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Not a girl, not yet a woman

Growing up I never paid much attention to how I dressed or how I looked. I wore whatever I wanted while other girls were worrying about wearing the newest clothes, matching them, wearing the right make up. I instead looked like a tomboy; I liked hanging out with the guys. To me it was more fun to run around than be inside reading fashion magazines, it was more fun to watch sports than to watch the latest gossip on celebrities. It was like that until my first year of Junior High. During the summer before I started Junior High my breast started to grow. Suddenly all the girls my age were wearing training bras, their breasts were growing, reaching A or B cups, but mine were full C cup. At my age a full C cup looked huge on me. I could no longer wear the clothes I liked, they were too tight, and what was worst I could no longer hang out with my friends. All the boys I was used to hang out with would stare like zombies and would look for any excuse to “accidently” grab them or touch them. My first year to me was a torture, I had to stay away from guys and the girls were jealous. Suddenly, I found myself alone without any friends.
The months passed and by the end of spring break things started to change, not only around me but inside me and outside as well. During my spring break, my breast had passed the C cup and I was now wearing D bras. My breasts were heavy, round, and with very thick and large nipples. Overnight not only I had to change all my wardrobe but I had to be careful what to wear. I had to choose my bras; if the fabric was too thin the bounce of my breasts as I walked made my nipples hard, extremely noticeable and made me very horny.
One morning I was taking a walk around the park, I was sitting at the park, over the grass, feeling the warm spring breeze over my face. I was wearing a thin white shirt with red shorts. I was watching some college guys playing basketball. I kept watching for a while, I was about to leave when the balls was accidentally thrown in my direction. I picked up the ball and threw it back. I don’t know if they were impressed because I could actually throw a ball or because of the way my breasts bounced when I did. Whatever the reason they invited me to play and I did. They were much older, but still they acted like little k**s, they took advantage of every change they had to “accidentally” touch my breasts. Somehow, with them, I didn’t mind. Their bodies felt different, I liked the feeling of their big, tight bodies around me. I didn’t do anything to stop them. They stared to grab more and more until we ended up making out behind some trees. In no time I found myself topless in the middle of five guys all kissing me all over, specially grabbing, slapping and sucking my tits. My nipples grew thick and large, they loved pulling them and sucking them hard. I didn’t complain, not even when they pulled their cocks out and made me stroke and suck them. I only complained when I saw one of them trying to put his cock inside me. “It hurts” I moaned, one of the guys covered my mouth to keep me from screaming as the other shoved his meat inside me. My entire body started to shake and I wanted to scream. I don’t know if it was pain or pleasure but I need to scream, it hurt so much but somehow I was enjoying it. I felt so good. When he pulled out, his cock was covered in bl**d I looked down and I couldn’t believe all that could fit inside my small body. The pain was gone and I found myself swimming in a sea of pleasure after one by one took their turns unloading inside me. When they were done the left me there with my pussy filled with their loads.
After that day I was different, I saw the world in a different way. I no longer saw boys the same way. Before I tried to stay away from them because of their staring and their attempts to touch my body, now I enjoyed it. I made me feel good. Not only felt good when boys looked at me but I also enjoyed the way girls looked at me. They were jealous of me. They wanted to have a body like mine. The best was when a couple was walking around and both would stare, the lust from the guy and the hate from the girl. Sometimes, I took it a bit further and I would smile or wink at the guy and watch them walk away arguing or fighting. I liked teasing boys, but I loved to tease the men. Older men were more fun to tease. They had the courage to walk to me and actually talk. They weren’t scared to talk to a hot woman, if they saw something they liked they walked to it and took it. One time I was walking around macy’s and this man came to me, he was in his late thirties. He said he was looking to buy his “daughter” something nice, that she was around my age and had about the same body as me. So he asked me what a girl my age would like. So we started walking around picking up clothes, but then he said he wanted to know how she would look in them so I we walked to the dresser room and I tried them on for him. I knew the clothes weren’t for his daughter. They were too tight and too revealing. So I innocently made the comment of how nice they were and how much I wished I could keep them. So he offered to let me keep them in exchange for “something” then he walked to me to the dresser room and he started to kiss me. In no time he had me naked and was sucking my nipples so good and so hard. I got really horny. I reached and pulled his hardening meat, it got harder in my hand and it got rock hard as soon as I started sucking it. After a while he pulled me up, turned me around and bended me a little against the wall. I started to put his hard meat inside me, it wasn’t huge, but God it was thick. It had such a huge thick head. I wanted to scream, at first he started slow, but the he started to go faster and faster, my breasts were bouncing like crazy, he reached around and grabbed the nipples. Every time my breasts bounced up and down he would hold on tight to my nipples, making them pull so deliciously painful. I was about to cum when I felt him shooting his load inside me, which was just what I needed to make me cum too. He let me keep them clothes and walked away after getting dressed. I stayed behind, trying on all the pretty clothes.
A week later, I was at the mall walking around on one of my new outfits when I saw the same guy walking around the mall with his wife and daughter. He just turned around and stared; I smiled and winked at him, but nothing more. I was already walking in to Victoria’s Secret with another man. It was going to be the best summer so far.

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