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Fucking a Friend 1

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I had known her through some people I knew and over the years the two of us had become friends. We'd worked together and hung out quite often but nothing physical had ever come of it...a few times I could remember our text conversations getting a little sexually heated but I had always just been left to jerk off afterwards, never really thinking anything serious about it. Until recently. We were catching up over texts when she told me about some “hot little outfits” she had recently bought and I casually asked what they looked like. As I waited for a reply I wondered if maybe I had gone too far and when my phone finally vibrated I jumped at it like a caged tiger. She didn't write me back...she sent pictures. And I lost my breath for a second. She was wearing a tight satin shirt through which I could make out the outline of her nipples on her perky tits and she was pulling one side of it up, exposing her flat tummy. She was also wearing the tiniest of skirts that just barely covered her round, perfect ass but showed off a her milky smooth thighs and toned legs. As I stared at the picture another text came in with another picture. This time she had her back to the camera and was squatting down and looking over her shoulder. Her dark hair cascaded down her back and her skirt was f***ed up around her waist completely exposing her ass, held tight by a pair of white, shiny satin panties. I couldn't believe it. Just as I was undoing my pants for what would've been the greatest jerk session I'd had in a while I got another text. No picture just words: “You coming over or what?”

By the time I got to her house my cock was pulsating...I bound up her front steps two at a time and threw open the door without knocking...and found her standing right at the door wearing the same outfit as the pictures with her hand down the front of her skirt and into her panties.

“Thank God you're here,” she panted, “I was about to cum without you.” She pulled her hand out of her panties and showed me her glistening fingers...her cum stringing them together and dripping into her hand. Without saying a word I grabbed her hand and put it in my mouth...the taste of her cum on my lips and tongue made my cock harder and made her sigh just a little bit. While I sucked on her fingers she used her other hand to rub my cock through my pants...she outlined my dick with her finger tips and gently squeezed my head. I started to rub her perky tits with my fingers, slightly grazing her hard nipples, making her take sharp breaths and shudder a little bit. As I caressed her tits with one hand, my other hand had made it down to her panties which were shiny and soaking. I rubbed her pussy through her panties, feeling the outline of her clit and pussy...pushing my finger in as far as it could go through the satin...I just teased her through her panties...lightly pinching her clit...using her own wetness over her pussy. Her legs began to buckle and she started to slowly sink to her knees...I pinched her nipples harder and worked her clit more through her panties and soon an orgasm began to rock her body. She gripped my mouth with the hand I was sucking and squeezed my cock with the other while she looked at me with sexy disbelief as her eyes lost focus and she was lost in her orgasm. She managed a whimpering, “I'm cumming...” before her body gave in and shuddered and shook until she was on her knees, clinging to my leg with her head resting on my thigh. Although still not completely back from her orgasm, she managed to grip by boxers and pull them down far enough to free my raging hard on which sprung out of my pants. She stared at my throbbing cock as she started to regain focus...”Jesus Christ,” she breathed as she grabbed her shirt and whipped it over her head and onto the floor. And without another word she grabbed my cock and licked it from base to tip squeezing out some pre-cum and licking the tip of my cock. She began running her tongue around and around the head of my dick before plunging down on it, taking it as deep as she could, over and over. I could feel her tongue work around my head, focusing right under my dick...her teeth lightly grazing the edge of my swollen head...her lips making a tight seal around my cock. Without taking her mouth off my dick she took off my pants and boxers and I took off my shirt while her skirt had ridden up on her like a belt and her soaking satin panties were still covering her smooth wet pussy.

I started to rock my hips, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth and instead of resisting she began to push back making my cock to hit the back of her throat. The harder I thrusted, the harder she f***ed herself forward. Her eyes had begun to water and her makeup was starting to smear and she was gagging on my cock hitting her throat. I grabbed her hair hard in my fists and took over her head...some would say it looked like pigtails. But I'd say it looked like handlebars. I started to fuck her mouth hard, forcing my cock down her throat...she gasped for whatever air she could suck in around my cock...I fucked her mouth harder and harder...whimpering and choking noises was all she could make...her spit dripping to the floor and her eyes watering black make up down her cheeks. With one of her free hands she started massaging my balls using her spit as lube and with the other she rubbed and pinched her nipples and moved down to her clit. I could feel an orgasm coming over me...I fucked her mouth harder and harder...faster and faster...she closed her throat around my cock and rubbed my balls... Finally I rammed my cock down her throat and held her head there...her throat tried to open and close around my dick...and I started pumping her throat with my cum...I could feel it bursting out of my cock as she massaged the cum out of my balls and her throat tightened around my dick. She had no choice but to swallow every drop I gave her until there was nothing left. I slowly slid my cock out of her throat and let go of her hair, sending her down onto her amazing ass.
“Jesus,” she gasped. “And you still have to fuck me.”

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