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Firt time with marie !!

My friend and i use to go to a bar in old montreal , we we're outside to have a smoke , when suddenly it appears in front of me , a real hot bbw with so fucking big tits , she was wearing a small shirt and i saw her magnificient breast standing there , she was about to put on a jacket , so i said to her what you want to hide that beauty breast , she was blushing and laugh a bit ,and she come to talk with us , so for the end of that night we we're drinking togehter and have a good laugh , and that was about it for that night.

The week end after my friend and i went back to the bar , i was just getting in and i saw again those magnificient big boobs hanging at the bar , so iget to the bar straightly to her and say hi Melanie , do you remember me , she start to laugh and say i dont know who's melanie but me its marie , and yes i do remember you , so we drimk alot and ask her if she want to come home , she said yes but got to bring my cousin's to , i said no problem .

So we we're talking marie , me and her cousin's when her cousin's said i'm gonna go outside for a walk , that's what she's waiting for , so marie jump on me and start to kiss me passionately and ferocely at the same time , it takes only that for me to get a major hard on , i tought my jeans gonna tear , she slowly put her hands on it and start to jerk it above my jeans , so i said , like to see it , she smile at me , so i take it out , she smile again at me and goes straight down to it and put it in her mouth , she was sucking like hell , she start slowly but after few minutes she was going crazy on it , my god i was so excited , i said to myself i ll be kind and gonna say to her when i 'll be ready to cum , so few minutes of that treatement i said i'm gonna cum , i'm gonna cum , so marie start to look at me straight in the eyes with her magnificient green eyes and go faster and faster , i understand that she want it all in her mouth , so i let it go , marie swallow everything like a pro , and come to give me another passionate kiss !!! i'll come soon with the rest of the story !!!

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