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Road Trip Day 2

Holly and Marshall spent the next day working in their Virginia furniture store, talking to reps from different vendors and in meetings with the regional managers for the company. I got a text about midday from Holly telling me to turn on the live feed on her site. So I did and there was Holly sitting across from the camera, in the middle of a meeting with her bosses. Marshall was opposite her with his laptop open and I could see an older man next to her on her left and heard another which must have been next to Marshall on his right a few seats down. The meeting carried on with men talking about products and shipping costs, and Holly undid the top 3 buttons on her white blouse. Her cleavage could be seen now, and her nipples were now hard as the meeting continued on.

Marshall sat the laptop on his lap so that we all could see under the glass top table clearly. Holly had work a standard business dress skirt but didn't have any panties on and she spread her legs slowly to show the world. The meeting concluded about 5 minutes later and the other men could be heard saying how great Holly and Marshall had been doing up north and that they hoped they could influence this store and point it in the right direction. Holly stood and shook both mens hands and smiled and the men left the room. They hadn't been gone a minute when Marshall went around to the other side of the table, got behind Holly and bent her over the table. Her eyes got big and she let out a moan as he slid his big cock inside her from behind and pounded her pussy hard.

She was staring right into the camera and licked her lips as Marshall continued to thrust away. A few minutes went by like this until Marshall pulled out and turned Holly around, she knelt before him and took his cumshot mostly in her mouth. A bit flew over her head though and onto the table, and some got in her hair and on her forehead. She swallowed and giggled and sat down to clean herself up a bit. Thats when another sales associate, a hot little 20 something blonde girl, herself recently married, opened the door to the office. At first there didn't seem to be anything wrong to her, until she was walking through and saw the cum wad on the glass table and glanced at Holly. It was then she saw some cum on Holly cheek still.

"Am I interrupting anything, I can come back later?" she asked. But Holly and Marshall assured her they were all finished and the live feed went dead for several hours.

Later that day I got another text to turn on the live feed, so I did. And now Holly was selling furniture to a group of people while Marshall filmed her. Now and then as she sat down talking to the people she would flash her pussy to the camera. The customers had no idea what was going on, but all of us could see clearly on the camera that Holly was leaking cum out of her pussy and it puddled up on the inside of her skirt. Marshall or someone had blown a load in her recently, and here she was working and oozing for us all to watch. She stood up and shook hands with the customers and cum dripped from under her skirt onto the carpet. No one seemed to notice. The live feed cut off again then for a while.

Later that night back at the hotel the live feed came back on as Holly laid in the bed naked and rubbing baby oil on herself. There was more then one mans voice in the room and I thought I recognized one of them. Before long Holly scooted to the edge of the bed and 3 men, none of them Marshall , stood with their cocks out and hard before her. They were her regional managers! Old men, married! Somehow Marshall had talked them into a gang fucking here at the hotel, and they showed up!

All three men were on the smaller side cock wise, 4-6 inches each. Holly licked and sucked on each of their old shafts down to their hairy balls. Her body glistened in the oil and the lights and it wasn't long before she was assuming a doggy style position and allowing one of these old men to slip his old cock into her. The other two men sat on the bed next to each other and she continued to blow them both while one of the old men fucked her from behind. Marshall filmed it all live, and within minutes it seemed, Holly was receiving big cum loads from a bunch of married old men.

The first came from the man fucking her pussy. This 65 year old man unleashed a massive cumshot that filled her pussy up fast. Cum leaked out onto the bed in long thick strands. Another of the old men slid up underneath her pregnant body and she lowered her dripping snatch onto his small prick. And the third old man went around to her asshole. He poured a little baby oil on it and slid his cock into her tight hole.

The old man in her pussy came first and his cum joined what remained of his old buddies cum still in there. It leaked slowly out onto his own balls from her cunt. And the last old man fucked her ass harder and harder until he exploded inside it, and she pushed out a little bit of his cum from her asshole for the camera. The three old men thanked her and Marshall and left without much issue.

Holly was thirsty, so Marshall filmed her nude walk down the hallway to the vending machines, cum still leaking from her asshole and her pussy. It dripped and swung around from between her legs as she walked. When they returned to the room unseen Marshall took her out on the balcony overlooking the road and bent her over the rail. There he fucked her asshole, and she moaned loudly into the night. A few pedestrians looked up to see her a few floors above, big tits swinging, as she took his 8 inches up her wet asshole. He pulled out a few minutes later as a knock came on the hotel room door.

Holly, totally nude, went to answer it. It was the pizza delivery boy and he was astounded to see a horny pregnant naked woman answer the door. He fumbled with the money and Marshall invited him in. The guy was shy, but Holly dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants. "But... I have a girlfriend" he said, as Holly took his young cock into her mouth and got it hard.

He was in the wrong business. His dick was huge, thick and in excess of 12 inches or more. She sucked it with a sense of purpose and then stood up and bent over for the pizza man to pick a hole. He pressed his big cock into her cunt, and Marshall popped hi dick in her mouth and together they fucked her on both ends.

The pizza man wasn't playing any games, and within minutes he pulled out of her pussy and she wheeled around to take a big load of cum from him on her face. It was everywhere and she loved it. He zipped up his big dick and without many words left the room. Marshall stood with Holly on her knees still in front of the camera and he beat his cock against her face, splashing cum everywhere. And she sucked him for a bit, until he too blew his load all over her face. She used her fingers to scoop up the cum and eat it all in front of me and the camera.

She laid back on the bed and you could still see cum leaking from her pussy and ass from earlier. Her cunt hair was soaked and her face was shiny from cum residue. The camera went to dark just after that and another day went by with my wife on the road.

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