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Holly Gets A Promotion

Times were tough and money was tight. Bill collectors were calling day and night. My wife was the only one working, she was pregnant and we already had one c***d. I was a stay at home dad. We were managing by but we were poor, and my wife sat me down one day and told me about how she wanted to get a promotion at work.

She was a sales associate at a furniture store, and her store manager was considering her for a assistants position. Her manger was a man named Marshall. He was in his late 40's, divorced and had a reputation for being "on the prowl" by other female sales associates. Not quite creepy, but suggestive at times. Anyway, we were broke and my wife Holly felt alot of pressure financially. She wanted to talk with Marshall and see what she could do to get the promotion.

I told her "do what you gotta do, we need the money", and that was that. Later that week she was scheduled to open the store one Saturday morning. They both got there about 45 minutes early, Holly got there first and had a key. She was tidying up the pillows on the sofa's, the building only lit by the slow rising sun. Marshall and Holly exchanged their normal morning pleasantries and the conversation turned to Holly gaining this promotion.

After a while on the subject Holly said something to the effect that "If I wasn't pregnant I could maybe off free lap dances to the customers". It was a joke, but Marshall saw an opening. "I'd pay to see that, and so might the customers" he said. Holly returned fire by unbuttoning the top several buttons of her blouse in a mock strip tease in the faint light of the furniture store, not far from the front windows.

"It could be nice having a stripping assistant manager, I could maybe get some free shows" said Marshall
"Why Mr. bl**dstone of course, it would have lots of benefits" Holly replied.

Now she told me this story the night it happened, she didn't wait at all and wanted to be honest with me. What happened next was a "business dealing", thats what she called it. She continued her strip tease as Marshall bl**dstone looked on, acting as it he we a customer.

"Show me your act, what could I expect for my money if I came in to buy - well, lets say this bed back here".

Holly sauntered to the bedroom set up by the front window display. They were in broad sight of anyone in the parking lot even with the store unlit. It was about 30 minutes before the open. Holly whistled a sultry tune as she swayed her 7 month pregnant body back and forth. She had worn a white button up blouse and black skirt with a stretchy waist, that ended a few inches above the knee. Marshal watched her strip tease as she got the last button on her blouse, her tits were big and full and flowing out of her bra. She could see Marshall was hard and had a look in his eye.

Holly sat in the front window display facing Marshall and removed her black lace panties, spun them on her finger and tossed them at Marshall. "We don't have long before we open, why don't you show me your finale" said Marshall.
Thinking only of the money, Holly walked toward him and got to her knees. She unzipped Marshall's black slacks and reached in.

Holly seemed put off when I asked her how big he was. "He was actually pretty damn big." was her response. "About 10 inches or so, and thick" she said later. She pulled out his big cock and began to lick on the head. Marshall sat in a nice chair facing the parking lot and held Holly hair as she bobbed up and down on his cock. He reached around and undid her bra letting her titties hang free while she blew him.

A car pulled into the parking lot just then. It was the cleaning crew, two 50 something korean women and a handsome young latino boy named Joe. Holly and Marshall retreated deeper into the displays until they came to a large leather sofa toward the back of the store. Marshall said "here is good, come here quick". He proceeded to bend Holly over the arm of the sofa and quickly pulled up her skirt. Her pussy was wet, and he pressed the head of his huge cock against her pussy from behind. Marshall pressed in deeper, and deeper still. Holly's pregnant body, tits bouncing, bent over that sofa arm. Marshall fucked her hard and fast, they knew time was limited now.

The cleaning crew came in the front door and went right to work. They split up and before long the lights on the showroom came on. They were too exposed now, and stopped fucking. Looking for a place to dart to and continue they roamed quickly towards the bathrooms. They went into the mens room and chose a stall. I heat the two began fucking again, Marshall sat on the toilet seat as my pregnant wife rode him reverse cowgirl.

There was a sense of urgency to all of this, they had people in the store and they were supposed to be opening up in a few minutes. Just then Joe came in to clean the bathroom. "Is someone in here" he asked. They froze. Marshall replied, yes Joe - it's Marshall, I'm in here".

"You alone Mr. Marshal? I hear alot of noise as I came in". There was a pause. Holly sat on Marshalls lap, his massive cock rammed balls deep up into her. "I'm in here too Joe, Hi ... it's Holly..."

Another pause, then Joe replied "You two alright?" "Yes Joe, just finishing something up" Holly replied. Joe lingered, and she continued to ride Marshall slowly up and down. Joe began to clean the room, and for a few minutes Holly was able to move rather quietly on top. But eventually she forgot herself for a moment and moaned, and Joe heard it. "You two need any help in there?" Joe asked jokingly.

"Sure Joe" said Marshall. Holly unlatched the stall door and Joe stood there facing my wife Holly, her tits out and skirt up, sitting on Marshall bl**dstone's massive cock. Holly put her hands out toward Joe's crotch and began working the zipper. Marshall began fucking Holly harder now from the bottom. Joe's young cock was out now too, Holly said it was just a little smaller then Marshalls, maybe 8 inches, and she began to suck it. This went on for a few mintues until Marshall rolled Holly backwards on top of him, her leg spread wide with his big cock inside. "Come on Joe, dive in, we got to get her cunt ready for this baby" Joe knew what to do and began to cram the head of his dick inside Holly pussy along side Marshalls.

I took a little work and alot of loud moans but he got in, they were both in her cunt and they pounded away like pistons inside her. Her big milk filled titties bounced rapidly and milk would spray a little now and then. She was coming hard and could bearly stand it when all of a sudden the cocks both began twitching. Joe and Marshall began to cum inside my pregnant wife, and neither load was small. Massive cocks spraying massive loads into her twat in the bathroom at her work.

After a few minutes they all stood up, cum leaking from Holly's pussy made long drips that you could see with her skirt down. her bra was broken somehow and she had no panties, she left them on the floor up by the front door. A few of her buttons on her blouse were gone too. People were at the door, the store open was late and a small crowd had gathered waiting. Marshall had a huge cum stain on his pants and couldn't get the door because of it, so Holly made the trip. Her breasts bouncing free as she walked in her black thigh high boots to open the door. Cum was still leaking out as she turned the lock on the door, her top 4 buttons on her blouse undone exposing the cleavage of a very pregnant mommy.

In came the crowd, a few of whom came to see Holly as returning customers. She handled the floor, floating from place to place helping all those customers. Many times she had to reach down when she thought no one was looking and swipe cum out of the air between her legs or off her leg, which she licked swiftly off her fingers. People bought furniture, everyone was relaxed, and Holly never did find her panties. But she did get that promotion she wanted, and the fun in the furniture store had just begun.

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