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Holly Gets A Promotion pt 2

Marshall bl**dstone never did get that stain out and worked behind the counter all day ringing up Holly's sales for her. She buzzed around the store, her bra left broken in the mens bathroom trashcan, her breasts bounced heavily in her white blouse, which missed the top 4 buttons. She had just finished having two hung mens cocks explode in her when she inherited the sales floor at the furniture store. Her panties were gone and cum had been leaking from her pussy unhindered in its journey to the flood for the first 45 minutes of the morning. Cum stains marred her skirt on the inside and down by the hem. Undaunted, she persevered and at the days closing had worked the floor mostly alone all day long.

She called me, told me she would be late. And then after the doors were locked she lingered with Marshall. "You earned the position Holly, and not just because you let me fuck you. You worked the shit out of the floor today, and the position is yours. We just need to determine the amount of your raise." Just then a knock came at the front door, and 5 men were there. Marshall, who spent most of the day behind the counter, had texted a few buddies and arranged a little party for Holly to mark the occasion.

"I thought I'd put you to one last test Holly, to determine your pay grade. My buddies want the same deal I got this morning, except they want to be a little rougher. Nothing over the top you understand, you are pregnant after all. Just a little more aggressive customer is all."

And with this the men set on Holly, they scooped her up and carried her back to the bedding section. There they stripped her down naked, ripping and tearing at what was left of her clothes. Cocks began to come out, and so did a video camera which Marshall had in his office. There were 3 black men, all hung between 11 and 15 inches, a white boy with a cock about 6 inches long and a latino man in his mid 60's with a small flacid penis.

Two of the men pushed her onto the nearest bed and they began to surround her face with cocks as the old man pushed open Holly's legs and buried his old face in her pussy. She took a black cock into her mouth and felt two hands, one on her neck, the other on the back of her head, and they f***ed her face down on his cock. They were skull fucking her and taking long turns as the old man licked away. They would slap their cocks on her face hard and make her lick their balls and ass crack. The old man got hard and slid his little dick into her. It wasn't long before he was pushing up toward her face through the other men and blasting a huge load of cum all over her face as he laughed outloud.

Marshall filmed the whole thing. They rolled Holly over and made her sit on top of the biggest black cock in the group, and then the skull fucking began again as she rode the massive cock beneath her. The white boy came almost instantly and his cum joined the load from the old man already on her face. But the white boy wasnt done, he slapped her cummy face with his cock and started face fucking her again. The old man crouched behind Hollys ass and began to lick her asshole as she rode. Another man blew his load on her face, and cum ran down her chest to her pubic hair. Marshall focused the camera on Holly ass from the back, she had been cumming and there was her thick white cum covering the massive cock she rode.

Marshall moved the old man aside and got behind Holly, his big dick out and hard he pressed the head of it against Holly's asshole. The old man took the camera and another of the black men blew his load on her face and in her mouth which hung hungrily open. It wasn't long before the big black man on the bottom blew his load inside Holly, and it ran out and down his balls as Holly continued to ride. And then Marshall pulled out of her ass fast and went around to her face, plunging his cock into her throat and fucking it for a few deep strokes. He f***ed the whole shaft in there so that his balls smashed up against her chin, and then he blew his load deep down her throat.

The men were spent, and they left Holly and Marshall alone. Holly was covered in cum, her skirt was torn and her blouse was completely ruined. She left work that day naked, pregnant and covered in cum. When she got home she told me the story while sitting naked with dried cum on her face in the drivers side of the car. I had to go in and find clothes for her. In the end she got a great raise though, and we have begun to think maybe we can make even more money if we think outside the box.

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