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OHGIRL: Retired Stripper

My most recent boyfriend was pumping his cock in my ass as hard as he could and I was loving it. He had never fucked a girl in the ass before and he was making up for it by driving his stiff white cock deep into my ass for the third time that day. He had hit the sexual jackpot with me and I had introduced him to a few things that I liked that week. Not only had I blown him during the movie that he had taken me too, within the first hour of our first date, but I had let him fuck me any way he wanted to later that night. I brought him back to my condo after the movie and I put in a porn flick and told him that we were going to recreate every scene that night. I knew I had liked something about young college guys and my new boyfriend’s ability to get it up at will was tremendous. This was only our fourth date in the week that we had met, but I was so horny since I had left LA, over two weeks prior, that I excepted the first guy who asked me out in class. David was really cute and had only been with one other girl in his life. Unlike many of the guys I had dated on campus in the last few years, he didn’t know that I had previously been a stripper and had sex with strangers for money. When I had gotten back from LA and my failed attempt at being in porn films, I decided to retire as an e****t and stripper and become a full time student. I didn’t realize I would have sex withdrawals. That didn’t make it any easier for me to quit smoking either. But David was trying to help and every time I felt the urge to suck on a cigarette, he pulled out his cock for me to suck instead.

David was a business major and he was kind of a nerd, but that’s why I liked him. I knew he wasn’t very sexually experienced and when I had asked him at the movie if he had ever made out with a girl in the theatre, he had told me his story about being a virgin. He had been with a girl once in his senior high school year, but it was just a hand job and he didn’t even cum. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when I reached over and undid his jeans to begin stroking his cock. There was a guy, with his buddies, sitting next to him and he kept looking over to watch, but he didn’t really stare. David leaned over to tell me that he was a little uneasy about it, so I had him move on the other side of me, since there was no one sitting there and it was next to the wall. I was only stroking him for about 5 minutes when he whispered that he was going to cum, so I bent over the arm of my chair and wrapped my lips around his throbbing cock. He exploded immediately and I drained his virgin prick of his entire load of sticky jizz. It tasted so good as I licked my lips and smiled at him. When I sat back into my chair I caught the guy two seats over staring again and I winked at him. I knew he had seen me bend over David to suck him off and I could tell he was turned on. I’m not quite sure why I did it, but half way through the film the guy got up to go to the restroom and I excused my self to David and followed him. He saw me exit the theatre and smiled, then I walked up and took him by the hand and led him into the men’s bathroom.

He was really at a loss for words and luckily no one else was in there when we entered. I pushed open a stall door and pulled him in, undoing his pants as I leaned back against the door and locked it. He began to stutter and tell me that he really had to pee badly, so I pulled out his dick, turned him around and told him to go, as I held onto his manhood. After about 30 seconds of concentration, he began to urinate and when he had finished, I shook it a few times and then turned him around, bent over and began to suck his cock. The saltiness of his piss was still on his cock and I was still this huge whore and I had no idea how to get past it. It was such a turn on when I knew this guy had watched me suck off David, that I just had to suck his cock too. His cock hardened as I blew him and we heard a few others enter the restroom as I bobbed my head on his rod. It was so exciting to me and I reached under my dress to finger my pussy. I hadn’t worn underwear as usual, because I had already known I was going to fuck David that night. The guy was beginning to moan a little, so I lifted my dress and turned around, bending over and leaning against the door. He was sliding into my wet cunt and fucking me before I barely bent over. I felt him fill my hole with his warm seed and it made me tingle. I traded him places and I sat on the toilet to let his cum run out of me. He quickly pulled up his pants and I told him to go back to the theater first. He asked me for my number and I gave it to him before he left and then I finished cleaning myself. I was still so unbelievably horny. The guy stared at me until the movie was over and all of his buddies looked at me too, as they all left before the lights came on. David had no idea and that night I fucked him like he never knew he could be fucked.

I felt David cum in my ass once again and he looked so happy as I rolled over and licked his cock clean. He probably didn’t even know that there were women who would do that. In the four dates we’d had, he had gotten a couple of blow jobs, we had anal at least four times, he came in my pussy a couple of times and gave me a facial. He was now a porn star and didn’t even know it. Most of the time we had spent together was having sex and I wondered if maybe I wasn’t trying too hard to lead a normal life. I had no idea what normal was and when David left that night, after spending all day hanging out with me at my condo, the knock on my door proved it. In walked the guy from the movie theater. His name was Jay and this was our second date. The day I blew him at the movies didn’t count and when he invited me to a party at a house that he shared with 4 other roommates, that didn’t count either. It didn’t count because we didn’t really have a real date. I had showed up and we had all gotten pretty d***k that night. As the party neared the end, Jay and his roommates invited me into one of their rooms to smoke some pot and after a few hits off of a bong, they were all fucking me. I was in rare form as I let them each fuck me however they wanted and surprisingly they had worked together pretty well to take turns double penetrating me between each of them. I hadn’t been fucked like that since my last party in LA, so I was over due. I left before they had all awaken and Jay called me that evening, so I invited him over for dinner and served him my ass for dessert. Tonight he was getting my wet pussy, since David had more than fucked my ass enough times that day.

A couple of months passed as I continued to date David and Jay unbeknownst to one another. Jay had even invited me back to his house and seemed cool with letting his roommates join us as we all had another party of our own. I laid their sharing a cigarette with him and his roommates as we all relaxed from a gangbang they had just pulled on me. I had actually cut down on my smoking quite a bit and this was one of the rare occasions where I really needed one, after getting fucked good by so many guys at once. I had been letting Jay and his buddies fuck me every weekend since I had met him, but Jay and I still dated during the week between me and David’s schedule. I was seeing David most of the week and since he worked on the weekend, I was sl**ping with Jay and his friends then. Even though Ohio State is a big campus, somehow rumors got around about a black girl that was fucking a guy and his four roommates every weekend and David got word that it was me. He was pretty sad really, but he admitted that he thought that it was strange for me to be so sexually aggressive and knowledgeable without having a slutty reputation. I told David that we didn’t have to break up and that we could still be friends with benefits, but he had already fucked me more times and more ways in two months than he would any other girl in the next couple of years, so he felt comfortable with his decision.

I was going to have to change my ways or my reputation was going to destroy my college life as I knew it. Jay and his buddies threw another party and since it had been two weeks since I had broken up with David and nearly the same amount of time since I had hooked up with Jay, I decided to go. The weather was warm and they opened their doors and the party spread from the inside of their house out onto their porch. I hung outside talking to a few girls and guys and smoking a cigarette as we joked around. I think that many of the people at the party knew that I was the campus whore who was doing 5 guys at once, but I didn’t care. I knew guys talked and it was inevitable that one of them passed the story on and it spread from there. I got involved in a drinking game with Jay and a few of the other party goers and the party migrated to Jay’s room where we all got high again. This time it was Jay and his roomies again, but there was another guy that joined us. I had talked to him earlier that night on the front porch and he had scolded me for having a cigarette as we talked, telling me how bad it was for me. He was really hot and he kept looking at me with these beautiful blue eyes. I kissed him after one of my bong hits and we fell onto the bed and it wasn’t long before Jay and his buddies joined in. All six of them fondled, kissed, sucked and groped my naked body as they stripped off my clothes. I didn’t lie to myself and think that I had come to the party and wasn’t going to get fucked again. I knew I would. This time someone unexpected had joined in and it turned me on so much and I didn’t know why.

Once again they all took turns using me both individually and in small groups. There were six guys now, so there were times when I was stuffed airtight. My pussy , ass and mouth were wet and slippery and I welcomed all of their cocks in each well use hole of mine. I really let go that night and experienced some very intense orgasms while they pumped me with their white cocks. I hadn’t even thought about it, but I hadn’t had a black cock since I fucked a handful of USC football players at a party in LA. I had no real preference for the type of cock I went for, since I had partaken of well over 1500 cocks in my life, from every race and in every size and shape, but I did notice that I tended to date mostly white men. JJ was the last black guy I dated and I nearly came again as I reminisced about his huge organ as my cunt and ass got pounded between two of the guys. We fucked nearly all late night and into the morning before I left. I was followed by Mikey, my new blue eyed sexy guy, who walked me to my car and got my number. I was just so smitten with him and that night he had really stroked his hard white cock into me and that had been the reason for a couple of my orgasms. I offered to give him a ride, but I bypassed his campus address and just took him back to my place.

We chatted for a while before falling asl**p together in bed. When I woke up he was staring at me with his light blue eyes. I invited him to join me in the shower and then we both got into my Jacuzzi tub and enjoyed some bubbles and oiled water. Once we finished, I made us some lunch and then Mikey laid me out on my kitchen table and licked my pussy until I screamed. His cock found my wet hole soon enough and he pumped me full of more of his cum. He was just so sexy and I couldn’t keep my hands off of him. We cleaned up again, but had no sooner gotten dressed before I was sucking him off on my couch as we sat down to watch a movie. Eventually he had to go and I drove him back to his apartment, where we scheduled another date together. Mikey came over every night that week and we fucked our brains out. His cock was so awesome and he made me feel so good. He didn’t judge me when he found out how many men I had been with in my life. When I told him about being a stripper, or being arrested for prostitution or being a porn star, it had actually turned him on and we had fucked even more and harder the next time. He told me that he’d really like to see me fuck or suck off another guy if that is what I really wanted to do and that he wouldn’t be jealous. He said that he understood my sexual needs and that he didn’t hold to the double standards about men and women and sex.

Mikey spent the night again and the next afternoon we went to an inner city, adult bookstore called the Lion’s Den. They had private movie booths there and he and I went into one with a roll of quarters and began watching different porn movies and flipping channels to see different scenes. You got to see 2 or 3 minutes of a movie for a quarter and kept feeding the slot until you turned it off or left. Some of the rooms had glory holes cut into them and ours did. I began to suck his cock after about 5 or 6 quarter were fed into the machine and he watched a movie while I licked his shaft and balls. After about 10 minutes, he turned me around to see a long black cock hanging through the glory hole in the room. He looked at me and smiled and then bent me over and began fucking me as I sucked on the anonymous black cock. A stream of cum erupted into my mouth and I kept sucking and stroking as my cunt quivered in pleasure. The limp penis disappeared back into the hole and soon another one popped through. A few of the men that were in the building while we were there must have seen us enter the booth and soon learned about the active glory hole. Mickey fucked me while I sucked off another two black cocks before he came deep in my gaping hole. He was so exciting to me and he understood my sexual needs. He peeked out of the door before we left and saw two elderly black men waiting outside of the booth beside us. He waved one of them in to join us as the other went in and soon had his cock pushing through the hole. He told the older guy to fuck me and I bent over and soon felt his hard black cock sliding into me. I moved back toward the glory hole and sucked off the other guy until they both came in my mouth and pussy. When we exited the movie booth, the store was empty except for the cashier behind the counter. Mickey bought a bottle of lube and paid for it as he made small talk with the cashier, who was asking us about our little encounter. Mikey told him to lock the door for a break and that he could see what happened first hand.

The cashier was a middle aged, over weight, balding guy, but he moved quickly to lock the door as Mikey winked and smiled at me. The cashier led me back behind a movie rental shelf and I was soon on my knees sucking his fat, white cock. As it hardened, Mickey asked the man if he’d like to fuck my ass. He shook his head yes as he bit his lower lip while I deep throated his stiff member. Mikey handed him the lube and he coated his short, thick prick before shoving it in my ass and fucking me. My legs were spread wide as I bent over, holding onto the movie rack, while the cashier pumped me from behind. His chubby hands gripped my hips as he held on to keep me from falling forward with each of his thrusts. I soon felt him cum in my ass and Mickey thanked him as we left. I couldn’t believe what had just occurred and I was so turned on. He didn’t mind if I fucked other men for money or for free as long as I was enjoying myself. I had never done that before with a real date and the thought of sucking off four strange black men through a glory hole in a seedy adult bookstore, as another fucked me from behind and then letting the cashier cum in my ass nearly made me cum. Mickey knew I was a slut and he didn’t mind if I was his slut. The thought was intriguing and we spent all night talking about the ideas he had and the things that turned me on. My new boyfriend was my dream come true. He was sexy, had a hot body and an awesome cock, that I loved sucking and fucking and he liked to see me be a slut. I think that this relationship was going to work out well and I told him so, while I gave him a smoking blow job out on the balcony late that night. The facial he gave me was unbelievable.

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