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A few things that have happened with my sexy wife

my name is danny im 24 and my wife is jess shes 22 and we live in the south of england. check out her photos on our profile i think you will agree shes a sexy little slut.
this is not really a story just a few things that have happened over the years.
ill start when i first met jess when she was 16 and me 18, we both lived at home still then and i used to go round her parents most nights after work, she was at college at this time.
we used to sit up in her room and she would watch eastenders every night and a few minutes before the end she would stick her hand down my trousers and touch my cock til it was hard. then as soon as the credits started she would pull my trousers down and suck and wank me into her mouth, she gives a great blowjob even back then when so young lol. so when i would cum in her mouth she would jump up run accross the room and spit it out the window down onto the paving by the front door.
after a few weeks of this i was outside smoking a joint and i noticed all these different coloured spots on the floor and realised it was all my cum lol there was loads of it.
also you should know jess has a s****r, joanne who is a year older than her and a year younger than me,so when i met them she was 17, shes very good looking but nothing like jess, jess is a curvy redhead where as joanne is a skinny brunette with a all over spraytan.shes a bit of a slut aswell tho, always getting drilled by different guys lol.
jess told me a story that happened a few years ago when she was 15 and joanne 16. jess came home from school, parents still at work and thought joanne was at college, she went upstairs and heard talking in joannes room so opened the door to say hi, there were two lads sitting on the edge of the bed with there trousers round their ankles and joanne kneeling between them in just her knickers wanking them both off, they both screamed before joanne shouted get out at her lol.
so jess went and sat in her room but she could hear they were stiill doing it next door, after ten minutes the guys left and joanne came in in her dressing gown and said please dont tell mum and dad.jess aske dwhat they had done but joanne insisted she just gave then handjobs lol, so as you can tell they were both whores at a young age.

another time a couple of years later when i was 20 jess 18 and joanne 19 i woke up early sunday morning and wanted to watch tv in bed in jess's room, she was still asl**p.anyway i couldnt find the remote but the girls had the same tv in there rooms and they were always losing the remotes so as usual i went to go get joannes one out of her room.
i tapped on the door and no answer so i thought shes asl**p ill just grab the remote, i opened the door and what a sight before me. joanne was asl**p but she had kicked all the cover off her and was laying on her side and front sort of, butt naked, her titties were pressed together they looked really nice and round with her tan all over mmmmm she looked great.
i grabbed the remote of the side but couldnt leave without seeing it all so i sort of knelt down and looked between her arse and thighs and saw her bald slit smiling back at me, it looked great and i was rock hard in my boxers so quickly left got bak in jess's room she was still asl**p so i took my boxers off and wanked and sprayed a big load on the floor lol.
i told jess about it that afternoon and she said she always sl**ps naked she has seen her like that a few times.
i have loads more stories like this so let me know if you want more and id be happy to share them with you, like the time i saw joanne getting fucked or the many times jess and i have visited nude beachs on holiday.

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