"Skeee! Skeee! Skeeeeeeeeeee!" Oh Godddd! Yessss! Skeeeeeeeeeee! Skeeeeee! Fuck meeeeee! Fuck meeeee!"

Mark had his face next to mine and as I listened to him gasp, grunt, then sob into my ear, I felt him pound my accommodating, cock-stuffed little ass even harder.

"Ohhhhhh God! Can't. Hold. It. Anymore! I'm. Going. To. Cummmmmmm!"

Slamming his cock balls-deep up my baby-soft ass, Mark ejaculated. I felt his hard cock kick and buck angrily as he unleashed a torrent of hot creamy dick-goo into my burning asshole.

"Cum in it!" I sobbed softly, contentedly, lifting my head and biting down on the pillow in my hands. "Cum in it!"

I churned my hot, tight ass in little circles, milking out every drop of Mark's hot ball-batter. Looking up, I saw Drew standing near my bed, a stricken look on his face. He was rapidly stroking his twitching cock back and froth, ready to cum again.

Before I could issue an invitation, he got on the bed, knee-walked over to me, and whimpered, "Kathyyyyy!"

Just as I took the oozing head of his rock-hard cock into my mouth, I heard the garage door open, signaling that Mom was home from the hospital. Calmly, I looked up at my little b*****r and pushed my face forward, swallowing the entire length of his raging hard-on with one move. Immediately, his stiff fuck-rod jerked erratically before firing a creamy wad of spunk down my throat.

"Unnggh! Unnngh!" He grunted blissfully as he stroked his spewing dick in and out of my gullet. Oh God...Yessss! Yessss! Eat it, s*s! Eat it!""

As I greedily swallowed my younger b*****r's steamy load of tangy cock-cream, I twisted away from Mark, forcing his softening cock out of my well-fucked ass. He uttered a low moan as his cock plopped free.

"Kathy!" My mom called from downstairs after throwing her keys on the kitchen counter. "Are you up there?"

Quickly swallowing the last bit of Drew's thick jizz, I responded brightly. "I sure am. I'm just getting into the shower; I was out by the pool all day. I'll be down in fifteen minutes, okay?"

As I responded Drew and Mark scrambled to find bits of assorted clothing and tried to quietly get dressed before my Mom came upstairs.

"All right, Honey," She responded cheerfully. "Have you seen your b*****r today?"

"Yep!" I yelled down as Drew and Mark retreated into Drew's bedroom. He and Mark are in his room playing video games. You want me to get him for you?"

"No, don't bother, Honey." I'll be up to see him after I get something out of the freezer for dinner.

Twenty minutes later, freshly showered, I went downstairs to help Mom start dinner. I'd sprayed some of my perfume in my bedroom to mask the scent of the afternoon's activities, but I needn't have bothered; Mom never went into my room unless I asked her to.

That night, Drew was the most attentive and sweet he'd ever been. In fact, I was worried that Mom or Dad would get suspicious at how nice he was to me, but then again, they probably thought we were just growing up. They were right about that!

Mom and Dad went to bed at 10:30. At 11:30, I slipped off the bottom's of my baby-doll nighty and creepy silently into Drew's room.

"Drew!" I whispered quietly. "Are you awake!"

"Yes!" My younger b*****r responded immediately. "I was thinking about..."

"Shush! Be real quite." I warned even though his bedroom was on the other side of the house from our parents', and both of them were very sound sl**pers. "Do you feel guilty about what we did today?"

"Not at all!" He assuredly whispered. "I loved it. What about you?"

"Mmmmm. I did too," I sighed softly, easing off my top and crawling, naked, into bed with him.

"Here," I said handing him the jar of Vaseline as I ducked down to suck his already throbbing erection, "It's your turn, now!"

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