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Fallen Werewolf

She had curves. And breasts. A derriere man could grab onto. And dunes of ruby red hair botched around her shoulders, lowered to her love handles. She moved into view, away from the French doors as he leaned back calmly into his chair. The look on her face told him that she knew oh so very well what was going to happen – that this was no ordinary business gathering. His eyes drifted down to her blue dress clutched to a succulent coke bottle figure. She was definitely a lusty, full-figured woman – everything he dreamed of.

Her big, bright eyes were sultry and eccentric, an amazing mixture of jade green, blue and gold. He thought they looked like shimmering gemstones. They were gorgeous, in their own right. Her slightly parted lips were so full and red; it looked like she’d been kissed. A lot.

Maybe she had?

With that thought, his hands clenched into fists and his fangs threatened to lengthen. Moving like a raiding serpent, he seized her and pulled her against him, so intimidating, he bet, she felt each and every millimetre of his resilient body. Frantic, she wriggled against him, and he gasped unexpectedly. She stilled immediately, startled by the physical evidence of his response to her.

“Lily girl.” He breathed, “You’re in big trouble now!” A deep rumble founding from the back of his throat echoed in the room, turning into a growl as he bared his white teeth. His fangs sprouting with hunger.

They locked eyes, trepidation in hers, as he framed her face, with his hands. Desire flickered in his blue sapphire eyes as he lowered his mouth down to hers. The unspoken words were left to linger in the air

5years ago

Tyrell Kohl still reminisced the fallen day, even after 6000 years of repetition to disremember. Where that damned f***eful hand had cast him away, down to earth. He'd decreased like a shooting star; his skin scorching till his white wings demolished away. Agony was not something he had acknowledged before or formerly experiencing it. But what was even worse than the physical weakness was the knowledge that he would indefinitely be contradicted by Heaven.

Not that it mattered anymore. His Rajah, King, Lord and God were Lucifer now – the angel of light. He still managed to own that title with several others even after the disastrous battle where Mikhail, the angel warrior, had booted the Author of Evil down into the dim bottomless pit.

Never again can true reconcilement grow where wounds of deadly hate have been pierced so deep…

When Hades had taken him under their black wing, Tyrell had become forever grateful. He hadn’t known why or how but the second he’d hit Earths auburn dirt, a sequence of unforgettable, unbearable pain coursed through him. His cries had filled the night, becoming one with darkness. Tyrell’s canines originated into hefty, vicious fangs and his vision twisted into a deadly wounded red. He had shaken violently, his body, manipulated like it was being torn and shredded into pieces as he transformed into a wolf.

Tyrell learned to control his inner-demon in Hell, becoming stronger, faster every passing day and shape-shifting from human to wolf at any given time. Becoming one with the wolf. He came to realise that no living being was innocent. That the world was made up of predators and prey. Those who are strong conquer those who are weak and Kohl was determined to show that human beings and Heavens Angels were prey just as he was a vicious Predator.

Tyrell had developed into one of Lucifers favourites over the years of service and for that, Lucifer knighted him as a Demon Lord in his dynasty. Years, centuries and millenniums past and not once in his right mind did he ever regret working for Lucifer.

Well, that was until he was assigned to kill Lily Klein.

Every obligation given to him from Lucifer was written on a black, bulky feather, in-scripted with gold. The Demon Contract. It was unbreakable once you signed it.

In concession of Lord Lucifer,
You, Tyrell Kohl have agreed to claim Lily Klein’s soul before transporting her back to Hades. As soon as your first duty is completed you will possess Klein, keeping her enslaved until all Hell breaks loose in Heaven when Mikhail realises we have captured his only daughter.
And when that does happen, you will kill her.
Mercilessly Done...

In treaty he would be granted possession of his new wings and that was something Tyrell Kohl intended to keep.

by K. Shizz

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