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The Chav who took my cherry.

I never really knew what I wanted in life. I had never been lucky with girls and dating had never been successful. Although my life was to change dramatically when I hit 19. I was 5'8, slim, short black hair.

I was a shy reserved sort of guy. I had a part time job in McDonalds and studying at uni trying to get my science degree. It was at work when I first met Trish. Trish was twenty four and a gorgeous blonde girl. She was really nice and friendly and we got on so well the shifts we worked. One weekend we got chatting about our passions and hobbies and she found out, just like her boyfriend, I was a but for football. She suggested that I should come over and watch the game at hers - get to meet her boyfriend, her mates.

For such a beautiful girl to ask me I snapped at the chance. I called round after training on the saturday in my blue chelsea kit to see the devils beaten in one of the cup games of the season. The door swung open and there in the doorway was my first sight of Lee.

Lee was 6'1, had a slim frame and was a skinhead. He sported blue trackies and a white cap. Around his neck hung a chain and his hands were decked with sovereigns. He wore trainers and white socks and had his footy top tucked and hanging from his waistband showing his bare top half.

'Yeah who the fuck are you' was his first words.

'Oh the names Chris. Trish asked me to call around for the...' But before I could finish he replied.

'Fuck off as if.'

I started to feel nervous as I tended to do in awkward situations. I never really felt fine in confrontation. But Trish saved me. I could hear her in the background.

'Who is it babes?' She shouted out.

'Some fucker you invited around'

She came bounding out to the door to greet me. He walked off thankfully and I felt at ease chatting to Trish as we walked through the door. I walked with her into the front room and was taken aback by the amount of people. I was introduced to two of her friends, Hannah and Kellyanne, both dressed up for a night on the town and were painting their nails while sinking down a bottle of Roseat the dining table.

On the second couch were two lads, who like Lee I found out were also 26. they took looked opressive, were unresponsive to a new face in the room and happened to be the boyfriends of the aforementioned girls.

Then the words hit me like a bolt from the blue as I perched on one of the arms of the sofa.

'What the fuck is he doing here Trish' Lee barked.

'What do you mean? This is my friend from work who I said could watch the United and Chelsea game. I thought you would like a fellow fan'

The boys laugh but Trish is puzzled

'He doesnt support the same team Trish. He is a blue. The boys are for the reds.' Kellyanne adds in support.

The room pauses as Trish plays catch up.

'Im not allowing him in here with that badge on his chest. So he can fuck off'

'But he is my friend. He is staying!'

The two argue for a while and then Kellyanne makes a compromise.

Kellyanne: If its the badge that offends Lee. Why does the lad not just take off his shirt.

Trish thinks it over.

Trish: Why dont he just do that babes?

Lee: Anyway that sees him get that fucking patronising badge out of my sight.

Im stared into submission as I pull off my t-shirt. The lack of heating in the room stiffens my nipples and I start to feel the cold.

Lee: The prick still has the badge on his shorts. Better get them off as well queer!

I start to panic and plead with Trish at how I am being treated by her dick of a boyfriend.

Trish: It's fine Chris. No ones going to worry or even bother with you when your watching the game in your boxers.

I had totally forgotten that I was also a collector of footy underwear. On that very day I had chosen to wear blue chelsea boxers and I felt my hand tremble as they were revealed to all present. As I pulled down my shorts I heard a united 'For fuck sake' from the lads in the room.

Lee: Better get your kegs off as well then mate

I looked to Trish for support eager for her to put her teasing boyfriend in his place. Kellyanne helped.

Kellyanne: Guys just cut it out. Making him sit in his boxers is enough.

Trish: Lee....its gone far enough babes.

But the Lee snapped at his girlfriend.

Lee: Are you forgetting whose Fucking house this is and that I always take charge when my mates are around for footy. Why not keep your trap fucking shut.

Trish: Come on Chris. He does have a point it is his house. Its not like its not something we haven't seen before.

I protest further until I see its making Trish upset. I realise I cant protest anymore. Making her upset would send the wrath pouring out from Lee. I simply feared him. On reflection I could have left. Left there and then. But I was simply in his grasp. Feared him.

I started to pull down my boxers. My cock springing out. I was unshaven and this caught the girls by surprise. I sat on the arm of the couch in just my shimpads, socks and trainers. In a funny sort of way I gained some respect from the boys for the gall of falling into the orders. They gave me the occasional can of Stella as we watched the match.

The game progressed a steady 1-0 in their favour. But things turned ugly as it entered the last ten minutes. Chelsea scored two goals in quick succession and brought the cup home.

The Tv was instantly turned off and the control thrown down.

Lee: Fucking cheating Wankers.

I started to pick up my clothes. Nervous to enter conversation. Lee began to question what I was doing.

Trish: Lee dont start picking on him just because your team lost.

Lee: Shut the fuck up. If I wanna take it out on him I will.

'Look I dont want any trouble!'

But trouble was what I was going to get.

Kellyanne: Sweetheart can us girls say something. Your team probably cheated. The guys want to vent there frustration. You understand that?

'I do.But whats that got to do with me though'

Kellyanne: Your a blue hunny. Maybe it was a mistake coming around, you have not really fitted in. The Boys..well they got to take it out on someone.

'I can take a punch like any man'

Kellyanne: Oh bless you sweetheart.

she walks over and sits by me and rests her head into my shoulder

Kellyanne: Lee wont punch you.

I sigh a bit of a relief.

Kellyanne: That aint his style My boyfriend maybe. He has a temper and uses his fists babes. Ryan there *points* is the same. But Lee's different.

'Im fine with that..' I start to count my blessings.

Kellyanne: Its just he sorts it in a different way...he likes to..'rip a new asshole' as he always says.

I begin to feel cold.

Kellyanne: He's gone to get ready I'd lay down on the sofa if I were you.

'Here! the front room'

Kellyanne: I told you...he humilates thats his trick.

As I started to feel colder and colder Lee walked back into the room. He was naked apart from his socks and white cap. He was drinking from a can of Stella.I watch him kiss his girlfriend who is filing her nails. Im perched on one half of the sofa. He slumps right down beside me.

Lee: So ready for the 'mighty destroyer'. He says laughing at his nickname

'Look I...I.'

Kellyanne: Chris...just go with the flow.

I begin to lay down and I watch the other lads start to pull down their own trackies for a wank. Lee curls up behind me on the sofa.He starts to gently caress my leg, spanking my ass occasionally. In one thrust movement he cups my leg and lifts it in the air.

Trish: Can I have some of your fags?

Lee: Yeah babes help yourself I have my fag.

With that Lee begins to push his cock that has grown to its full 10' into my asshole. He starts to break my hole that has never had anything enter before. He pushes it apart and the bell shaped end of his cock goes in. My nails dig into the sofa as the audience of four watch. I feel his shaft plunge deeper and deeper.

The only sound that can be heard is his grunt. The metal of his wrist bracelet caresses my hips as do his rough hands. I can feel the whole 10' in my asshole.

Kellyanne: It wont be long before even Chris wont get erect

He starts to slowly pound my asshole. Im trying to fight temptation but I feel so horny as this devil of a lad is inside me. The sort of lad I avoid in everyday life and here I am having my virginity being taken by a scrounger.

My eyes start to roll and my mouth starts to open

Lee: Yeah take it like a true blue. Cock lovers

He pounds more and more

Trish: Lee..leave him alone now

Lee: Nah the fuckers gonna get me juices

I grip the sofa

'Oh fucking hell..Lee..please fuck me'

His balls start slapping my ass.

Kellyanne: Trish..the lads loving it...cant you see.

My cock swings at its full eight inches as I take him. I plead for him to fuck harder and I moan his name. The plan backfires. He realises that Im not humilated. Im loving his rod inside me. At the same time for him any holes a goal.

It wont be long before he shoots his load.

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