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Story for Dieselburner ;)

You were nervous as you waited for me to come around, you questioned whether it was right going for someone as young as me, whether you were taking advantage. But before your worries could develop any further, you heard your doorbell ring and knew now there was no point over thinking.
As you opened the door you were greeted by The sight of me in my skinny jeans and air Max's , a level of fashion you hadn't seen for a while! You wasted no time in taking my hand and taking me into the living room, where as soon as we sat down and had a drink to get in the mood, we began.
As I started to kiss you, I ran my hand from your cheek, to your boobs and worked my hands around your amazing breasts, starting to get your pussy nice and wet, but that clearly wasn't going to be all as I slid down your dress, and began to work my fingers in and out your pussy, working my thumb away on your clit drawing out your juices. You moaned in delight as I started to kiss my way down your body, licking your nipples on my journey down and soon, you couldn't stop the moans as I wormed around your pussy with my tongue.
But this wasn't the main reason I was here and you knew it. You pushed my head away and pulled off your I knickers and dress as you stood up and took me by the hand up the stairs, and pushed me down onto your bed and pulled my jeans down to reveal my throbbing cock . As you bobbed hour head up and down, you only made it throb more and grow and draw my moans as you bobbed up and down and even worked a finger into my arse.
But we weren't here for oral, you wanted some teen cock inside you! I pushed you onto all fours and began to slap my cock on your arse getting you excited! Soon, you felt the familiar feel of a cock, pushing into your tight pussy. I drew. Owns as I started to go harder, faster and making my balls clap against you, smashing your head against the end of your bed. You made me stop, and again you pushed me onto my back, and grabbing my cock, I felt you push it into somewhere I'd never been before as you slid it into your arse!
You started to bounce up and down, the tightness was amazing, I knew I wouldn't hold much longer as I sucked on your tits and soon, I just had to let go. I screamed as I finally shot my hot load , filling your bum with my you g energetic cum as I writhed in ecstasy!

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