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Dirty Night

Jim was the father of three pretty teen girls. Two were twins and getting very sexy. The twins jai and joi, were sixteen and the younger daughter Jan was fifteen. His wife no longer wanted sex so Jim kept looking at his girls. Tonight Joi was walking around the house in just a tank top and shorts. He watched her seeing that she wore no bra. Her tits were pushed against the tight material and he wanted to grab and squeeze them. Her ass swung as she walked across the room. His cock got hard watching her.

At midnight when every one was asl**p he walked into Joi's room naked. He pulled back the covers and got in beside her and grabbed her face. He told her "Tongiht you are going to be daddy's girl and make your daddy feel extra good. Do not make a sound or I will punish you hard." He then pulled her nightie off her body and looked at her tits as she breathed hard making her chest go up and down. She was naked under her gown and he liked that as it made it easier to see her sexy body and touch her. He then said "Look what your sexy body does to my cock. It has not been this hard for a long time. Take your hand and rub it for me. Stroke up and down my hard shaft." As he took her hand and placed it on his cock she began to rub and stroke him as he wished.

He then began to kiss and lick her nipples feeling them get hard inside his mouth. "You have great tits baby girl. Now grip my cock hard as you stroke it." He then sucked her tits harder as she was gripping his hard cock and his hand went to her pussy. "Spread your legs so daddy can play with your pussy. I am going to finger fuck you before I push my cock in your wet hole." Jim took turns sucking each tit as his fingers explored her pussy. She had a nice hard clit and as he rubbed it she moaned for him. "Yes baby, you like that don't you? You are going to love what daddy does to you tonight." He played with her clit as he sucked her nipples then his finger went to her cunt. He ran a finger around her tight hole and she moaned more. He then slid a finger inside her as he sucked a nipple hard and began to finger fuck her.

His sweet daughter began to moan and wiggle under his busy fingers. The more she moaned and moved the harder and deeper he fingered her. He then knew it was time for her to take his cock. He got between her legs and put his cock to her fuck hole and pushed first just the head in her tight hole. She was warm and wet and tight. "Push your cunt to my cock baby. Help me get my cock inside your warm cunt and I will fuck you till you cum several times. You are going to love daddy's cock." He then felt her lift her hips and take him deeper. He then pushed every inch into her sweet hole and began to fuck her hard. She felt so good. He had not had pussy for a long time and he needed to bury his cock inside her and fuck till he filled her with cum. He finally filled her cunt with cum and laid on top of her and breathing hard. He looked at her and told her "I love fucking you. You are so sexy and so tight. My cock felt so good in you. Daddy made you cum many times tonight. Now spread your legs and let me see that sweet cunt as I lick that cum from your fuck hole."

As jim licked her cunt she moaned again loving the feel of his tongue up in her love channel. Tonight she had felt emotions that she wanted to feel again and again. After jim finished licking her cunt he went back to her tits and kissed and sucked them again. "Turn over on your stomach. Daddy wants to see your ass." As she turned over his hands rubbed her ass before he spread her legs wide. He then began to kiss her ass cheeks and lick them. He then took his hands and spread her ass open and began to kiss her bud. He kissed and licked her ass till he had her wet then he slipped a finger in her. "Do you like that baby? Do you like your ass fucked." As he finger fucked her ass he kissed on her ass cheeks. Then his other hand found her pussy and put a finger in her cunt. Now he was finger fucking both holes as she moaned and twitched. He had one finger in her ass and two in her cunt as he kissed on her ass cheeks watching her squirm.

He then pulled his fingers out and turned her over on her back and pushed the fingers in her mouth. "Taste your ass and pussy on my fingers. Doesn't it taste good? That is why daddy loves to lick your ass and cunt and suck your clit. You taste so good. My cock loves your sexy holes. Now spread your legs and daddy is going to push his cock in you as we sl**p. You are going to love the feel of daddy's cock in you as we both sl**p. Then we can fuck anytime we move." Then he grabbed a tit and they fell sl**p. He woke twice that night and fucked her both times. She seemed to love her daddy's cock fucking her and his fingers in her ass.

The next morning he told her to stay in bed naked. He would tell every one she was sick and she would stay home with him. As his wife left for work and took the other two daughters to school he went to her bedroom and took her naked body out of bed. "Walk for me. Show me your ass and tits as you walk around the house." As she walked and thrust her tits and ass out for him he pulled her to him and spread her legs and began to finger his pussy. Then he pulled her across his lap and rubbed her ass before he began to finger fuck her. His cock got hard watching his finger go in and out of her ass and he then added one more finger to the hole. When his cock began throbbing, he then bent her over the arm of the chair and pressed his cock to her ass. He spread her ass cheeks far apart and started to push his cock into her. Her asshole was tighter than her cunt and he could not ever remember anything feeling this good. He pushed in deeper and told her "You have the sexiest ass for my cock to fuck. My cock loves your tight hole. Now hang on as I fuck you baby girl." He soon had his cock buried in her ass and was fucking her loving how tight she felt.

He filled her ass with cum and pulled his cock out and began to lick her sweet wet ass. He licked her ass cheeks and then licked down to her pussy and licked every inch of it till he heard her moan. He spread her pussy lips and sucked her clit till he had her screaming and wanting more. He pushed his tongue into her fuck hole and tongue fucked her as his finger fucked her ass more. "Baby, you love to fuck. You are so horny and want daddy fucking you in every hole. You have the best tasting ass and pussy. I want to eat you all day."

They stayed naked all day and fucked her ass and her cunt several times. He ate her pussy and licked her ass as she sucked his cock. His sexy daughter loved to fuck. He fucked her in every room and even outside on the swing. Then he sat on the swing and she sat on his lap with his cock in her as they swung high and he fucked her deep. Then he bent her over the patio table and fucked her ass right in the back yard. He sat her on the table and spread her pussy lips and told her "You have the sexiest pussy. Your clit gets so hard as I suck it." Then he sucked her clit as he finger fucked her. They spent all day fucking each other and he posed her so he could she her naked body. He soon would bring the other twin and they would really have a great fucking time.

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