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Road Trip Day 3

The next day was a little awkward. Holly and the female associate that walked in just after Marshall had blown a cum load all over Holly's face the day before ran into Holly in the womens rest room. "So, I don't mean to be rude, but is Marshall your husband Holly?" the woman, named Denise, asked.

"Nope, my husband is home with our k**. Marshall and I are just friends." Holly replied. "Looked a little more then friends to me yesterday, but its none of my business" Denise replied.

"What do you mean?" Holly asked. Denise turned to face her. "You had Marshall's semen all over your face yesterday Holly. Now I'm not going to tell anyone what I saw, but people already are wondering what it is between the two of you around here".

Holly saw no need to hide anything. "I let Marshall fuck me Denise, he fucks me alot, and my husband knows all about it." Denise was shocked and at a loss. She left the bathroom silently and the day got even more awkward when the regional managers stopped in. All three of the old men had screwed Holly last night on film, and all three were now nervous about the video and asked her not to put it up on the website. Holly agreed, but the video was live and had already been seen by a few people including myself.

Two of the old men left shortly after that but one of them stayed behind and not long after asked Holly to join him in the conference room. There, off camera, he asked her to suck his cock again. He told about how his wife had no sex drive and that he hadn't been laid for years before last night. She sucked his little cock right there in the conference room and let him fuck her on top of the table. She told me later he blew his load all over the outside of her pussy, in her cunt hair and on the inside of her skirt. The man left not long after that and Holly got back to work.

In the evening Denise's husband came to pick her up, Holly was at the counter when he came in. He was young, in his 20's like her, and attractive. Denise was busy with some customers so Holly and her husband Todd began to talk. Holly thought about what Denise had said to her earlier, and she wanted Todd's cock bad. She was very suggestive and told Todd her room number at the hotel just before Denise came around the corner. The couple left for home and Holly and Marshall left off for the hotel.

She told Marshall about Todd on the way to the hotel. Marshall filmed Holly taking a shower and then a quick video of him fucking her from behind in the shower. He didn't cum right then, but let her finish getting cleaned up and stopped filming when it was time for her to get dressed. She put on a see through teddy, baby blue with matching panties. A few hours passed before there was a knock on the door. It was Todd, and he was surprised to see Marshall answer the door, even more so when he saw Holly laying on the bed in her lingerie.

Marshall told Todd about Holly's site and the videos that they were making, and Holly started playing with her pussy as she stared at Todd. "Does Denise know where you are?" Holly asked Todd. He replied that she did not, and he seemed interested in going a little further with Holly. The live feed started up as Holly unbuttoned Todd's jeans. Out flopped a monster cock, bigger then anything any of us had seen before. It was more then 17 inches and throbbing with thick veins and huge balls. Holly began licking on the head of it before she tried to fit what she could of it into her mouth.

We didn't know until later, but Denise had found Holly's site. And sitting at home she tuned in to see her co worker sucking on the end of a huge and familiar cock. Holly sucked furiously and Todd let out moans that betrayed his identity to Denise. She continued to watch, partially in a rage and partially turned on. She watched as Holly bent over, ass up, and Todd pressed his massive cock into her. He went in deep, and then deeper, but Holly couldn't fit the whole cock inside her. He plunged in hard and fast as deep as he could, and Holly screamed in pleasure and pain as his dick stretched her cunt further then any cock had before.

Marshall came over and pulled out his cock, shoving it into her mouth. He face fucked her hard while Todd continued to pound her cunt. She was cumming constantly and her white foamy cum clung to Todd's shaft as he worked over her pussy. Denise has had enough and was making her way across town to the hotel.

Todd laid on the bed and Holly got on top, his massive dong pressed in deeper and deeper until she finally fit every inch of it in her, and she moaned so loudly the audio went funny on the webcam for a second. Marshall stood on the bed and she sucked his cock some more while she rode. After a while he went in behind Holly and pushed his cock into her asshole and the two men fucked her hard for what seemed at least a half hour.

On the video you could hear a loud knock at the door of the motel room but the men had Holly on her back now. Todd was deep in her cunt and as the second knock came harder so did Marshall, all over Holly's pretty face. Todd continued to slam his massive meat stick into her cunt as Marshall went to check the door. Holly writhed beneath Todd and he began to blow his load deep into her pussy, just as Marshall opened the door.

In came Denise, red faced and furious. Todd's big cock was still in Hollys cunt, which was steadily leaking out her husbands cum around the edges, and even more when he did finally pull out to turn and face his wife. She was so mad. Holly sat up, and Marshall and Todd both stood there with their cocks out while Denise took in the surroundings. "Fairs fair motherfucker" Denise said as she grasped Marshalls cock in her hand. "What if I just fuck Marshall here? Huh? How would you feel you son of a bitch". I was all on film, and Marshalls cock was hard again in her hand.

Todd was speechless but managed a shrug, as if to say "do what you gotta do".
"Alright then you motherfucker, lets see how you like it", and with that Denise dropped to her knees and put Marshalls cock into her mouth. Holly's pussy still leaked out cum onto the bed, and her face was still glazed in Marshall's cum. But she walked over to Todd and began giving him a handjob, getting that big ole cock hard once again.

Before long Denise was naked and Holly had shed her lingerie. Denise was hot, about 20 years old with C cup tities, a bubbly ass and a cute shaved pussy. She sat on Marshalls cock as he sat in a nearby chair, Holly laid ass up and flat on the bed as Todd spread her ass cheeks and pressed his big cock head against her asshole. In it popped and both women moaned. Marshall was banging the fuck out of Denise's pussy and she stared right at Todd's cock as it slid little by little into Holly's asshole.

Holly moved to the floor in front of Denise and Marshall, still ass up she began licking Denises cunt and Marshall's shaft as it darted in and out. Todd was still in Holly's asshole, going deeper and deeper. "Fuck that whores ass baby, make her cry, give it all to her" Denise said. She pulled Marshall's cock out of her cunt and slapped it on Hollys still cum covered face. "Lick that pussy bitch, suck his fucking cock you fucking whore" she said to Holly.

Todd was so turned on he pulled out of Holly's ass and came over to her face, pointing that big cock right at everyone. Marshall was back inside his wife and Holly's tongue was out and on Marshalls balls as Todd began to explode. His massive cock squirted cum all over Hollys face, Denise's cunt and Marshall cock and balls. No one was spared. Holly lapped it all up and Marshall blew his load up inside Denise, which flowed out to add to Holly's cleaning job.

Todd remained hard, as did Marshall, and Todd pressed his big cock into his wifes cum dripping pussy along side Marshalls. Holly leaned back and cleaned the cum off her face as the men drove Denise to ecstasy. She came over and over again and the men filled her young shaved cunt up with their cum again twice.

When they pulled out finally Denises pussy was gushing cum from its depths. "Get over here and eat it you fucking slut" she said to Holly. And Holly knelt before her young cunt and licked and slurped up every drop of cum that came out of it. That night the married couple left out and no one was quite sure what tomorrow might bring. Holly was spent and Marshall had blown four loads tonight, so his cock looked red and wore out even on the webcam. The live feed cut off just before midnight.

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