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The Security Guard

Marshall told the security guard the whole story and invited him to join in. He security guard, about 20 or so, said he had a girlfriend and would like to but wouldn't want it get back to his girl. Just then Holly came out, still topless. She had washed up and got the cum off her face and wiped up her cum dripping pussy. The security guards name was Jimmy, and he introduced himself to Holly.

"Jimmy here would love to join us but he has a girlfriend Holly. So filming him might not be a good idea." said Marshall.

Holly looked over at me and I motioned for her to come over to me. I whispered in her ear a plan. She would take him to a dark part of the store and try to give him a blowjob. Marshall could go with them and ease Jimmy into it, maybe let Holly suck his cock of a little bit or something. I would hide in the darkness and use the night vision feature on the camera and film everything I could.

She liked the idea and sauntered up to Jimmy, suggesting they take a walk. Jimmy hadn't left, so it went without saying he was interested. He was just playing the good boyfriend routine, but Holly would fix that. I caught Marshall up on the plan and after a brief tutorial on the video camera he sought Jimmy and Holly out. I did too, on my own in the darkness. And I found them. Holly was very forward with Jimmy, and already was unzipping his pants when Marshall came upon them.

"Hey there Jimmy, I see Holly talked you into a little something eh?" Marshall said as Holly pulled Jimmy soft cock out of his pants and slipped it into her mouth. The night vision video was pretty cool, I could see in fine detail everything that was going on, except it was green and everyones eyes glowed. "Well maybe I should leave you two alone then" Marshall said. "MmmEmmm" Holly said with her mouth full and pointed around to her ass. "Yes Ma'am" Marshall said, and unzipped his pant. They moved over to a sofa in the dark and Jimmy sat down. He had a nice big cock, probally about 9 inches long and pretty thick. Big balls, he looked like he hadn't shot a load in weeks.

Marshall had his cock out too and pulled up Holly's skirt, she knelt doggy style on the sofa and Marshall slipped his cock into her pussy. They went at it like that for a few minutes until Jimmy began to show signs he was going to erupt. I zoomed in on her face. "Cum in her mouth Jimmy" Marshall said. And so he did, Holly lowered her mouth over his shaft and what looked to be a huge load blew into her mouth. She swallowed hard twice, and then a third time. Cum ran back out of her mouth and onto her hand and his shaft, she continued sucking.

Jimmy stayed hard. "Try out her asshole Jimmy, I'll get it ready for you" said Marshall as he pulled out and sprayed a little bit of cum right on her asshole, then plunged in two of his fingers as he put his cock back in her pussy. He unloaded the rest of that load inside her and I caught it on film, even in the dark, as the cum ran out onto the sofa cushion. Jimmy switched spots with Marshall and pushed the head of his big white cock into Holly's asshole. She began to lick on Marshalls balls as he stroked himself hard again.

Jimmy fucked her ass slow at first, but then she demanded it harder, and so he obliged. Marshall was hard again and beat his cock against Holly's face. Jimmy pulled out of her ass and went into her pussy, then back and forth between the two for a while. They turned Holly over and left her lay on her back on the sofa, and Jimmy spread her legs and slid his cock into her pussy. Her pubic hair was long but kept trimmed into a large triangle and I watched Jimmy's long cock disappear in deep thrusts into the darkness of her cunt hair over and over. Marshall cocked over her and lowered himself ass and balls first toward her face.

She licked his asshole and balls while he stoked his cock above her. Jimmy pounded away still wearing his security guard outfit. Holly titties flopped wildly and Jimmy held her pregnant belly as he nailed her. On this went for a while until Jimmy said he was ready to cum. They let Holly up and then lowered her to the floor where both men began jerking off over her face. Her mouth was open and Jimmy blew another huge load right into it and all over her face and forehead. Marshall shot right after and covered her eyes and teeth in cum. She gave the men handjobs for a minuted or so and licked the drops of cum thhat would come to the tips of their cocks. After a few minutes Jimmy and Marshall zipped up and walked toward the front of the store.

I came from my hiding place and approached Holly with the camera still running. I took her hand and led her to a living room set that was lit by the few store lights still on, there I paused the video and switched the film to regular mode and began the recording again. She was pasted in cum. I was rock hard and bent her pregnant body over the sofa arm. Pulling up her skirt I saw her pussy was soaked, her cunt hair completely glued to itself with cum. And so I pulled out my cock and pressed it into her asshole which was still hot and tight. It didn't take long before I blew my load in her ass and filmed as she pushed the load out and let it run down to her wet pussy.

I continued filming as Holly walked towards the front of the store covered in cum, cum leaking out her asshole and topless. There Marshall was saying his last goodbyes to Jimmy, and I thought I heard an open invite back should he see the lights again. Holly stood in the front window of her store topless that night and fed herself the remaining cum which was on her face. I stopped recording when her face was clean, and she smiled and waved goodbye to the camera.

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