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Holly Goes On A Road Trip

We had been making videos at least once a week for Holly's website and with the still pics we had taken we felt we had enough material to send the site live. Marshall did all the work and the site looked good. We called her Holly Homemaker, and she was my slut wife. We had been using the furniture store she worked at after hours for all our backdrops, but this next week Holly's company needed her to go out of town to Virginia. Marshall, her store manager, had to go as well so we planned to have them do some filming while they were away. I stayed home to watch our k**, but I watched Holly's site at night when he was in bed. Marshall had a live stream recording from his laptop while they were away.

The first night Holly, now 8 months pregnant, went with Marshall out to diner. Marshall took with him his laptop and video camera in an attache case. Holly had taken some sexy clothing with her and tonight was wearing a sheer white dress that had a slit all the way up the leg. It bulged at the belly and she wore no bra or panties, just a nice black coat over top. They were staying at a nice hotel and were eating in the hotel restaurant, Holly seated in a position with her back to the front entrance. Marshall set up the laptop and video camera and I watched the live feed as she removed her coat. The dress was very sheer, and her dark nipples were clearly visible through it. He sat back and a young teenage boy approached them and took their drink order. It didn't seem that he noticed her tits at first, but before he walked away he paused as if he couldn't believe what he just saw.

From Marshalls view point he could watch with the camera as Holly slowly eased aside the split in her dress so it was over her belly and exposed her hairy pussy. She spread her legs and rubbed her clit as they awaited the drink order. When the boy came back Marshall didn't warn Holly and she had her hand in her pubes as he stood next to her with the drinks. She blushed. "Are you folks ready to order?" asked the nervous waiter. She continued to rub her clit as she ordered, and the waiter stole glances at her hand in her crotch and her rock hard nipples trying to cut through her top.

People were coming in going in the backdrop of the place. It seemed busy, and the waiter stepped off fast to another table after getting their orders. Holly reached into the pocket of her coat and pulled out a glass dildo, about 8 inches long and smooth. As time past she worked it into her pussy and began to fuck herself. The waiter must have told his co workers what he saw because even on the live cam you could see behind Holly a few guys dressed as waiters peering over to her table. An unknowing hostess sat a f****y down next to their table, the father and his teenage son facing Holly would be able to see everything, the mother and daughter were facing the same direction as Holly - but all of them were only a few feet away.

You could tell Holly was nervous. She closed her legs and went for her drink in a manner to cover up her nipples. The live feed cut off and I had to wait to see what happened next.

After checking out the site, since I had time, I checked back in with the live cam. About 30 minutes had passed and the feed was live again, except they were back in the hotel room. Holly was undressing and putting on a tiny little bikini that barely fit when she wasn't pregnant. Her nipples were too big and too dark to be hidden by this mesh micro bikini, and her cunt hair crept out around the edges of the tiny little bottoms she wore. Her pregnant ass swallowed up the g-string and she giggled to see herself in the mirror.

Marshall pulled out his cock and began stroking it, Holly came over to him a moment later, sat in a nearby chair and began tugging on his rod. She gave him a hell of a blowjob and about 5 minutes into it he blew a thick white load of cum across her face. Some of it dripped onto her big swollen tits, and she laughed as he helped her up. Together with the laptop they left the hotel room, Holly's face and tits glistening in cum while she wore this tiny micro bikini.

Together they walked the halls and passed an old couple that tried not to be caught looking, but they both were. Into the elevator and down to the main floor, where Holly sauntered cum covered out into the lobby which had many people in it. She walked proudly toward the indoor pool and joined the teenage boys and one other f****y that was already there.

Everyone saw Holly, pregnant and barely covered in this tiny bikini. The teen boys weren't shy about it, but the father and his three sons tried hard not to look. They were all caught more then once. She entered the water as Marshall sat the laptop down to film her on a chairside table. She swam for a bit and the cum came off her face into the pool. The teen boys sat on the side of the pool and just watched. The dad and his k**s left the pool shortly after and when they did Holly started coming out of the pool, but she had removed her top in the water.

Her back was to the teens as she came topless toward Marshall and the camera, and he pulled out his cock. The boys made some comments excitedly to themselves and Holly turned around to face them, he tits out for all to see. She backed her ass up toward Marshall's big cock and pulled aside her G-String as she lowered her hairy cunt down on his throbbing prick. The place was surrounded by windows, and although the teen boys had a front row seat everyone that walked by could see her riding him topless by the pool. Holly pointed her finger at the teens and curved it over, motioning them to come closer, which they all did. Everyone of them had a hard on which was totally viewable through their swim trunks. They stood a little ways off from her and Marshall and she said clearly "come closer".

They all looked nervous but did what they were told, and she rubbed their cocks in turn through their swim shorts as she rode Marshall. "Why don't you boys come up to room 256 in a little bit, we can have ourselves a real good time." said Marshall, and Holly pulled one of their cocks out and pulled him toward her mouth. In went his stiff cock, about 6 inches long, Holly took it all the way in till her lips were at his balls. "Oh shit." the teen said. People were gathering by the glass, all this hadn't gone unnoticed.

"We better go now" said one of the teens and off they went through the double doors, all still rock hard. Holly said "They are probally right" and while still riding Marshall's cock put her bikini top back on. The live feed ended and didn't start again for several minutes. When it did they were in the elevator and Holly was sucking Marshall's cock in her bikini. The doors opened and there was another man waiting to get on. When he saw what was happening he walked off away from the elevator, caught off guard and nervous. When they arrived at their floor Holly walked out of the elevator and began to remove her top in the hall way, Marshall panned down to his dick, which he never bothered to put back in his pants. They traveled the hallway, Holly topless and his cock out, until they got to their door.

In they went and before they could get settled there was a knock. It was the teen boys and although they looked nervous, they showed up. Holly answered the door topless and led them inside. Marshall sat in a chair and Holly removed her tiny bottoms. She sat once again down on his prick and motioned the boys over. They were all hard again and she pulled each cock out one by one. Marshall fucked her hard from underneath as she went cock to cock sucking them all and licking them down to their balls. One of the teens had a massive cock, a big 15 inch white one, and Holly seemed to focus longer on it. The other teen had a smaller cock, around 4 inches, but Holly still gave him a handjob and would suck it from time to time.

Marshall unloaded in her cunt and cum ran out and down his balls from inside her pussy. He kept fucking her and asked the big boy if he wanted to try to squeeze in. And so he leaned Holly back a bit and pressed his cock head into her cum soaked twat. She gave the two smaller cocked teens handjobs as Marshall and the big boy fucked her. She moaned loudly and came several times, and her cunt hair was getting soaked and foamy from all the wetness. One of the smaller cocked teens blew his load on her tits, a good sized load that he must have help in for some time. The other small cocked boy was jerking his own cock rapidly now and the big boy pulled out of her cunt and pointed at it. The other teen slid his smaller cock into her pussy and in a few thrusts blew a big load in her.

He pulled out and the big cocked teen slipped back in with Marshall. She was oozing out so much cum from her twat that it dripped on the floor and left a small puddle. Marshall pulled out and jammed his cock into her ass hard, and she yelped a bit in pain. The big cocked teen kept fucking and the other two teens slipped out the door without a word. Marshall fucked her ass harder and harder until he blew another load inside it, and the big boy pulled out his big cock and Holly knelt before it and received a mighty load upon her face and in her mouth. She turned towards the camera and swallowed it down, and then scooped the rest of the cum off her body and ate that too. Even the cum dripping from her ass and cunt she scooped up and ate. And the live feed cut off then for a while.

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