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Making a porn film any willing lady required.

After a long conversation with some mates of mine and a couple of Ladies I have decided to ask for any willing Lady or ladies that would like to make a porn film to get intouch as we have an idear to make some films of Wives fucking other men on film while there dressed in a white wedding dress. I have an Asian mate that wants to have some white wife ride his cock, also I have a couple of 20 year old lads that want to have older married Ladies. I have also got a Married Lady that wants to have a Big Black cock streach her wide, So if there are any Ladies that want to make a video for there husband or just for your self let me know! I do also have a lady that wants to have another woman so if you fancy dressing up in a wedding dress and fucking please get intouch.
Also looking for any one willing to fuck out in the open air on a beach or in the woods. Any men that want to join in are welcome to contact me and all Ladies will be treated how ever you wish at all times.
If you want to be treated like a princess and a Lady the Gentlemen that will be there for you will do this, but if you want to be treated like a slut and taken hard by one of the men or a group just tell us this and we will do it.
If you have a fantasy or like to dress up other than in a bridal dress get intouch, if you want to dress up like a nurse, police woman, hooker or you tell us and lets make some films soon.
Please all consenting people to be clean and tested, also willing to have there film posted on here for every one to see you having fun. Also only people over 20 to apply as we are not interested in anyone younger.
A black woman is also required to fullfill a fantasy for a friend.
We have a camara man allready sorted and there are NO other jobs for Men needed unless you want to watch you wife being fucked by other men or you a Black guy with a very Big cock as I know a couple of ladies that would like a very big cock to play with.
After I was with this blokes wife the other weekend we were chatting about making video's after I had been fucking her for a couple of hours and she told me how she would love to do it but would not want it on the Internet, but she did add that some women would do it if they could furfill there deepest fantacy and I then told her that my fantacy. I'm still waiting for it to come true but you never know it might yet.
So if you want to waych your wife or just have her make a video get intouch or if your a very willing Lady just contact me and lets have fun doing this very soon.
Will keep you all up to date if and when things happen.

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