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I shouldn't admit this...

It was the weekend and my f****y had gone out! I wasn't feeling to well, so I decided to stay in, home alone and rest. My f****y weren't expected back until about 7 at night, so I had the whole house to myself!
I woke up and felt much better at about 1, so I decided there was not much else to do while on my own, so went onto Omegle, and spoke to some 'strangers' as you do! It was good fun! I got speaking to one guy, and we added each other on Skype. He was very hot, so having his Skype name was a bonus! We were speaking for about an hour, when he suggested we play truth or dare! Being bored and alone in my house, I thought it would be fun, I wouldn't plan on doing anything to risky or naughty, having just met the guy. He went first and I asked for truth, in which he asked 'Had I ever had sex?', I replied 'yes' and it was my go, keeping in theme with his 'naughty' question, I asked if he'd ever licked a girl out, he replied 'yes' also. About 20 minutes in, after numerous dares and truths, not worth describing. I said dare again, in which I said, he dared me to get naked on webcam and play with myself. I wasn't too sure about it, but he kept saying that I had to, as we were playing the game! I kept trying to divert the subject else where, but he kept telling me to get naked. So, to satisfy his needs, I decided I'd show him my bra. I pulled my top up and revealed my bra. In which he replied, 'get naked, that was your dare', so I decided, I'd take my top and trousers off, thinking he'd be happy with seeing my in my underwear! He wasn't. He kept pressuring me into taking my underwear off. I'd thought about it, but didn't want to, so I thought I'd try something sneaky, I said that if he got his cock out, I'd take my underwear off, thinking he'd cave and not accept. However, he got his cock out immediately and started stroking it! It must have been about 8 inches big, he was pretty hard! I still wasn't eager in getting naked for a complete stranger, but he kept demanding it, specially after getting his cock out. I decided I'd do it, but for only about 20 seconds! I took my bra and thong off, and stood on camera, watching him wank over me. I felt so disgusting. I eventually put my underwear back on, and sat down in embarrassment, over the fact of what I'd done. It was my turn, he chose dare, and I told him to cum for me on webcam, trying to get revenge on him. However, he did it without hesitation. I wasn't expecting him to, but he wasn't shy. It came to me again, and I decided to say dare, getting more into the game, not really realising he'd make me do something so bad! He dared me to get naked again and finger myself, I was in my living room at the time, so anyone could walk in at anytime, but thought, my f****y weren't expected back for a while. I decided to so ahead with his dare and stripped naked, chucking my underwear to one side, I placed my laptop on the table and pointed the webcam at me, spread my legs and started to rub my pussy! I was getting wetter and wetter over the fact I was fingering myself for a stranger, over Skype. He started talking dirty, which only turned me on more, which I hoped wouldn't. About 10 minutes past, I was in my own little world, orgasm after orgasm, never had I been so turned on. In my horniness, I never heard my front door had opened. My s****r had come home early, after getting bored at the f****y get together, I only realised she was home when she shouted 'Hello?'. I rushed to try get dressed, but before I could ever pull my underwear back on, my s****r had opened the living room door, seeing me naked, stood there. I was so embarrassed. My s****r started to laugh at me, calling me horrible names, after noticing I was on Skype to a guy. I was so embarrassed, nervous, scared, everything, it was horrible. The guy on Skype had saw my s****r had caught me and proceeded in laughing and calling me a slut. I closed Skype and got dressed. I pushed my s****r out of the way and ran to my room. I got to my room, embarrassed, yet still very turned on, I hadn't finished with myself. I stripped naked again and started to finger myself once again, now I was in a more private place. Yet I wasn't completely alone, my new dog was in my room. He was staring at me, he looked so curious, and in my excitement, I allowed him to watch, it somehow made me more horny. I rubbed my pussy, I was soaking, moaning under my breathe, my dog tends to jump at me when I make noise while he looks at me, being a young pup still, he started to jump at me, still while I was fingering myself, I didn't want to stop, my dog was licking my face, it strangely turned me on more. I started to think about what it would feel like if my dog licking my pussy, but I pushed the idea to one side, thinking it was disgusting! I laid back, my dog still cuddling up to me, while I carried on playing with myself. I closed my eyes and started to softly moan, and before I knew it, my dog had moved down to my pussy, sniffing, and then licking my pussy! I liked it! How embarrassing! He allowed him to lick my soaking pussy! I was moaning more than when I was fingering myself. Whenever a guy had licked me out, I always gave him head in return, I started to reluctantly think about giving my dog head, it seemed so disgusting in my head, but he'd made me so horny by liking me out. I didn't think about it, and reached out and grabbed his slowly growing penis. It was hard already, like my dog wanted it! I started to rub my dogs cock. He rolled onto his back, clearly enjoying it. I was nervous by the fact I was pleasuring my dog, he was my baby. I loved him, but not this much. I was so horny knowing my dog was enjoying being jerked off by me, I slowly started to guide my mouth towards his penis. I was scared, yet excited. I stuck my tongue out and licked softly at his pink cock. It was completely different to a human cock, thinner, pointier, yet, I still liked it. I didn't feel dirty, weirdly. I sucked my dogs cock, soaking it with my saliva! I then hesitantly got onto my hands and knees, and started to egg my dog to jump onto me, doggy style, he didn't hesitate like me. He was straight up, humping at me, his cock not going into my pussy, as he was furiously thrusting. His cock eventually found its way inside, and I didn't like it, I tried to pull away, the fact a dog was fucking me turned me off, but my dog didn't want that, he would jump forward with my movement and carry on fucking me! I tried to get away for a minute or so, to no prevail. I decided to let me dog fuck me, then jump away by surprise. However, I started to enjoy it, I was still ready to jump off though, still thinking it was too far letting him fuck me, however, before I could jump off, my dog suddenly came, I felt his warm cum fill me up! It felt so good, I had never been so turned on, I was so horny I wanted it to impregnate me, it's disgusting, but I was so horny at the time. I felt my dog finish cumming and tried to pull away, yet my dogs cock was stuck in me, his cock has swallon up and was in my soaking pussy still. I started to panic! How would I explain this to my s****r if she walked in, not to mention my parents. Eventually, his cock shrunk back down and slid out of me, to my relief! I had never thought a dog could be such a good fuck! They don't impregnate you, so he could cum in me all he wanted me, but I felt so horny, at the time, I wondered what it would of been like to be pregnant with a dogs baby. It's so embarrassing. Since this event, I have fucked my dog a few more times. Each time just as good as the last! I've actually had my best friend stop over and my dog start to hump her, and I got jealous. My friend didn't like the fact my dog was humping her, so I took him away and said I'd calm him down and put him in the garden, little did she know, he fucked me in the bathroom! I've also took my dogs cum in my mouth, and it tastes a hell of a lot better than a guys cum!

You may not think this is true, but I can promise you it is! You may think I'm disgusting, but my dog is a very good fuck!

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