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My first threesome, part 2

Swimming with two naked woman, and watching them play with each other, had me hard again in fairly short order. My s****r in law was the first to notice when she swam up to me and stroked my now-hard cock. "Hey, Mr's X, it feels like he's ready for the main event!" Mrs. X swam close, and they took turns facing me, parting their cunt lips and sliding themselves onto my shaft underwater. They were both so wet that even being underwater, it was incredibly easy to slide into them. While one would ride my cock, the other would swim around, fondling my balls, fingering our asses, or sucking on the other's tits. Eventually, my s****r in law slid in close while I was fucking Mrs. X and whispered something in her ear. Mr's X nodded and slid off of me.

"Come sit on the edge again," they said in unison. I wondered if I was getting another blow job, and willingly did as I was asked. When I did, however, my s****r in law jumped up out of the water as well. She stood over me, naked and dripping, and told me to lay back on the deck. I did, leaving my legs dangling in the water and my cock standing at attention. She made me slide a little closer to the pool, until my ass was barely on the edge, then she turned around and squatted over me, letting me see her pussy lips dangle and then part around my cock. Mrs. X was in the water between my legs, and she held my cock to aim and guide it.

While I couldn't see what came next, I felt it! While my s****r in law rode me, grinding herself against me and taking me as deep as she could, Mrs. X began sucking my balls, taking first one and then both into her mouth, before moving up to my shaft and licking my s****r in law's slit as she fucked me. She even slipped a finger into my ass as she did it. We fucked like that for what felt like hours, though it was probably only 15-20 minutes. Eventually I drained my balls deep into my s****r in law, and in the moonlight I saw her rise up, leaving a trail of cum between her cunt lips and the head of my cock. Mrs. X wasted no time in cleaning both of us, taking her tongue straight from the tip of my cock to my s****r in law's gaping pussy and back.

We slipped back into the water, and over the next few hours we repeated the performances several times. I'd eat both of them out, then we'd take turns fucking, or one would ride me while the other licked us both, until it was well past midnight. I'd cum in both of them so many times that I was completely drained, and both sore and tired. We were all yawning, and I could tell they were as tied as me. I looked at Mrs. X and asked "won't your husband wonder where you are?"

"He's out of town for work," she said. "Probably fucking some little whore in a hotel, too! But I do need to get home, before I fall asl**p right here and drown naked in your pool. That would be a little difficult to explain!" she giggled. We all slipped out, and Mrs. X (the only one who'd thought to bring a towel) dried off, dressed, and slipped back across the street. My s****r in law and myself each went home, alone in our respective beds but completely sated. sometimes I wonder at how different she and my wife are - s****rs, but one a frigid prude, the other a cocksucking slut. They both have their advantages in my life!

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