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My subjugation and my husband's friends assho

The pinkness under my long fingernails turned paler, as the pressure exerted on my finger tips, whose action in digging into the soft flesh and tearing apart to open his anus to my full view.
His hole was a different shade of deep pink to brown, slightly crinkled and folded, with little whispish light blond hair encircling this orifice long considered, the sewage next to the playground.
My face was just inches from it, and as he lay on his back with his legs pulled back and up, he knew he was moments away from experiencing, the incredible act of 'Ringing', having his asshole penetrated with my feminine tongue, licked and poked, kissed, cleaned, and loved with passion, an act performed by his best friends wife, an act of submissive devotion and act of a debt, being repaid.
When I first met my future husband I was a young desirable female, long pursued for sex by his friends and this friend in particular, was more f***eful in his quest, more than all the others put together.
Now he had me, and now I was resigned to committing this act of total subjugation, licking his asshole, and bringing all those barren years of fruitless frustration to one of satisfaction, as he felt the heat from my breath and the sensation of touch with the first gentle connection with the tip of my moistened tongue into the centre of his anal crinkling.
The bright red lipstick on my lips encircled his anus and the soft pressure of my lips sealed his hole within my mouth, thus enabling the tip of my tongue to trace a line from his ball-sack up to the folded flesh and centre itself within the crinkling and gently apply a light pushing pressure lubricated with my supply of saliva, prodding and pushing, each time increasing the f***e, until half my tongue was now embedded deep into his ass, and his contractions were keenly felt on my tongue, with the powerful spasms of his sphincter muscle.
I was naked except for broad netted stockings and a pair of stilettos with 4" heels, something all sluts wore, especially ass-licking sluts.
It was essential my lips kept his hole encircled and sealed, allowing the very sensitive anal flesh around his hole to benefit from both the heat of my breath and any stray moist tonguing that accidentally brushed against him, during penetrative tonguing.
With his balls resting on my chin I could almost hear feel the gurgling of the semen coursing through his balls, as it mixed with the seminal fluid, in readiness to be transferred into my body for insemination, part of the contract signed and agreed by both myself and husband, and now being contractually committed by myself.
His fingers enmeshed into my blond locks and together they closed entrapping them, and as the groans escaped from his throat, so did my head arise from his crotch as he rolled with ease onto my back, pushing his cock into my open and lubricated vagina, shooting semen as he sunk in deeper and deeper, only stopping when coming into contact with my uterus.
He mouthed, 'You dirty fucking bitch, you cunt slut' into my ear as the warmth of his semen coursed into my vagina, my buttocks cushioning his f***eful ejaculations, quivering with each thrust, as his years in the wilderness, were now exploding in the successful fucking of Mariel, the whore he always knew he would one day posses.

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