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Late Night Encounter...

It was late on a Saturday night as I made my way across the compass parking lot that I saw Melvin. He wasn't a tall huge guy, but short stocky and stout. What caught my attention was when Melvin, stopped by a car and started to relieve his self.

I gathered my wits and walked up behind him and in the best authoritative voice I commanded 'just what are you doing...' Melvin twirled a long line of urine squirting from his penis.

I fell against the car as his urine splashed over my shoes, Melvin looked at me I looked at him and glanced down at his penis. My mouth must have fallen open, his penis was huge, his club like hand could not enclose the girth of his flaccid shaft, his penile glans was so large that I thought he must have injured himself.

Reaching out and warning at the same time I took hold of his manhood ' what you are doing. Are you alright, how did you get hurt...' Melvin looked at me and said 'you ain't even a compass cop, let my dick go...' With out hesitation I stroked his penis twice as his glaze soften.

'If you want that all you have to do is ask for it...' Melvin mumbled. I looked at him and sheepishly said '...where do we go, I don't have a place here.' Melvin clutched my wrist that held his penile shaft and said 'keep working, we don't have to go that far.'

Melvin lead me into one of the dorms boiler rooms, he must have used it before for he was sure of where he was going. We went behind one of the old deficient boilers, Melvin said to me quietly 'you want to suck or get fucked...'

I still had hold of hie hardening penis and was taken aback as too how much it had grown. I muttered '...I don't have any condoms...' Melvin reached up and took hold of my neck where it intercepted my shoulders and said '...start sucking, we wont need any condoms I like to breed my bitches bareback...'

His grip was all no nonsense as he gently guide me down to my knees, his penis throbbing in my hand was like a huge one eyed head as I looked at it from the waning light of the small bulb high in the ceiling.

Melvin slid his hand up to the back of my head and pulled me steadily to his throbbing member. I looked up at his face and could only see the expression of anticipation as slowly licked out my tongue and let it slid over his huge head.

I gagged as Melvin pushed his huge head pass my lips and into my mouth, I tried to push his thighs back only to hear him admonish '...gag if you have to but get that dick good and wet...'

As I gagged I drooled over his huge head and realize that his penis was exuding huge amounts of pre-cum and that the both of them was commingling together to make a stringy mess.

Melvin pushed me back off of his huge monstrous penile glans and lifted me to my feet. 'Be quick and get out of those pants and bend that ass pussy over. I'm ready to breed your ass good...'

Panic filled my body as I fumbled with my belt, I kept thinking how can he have such a huge membrane like that, he'll rip my little butt wide open. I looked at Melvin and stroked his jaw saying '...I did expect to engage in sexual contact tonight, I just wanted to give you a blow job and see you some other day...'

Melvin looked very sternly at me and gripped my hand in his vise like grip saying ' may have wanted to be a dick teaser but you've got to fuck now...' Melvin guided my hand back down to his enormous sex tool that was now throbbing so violently that I could feel each pulse of bl**d as it was pushed through the veins on the sides of his penis.

Melvin undid my belt and loosen my pants and said'...kick them off, bend that sweet ass over I'll try not to hurt you too much...' My pants fell to my ankles I stepped out of them and kicked them off to one side, not out of my train of sight but far enough away so I could get too them in a hurry.

Melvin gave me little room to maneuver, as soon as my back was to him he was pushing my shoulders over.'...take a deep breath and hold it till my head get into your ass, than let it out slowly and it want hurt so bad...'

I had nothing to brace myself with as I felt his mammoth head slid up between my buttocks. Melvin moaned softly as his gigantic head slid up and over my puckering anal opening. I trembled in fear as Melvin poised over my trembling bung hole and pressed against me.

I staggered as he pressed and was quickly reprimanded '...don't pull away from me push back to me and let me in or it'll hurt like hell...' I steadied myself and pushed back to him as he pressed against my bung hole.

I felt my outer anal muscle ring struggle to resist the invading monster, I felt the throbbing of Melvin's huge penile glans as it pressed at my anal opening. Melvin grunted and a warm substance exploded from his penile head, I thought that he had cum and was done.

Melvin held my hips and continued to press on, with the added lubricant of his pre mature ejaculate his large head popped pass my outer anal sphincter muscle ring and slid effortless into my anal canal.

I tried not to cry out too loud but had to register my pain from the savage entry. Melvin held still and said to no one particular '...thought I came didn't you, well that was just a little lube to me get in. Now relax, i promise to be gentle, but of you try and keep me from having fun I'll tear you tight little hole up, squeeze my dick with your ass muscles twice if you understand me.

I reached my hands back and gripped his huge thighs and tried to do as he said, his penile shaft was so large that I felt like he would rip my anus apart trying to get more of it into my bung hole.

Slowly Melvin started to grind into my bent over butt, than he changed to sliding his arm size penis back and forth in and out of my butt. His huge head would slid back to my outer anal muscle ring and than slid deeper into my anal canal.

I could not stand the pain, I raised up and arched my back leaning back resting my head on his shoulder. I begged '...please, hurry up and cum before some come in and find us hear...' Melvin whispered in my ear '...I ain't stopping till I fill this ass with my seed, I'm gonna breed this ass like I want so be patient...'

I tried to raise my hands and stroke his head, Melvin only held his head away from my grasp. I was on my tip toes as he rammed deep into my butt, with each thrust we moved forward till we were almost to the wall. I reached out my hands and braced myself, Melvin said '...yeah baby, that's how you do it now lift that pussy up so I get it right...' With that Melvin squatted a lift my hips up and begin to ram into me with great enthusing well modulate thrust.

My inner anal sphincter muscle ring was no more of a barrier for him that my outer ring. His enormous monstrous head rammed through so easily that I barely let out a yelp. With my back arched in and my head failed back towards him, Melvin kept up his rhythm.

With one powerful thrust Melvin seated the entire length of his elephant like penis into my rectum and grunted as I felt his huge penis erupt and fill my bung with stream after stream of his seed. With one hand Melvin took hold of my chin and pulled my face as far back as he could my mouth gaping opened in pain. Melvin kissed my mouth and sucked gently on my tongue as he emptied his loads.

My legs were trembling violently as I whimpered from his onslaught, Melvin pulled his penis from my bung and I could feel every inch as it slid out of my bung. It fell like 14inches of man meat being pulled from my bowels.

I tried to stay on my feet, but was too weak, I fell against the wall and slid to the floor. Melvin walked up to me and lifted my face and inserted his penis into my mouth saying '...I saved s little for you to taste...' As he held my head to his crotch his limp penis filling my oral cavity ti it's limit, Melvin grunted and shot another load of sperm into my mouth saying '...swallow it all bitch, swallow it all...' Struggling I managed to succeed getting all of his seed down.

Melvin pulled his flaccid penis from my lips and smiled,. As he reached the door he looked back and said ' time have some money for a room or we want fuck again...'

Late Night Encounter...

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