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Mum, Dad, John, and I. Good Ending (Wink!)

I tiptoed past my parents bedroom in the early hours of the morning, terrified they might hear me, there was no mistaking what they were doing, 'How silly', I thought, 'too much noise, John, daddies friend might, who was staying over, might hear them also', but that thought was banished, as I could hear snoring through the living room door, 'John sl**ping', flashed through my mind, as I turned left and dove into the toilet.

My b*****r was staying over with our cousins, but I declined when asked to go, instead opting to stay home instead, Mum was perturbed, but Dad was relaxed.

I sat there in the toilet for a little longer, and decided not to flush, in case of alerting my parent to the fact I was up and about, and I emerged with a decision to make, run the gauntlet past my parents room or go into the kitchen and steal a look at Daddies friend, snoring.

The last time a friend stayed over, I did something similar and walked in to find him sitting in the dark, he called me over and I sat with him in the darkness, but as my eyes became accustomed to the dark shapes, I could see he was nude, but more than that, as he stood up, he had an erection, and when he sat back down, he began masturbating next to me.

I never spoke of it to my parents, but I was sensible enough to stay with him and let him finish, before rising and saying good night, then lying in bed, having thrilled to something so adult and exciting.

Perhaps that was my reason for being up, I wanted to confront him again and sit with him, as he did it, I was more than a year older from the last time, a girl with different feelings, and I knew how important, 'Wanking was', besides listening to my parents at it and knowing he was bold enough to do it the last time, made me both daring and wanton, my panties were now conveniently dropped in the washing basket, and my nudity was only covered by two inches of thin cotton t-shirt, so I pushed through the door and closed it behind me, I felt bolder as I approached his sl**ping form as he lay on the couch, and I stood behind it looking down, trying hard to make his outline appear.

I went around and sat on the floor at his feet, I could feel my heart pound, this was exciting stuff, and I touched his leg, ever so softly, listening for any change in his breathing and snoring as I explored.

I almost threw up with excitement, he was nude, and I moved up the carpet until I sat opposite his midriff, I wanted to touch it, that's what made me feel sick with excitement, I was sexually aroused, a powerful emotion, driving me and I knelt over him, my long hair cascading onto his genitals, I had announced my presence, as I bent slightly more and placed my lips on his penis, I began working my way up its length, working myself up as I did so, I loved doing this, I mean having a cock in my mouth, but what made this different, was the fact it was a man's cock, not a boys.

I am older than my b*****r by three years, and back when we were c***dren, we would play the voyage of discovery, 'Doctors and nurses', where we would take our clothes off and touch each other, the option to take him into my mouth was something I always aimed for.
I loved feeling him get hard in there and loved to bring him off. We had genital contact as I sat astride him and moved on top of it, never penetrative but lots of contact as I ground down on top of it, I knew back then the pleasures it afforded, so I was no stranger to applying pleasure to it, making sure I had sufficient spit on my tongue, as I licked the shaft, with more f***e.

I was past caring should he wake, I wanted him too as I gathered his head in between my lips and sucked on it. I reached across his upper torso and raised myself onto him, still sucking on his cock, which had sprung to life inside my mouth.

It was too much, the powerful urges had taken over my slim frame, it was as if nature itself was guiding me, I sat up and moved my lower body over his thighs and came to rest on top of his now very erect manly cock, rose and guided him inside me.

I sat atop of this wonderful thing, God's creation for women, and I rocked and gyrated, rose and bore down in equal measures of ferocity, where I had remained sealed and closed, was now stretched to all four corners of the the compass, I used this meaty crow-bar to prize my inner-self apart each movement rewarded by feelings hitherto never experienced before, having a man inside you was indeed a reason to want it to last forever.

I was sure the noises we were making would be enough to alert my parents, their beautiful daughter and their friend John, were engaging in the very act they were, but I cared not a jot, I could feel myself cumming, a feeling so powerful, noting would pull me from his cock.

I could feel his pubic hair against my labia as I ground down on him, he groaned my name as he too felt the powerful urge to release into my 'silken purse', and I lent forward, placing my hands on his chest, we were in our final throes, we were cumming together, and I tightened-up to hold him deep inside me and feel him hit my wall of flesh with his hot semen, it was then I felt both his hands on my slim hips try to push me away, he cried, 'Nooooo', but I counteracted by regaining the few inches lost and keeping him inside to the max, by then it was pointless he released and I absorbed, we both came together and at last both our bodies accepted each other, our orgasms melting as one as the awesome act of intercourse, made everything alright, or so I thought.

'Mariel, what the fuck are you doing'? I sat for a moment, we were still connected, were me ears acting up and confusing me?
'Dad, is that you', I stammered, he did not answer, 'I thought you and Mum were in the bedroom'.

Still he did not answer. I was in a state of shock, I had just fucked my Dad, and the fact we were still connected and he felt good, I became even more confused.

he put his arms up and gathered me and pulled my down on top of him, cradling me, and even though he never uttered another word, we lay like this for a short time.

I felt no shame or awkwardness in this act of father daughter sex, indeed I could feel him jerk from time to time as we lay connected by his penis, so Mummy was fucking their friend John, my parents were swingers, my mother was the horny one and I seemed to have inherited her genetic lust for men, but somehow, fucking my father brought a wry smile to my face, as I squeezed his cock as it lay deep inside me, his reward for being an exceptional father, I mean what girl does not sneak into daddies bed, or vice versa, it's our secret.

The following week I had my periods and felt complete as a woman, went shopping with Mother for my first tampons, and listened to her explain the pain of their insertion, with myself being a virgin and all that crap, after-all you guys reading this know better, dont you.

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