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Fucking her

Although i started watching porn from a very young age i didnt masturbate until i reached the age of 16.That too i would do thinking of Nisa.Nisa was our household worker,she probably was of age 16 or 17.She has a very hot body with medium sized boobs.She would help my mom wash clothes or the dishes.She has a very cute black face and attracted many people.Whenever she walked outside people would follo her and whistle at her.I knew that bitch loved it.She went to a nearby school and would wear very short skirts i would look at her thighs and try to get a glimpse of her panties.
Nisa had a room in the top floor of my house.Everytime she climbed upstair i tried to get a glimpse of her thighs,her panties or her bare pussy.One day i decided to go to her room and try to flirt with her.I knew the perfect time would be when she returned from school and mom wasn't home.
I went to her room and peeked through the key hole.She was undressing her.I slowly opened the door and she gasped on seeing me.She had her bra on and her boobs was poking out.I quickly headed towards the door but she pulled me in and asked me what i was doing in her room.I told her that i just came to say hi.She said that i could stay.I started making small talks with her.
Thinking that it was now or never i blurted out,"You are beautiful Nisa".She told "Thank You".I went and told her,"You are too hot and sexy.And Have beautiful Boobs.Have anyone got the taste of your awesome pussy".She gasped but calmly replied,"Well many guys in my school have.We have sex in the backyard of my school".Wow she was totally frank i knew i has a chance of fucking her.So i Slowly wend towards her and unstrapped her bra.Wow she had amazing boobs.I cupped it and sucked on it.She was softly moaning,she loved it.I Tongue kissed her and started opening her skirt.She pulled my trousers and underpants.She Started sucking my Dick slowly my dick Gained full size and licked her pussy and she was moaning loudly.
Now that my dick was hard i slid it through her pussy and started pussy fucking her.She Was screaming.She was like,"ahhhh,fuck,fuuuck,sidhhhharth".After few minutes we cummed.I neatly licked her cum and she did the same to me.I taked her for having sex with me but she abruptly replied,"I dont think we shuld have done that...".I didnt let her finish and tongue kissed her again.
I dont know if i get to have sex with her Again but many time when i pass by her room i hear her fingering her pussy and moaning my name.

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