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Fraudsters punished 5 Sara's story

Chapter 15. Sara’s story
3:00. Margaret stared at the red figures of the bedside clock. She couldn’t sl**p. Her tits were tender and she felt horny.
4:00. She decided to get up and make a cup of tea. Jeremy still gently snored. Pulling her robe around her and creeping downstairs into the warmth of the kitchen and thought about how those women must have felt the night after the competition. Jeremy hurt her but not badly, now as she waited for the kettle to boil she gently caressed her tits with one hand and fingered her clit with the other. Soon she climaxed and sat down to enjoy her tea. "I feel wide awake now," she said to herself, "Perhaps I’ll type in another page of the journal. I’ll just put the heater on in my room while I finish my tea, then the room should be warm enough for me to work without this robe rubbing my titties." The small room she now referred to as "My Room" had been one of the bedrooms but now contained her computer and various other items she’d collected during the month she’d been with Jeremy.
For a while she mused over the happenings of the last month and how her life had changed. There were still times when she was beaten but never with the severity she knew with her father and mainly it was for sexual stimulation unless she did something he disapproved of. Sex with him was different. Usually enjoyable, often very enjoyable. Again so different from life at home where she was just a vehicle for her father’s painful pleasure and for the final eight weeks before she was thrown out, of a his girlfriend too. "Yes," she said to herself, "Life is better now and I quite like being Jeremy’s ‘unmarried wife’. His ‘partner’. His ‘significant other’. Certainly better than being a whore for my father." She fired up the cypher programme and began typing.
April 15th 1831
‘During the following week I paid a visit to Jason and Gwendolyn Barker, master and mistress of the orphanage. They had requested my visit during the previous Saturday’s entertainment. From Martha and from their attendance at the Saturday gatherings, I knew their beliefs on the efficacy of discipline by the rod in keeping order in their institution were similar to my own. I also knew they both enjoyed bedding the more senior orphans.
Jason greeted me and took me to their parlour where Gwen ordered one of the girls to bring some cordial. After an amicable conversation I was given a tour of the orphanage. There were s*******n c***dren living there at the moment, nine girls and eight boys ranging in age from four years to f******n. Returning to the parlour where there was some privacy, Jason explained the position.
"Josiah as you know we are paid by the church charity to look after orphans until they are f******n years old. By then they are considered old enough to go out to work or get married. The charity only allows us to keep c***dren for a month or so after their f******nth birthday. We now have three c***dren who have reached that age. Two girls and a boy. The boy, Robert, and his s****r Jane are twins and very close. They are both small in stature but good enough workers where physical strength in not required. Sara, the other girl is quite large for her age but is not the most intelligent."
"She’s a fun girl though," Gwen chipped in, "Lively in bed and willing to do most tasks set her that are within her capabilities but she may have to be shown them several times."
"Squire Pemberton often takes our grown up c***dren, but this time he suggested you might like them," went on Jason. "He has more than enough for the time being." I wondered how much it would offend Squire if I refused or if I could think of any reason for refusing.’
"f******n year olds considered grown up and capable of working and getting married, How times have changed," Margaret muttered. "I don’t suppose they were even as fully developed physically as f******n year olds are today either. Still maybe f******n was considered old then. Seem to remember reading about Dickens and Shaftesbury and their work to stop boys of ten years old being used to sweep chimneys and in the coalmines. Think that was later in the century to this book as well. Can’t remember much of what old Mr. Johnson said about it in class all those years ago." She gave her colourful tits a little massage and turned back to her typing.
‘I pointed out to Jason that we were a workhouse for women and didn’t take in boys. "Yes, I know that Josiah but the problem is they are twins and when we have tried to separate them both seem to pine away and neither are of any use to anyone. Twice they’ve nearly died until we brought them together again. Even now they are both rather frail although Jane does service me quite well and Robert, although small, puts plenty of effort into satisfying Gwendolyn. And his s****r," Jason added. I thought about it for a while. We’d lost three of the ladies now so we could do with some fresh bl**d at the workhouse and they would be popular at our Saturday entertainments so the girls would earn their keep. I was still reluctant to take the boy though.
"Couldn’t you use him as a gardener or errand boy or something?" Gwen asked.
"Or make him wear girls clothing and treat him as one? He’s small enough and Jane hasn’t much more in the tit department." Jason I knew was trying his best to convince me to take him off his hands and still do what he could for the pair by keeping them together. In the end I agreed to see all three young things. Sara I had no doubts about. She was plump and well endowed in the breast department and had a smiling face. She might be slow to learn but no doubt the strap and birch would encourage her learning and Jason had said he gave her a good strapping most weeks. The twins were small and looked much younger than their age. Both were thin and spindly and looked like they would break into tears at the slightest provocation. I knew some of my guests liked u******e c***dren so perhaps these would get some use even if they were older. It was therefore with some misgivings that I brought all three to the workhouse.
At our evening meal, which to them seemed luxurious although it was but a simple repast, I formally introduced the three newcomers. Alice had found a dress that suited Sara but nothing small enough for the twins without alteration. They had to remain in their threadbare orphanage clothes for the time being but Henrietta, who is our best seamstress, would start them making dresses for themselves in the morning. I gave the trio the usual lecture on what would be expected of them and what they would get if they didn’t do it well enough and how they would have to help earn their keep on Saturdays. All showed fear of Alice’s strap and the birch but didn’t show any emotion when it was explained what they would have to do to keep the guests happy.
Believing it would be a good introduction to our ways I decided to let everyone see and feel their bodies unclothed. Starting with Sara I removed her dress and undergarments. She blushed a little when I fingered her pert breasts and then her little cunnie and noticed how quickly she became wet. "Very nice," I told her, "You must warm my bed tonight. Now go and show yourself to the others." She seemed very willing to allow Jack and all the ladies to fondle her and I guessed she would be a very welcome addition to our menu for the guests.
The twins were a different matter. Both were very much alike in appearance. Jane’s chest was almost as flat as her b*****r’s with only the merest hint of a protuberance, and her cunnie was still bald but she held still when I inserted my finger in to its full depth. Robert’s little cock stood to attention when I touched it. Like his s****r, he was hairless in that area. Gwen had said he had satisfied her with it but I wondered how he would get on with all the ladies here. I bent him over and pushed my finger in his bum hole. He winced a little but allowed me to do it without crying out. Afterwards I told them all that Robert was to be known as Roberta but that quickly got changed to Bobby, and was to be dressed and treated as if he was a girl. Because of the special relationship between the twins, the two would share one room.
Sara performed exceedingly well in bed that night. With Alice’s encouragement Sara took my prick in all three of her holes. Both her cunnie and arse were fairly tight but she thrust back willingly and gave me a good ride. Even when I removed my cock after shooting a load into her bowels, she willingly sucked me clean. Nor did she demure when Alice used her tongue to clean my sperm from her tender cunt. I asked her how long had Jason been fucking her.
"Some months now," she replied. "When my tits started to grow and my woman’s curse came Father and Mother, that’s Mr. and Mrs. Barker but we get to call them our parents although they are not really, well they came to me and said I now needed lessons in love making so I would know what a man would desire of me when I left there. That evening they took me to their bedroom and we all undressed. I half knew what to expect as I had talked with some other girls before they left and they used to tell what went on in the bedroom. I also often saw the cocks of the boys when we bathed or had the cane and knew how they became hard. Mother made me kneel while she showed me Father’s cock and balls and how rubbing and sucking made him really hard. It was much bigger than any I had seen before. Mother lay on the bed while Father explained her cunt and how to stimulate her clittie. I already knew about that and when he fingered mine I was already flowing with my juices. He told me why us women needed the liquid to lubricate them.
When he turned her over to show me her arse, I was surprised to see stripes across it although they were fading. When I asked if she had been naughty I was told the squire had laid them on to warm her bum before fucking her arse. "Many men like a woman to have a tender bottom before fucking her," Father said. "You’ll find that out soon." Father opened her bottom hole and put two fingers in for me to see that a cock as big as his would go in. Then he turned her tit up again and opened her legs wide and explained about fucking and showed me about the sponges and how to put them in. He fucked her cunnie and I had to watch close and then put it in her bum. When he came and pulled out he offered it to me to suck, which I did and I quite liked it and kept sucking until it hardened again. Mother laid me down on my back and said it was my turn. Father put it in me and I had my first fuck.
"You were u******e at that time then. You were only thirteen?" I asked.
"Yes, Sir, but I was having my monthlies so I was ready. So Mother and Father said. Not like the twins. Jane only started a week ago. But she’d had it for a long while ‘cus they allowed Bobby to sl**p with her."
"Were you only fucked by the mother and father?" I asked.
"No Sir. Parson he takes me down in the crypt sometimes for penance. He spanks me hard first and then does it. Some of the older boys come to my room at night but their cocks allus seem small after Father and Parson’s. And Greg’s." Greg was the gardener, a rather morose single man in his fifties. He was excellent at his work so Jason turned a blind eye to him taking a girl into his shed every lunchtime. "He’s hung like the Major’s horse," Sara informed me, "And it hurt at first but I liked it after a bit and allus went to him when I could. Some of the other older girls thought him dirty and he was a bit big for them but they had to go anyhow. Sometimes I slipped away after tea and did it in his home. Naked on his bed. I liked it best that way."
I knew then that Sara was going to be well worth having here. I was not so sure about the twins but...’
"What are you doing up at this hour of the morning Margaret?" Jeremy yawned as he walked in the room. "Tits too tender to sl**p?"
"Yes, a little. I was horny too. So I got up and made a cuppa and decided I wouldn’t be able to sl**p so came in here."
"Shall I try and alleviate the horniness?" Jeremy asked showing his erect cock.
"Mmmm. Yes, you can try."
Chapter 16. The last weeks at home
"Hold back a bit Jeremy please. That’s Jill at the other end of the aisle and I don’t really want to face her yet." They were doing their weekly shopping in Tesco’s, the nearest supermarket.
"Don’t be afraid of her Margaret. Or more importantly, don’t show her you are afraid even if you are. Be proud of yourself.. Better still go up and ask how she is getting on. Take the ball game to her. Don’t let her see you hiding behind a stack of washing powder." Jeremy’s officer training was coming to the fore. "Head up girl. Be proud of yourself. You’re at least as good as she is. No you’re better. She has absolutely no control over you now and may even fear you, knowing that you’re free and could make her life hell. Come on. Head up, shoulders back. Smile."
"Is that an order Colonel?"
"It most certainly is. Obey it or get your arse tanned later. I only employ girls with a bit of spirit." He turned the trolley up the next aisle. "Remember, she may be more than a little worried at seeing you still around especially when you are with a man. She will worry as to how much I know about her. As expected they met Jill halfway along.
"Morning Jill. How are you? How’s Father?" Nervous as she was, Margaret kept her voice light and under control.
Jill gave her a look of pure hatred. "No better for you asking and you know well enough what your father is like and now you’re not there...." Jill pushed past them but a tear trickled down her face.
"You never have said much about Jill and your relationship with her. Is now the time to get it off your chest?" Jeremy asked.
Margaret only half heard the question. As was often their habit during the dark evenings they sat together on the settee in front of the fire with a glass of wine. Effectively they were husband and wife in all except they had not a paper document to prove it. A hundred pounds was still paid into her bank account each week and now her original debt for clothing had been paid off, she could use the money to buy things she wanted or felt she needed without having to ask first. Theoretically she was self-employed but more and more as their feelings for each other grew, they ignored that distinction. In their minds she was no longer employed or contracted to him. They were part of each other. They ate together, worked together, slept together and fucked regularly. Perhaps more than if they had been married. Once a week or so, but not on any set day, they opened the cane roll and played with one of the instruments but the effect was to arouse rather than hurt and it was rare now for him to actually punish her.
"Calling Margaret Smith. Margaret Smith will you come in please?" Cupping his hands around his mouth mimicking a loud hailer, Jeremy brought his partner back from her musing.
"Sorry Jeremy, I was thinking about my life here and comparing it with life with father. How different it is now to what it was for most of my time on this earth. I suppose seeing Jill brought it back. She didn’t seem all that happy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Father is hurting her now I’m not there. Sorry Jeremy. What was your question?"
"Would you like to tell me about Jill and your relationship with her now? All the weeks you’ve been here, you’ve hardly mentioned her name and yet you were really very upset when you saw her this morning. And you’ve been miles away ever since we came home."
"Sorry Jeremy." Margaret paused for a while. "It’s difficult for me to talk about it. Not only was I beaten by her, I was made to do things. Lesbian things. Especially when father was out. She was the one who made me drink her pee more frequently than my father did. And then there was...." Margaret broke off. It was too disgusting to recall.
"When did your father’s relationship with her start?" Jeremy prompted.
"I think it must have been late last summer. Probably he met her in a pub and they went together a few times but I really never knew and they haven’t told me. One night late last September he didn’t come home at all one night, which frightened me as I was tied to the bedpost. Next morning when he came in I asked him where he had been and was told it was none of my business and given a caning before I was released. I could smell woman scent on him. He brought her home some time in October but that first time I was tied and gagged in my own room or at least what used to be my room. I hadn’t slept there since mother had died.
The second or third time she stayed the night I managed to knock over a box thinking if it was heard by Jill and she saw me she would release me and perhaps somehow temper father’s use of me. I was bitterly disappointed. She not only aided him in his beating of me, she held me so he could easily hit the more tender parts. Worse still, she wanted to keep my father’s cock for herself, so she brought this enormous strap on dildo to use on me. As it was always hard she would **** me with it for long periods until my arse or cunnie was so sore I could not bear to pee or poop." Margaret started sobbing at the memories.
"Get them off your chest Margaret," Jeremy urged gently. "It will help if you share the horrors and I will have heard worse as a soldier."
"You will hate me! You’ll send me away when you find out the filthy things I did."
"No, Margaret. I know you for what you are now. What happened in the past won’t alter that." He gave her a little hug.
"Well as I said there were a lot of lesbian things you I guess won’t find too extraordinary. She was always home before father and made me fetch her off with my mouth or fingers and if I didn’t do good enough job it was the strap-on or cane or the dildo or sometimes all three."
"Didn’t you enjoy any of the les activities, Margaret?"
"I suppose I did but with her they were always overlaid with punishment and pain or real humiliation. She’s a real horrible woman Jeremy. I guess being with father made her worse."
"What sort of humiliation?"
"Perhaps if I tell you of just one night. It was the worst by far but the others were not pleasant. Jill had been living in for about a month and she had a key to the door. Something I was never allowed. As usual I was alone and tied naked to the bed when she came in from work. She’s a supervisor at a chicken farm. Not much of a job but it put her in charge of a group of girls. Because of the chicken smell she always showers when she get in. Frequently I had to help wash her and on many occasions was given what she called a golden shower. Then I had to kneel open mouthed before her when I received it. I had got somewhat used to having to drink father's so it was more the fact she was his mistress that upset me about doing it with her.
This particular evening I turned away as she came into the bedroom and started to strip off her work clothes. My turning away upset her and she cracked the belt across my back half a dozen times. "Face me bitch," she ordered. As you saw, she is a well-built woman and the strap would have had me screaming had I not been gagged. I could tell she was in a bad mood and found out there had been a problem at work which she was blamed for. "You should by now know my body very intimately bitch! You’ve seen it, felt it and tasted it." She undressed and made be look closely at her pubic hair and opened her cunt lips and pushed them into my face and made me lick. After a short while she said, "Come on we’ll go into the shower and I’ll give you one, a nice yellow one. I haven’t been all day." My wrists were released and my ankles put on the hobble so I could walk with short steps. We had a shower that was over a bathtub and Jill made me kneel in the tub and again positioned her cunt so I could tongue it. After a few minutes of this she pulled my head tight into her groin and told me to drink everything that came. "I know you like to drink Henry’s piss and you’ve tasted mine but you let some of mine dribble out of your mouth. This time you are going to have the lot direct from the source. Any that slops over you can lick up from the bottom of the bath." She flipped the lever to shut the bath outlet. "And while you’re licking it up, I’ll be laying the strap into your cunt good and hard." Without further warning Jill let forth her stream. I drank as fast as I could but Jill didn’t give me any chance by slowing the flow or pausing. Some found its way into the bath and collected by the drain plug. "Get your head down and your arse up," Jill ordered. The smell seemed more intense and obnoxious to me in that position but Jill hadn’t finished humiliating me. Taking the strap she put it under my cunt. I expected her to strike me with it but she said, "Your turn. Piss bitch. I want this strap nice and wet for when I use it on you. Wet with you own piss."
It took a little while and a couple of blows with the strap before I could get myself to flow although I had a full bladder. My piss ran into a large pool at the drain too "You can’t mean I have to....?" I asked.
"Of course. You need a good drink. Get your mouth in it and start." She followed the instruction with a stinging slap with the piss-wet strap. Again and again she hit me as I tried to suck and lick the foul stuff. I was about half done when, to my horror, father came in.
"Henry, your daughter got a bit thirsty," laughed Jill.
"Well I can give her a drop more," father said and aimed his prick at my mouth. Although I felt sick at the thought of taking another load, I dutifully took his prick and swallowed it all. "Rub her tits in what’s left and then move them about with your strap Jill." Jill did so and then bent me painfully back over the edge of the tub. Father held my hands out of the way while Jill strapped my tits unmercifully until I was ready to pass out. For a few minutes they allowed me to recover. Jill sat on the loo and I heard her take a shit and then stand without wiping and climb into the bath. She turned to spray on so it ran over her front and then ordered me again to service her cunt. This time she presented it to me from the rear and I could see the brown stains around her hole." Again Margaret stopped.
"Are you sure you want to hear this Jeremy? It gets worse. Much, much worse."
"Whether I want to hear it or not is immaterial. You need to get it off your chest. I will listen and won’t criticise you for what you had to do. I will try and understand."
"It was father’s hand that pushed me into her crevice and ordered me to make her perfectly clean there. Fortunately a little of the spray had begun to run down her back and started to wash the stain away but I could still taste it and more so when I had to f***e my tongue inside the hole.
While Jill dried herself Father sat on the loo. "Yes daughter dear," he glowered at me, "You can do mine as well and I’ll make sure there is something there for you to taste." He stood and turned round so he faced the cistern. "Put her face where she can see it properly Jill. Jill made me kneel inches away from his arsehole. I saw it open and a turd emerge. It smelt vile. An inch or two out and he squeezed his muscles and broke it off, leaving a thick brown mark.
I begged them not to make me lick it. "Of course you are girl. But there’ll be more yet." Jill was delighted in my predicament. Another few inches of hot shit came out and a fart but I wasn’t allowed to move away. A third turd and the brown patch around the hole was growing. Worse. Because he was facing the wrong way for using the toilet, the turds didn’t fall into the water but stuck to the front part of the pan. Positioned as it was, my nose received a full dose of the smell as it rose. Once I managed to pull away but two swift slaps with the strap knocked me to the floor, the impact being taken on my already sore tits. I yelled and screamed but they laughed.
"Hold a minute," Jill said to father. She fastened my wrist cuffs. "So you don’t like the smell of your father’s shit bitch. Let’s see if you like the taste any better. Making father back his arse towards me until it was clear of the pan, she pulled my face right to his hole and ordered me to open my mouth. I kept yelling, "No! No! No! but Jill straddled my back and started pulling on my tortured tits. The pain was awful.
"You are going to do it bitch. One way or another. That next turd is going right down your throat. If it doesn’t I’ll spoon the whole lot from the pan down there as well. There was no hope. My lips felt the hole start to open. Jill pulled on my lower jaw and pressed the back of my head until my open mouth was in position. "Give it to her Henry! Give the bitch all you’ve got." I felt the turd slide along my tongue. The taste was revolting. It kept coming until it touched the back of my throat and broke off. Jill closed my mouth and held it closed. "Does it taste nice?" She was taking a great delight in it.
Father stood and opened my mouth and looked in. I was near being sick and wanted to gag it out. Jill had other ideas. "Shove it in with your prick Henry." He did and started fucking my mouth until I was f***ed to swallow. My head was swimming from the pain and the disgusting taste but it was not quite the end of the ordeal for I still had to use my tongue to clean his arse. Really that was nothing compared to what I had already done. However, it was only minutes before my head was back over the pan being violently sick.
I was sick many more times that night and was ill the next day with a fever although I didn’t get any sympathy from Jill or father. However, they must have decided that the risk of my becoming really ill was too great and I never had to do it again. Just thinking about it makes me feel sick. Jeremy, please never ask or f***e me to do that. Please don’t think any worse of me now for having told you."
"Margaret dear, that is something I find disgusting too. I will never ask you to do it. Drinking a little piss seems totally different to eating excrement. You have my word on it. And no, your story has changed nothing between us. It has only added to the feeling I have against your father and now his girlfriend. I just wish we could find a way of getting back at them without you having to drag the whole story out in public."
"Jeremy, I just want the whole affair forgotten, especially that incident. After that I decided I would leave home no matter what but in the end the decision was not mine. I knew I couldn’t leave immediately as I had no money or less than five pounds. I was also kept tied up for much of the time they were out. I was allowed out to go to the job centre and the D.H.S.S. to collect my benefits. Most of these were paid directly into the household bank account so I didn’t get them but one payment was in cash. Only £7.50p a week but I was able to keep it without telling father. I hid it in the garden shed where they never went. I was made to mow the apology for a lawn with an old push mower. As it turned out it was a good thing the money was outside otherwise I would have lost it. I only had nine weeks money hidden there so it didn’t last long." Margaret started sobbing at the memory and horror at what they made her do. Jeremy comforted her until she calmed and then took her to bed and made love to her gently.

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