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The first time I watched another man fuck my wife

The first time I watched another man fuck my wife was at a
swingers club in Phoenix. At the time she was 27 and we had
been married for 8 years. We had been going to the club for
a few months and up until this night she had not gone any further
than dancing and kissing. She was wearing a very sexy one
piece pull over with nothing on underneath. We were in the
hallway by the back rooms watching a couple fuck on the couch
when she whispered in my ear that she saw someone that interested
her, he must of heard us talking about him because he came
up to us and introduced himself, his name was Curtis. We
said hi and we began kissing. While I was kissing her I watched
him reach over to my wife’s ass and began to caress it. She
responded by moaning in my mouth and pushing her tongue
further in my mouth!. At this point I slowly backed her up
against the wall and broke my kiss. Curtis was standing
next her, he had dropped the strap on her shoulder and was
playing with her breast. I whispered in her ear to kiss him,
she look over at him, and he slowly moved forward and pressed
his lips onto my wife’s. A small peck at first, then she open
her mouth and he pushed his tongue into it. I stood directly
in front of my wife, he was standing next to her, and dropped
the strap on her other shoulder pulling the top part of her
outfit down to her waist. She then turned to face him, pressing
herself into him, as they continued to kiss, I reached around
to rub her pussy only to find Curtis’s had already rubbing
it!! She broke the kiss as he began rubbing her clit, she
leaned back into me as he began inserting his fingers into
her pussy! I was kissing her neck and rubbing her tits as
he slowly finger fucked my wife, this went on for about five
minutes then I asked her if she wanted to fuck him, and of
course she said yes!! He definitely heard that as he pulled
his fingers out of her pussy grab her hand and led her to the
nearest available room. Once inside my wife turned to him
and began taking off his pants, by the time she exposed his
cock it was rock hard. Once he had them off, she lay back on
the bed and I lay next to her and began kissing her very passionately.
Curtis pulled the rest of her outfit off and began eating
her out. My wife has a very tasty pussy!!! I stopped kissing
her and sat up to watch as this stranger enjoyed my wife’s
juices. He slowly worked his way up her body, enjoying every
inch of her. Once he got to her neck he began to move his hips
very gently into hers, I then noticed her gasp and roll her
eyes back, this was a sure sign to me that he had entered her
pussy. I stood up and walk to the end of the bed; this gave
me a clear view of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy.
He fucked her for about 20 minutes, her moans got progressively
louder until she erupted in a very powerful orgasm. By this
time I had stripped down and was stroking myself , he stopped
pumping her, turned his head to me and said, “you want some
of this” which of course I did!! He pulled his wet cock out
of my wife and lay next to her. I climbed on top of her, pausing
to take a look at what the strange cock had done to her! I slide
my cock in her, she was soaking wet, and even the sheets under
her were wet. It didn’t take long for me to cum in her. Once
I pulled out of her, she threw a leg over him and rolled him
onto his back. Now this was an incredible sight, I had to
take a step back as I watched my wife sit on his cock and slowly
pumped her hips back and forth. She began fucking him harder,
he reached up and began squeezing her nipples, and then
she yelled out that she was cumming!!!! After her orgasm,
she slowed down her hip speed and eventually came to a stop.
At this point Cutis turned her over and asked her to get on
her knees, which she couldn’t’ do fast enough since this
is her favorite position. Once she was on her knees, he pushed
his cock back in to her very slick pussy causing her to cum
almost instantly. He held his dick deep inside of her until
she recovered and then began fucking her. The longer he
fucked her, the harder he pumped her. During this time I
positioned myself in front of her on my knees, she got the
hint and started to suck my cock. After a few more minutes
of this he began to jerk around a little and I knew he was about
to cum inside my wife. The thought of another mans cum in
my wife’s pussy was too much for me as I began to cum in her
mouth at the same time he was cumming in her pussy. This caused
her to have another orgasms as our dicks twitch inside of
her. I pulled my cock out of her mouth; he then leaned forward
and kissed her deeply! Once the kiss was over, he pulled
his cock out her, got dressed opened the door and disappeared
into the club. We never saw him again. We got dressed and went looking for

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