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Stopping at the door to fulfillment

In the video "Dad is f.... my girlfriend" scene 2, with Brooklyn Lee, she and her partner were just about to enter that blissful zone that some call ecstasy and others all bliss. It is where we can experience extreme pleasure and passion. It is also were creation takes place, whether it’s a baby or a thought. In that moment that we become one with our partner and give each other the power to either raise above our obstacles or dig ourselves deeper into them, depending on what is in our minds at the time. (More on that subject later).

Back to Brooklyn, who was submissive, horny, and multi-orgasmic, in each position? Many good female actresses seem to be experts at it, but it depends on the man whether they go there or not. Brooklyn’s partner was skilled and working the process by paying attention to pleasing her. He is among the very few male stars with the skill to escalate her climaxes by first allowing her to cum, then paying attention to her hotspots, and when she is finished reaching her comfort level, he then attacks it to take her to another level. By cumin in every position with increasing levels of intensity, many women will get wetter and hotter in each position.

She had the right attitude and flowed with the heightened intensity with open legs. He was making all the rights moves and knew that the key to reaching their final destination was by pleasing her first. When you are really into a pleasing a person, the goal is to take her where no man has taken her before and free her strong inner fire.

The last stage is usually when he feels (not think) she is in her zone. Brooklyn’s partner kept increasing the intensity, pleasing her and building her trust. He needed that to allow in reach her most sensitive spots deeper inside. A man can fuck his way and making her dryer and he really doesn’t know where he is going.

So right at the moment when it seemed he was about to take her there, she made the innocent mistake that many women often do because they care about our satisfaction. She urged him to cum. So instead of him getting to that spot deep inside her, that he had so skillfully prepared for, he began to rush and took the focus off of her and put it on himself.

The few men, who routinely and perhaps unknowingly, have the ability to take their partner into bliss, have experienced their best orgasms there. When a man is sensitive and attentive enough to learn where her hot spots were during sex, then he should then be able to turn on the hottest one and explode with her.
I also know that protocol in the industry limits a couple from fully entering that stage, because we would have to cum inside her to experience the full effect and lay there attached for as long as the moaning and groaning continues. It may be why there are few male and female videos come up when searching the ecstasy tab?

The video helped me reflect back on why I felt so uncomfortable when a woman would urge me to cum. I knew what my goal was but didn’t know how to explain it. Some women can go there the first time, others may takes months and others will not go pass first climate, because many believe it is the end, but it is just the beginning.

I did know that by reaching it, I was not just satisfying my physical needs, but also my emotional. And the creative power derived from it, helped to overcome obstacles in life. I can use the fulfillment now that I have been separated for six months and avoiding commitment and dating those who do. Eventually, I will connect with a woman who has the same goal and need for fulfillment.

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