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Screwing so others can see...

as you know we stopped in Miami. It definitely had a different feel from our hometown. Lots of energy in the air and sexy. We went out to dinner at an upscale establishment. I wore my sheer top...without a bra....and my jacket. If the jacket was pulled closed you could only see some cleavage...the top was completely black sheer with some lace...and cut low so the rise of my breasts showed. We sat down and a table on the side out in sloft husband faced the room and I faced the side of most of the room, although close table could see me. After a cosmo I felt a flush and told my husband it must be hot so I needed to cool off...would he mind if I removed my jacket? No problem he smiled. My sheer lace top had small straps and looked like a nice top unless you got closer and saw it was sheer and my breasts and half dollar size nipples were visible. As the jacket came off my nipples tightened up and poked out from the lace.

When the waiter returned to take our dinner order he did a double take...and smiled. Alll night he checked on us and the busboys offered more bread and water several times. I made no attempt to hide or cross my fact I sat up straighter and engaged in conversation with them...all the time watching their eyes dart to my breasts. There is just something sexy about seeing a half naked woman in an unexpected place I guess. As we left I carried my jacket and walked slowly and got many heads to swivel.

We went outside and walked down the crowded sidewalk...there were many sexy outfits on the girls and I though mine was just as nice as any....I did get attention as I passed..although people tried to be discrete with their glances.
I couldn't wait to get back to our room. I walked into the lobby of our small hotel....and told my husband I needed to stop at the ladies room before we went up. I went into the bathroom and removed my top and put on my jacket which only had 2 buttons. Now I really had cleavage....I walked out and his eyes popped out...He told me as I moved it almost exposed my entire breast and you could see my nipples. That made me excited and I told him I needed to stroll again down the was crowded which caused us to dodge others..which caused my jacket to open as I moved...this time I got even more notice.

Now my moisture was running down my leg as I had also removed my panities in the hotel. I told him lets get back now. We went straight to the elevator and I unbuttoned my jacket and let it fall open..the sides just covering my nipples as it opened. I pulled the jacket open and showed him my breasts as the elevator rose...we were on the fifth floor of only a 6 floor hotel.. The elevator stopped at 3 and two couples got on. They were a little older than us and were going to the lounge on the roof. The girls were dressed in club wear but nothing like me. I had pulled my jacket closed as the door opened and as they entered...I moved to the corner in the back as they pressed 6 one floor up from us. They all glanced at me and it was obvious that under my jacket I was nude. As we excited the eleveator I let my jacket open and they got a quick glimpse of my breasts... as the door closed I giggled and my husband said wow that was hot. Since no one was on the floor I then suprised him and took off my jacket and walked ahead of him toward our room. It was exciting to think someone could open a door at any minute and i would be caught nearly naked.

We hurriedly went into our room which overlooked the street and similiar buildings across the street. The night service had turned down the room and left a dim light on....and the music on the radio.. I went to the window opened up the underd****s. I was now topless and could see people below on the sidewalk and across the street in other buildings..there was a lounge on the 6 th floor on the building just across from us. Our room was lit but dim. I stepped to the window and turned to face my husband and unzipped my skirt and stood with my back to the window.....naked. I was about 5 feet from the window..and although dark outside and dim inside I am sure you could see us vagely inside our room...There was a chair by the window....I turned it around...faced the window and spread my legs...and waited for him to take me from behind. It did not take him long to strip and first kneel down and lick my dripping pussy ...then he entered me..pulling me to him and feeling my breasts...We were in the half light but certainly visible to anyone looking. I felt so sexy and hot...I looked across the street and saw two men on the roof top lounge who had somehow noticed movement and then must have realized what was going on. As I was being pounded I made eye contract with them...although it was not so close as to be was like being watched but not really.....not like some stranger creep in our room...but still getting screwed and watched.....I have never cum so hard and intense.....

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