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My trip to grocery store prt 2

Rudy walked into the room with a smile on his face, I made eye contact with him, and I knew this is what he meant when he told me to be a good little whore , he got closed to me and pulled his zipper down I reached inside his boxers pulling his cock out and I started stroking it and sucking it hard the way he likes it, I stroke both cocks with my hands at the same time they looked at eachother and Rudy still had that big smile on his face Chris was a bit shy but he said <thanks for letting me use your gf man> Rudy laughed and replied -no problem man, you can fuck her good-

I kept sucking on Rudy and stroking Chris then Rudy ordered me to get naked and spread my legs open for Chris

I took my shirt off first leaving my white tanktop on Chris took off my gray undies I was wearing and he said <dont take your skirt off, I like it hiked up like that, it looks hot on you > I smiled at him and looked towards Rudy for approval, Rudy looked at me and said- its ok you can leave it on babygirl-

I pulled up my skirt and layed on the edge of the bed facing down with my legs spread open and my hands behind me holding my booty open for Chris, letting him know I was ready for him, inviting him inside me like Rudy wanted me to
Chris held his cock and stroked it slowly and teased my wet cunt with it, he rubbed it up and down my snatch making me wet, making me want it, and I looked back at him with a smile on my face and I said "well come on soldier, don't keep me waiting let me have it "

Rudy always enjoyed sharing me, he said I was good and he feels like he has to share my tight pussy, I layed on my bed facing down and Chris teased my pussy I was moaning "mmm aww yes" & I felt the head of his cock go in and out of me "mmm ummm ahhh" I moaned as his hard cock penetrated my wet pussy in and out slowly, I looked towards Rudy to make eye contact as I always do I love looking into his brown eyes waiting for his aproval, letting me know that I'm being obidient that I'm doing as he wants

Rudy looked back at me and smiled and asked me -are you liking it babygirl- I looked towards him again and I answered " yes master"

Chris had both of his hands on my hips entering my pussy in and out, I looked back at him and I could see on his face that he was enjoying it too, he pulled his cock out of my pussy and said to Rudy < its your turn to dip yours in man> Rudy laughed and said - I guess its my turn- he layed on the edge of the bed with his legs hanging off the edge I sat on him facing him making eye contact as I slide my pussy on his hard cock his hands were w****d around me holding on to me letting me know I was safe , I lowered my self down fucking my wet hot pussy with his cock, enjoying every minute of it, Chris stood behind me ready and eager to fuck my ass, Rudy put his hands on my bouncy booty, spreading my butt open for Chris

I felt the tip of his wet yummy cock on my ass hole, it felt warm against my delicate skin, ready to pierce me like a sword

He put it in my ass slowly, Rudy's thick cock was already inside of me, and I moaned louder and louder each time "AWW MMM OH YEAH THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD" Rudy shoved his cock deeper into me and Chris pushed in and out slowly getting into a steady rythem "awww ohh yes fuck me harder please Chris" I moaned and Rudy put his fingers in my mouth making me suck on them always letting me know that he owns me no matter who fucks my love holes hes my master, he said - babygirl get off of me and suck me while he fucks your ass-

I did as he ordered and sucked on his cock like there was no tomorrow, Chris was getting even more turned on by this, watching my lips wrapped around Rudy's thick cock, he pounded on my ass faster and harder as Rudy's cock was deep in my hot waiting mouth, before I knew it, Chris was holding on to my long braid and Rudy was fucking my face, they were both ready to cum and so was I

I tried moaning but I was gagging on Rudy's cock drooling on it and I couldnt hold it in anymore
I squirted all over Chris's balls <mmm good girl> he said and he pulled out of me and I sat on the floor legs shaking

They both stood in front of me stroking their cocks and Rudy said - come on babygirl be a good little cum slut and open your mouth for us - I looked up at them I open my mouth and stuck my tongue out waiting as the shot their cum loads on my face and neck .....

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