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Kirans nephew too

Every Friday and Saturday nights several of us would meet at my s****r-In-Laws and then go out. Most of us were related and a few friends.
My husband had gone to California on another business trip.
He left on a Friday morning, the usual get together was Friday night. I went to my s****r-In-Laws to in the evening, then when everyone was their we went out. We were waiting for my Nephew, Irfan to join us too. He didn’t normally join us but my s****r-in-law thought it’d be a nice change for him since he had some hard times lately with his girlfriend. They called his place and no answer every time they called. So I was picked to go to his place and see what was the matter. If you went on the side walk it was a bit further then if you cut across the park. So I took the park route. When I got their the outside door wasn't locked, so I popped my head round. I heard the shower going. I yelled a couple of times and no answer. A bit scared I went in the house and walked closer to the bathroom then yelled again. He answered this time, (thank god) saying he would be out soon. I waited on his couch for him. When he came out he had a towel wrapped around his waist. He said hi, aunt kiran and that he just got home and was running late. He sat on a chair almost straight across from me drying his hair. I looked at him as we small talked, then I stared. Thinking God I could see up the towel and his cock was laying nicely between his legs, like it was aiming at me. OMG it looked nice, hell it looked Big, Beautiful and very eatable. The way I was looking, staring he had to know I seen his cock. I told him shortly after that I should get down their and let them know you will be down their soon too. I was wearing my tight black satin shalwar kameez dress that had a wide and low v-shape kameez that showed plenty of titty skin. Getting up I bent forward showing my cleavage. Irfan also got up and ended up showing more. The complete head of his soft cock came out from under the towel for a second as he stood up. I told him I would see him down at the s****r-in-laws in a little while. I couldn’t get his cock out of my head, Seeing his cock made my pussy a little wet, hoped hubby was here tonight for some wild sex. I got back down their and told them the deal. When the phone rang. It was Irfan wanting to know if he could catch a ride with someone, if so pick him up on the way to the restaurant. I was the only one who didn't have anyone in the car with me. So again I got picked to pick up Irfan. Everyone took off and I did too, but with an extra stop. Irfan was waiting. It was around 10 miles from were we were to the restaurant. My Nephew Irfan like he always did joke around with me. He came out to our place a lot, sat and chatted with mainly my husband. He was laughing and joking as we headed to the restaurant. Picking on me he said if your kameez neck was any lower it would be a open shirt. I looked and my kameez it had slid down, because of how I sat. luckily I had bra on, I told him he didn't need to be looking. He said it gets your attention so why not look. Well because, emmm… I didn't have a answer, so I stupidly said you just shouldn't look. Irfan said it isn’t like I touched it like this and damn him he reached and touched me between my titty’s, I screamed out, Irfan. WHAT? You know what. We were coming into town as he said you know you liked that. I blurted out No, Yeah, No, I mean No. Parking the car he came around quickly as I opened the car door, and he helped me out. But saying I can see right down our neck aunty. And he very quickly squeezed one. I said Irfan stop it. Then he said he might have another lift on way home, he would let me know later on. In restaurant he sat opposite me, two chairs to the right of me was his m*m. during the meal he took off his shoes & began pushing his feet between my legs. So there isn’t too much commotion & some one spotting this. I opened my legs to let him stroke my pussy over my clothes. He finally gave up after about 10 minuets, leaving my pussy soaking through. At almost closing time here comes Irfan. Asking if he could catch a ride back home. Guess who they picked, yah me. Then Irfan had to finish his desert and everyone else was leaving. We were the last ones to leave. He was acting a lot more tired than he really was, I found that out later. He was sort of hanging on me as we went to the car. I helped him in the car and leaning over he said these things almost hit me, meaning my tits and he reached down my kameez and squeezed a tit again. I said ok Irfan that’s enough as I grabbed his hand and pulled it from my tit. When I got in the car he told me my tit felt good. Heading back home Irfan slid over a little bit, asking me to show him my tits. I told him I can't I'm driving. (huh, driving? That all I could come up with?) I thought. His hands went on my chest then down in my kameez. I said Irfan you have to stop that. He didn’t, and I wasn't going to stop and pull his hand out of my kameez again. He had my nipples extremely hard. He was well on his way to making me completely Horny. Which isn’t good as I never could think straight when I’m all worked up & he’s my nephew. Finally we were at his place. OK Irfan your home I will see you later. He said he needed help getting in the house, and unlocking the door. It should have hit me then. Cause he quickly got his keys out of his pocket and easily handed them to me, then half ass hung on to me going up 4 steps to the door, his hands were all over me acting like he could hardly walk. In the house he sat down telling me to put his keys on the dresser in his bedroom, I did. Back in the living room he asked me to get him a drink, and I could have one too. Getting that for him, in the mean time he had taken off his shoes and socks and shirt. We set their talking and I got up for something and I had to walk past him. Coming back he was standing up and he quickly grabbed me putting his arms tightly around me and started kissing me, I did put my palms on his shoulders as if to push him away but just stayed locked. Irfan started moving and rubbing his hands around on my back and ass then held my ass and pulled me tight into him. I could feel he was hard. My hands were moving around on his back now. When we stopped kissing we both looked almost staring at each other. Nothing was said. Irfan took his arms from me to hold my hand and took me to his bedroom. He started taking off his pants so I pulled off my shalwar, kameez, bra and undies. Irfan took me softly down on his bed, still saying nothing. When my Nephew got over top of me and was sliding his hands over my pussy, I squealed out OHhh Irfan and told him to go down on me in a 69 position. My arms around his waist and even wrapped my legs around his neck. I hung on to him tight as he licked me Beautifully. Then he gave a hard shove in my mouth and Irfan started shooting his Wonderful Hot Creamy Sperm over my mouth & face. When the last drop of sperm was released from his cock. I told my Loving Nephew how Wonderful he is making me feel. Irfan told me he wanted to fuck. After that I told him we cant because A, I’m married & B, he’s my nephew. Then he asked me to suck him. I agreed, first licked his wet shiny cock of his cum then I went to sucking him, Irfan held my head an pushed hard on it trying to get more cock in my mouth, throat. When he cum his hot sperm ran in the back of my throat and getting a good taste of it, I couldn't believe it. He came just as much as first time. After he was done shooting, I let him know how much I love his so very tasty sperm. I told him he could cum in my mouth any time. Irfan, well he could keep a hard-on for hours and I'll swear he has a never ending supply of sperm. We didn't sl**p much, what was left of the night, but my Nephew sure was satisfying me with his tong. Around noon I told him I had to go home. Do you have too. I said yah. Don't worry Irfan I'll be back over tonight. Its Saturday, Irfan the dance club, oh fuck yah he blurted out. I was lucky non of the relation or friends that all go out together seen my car in Irfans drive today. I took some extra clothes with me. I wore another dress, different colour shalwar kameez, it was short and low cut. For Irfan I didn't wear bra or undies. He came down to where we meet, before going to the dance. Irfan didn't get their till about 10 minutes before we were going to leave. He didn't get to close to me, but like he always did he got around to picking on me. I again got chosen to give Irfan a ride to the dance. Going through a town Irfan looked at me and said I see your nipples poking through. He then put his hand between my legs & felt my pussy through the thin shawar. I said “I did this for you Irfan.” But lets wait till after the dance before we do anything. It didn't seem like the dance would ever end. Going back to Irfan’s place, he finger-fucked me most of the way their and also bared and played with my tits, right through the town and their were others that had left the bars that were standing on the street. At Irfans place I told him I could stay for a few days since hubby isn’t due back soon. OH Great he blurted out. Hey we got to put your car in the garage, so no one see's it and knows your here. In the house we stripped, he grabbed me and we were trying for the couch and went on the floor and he was sucking me wildly I was almost screaming with pure pleasure. While he was at my pussy he asked “Kiran aunty, can I fuck you? We are having oral sex already. I really want to feel mine in you.”

“I am your aunt and you’re my nephew. We can’t go beyond oral sex. I know you’re horny now and so am I, but I can’t do it with you.” I answered.

“Then could I just dry hump on your pussy. I will keep it on top so I won’t go in you.” He begged.

“I don’t think that is such a good idea Irfan. I don’t want us to go any further.” I replied.

“My dick is really hard and I just want to get the tension out. Please let me do this, aunty kiran, I will just rub over your pussy slit. I’ll blow on your belly or mouth.” He begged again.
I had a bad feeling about that and I knew I might regret it but he was begging so much I agreed to let him rub on top.

“You promise to keep your cock from going in, while you hump on my pussy?” I asked.

“Yes, I promise. I know what I’m not supposed to do.” He answered.

“Well OK, but just this once. Now get on top of me.” I said.

I kept checking to make sure I would be able to jump out if it went too far. My shalwar kameez were on the floor near us, so I can put them on quick too.
He started to rub his hard dick tightly against my pussy. At times I felt his head trying to poke at my pussy. But he was doing well not to slip it in so then I let my guards down and closed my eyes to feel more of his hard dick rubbing on me. But next thing I knew I felt something hard that opened my pussy lips & went inside my pussy in one push.

“Ahhh…. Shittt……. What the hell you think you’re doing? Ahhh…. Fuck!!!” I screamed.

My perverted nephew while I had my eyes closed, he entered my pussy with his hard cock. I knew I should have watched him. I knew I shouldn’t let my guard down, but it was all too late. I was having intercourse with him now. I practically cried with tears running while he kept fucking me. With no signs of stopping.

“Ahhh… You idiot, I am your aunt. Damn…. Shitt…. Pull your dick out of me.” I cried.

He didn’t say anything but continued pumping in and out of my pussy. I tried to push him off but with little effort and he kept me under him firmly. I felt so ashamed for getting myself into this. I couldn’t even think of how to explain this to my husband or s****r. If they ever found out. Ever since I started having oral sex with him, I did imagined a few times how his dick would have felt in me, but I never thought I would really commit to it, and now I got a taste of his cock in my pussy.

“I’m sorry kiran, but I really wanted you.” He said.

“I will…never…forgive you for….AHHH….for this!” I yelled.

I tried to resist him, but soon I was giving in to my desire. Knowing that Irfans dick was inside me really got my pussy wet. I felt my pussy gushing out love juice every few seconds. But then the next worst thing happened. I felt his dick pumping harder and suddenly he stopped and collapsed on top of me.

“Oh shit, you didn’t.” I said.

I was able to push him off of me. And then I saw his sperm coming out from my pussy. My own nephew cum in my pussy. At that moment, I really felt like I wanted to scream my head off. I ordered irfan to leave me alone then I went to the shower hoping I could wash away everything. I was so angry with him and also feared of getting pregnant from this.
I was cleaning the myself when irfan came from behind pushing me against the wall

“What the hell are you doing? Let me go!” I screamed.

He moved in closer to me. I felt his hard cock on my butt cheek.

“Please don’t do this, please stop it.” I begged.

But without a word he pushed his cock inside my pussy again. His hard warm dick inside my aching pussy made me feel so good but guilty at the same time.
But then he started to pump faster on my pussy and I just couldn’t say anything
anymore. His fast pumps left me speechless with only moaning sounds of pleasure. Either my pussy was really that tight or my Irfan’s cock got bigger because my pussy was really hurting but in a pleasurable way. Damn, his dick drove me crazy.

“Damn it, don’t stop, please don’t stop nowww!” I begged.

I couldn’t believe myself but I was really begging him for more. I moaned loudly fill me full Irfan fill me full. He did. Getting out of me I told Irfan to cum in my mouth. He got his entire cock-head into my throat. He tried getting more in and I started to gag and he backed off some. Shooting his sperm with his entire cock-head in my throat was extremely exciting, so exciting I had a Orgasm. Irfan shot a huge load into my throat too. Off and on through out the rest of the night we mainly fucked. And most of Sunday we fucked. But I was able to suck my Nephews cock 3 times on Sunday. We had lots of sex. On Thursday I went home. Everything was going great. Later that afternoon I went back over. Telling Irfan I’d stay longer, the car went back in the garage. In the house with out shutting the house door. Irfan took off my shalwar kameez. I helped him undress. Hugging and kissing for a while. Stopping we both said something at the same time. Both of us at the same time blurted out Y-H-A-H!!! We both said it again, I told Irfan I wanted him to get me pregnant, and Irfan told me he wanted to get me pregnant too. Then he dragged me up telling me I'm the sexiest Aunt he has, I told him he is the horniest Nephew I have. Then hugging we told each other we love each other. Then we went to another fucking session.

We were having such great sex that night. Both of us were very Horny that night and hubby was coming back next night. I had Irfan fucking me, licking me all night, which was Beautiful. I didn't leave their till almost noon the next day. During the night at one point Irfan was sitting on the couch Irfan had just finished in my mouth again, then I almost tore Irfan apart as I climbed on his cock fucking as he was cumming, which gave me a great Orgasms…

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