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Showing in the beach....

I wrote about my experiences in the caribean resort on the beach. ON the way home we stopped in Miami overnight. We stayed in one of those south beach botique hotels. Lots of 20 somethings but some older (40) too. After we landed we decided to check out south beach we had heard so much about. After my experience on the island where I was at the french island, topless or nude most of the time I wondered what it would be like back in the USA. We had a short walk from our hotel. Some of the women were topless, a few in the water but most on towels.. Being nude in a foreign place seemed almost normal..but here back in the States it was exciting to see other women topless. I wore my suit as you see in the pictures with the bottoms I could pull together. I had shaved around my labia and it had gotten tan down there. I laid on the towels we had and took off my top....and then pulled my suit so that anyone close or stopping could see a portion of my pussy lips. I laid first on my stomach to check out the area and then turned over and bend my knees...I made my pussy more exposed. The were more groups of young men at the beach scoping out the scene. Some had great bodies which made me hot and I started to feel the mositure around my even ran down the inside of my thigh.

My husband went to get some water and within minutes two young men stopped and loooked at me...I had my legs bend but they paused I spread my legs casually as if stretching....they came closer....they asked a question about where to rent an umbrella that we had....and I called them closer. We chatted and I invited them to sit down...they knelt by my feet and I casually adjusted my if to make them comfortable..but really slid my finger under the material and raised it exposed my lips to them even more. I enven got some juice on my fingers and looking straight at them slowly slowly touched my tongue with my fingers. I could see there suits bulge from the scene. I then said I was afraid I would burn and would they mind putting some lotion on my back.....I first squeezed some out and rubbed my breasts....for a long time. All the time looking at them. I turned around and gave them the bottle. The put it on my back...I raised my arms and told them not to forget the sides....his fingers and hand rubbed my side and fingers touched the side of my he reached around under my breast....I was getting very hot....and suggest we cool off......Although most topless girls stayed on the towels or put on their tops I did not....we walked to the water and I told them it was too crowded so lets walk down a little while....I was now teasing them...I started jogging ....which I knew made my boobs bounce. I ran into the water...and they followed....more later

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