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The Unexpected Surprise

I love watching and being watched ti turns me on. My s****r is iolder then me and has a nice body. i have spied on her before so i really know how sexy she is. She was about to jump into the shower and when the bathroom door is closed there is about a two inch gap between the bottom of the and floor.I couldn't help my self I grabed my camera and stjck it under the bathroom door to see her showering hot. When she was done she got dressed then went out. I went out for some drinks aswell and got home around 9:30 pm.I Guessed she was because i could hear he tv was on.My parents whent to bed around 10:30 and it sounded like she was still awake.I started to think about her nude in the shower and got horny. My bedroom is beside the bathroom and she has to pass my room to get to the bathroom.So I had an Idea i turned my lamp on and opened my doot so there was about a foot gap to seei in.
I thought Ill give her a little peek so i turned so she could see me clear but I couldn't see her except in the mirror.I got nude an hard and waited.I then herd some movement from her room and her door open so I started stroking my dick. I saw her zip into the bathroom then herd the toilet flush and the bathroom door open.I continued to stroke my cock and she came out walking slowly past my door so i glanced into the mirror. I nearly frozen when i realised ti wasn't her but her friend Ashly. She went into my s****rs room then i herd them giggling not 2 minutes later my s****rs came out of her room and walked slowly past glancing in. She went into the bathroom an did something then strolled past again with a little pause. At this piont im about to explode. Then things went quiet so i peeked into the mirror an saw her door open really slowy, then i saw them peeking in my room and that was it I shot a huge load in the air. I was such a turn on wish i could have lasted longer to see what might have happened,but Im not complaning it turned out good for me...........HOPE TO DO IT AGAIN SOON

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