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He has made me the town slut

We live in a very very small town, and now I am the town slut. This is the story of how my obsession with one mans cock turned me into the town slut.
I had been sneaking over to see Phillip every chance I could after he had fucked me and let me suck him. I couldn't get enough of his cock. I tried to see him at least once a week. I would usually blow him, but sometimes he would have the time to fuck me good and hard. I get off work hours before my wife and Phillips wife works later so this gives me time after work to dress up and head over to their house for some sissy fun.
One particular day I was wanting some cock really bad and gave Phillip a call. I asked if he needed his dick suck, He said he always needed that. I chuckled and said I would be right over.I dressed up in a pink panty and bra set, with a stay up stocking, and a very short tight dress. I grabbed my purse and headed to Phillip and Tina's house. I made the turn to their house and could see that Phillip had people over. I drove on past and wondered what was up. Why would he tell me to come over if he had people there? I hadn't traveled very far when my cell phone rang. I answered and it was him. He asked why I didn't stop. I told him because he had friends over. He just laughed and said they would never know I wasn't a real woman and would be leaving soon. I could wait in the house he says. I wanted his cock so bad and I thought why not. They would only see me going from the car to the house.
I slowly pulled my car into the drive way and Phillip walked over to great me. He looked in and said. "Damn. your looking hot today." I just smiled and reached out grabbed his cock and said He was looking hard today. I thought I would give his friends a charge watching me grab his cock. He moaned and says "so you can't wait huh"? Then he starts opening his fly. I told him I couldn't do it out here. He asked why not? "It's a dirt road"? I told him I couldn't do it in front of his friends. To this he just laughed and said You started it by grabbing me and continued to undo his fly. I said again that I couldn't. He zipped his fly and said "Ok. I'll call you maybe next week sometime. Maybe." I couldn't believe it but I yelled OK! to him. I wanted his cock so fucking bad right now. What was it going to hurt if his friends watched him get a blow job from some bitch in her car. I'm sure most of them thought it was my slut wife anyway from the car.
Phillip walked back to the car and I instantly reached out and started undoing his pants. The dropped to the ground and he stepped forward as I took him in my mouth. It was so hot knowing they were all watching. I was really getting hot sucking him in front of them. He told me to open the door and I did. He step around and grabbed my head as he started to fuck my mouth. I was in heaven. He told me to suck his balls and as I moved down I opened my eyes and saw that all his friends were up next to the car. That didn't stop me. I was too far gone. I wanted him. I sucked his balls and when he asked if I wanted to get fucked, I practically yelled yes. He told me to get out of the car. I did and tried not to look directly at the other guys. Phillip took me around to the hood of the car and pushed me over it. I was laying over the hood of my car in Phillip and Tina's drive way and about 4 guys watching while Phillip was about to fuck me. As he raised my dress he told the guys. " I told you guys this bitch is as good as any real slut." It was then that I realized he had been telling them about me.. He rubbed my as then smacked me on the ass. telling me to move my panties. The guys all laughed and cat called to this. I pulled my panties aside and Phillip pushed his cock inside me. I let out a screech as he pushed in hard. He started fucking me and the guys went wild yelling and getting down in my face telling me how hot I was and what a slut to let a guy fuck me out in the drive way in front of his friends.
This went on for a while until one of them asked if Phillip was going to share. I heard him say yes but we should take it inside. He pulled out of me to which I groaned a little. He just said. "don't worry, your going to get good and fucked before you leave today." The walk to the house was a little awkward as I was listening to the guys talk about what they wanted to do with me. One was rubbing my ass and telling me how his wife wont swallow and he wants me to swallow for him. I just smiled and said "I can't wait sweetie" I wanted to play the whore.
When we got into the house, Phillip told the guys to get undressed and he took me into the master bedroom. I thought he wanted me alone first, but instead he had a collar he bought for me. I was black and said slut on it. he put this on me and connected a leash. I smiled and told him I was so hot for this. He walked me back to the living room where there were 4 naked men waiting. Phillip walked me to the center of the room with the leash and told me to get on my knees. I did and the guys circled around. I was now in the middle of a dick circle. I looked up at each of them as I opened my mouth and the fun started. I took turns sucking each one of them the whole time with a cock in each hand. I couldn't believe I was becoming the center of a gangbang. It wasn't long before I recognized Phillips cock and locked on to it. It was kind of my way of thanking him. As I was sucking him, he told the guys that they should be fucking me. That I was a great fuck and a real screamer. I felt a hand on my ass the a cock being rubbed. I pushed back and in it went. I now sucking Phillip while being fucked by another guy. They took turns inside me and one in particular fucked me so hard I screamed so loud. They loved it when I screamed and each one came inside me. That wasn't enough for my first gangbang. I wanted more. Phillip laid me on the coffee table and they took turns fucking me again while another fucked my mouth. By the time they were done I was covered with cum. I had it inside me and all over my face. I was going to clean up but Phillip wouldn't let me. He said I needed to drive home like that so I would know what a slut I am. Before I left he gave my phone number to every one of them and now that is why I am the town slut. I bet I have sucked or been fucked by every man in our small town. I find it hot when we run into a couple, to know that her husband fucks me better than he does her.

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